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Skill Up

Skill Up

2016 - Now  •  YouTube  •  11 days  •  557 episodes
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Our favorite Laymen (We still love you Sam!) does a deep dive and thoroughly critiques the industry's top (and bottom) games.
  Previously Aired Episode
Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion, Marvel MMO and Halo Backlash | This Week In Videogames Aired on 11/30/2021
Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion, Marvel MMO and Halo Backlash | This Week In Videogames
Season 2021: Episode 93
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Season 1
S01 E01
Titanfall 2
S01 E02
Mass Effect Andromeda
S01 E03
Nier: Automata
S01 E04
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
S01 E05
S01 E06
Prey (2017)
S01 E07
The Surge
S01 E08
WipeOut Omega Collection
S01 E09
S01 E10
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
S01 E11
Destiny 2
S01 E12
Warframe: The Plains of Eidolon
S01 E13
Wolfenstein II
S01 E14
Call of Duty: WWII
S01 E15
Star Wars Battlefront II
S01 E16
Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris
S01 E17
Tom Clancy's The Division (2018)
S01 E18
Monster Hunter World
S01 E19
S01 E20
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
S01 E21
Final Fantasy XV
S01 E22
Far Cry 5
S01 E23
God of War (2018)
Season 2016
S2016 E01
The Division- Fastest Ways to Gear Up (Beta)
S2016 E02
The Division - Weapon Testing - Stability Explained
S2016 E03
The Division - Initial Bullet Stability Explained
S2016 E04
The Division - Intial Bullet Stability Episode II - The Developer Strikes...
S2016 E05
The Division - Zero Point Return (Hidden Weapon Stat)
S2016 E06
The Division - New Faction Announced (Official Trailer)
S2016 E07
The Division - Preparing for Open Beta: Hard Mode Mission
S2016 E08
The Division - What's New In The Open Beta?
S2016 E09
The Division - The Complete Guide to the Open Beta
S2016 E10
The Division - Devs Announce Destiny Style Darkzone Events
S2016 E11
The Division - How to Mod Your Liberator (High End Assault Rifle)
S2016 E12
The Division - Maxed Out Character (Open Beta)
S2016 E13
The Division - Accuracy Stat Confirmed By Division Developer
S2016 E14
The Division - Top 10 DPS Stats Ranked (Short Version)
S2016 E15
The Division - Top 10 DPS Stats Ranked (Long Version)
S2016 E16
The Division - The Truth About Microtransactions in The Division
S2016 E17
The Division - The DPS Formula Exposed (Short Version)
S2016 E18
The Division - The DPS Formula Exposed (Long Version)
S2016 E19
The Division - When Will I Be Able To Play The Division?
S2016 E20
The Division - Huge Data Mine Leak (DLC Weapons & Missions, Brooklyn, Ite...
S2016 E21
The Division - An Open Letter to the Ubisoft Team (Thank You)
S2016 E22
The Division - The DPS Formula Is A Lie! (and how you need to gear differ...
S2016 E23
The Division - Why SMGs Are Too Strong (with math to prove it!)
S2016 E24
The Division - Amazing M1A On Sale Now in BoO (next 17 hours)
S2016 E25
The Division | The Best Talent In The Game (gain 20k+ DPS)
S2016 E26
The Division | Worst High-End M1A Ever (seriously)
S2016 E27
The Division | Best Marksman (Sniper) Build
S2016 E28
The Division | Patch 1.1 Incursions, Gear Sets, Player Trading & Supp...
S2016 E29
The Division | How To Mod An M1A (M1A Vendor Stock No Longer Available)
S2016 E30
The Division | Why I Want Nerfs (Opinion)
S2016 E31
The Division | 100% High End Drop Chance Buff & Division Tech Improve...
S2016 E32
The Division | Best Weapon Talents (Ranked) Feat. Arekkz!
S2016 E33
The Division | Best Team Comp For Incursions (2.2 Million DPS)
S2016 E34
The Division | How To Fix Incursions [OPINION]
S2016 E35
The Division | PVE Tanking Guide (Part 1) | Why you shouldn't Tank PV...
