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William Osman

William Osman

2016 - Now  •  YouTube  •  41 hours  •  165 episodes
0 vote
Comedy, Documentary
Hi, it's me! Dubious quality. Questionable integrity. Unethical delivery. Sometimes the best lessons teach what not to do.
  Previously Aired Episode
I Made A Baby Aired on 06/28/2023
I Made A Baby
Season 2023: Episode 1
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Laser Cutting a Skateboard
S2016 E02
COSMOS and Arduino: $20 Telemetry System
S2016 E03
Laser Cutting an Unusual Toy
S2016 E04
Potato Cannon Speed Sensor
S2016 E05
Building a Stroboscope
S2016 E06
RC Pumpkin Combat Robot
S2016 E07
Can a Laser Cut Pumpkins?
S2016 E08
Making a Doctor Strange Spell
S2016 E09
Can a Laser Melt Sand?
S2016 E10
How to Make a Net Gun
S2016 E11
Can a Laser Cut Meat?
S2016 E12
Laser Cut Gingerbread Trailer Park
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Biohacking a Dog
S2017 E02
Can a Laser Pop Popcorn?
S2017 E03
Can a Laser Make Instant Toast?
S2017 E04
Dangerous Toast Buttering Robot
S2017 E05
Can a Laser cut Metal?
S2017 E06
Making Rockets from Valentine Candy?
S2017 E07
Can a Laser Engrave Music onto Records?
S2017 E08
Can a Laser Cut Ice?
S2017 E09
Laser Cut Vin Diesel Ham and Cheese Sandwich
S2017 E10
Emergency Laser Cat Shirt
S2017 E11
William Osman Builds a Terrible Mechanical TV
S2017 E12
Safety Glasses vs CO2 Laser Glasses
S2017 E13
Cinco de Mayo Special - Garbage Disposal Salsa
S2017 E14
Remote Controlled Power Wheels
S2017 E15
Making Cotton Candy with an Angle Grinder - Maker Faire 2017
S2017 E16
We Picked Up a Hobo on the Way to Maker Faire
S2017 E17
Animation Machine
S2017 E18
Auto Juicer
S2017 E19
Exploding Resistors and Capacitors (slow-mo)
S2017 E20
Making a Garbage Boosted Board
S2017 E21
Supercharged Brushless Power Wheels v2
S2017 E22
Binging with William: Laser Pancakes
S2017 E23
How many people does it take to make a tentacle?
S2017 E24
Back to School Power Tool
S2017 E25
Dangerous VCR Robot
S2017 E26
Making a Pegboard RC Tank
S2017 E27
Wallace and Gromit: Jam Launcher (ft. Binging with Babish)
S2017 E28
Can a Laser Cook Potato Chips?
S2017 E29
This Exercise Bike Makes You Fat
S2017 E30
Creepy Casey Neistat Wave
S2017 E31
Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Tool
S2017 E32
How to Explode a Pumpkin - Don't Actually Do This
S2017 E33
I Built the World's Fastest Pumpkin Boat
S2017 E34
they TRASHED my hand
S2017 E35
Building Thor's Only Weakness: Taser Net Cannon
S2017 E36
Making a Thor Costume from Memory
S2017 E37
Making Sandals with Zip-Ties and a Laser
S2017 E38
I Invented a Real Gravy Train
S2017 E39
Can a Laser Cut Bones?
S2017 E40
Anti-Soggy Cereal Spoon
S2017 E41
My House Burned Down
S2017 E42
My House is Still Burned Down
S2017 E43
Hacking Wands at Harry Potter World
S2017 E44
How I Skinned My Face
S2017 E45
Destroying My Mobile Home in Slow Motion
Season 2018
S2018 E01
I Bought a TESLA!!
S2018 E02
I Made h3h3 a Coughing Beanie
S2018 E03
Moving Into a Motorhome
S2018 E04
Automatic Rain Goggles
S2018 E05
I turned this car into a COMPUTER MOUSE
S2018 E06
Voice Activated Hot Dog Blaster
S2018 E07
Showing a SuperFan My Burnt Home
S2018 E08
Testing Dangerous Life Hacks: DIY Hot Glue Gun
S2018 E09
RIP Barkley
S2018 E10
I'll be at VidCon 2018 - cameramanjohn made this video
S2018 E11
This Robot Alarm Clock Smashes Cups
S2018 E12
William Osman Builds a Surprise for His Caretaker
S2018 E13
The Safest Robot at BattleBots
S2018 E14
$40 Robot Vs. $25,000 Robot
S2018 E15
The Weirdest Barbecue I've Ever Been To
S2018 E16
I Built a Terrible N64 Controller for GameGrumps
S2018 E17
Can a Laser Cut Hair?