S2016 E36
The Division | Why I Won't Be Playing The Division This Week (Compens...
S2016 E37
The Division | PVE Tanking Guide (Part 2) | Abilities, Mods and Talents
S2016 E38
The Division | PVE Tanking (Part 3) | Best Weapons & Gear
S2016 E39
The Division | Are We Still Playing? Feat Datto, Byf, Arekkz, Mtashed & S...
S2016 E40
The Division | PVE Tanking (Part 4) | Strategies, Tips & Tricks
S2016 E41
The Division | Balanced Talent Nerfed/Fixed in Patch 1.2- HUGE WEAPON MET...
S2016 E42
The Division | Play The Division With Your Eyes- Tobii EyeX
S2016 E43
The Division | The Best DPS Build (Best In Slot) Patch 1.1 [1.4 Million D...
S2016 E44
The Division | Huge Changes to Loot Drops in Patch 1.2- MORE, BETTER DROP...
S2016 E45
The Division | Should I Buy It? Feat Classic M1A and M4 Police (Vendor Re...
S2016 E46
The Division | Tactician's Authority 1 Million DPS Build (202 Gear Score)
S2016 E47
The Division | We Need To Know Earlier When Things Are Broken
S2016 E48
The Division | Should I Buy It (14th May)? Feat. Police T821 SMG and SCAR...
S2016 E49
The Division | Why The New Armor Cap Isn't All That New
S2016 E50
The Division | Sentry's Call Nerf: How It Affects You (and the Meta)!
S2016 E51
The Division | 1.2 Patch News | Secret Named Weapons, New Gear Sets & Mor...
S2016 E52
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (21st May) Feat. Capable M1A and 204 V...
S2016 E53
The Division | Capable is the new Balanced (The Best Weapon Talent for Pa...
S2016 E54
The Division | Lone Star Gear Set Review (The Best New Gear Set For Patch...
S2016 E55
The Division | The (Real) 1.2 Patch Notes Breakdown (Feat. Stealth Buff T...
S2016 E56
The Division | Clear Sky/Broken Circle Incursion - The Skill Up Review
S2016 E57
The Division | Clear Sky Full Clear (Clear Sky/Broken Circle Guide)
S2016 E58
The Division | The Historian Review (High-End Classic M1A)
S2016 E59
The Division | Undocumented Changes (Feat. 204 Vendor Weapons & Capab...
S2016 E60
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (28th May) Featuring Classic AK-47 and...
S2016 E61
The Division | Lone Star Build Guide (Max DPS Build Guide for PVE)
S2016 E62
The Division | The Age of Build Diversity Has Arrived ('DPS is Best&#...
S2016 E63
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (4th June) Feat. Custom M870, Vector 4...
S2016 E64
The Division | Predator's Mark Gear Set Review - The Best Darkzone Ge...
S2016 E65
The Division | Our Verdict on Patch 1.2 Feat. Arekkz, Marcostyle, Breezyp...
S2016 E66
The Division | Clear Sky Challenge Mode Guide (Feat. Skill Up and MarcoSt...
S2016 E67
The Division | Medved Review (High-End Challenge Mode Shotgun)
S2016 E68
The Division | Patch 1.3 Underground Release Date + Everything We Know
S2016 E69
The Division | Weapon Balance Changes Revealed! Feat huge LMG buffs and S...
S2016 E70
The Division | Underground Dungeons Explained (In Detail)!
S2016 E71
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (18th June) Feat. Vector 45 ACP & Mili...
S2016 E72
The Division | What Will PS4 Players Get On 28th June vs 2nd August?
S2016 E73
The Division | Underground Gameplay Highlights (40 mins, no commentary)
S2016 E74
The Division | The Best LMG for Patch 1.3 Underground
S2016 E75
The Division | Old Weapons Won't Get Buffs in Patch 1.3 (but your AUG...
S2016 E76
The Division | Best SMG in Patch 1.3 After Vector & Aug Nerfs
S2016 E77
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset Recommendations (25th June) Feat. Vect...
S2016 E78
The Division | Understanding the M1A Nerf
S2016 E79
The Division | The Right Nerfs at the Wrong Time (My Thoughts on the Patc...
S2016 E80
The Division | Are the SMG Changes a Buff or a Nerf?
S2016 E81
The Division | 1.3 Patch Notes Highlights
S2016 E82
The Division | Dragon's Nest Guide
S2016 E83
The Division | Showstopper Review (& How To Get The Showstopper)
S2016 E84
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (2nd July) Feat. SVD MM Rifl...
S2016 E85
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset for PS4 Players (and an apology!)
S2016 E86
The Division | How Stability Really Works (Including Why The Stable Talen...
S2016 E87
The Division | SVD vs M1A- Which One Is Better? (Full SVD Review, and How...
S2016 E88
The Division | Weekly Vendor Rest Recommendations (Xbox, PC & PS4) Fe...
S2016 E89
The Division | Deadeye Gear Set PVE Review (Includes Deadeye Build Guide)
S2016 E90
The Division | The Three Biggest Problems with The Division (Smart Cover,...
S2016 E91
The Division | Is The G36 Still Worth It After The Nerf? (Patch Notes 12t...
S2016 E92
The Division | The G36 Stealth Nerf To Accuracy & Stability Explained
S2016 E93
The Division | Our Verdict On Patch 1.3 Feat. MarcoStyle, Arekkz, Breezpe...
S2016 E94
The Division | PVP Damage Increased By 20% (Patch Notes 14th July)
S2016 E95
The Division | Season Pass Rewards Feat. 268 Gear Sets, 229 High Ends
S2016 E96
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset Recommendations (16th July) Feat. L86 ...
S2016 E97
The Division | PP-19 Review (and how to mod a PP-19) Feat. MP7 Comparison...
S2016 E98
The Division | 6 Tips To Make Heroic PVE Content Easy (Carry Match-Made G...
S2016 E99
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (23rd July) Feat. SASG-12 Shotgun!
S2016 E100
The Division | Old Gear Sets From Underground Rewards (Patch Notes 28th J...
S2016 E101
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations Feat. G36 Assault Rifle!
S2016 E102
The Division | Complete Underground Guide For PS4 Players! Feat. Quick XP...
S2016 E103
The Division | The Most Important Bug In The Division
S2016 E104
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset Recommendations (6th Aug) Feat AK-74!
S2016 E105
The Division | DeadEye- The Best Darkzone (PVP) Gear Set, feat. Build Gui...
S2016 E106
The Division | Why DZ PVP Pisses Off So Many People, and Why It Should Ch...
S2016 E107
The Division | The (Real) State of the Game- Top 10 Community Concerns
S2016 E108
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (13th Aug) Feat. G36 + How t...
S2016 E109
The Division | 'Dead' Games are an Opportunity for Developers and Great C...
S2016 E110
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (20th Aug) Feat. Custom M870...
S2016 E111
Titanfall 2 | What I Love (and Hate) About The Ambitious Sequel
S2016 E112
The Division & Destiny | 10 things Division Fans Will (Probably) Like...
S2016 E113
The Division & Destiny | 10 Things Division Fans Will (Probably) Like...
S2016 E114
The Division | Massive's Ambitious Plan To Rebuild Their Game
S2016 E115
The Division & Destiny | It's O.K To Like More Than One Game, You...
S2016 E116
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (28th Aug) Feat. SASG-12 Sho...
S2016 E117
The Division | How to Safely Play The Division While It Gets Fixed
S2016 E118
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (3rd Sep) Feat. A nice SCAR-...
S2016 E119
The Division | The Changes We Hope To See In 1.4 (Feat. Arekkz)
S2016 E120
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (12th Sep) Feat. AK-47M and ...
S2016 E121
The Division | What We Can Expect From Patch 1.4 (Spoiler: It's Going...
S2016 E122
The Division | Open World Tiers, Choose Your Loot Drop Gearscore, Roaming...
S2016 E123
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (17th Sep) Feat Awesome MP5-...
S2016 E124
The Division | What your Gearset Will Be Converted To When 1.4 Lands
S2016 E125
The Division | PTS Release Date & Details (Including A Vendor Selling...
S2016 E126
The Division | All Updated Gear Set Bonuses for Patch 1.4 (Huge Buff and ...