S2018 E18
How to Get Banned From Boat Club
S2018 E19
REMOTE CONTROL Shopping Cart (not Fortnite)
S2018 E20
Losing My Mind Before the h3 Podcast
S2018 E21
How Many Chicken Nuggets Can You Buy With A Gold Nugget?
S2018 E22
How Many Lemon Batteries Does It Take to Do Something Useful?
S2018 E23
Banned From Boat Club - Redemption
S2018 E24
I'm Still Alive
S2018 E25
Fixing a Famous YouTuber's Broken Arm
S2018 E26
Trying to Find a New Home
S2018 E27
I Got A Nose Job
S2018 E28
My NEW Roommate Has More Subscribers Than Me
S2018 E29
Deodorant Robot For Middle School Boys
S2018 E30
NYC Is Gross and Replacing The Laser
S2018 E31
Sorry Kiddo Life Hacks Aren't Real
S2018 E32
I Made A Pumpkin Hovercraft
S2018 E33
Fun DIY Costumes For YouTubers
S2018 E34
CNC Pumpkin Carving Was A Mistake
S2018 E35
I Followed A Tattoo Machine Tutorial
S2018 E36
I Ruined Dinner With Delivery Robots
S2018 E37
Robot Skeleton Replaces YouTube CEO
S2018 E38
I Turned MrBeast Into A Car
S2018 E39
This Is Why I'm Not Allowed To Decorate
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Not An Ordinary Video
S2019 E02
CNC Router vs Aluminium
S2019 E03
Trash Boat
S2019 E04
CNC Wood Bearings
S2019 E05
A Car Designed To Make You Sick
S2019 E06
ALL WOOD BIKE - Will It Survive?
S2019 E07
$30 Car vs $200 Car - Driving Across Water
S2019 E08
I Programmed My Bidet to Play Megalovania
S2019 E09
Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2
S2019 E10
"Scientist" Attempts to Make Gourmet Bean Cups
S2019 E11
William Osman Visits Japan
S2019 E12
William Investigates A Japanese Cat Zoo
S2019 E13
American Complains About Tokyo Disney For 12 Minutes
S2019 E14
We Built A Squirrel Car To Spy On Squirrels
S2019 E15
EGG DROP - iDubbbz vs William Osman
S2019 E16
I'm Sorry For All The Terrible Things I've Done
S2019 E17
Robot Hat PROTECTS You
S2019 E18
EGG DROP - Bobby Duke vs William Osman
S2019 E19
Can a Car Window Break Your Finger?
S2019 E20
EGG DROP - Peter Sripol vs William Osman
S2019 E21
Filling A Room With 200 Chairs
S2019 E22
Trying To Survive A Real BattleBot
S2019 E23
EGG DROP - iDubbbzTV2 vs William Osman
S2019 E24
Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly
S2019 E25
EGG DROP - Mark Rober vs William Osman
S2019 E26
EGG DROP - U.S. Navy vs William Osman
S2019 E27
I Followed A DIY Chainsaw Tutorial
S2019 E28
EGG DROP - Alex Ernst vs William Osman
S2019 E29
Teaching Spammers a Lesson
S2019 E30
EGG DROP - Smosh Ian vs William Osman
S2019 E31
Driving A Barbie Jeep 24 Hours Straight
S2019 E32
I Rebuilt a 100 Year Old Invention
S2019 E33
We Tried Building Gravy Airplane
S2019 E34
EGG DROP - GameGrump vs William Osman
S2019 E35
Pushing A Roomba To Its Limits
S2019 E36
How Much Sawdust Can You Put In A Rice Crispy?
Season 2020
S2020 E01
EGG DROP - HowToBasic vs William Osman
S2020 E02
A Bike But The Wheels Are Roombas
S2020 E03
Very Heavy Cube
S2020 E04
We Tested Positive
S2020 E05
How Small Of A Hole Can My Cat Fit Through?