S2016 E127
The Division | Weekly Vendor Recommendations (24th Sep) Feat. PTS Weapon ...
S2016 E128
The Division | World Exclusive Reveal of 1.4 Weapon Balancing Changes (GI...
S2016 E129
The Division | Shotgun Dmg Nerf in Patch 1.4
S2016 E130
The Division | Why The New DPS Formula is TERRIBLE! (Warning: Contains Ma...
S2016 E131
The Division | The Complete List of Weapon Talent Buffs & Nerfs for P...
S2016 E132
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (1st Oct) Feat. Classic AK-47 and PTS...
S2016 E133
The Division | Reward System Changes Mean You Don't Have to DZ/PVP Un...
S2016 E134
The Division | New Survival LMG Leaked & Tested! (Spoiler: This Thing Is ...
S2016 E135
The Division | Should You Open Or Save Your Caches For Patch 1.4?
S2016 E136
The Division | Caduceus Nerfed Hard! Is It Still Good?
S2016 E137
The Division | Too Easy & Too Much Loot (PTS Week 3 Changes)
S2016 E138
The Division | The Internet Reacts To My 'Too Easy & Too Much Loot' Video
S2016 E139
The Division | MarcoStyle Responds To My 'Too Easy' Vid
S2016 E140
The Division | The Fallout From The 'Too Easy' Debate
S2016 E141
The Division | How Much Loot Can You Expect From 1 Hour Playtime?
S2016 E142
The Division | 4 x Solo Underground in 60 mins- 48 items looted (17 Gear ...
S2016 E143
The Division | High Value Targets 1.3 to 1.4 Comparison (Loot, Drop Weigh...
S2016 E144
The Division | Patch 1.4 Release Date Confirmed!
S2016 E145
Nintendo 'Switch' Revealed, But Not Everyone Likes It (Especially...
S2016 E146
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (22nd Oct) Feat. God-Roll 163 PP-19
S2016 E147
The Division | Why YOU should COME BACK to The Division (Patch 1.4 Gamepl...
S2016 E148
The Division | Why We Need A PTS or Beta Weekend For Consoles (Patch 1.4 ...
S2016 E149
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (29th Oct). All Vendors Covered!
S2016 E150
The Division | Best In Slot DPS Guide for PVE (Best DPS Build)
S2016 E151
The Division | [Quick] Best-In-Slot DPS Guide Patch Feat. Astro A40 Heads...
S2016 E152
The Division | Patch 1.4 Verdict w/ Marco, Arekkz, LikeButter, BreezyPeaz...
S2016 E153
Battlefield 1 | St. Quentin's Scar Map Tips
S2016 E154
The Division | World First Survival Gameplay + Everything We Know! (Feat....
S2016 E155
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (8th Nov) Feat. Savage Gloves, Reckles...
S2016 E156
The Division | Do 256 Gear Score Items Render Current 229 Gear Useless?
S2016 E157
The Division | Should I Buy It (12th Nov) Feat. God-Roll LMG Savage Glove...
S2016 E158
The Division | Likely Survival Release Date Leaked (PC, Xbox & PS4)
S2016 E159
Titanfall 2 | Holy S#%T This Game Is Good (Single Player Review)
S2016 E160
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (19th Nov)- How To Spend Your Phoenix ...
S2016 E161
The Division | Secret Survey Hints at Year 2 DLC or Sequel Content (New C...
S2016 E162
The Division | The Complete Survival Guide (Survival Walkthrough, Hints &...
S2016 E163
The Division | Patch 1.5 Weekly Vendor Reset + Huge Economy Changes (How ...
S2016 E164
The Division | The Patch Notes That Change The Meta (1.5 Patch Note Analy...
S2016 E165
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (26th Nov) Feat. God-Roll FAMAS, God- ...
S2016 E166
The Division | 7 Tips For Countering the One-Shot Sticky Bomb Meta
S2016 E167
The Division | The First 5 Things PS4 Players Should Do In Patch 1.5
S2016 E168
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (12th Dec) Feat. Lightweight M4 [How T...