S2020 E06
We Made Tuna Jello From 1955
S2020 E07
I'm Tired Of Looking Homeless
S2020 E08
Electrocution Diet Machine
S2020 E09
Life Hack Channels Are Dying
S2020 E10
Training My Cat To Put Out Fires
S2020 E11
What Happens if You Put Your Hand in a Garbage Disposal?
S2020 E12
I Let You Send Me Robot Ideas
S2020 E13
Turning Watermelon Into Meat
S2020 E14
I Bought a BattleBot From the TV Show
Season 2021
S2021 E01
I Bought A BattleBot and People Are Mad
S2021 E02
Fooling The Internet With An Exploding Tesla
S2021 E03
Destroying A Building With A BattleBot
S2021 E04
Hollywood Gave Me $100 To Remake Their Movie
S2021 E05
EGG DROP - Caretaker vs William Osman
S2021 E06
Pushing A Cotton Candy Machine To Its Limit
S2021 E07
Cutting my hair with a bomb disposal robot
S2021 E08
EGG DROP - William Osman vs Dave
S2021 E09
Built My Own X-Ray After a Hospital Charged Me $69,210.32
S2021 E10
I Built An X-ray Machine and People Are Mad
S2021 E11
I'm done
Season 2022
S2022 E01
How I Almost Ruined MrBeast Squid Game
S2022 E02
How many parts can you take off a car?
S2022 E03
building a phone you can't drop
S2022 E04
Using power tools the wrong way
S2022 E05
I Rented a Raccoon to Simulate Having a Child
S2022 E06
Best of William Osman
S2022 E07
EGG DROP - I Did A Thing vs William Osman
Season 2023
S2023 E01
I Made A Baby
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 2
Episode 5
Episode 3
Episode 6
He Ran Out Of Money
Episode 7
How To Peel An Orange
Episode 8
Episode 4
Episode 9
Episode 5
Episode 10
I Have A Problem
Episode 11
Episode 6
Episode 12
We Found Body Fluids In Our Hotel Room
Episode 13
Episode 7
Episode 14
He Almost Lit My House On Fire
Episode 15
Drinking Water Made From REAL Diamonds
Episode 16
Episode 8
Episode 17
Episode 9
Episode 18
William Osman vs Minecraft #1
Episode 19
Episode 10
Episode 20
Inside FatBoy 8000
Episode 21
Science YouTubers Aren't Actually Smart
Episode 22
Episode 11
Episode 23
Episode 12
Episode 24
How Many People Can We Fit on 1 Scooter?
Episode 25
Cooking But The Knife Is Very Big
Episode 26
Episode 13
Episode 27
Episode 14
Episode 28
I Buy A Tractor
Episode 29
Episode 15
Episode 30
How Many Of These Did I Sell?
Episode 31
Episode 16
Episode 32
Trying 50 Japanese Vending Machine Drinks
Episode 33
Episode 17
Episode 34
my car collection
Episode 35
Episode 18
Episode 36
How much did my excavator cost?
Episode 37
I made a huge mistake
Episode 38
Episode 19
Episode 39
Episode 20
Episode 40
nobody beleives me
Episode 41
Episode 21
Episode 42
fixing my hole
Episode 43
Episode 22
Episode 44
Episode 45
Intrusive Thoughts
Episode 46
Episode 23
Episode 47
Episode 48
Episode 49
Episode 24
Episode 50
Episode 25
Episode 51
Taking My Cat to McDonalds
Episode 52
Episode 26
Episode 53
my childhood inventions
Episode 54
Episode 27
Episode 55
Forcing myself to play with toys
Episode 56
Dollar Store Pad Thai
Episode 57
Episode 28
Episode 58
Episode 29
Episode 59
Off Roading in My Backyard
Episode 60
living my dream
Episode 61
Episode 30
Episode 62
Which Noodle is Best for Mac n Cheese?
Episode 63
wiener mobile hurt my feelings
Episode 64
my secret addiction
Episode 65
the event was bad
Episode 66
He broke my house
Episode 67
I Try Insane Recipes (Hotdog Margarita)
Episode 68
My neighbors don't like me
Episode 69
Uncle Roger cyber bullied me (response)
Episode 70
$20 Plane VS $200 Plane
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