S2016 E169
The Division | News Update Featuring ETF II, Year 2 DLC Leak and Ghost Re...
S2016 E170
The Division | I Got Perma-Banned + Free PC Weekend, DirectX 12 & Update ...
S2016 E171
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (17th Dec) Feat. Top-Tier LVOA-C [How ...
S2016 E172
The Division | The Definitive D3-FNC Build Guide (The Best PVE Gear Set I...
S2016 E173
The Division | Patch 1.5 Verdict Discussion Feat. MarcoStyle, Arekkz, Lik...
S2016 E174
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (24th Dec) Feat. MP5-ST, Alpha Bridge ...
S2016 E175
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (31st Dec) Feat. Top Tier M4, ACR Blue...
S2016 E176
The Division | The (Much Needed) End of PVP Gear Diversity (Fixing PVP- P...
Season 2017
S2017 E01
The Division | PVP Game Mode, DZ Leaderboards & DZ Events! (Patch 1.6...
S2017 E02
The Division | The End of Ganking in the Dark Zone (How To Fix PVP Part I...
S2017 E03
The Division | The End of Low Risk, Low Reward PVP (Fixing PVP Part III)
S2017 E04
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (7th Jan) Feat. M4, Top-Tier Armour Mo...
S2017 E05
The Division | The End of Our Divided (Toxic) Community (Fixing PVP Part ...
S2017 E06
Mass Effect: Andromeda | Everything We Know After The CES 2017 Trailer + ...
S2017 E07
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (14th Jan) Feat. AK-47, Double Barrele...
S2017 E08
The Division | The End Of Low Skill-Cap Combat (Fixing PVP Part V)
S2017 E09
The Division | Division 2, Battle Royale, Named Weapon Buffs, A New Facti...
S2017 E10
The Division | The $600 Weekly Vendor Reset Fail (and update on Patch 1.6...
S2017 E11
The Division | Last Stand (Update 1.6) Patch Notes Explained & Analys...
S2017 E12
Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Hype-Free Impressions after 12 hours of Play (Ne...
S2017 E13
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (Patch 1.6 Edition) Feat. God Roll LVO...
S2017 E14
The Division | Last Stand PVP Explained & Impressions (Patch 1.6 PTS...
S2017 E15
The Division | PTS Week 3 Changes Feat. Reload Change, Skillpower, Histor...
S2017 E16
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (4th Feb) Feat. Nacon PS4 Controller G...
S2017 E17
The Division | State of the Game (Feb 9th) HIGHLIGHTS Feat. PTS closing, ...
S2017 E18
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (11th Feb) Feat. Military G36 and SMG ...
S2017 E19
The Division | SMG + Assault Rifle Best In Slot DPS Guide (Inc. SMG Crit ...
S2017 E20
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (18th Feb) Feat. Self-Preserved/Destru...
S2017 E21
Hands on with Nintendo Switch (Zelda gameplay!) at RTX Sydney 2017 [VLOG]
S2017 E22
Mass Effect: Andromeda | Spoiler-Free Hands-On Impressions Vlog (Feat. Ex...
S2017 E23
The Division | Patch 1.6 Last Stand Release Date + What's New In Patc...
S2017 E24
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (25th Feb) Feat. AUG + God-Rolled Elec...
S2017 E25
Horizon: Zero Dawn | Hands On Impressions Vlog After 12 Hours (PS4 Pro Ga...
S2017 E26
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (4th March) Feat. SASG-12, LVOA-C, Pol...
S2017 E27
The Division | The Division 2 Will Still Be Developed By Massive, Despite...
S2017 E28
S2017 E29
The Division | Year 2 DLC Feels Like More Of An End Than A Beginning....
S2017 E30
The Division | AMAZING Weekly Vendor Reset Week (11th March) Feat. The Lo...
S2017 E31
The Division | MarcoStyle, Arekkz, BreezyPeazy and Skill Up discuss Year ...
S2017 E32
Mass Effect Andromeda | Hype-Free Impressions In Response To Rock, Paper,...
S2017 E33
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (18th Mar) Feat. SASG, AUG A3P, MG5 + ...
S2017 E34
Mass Effect Andromeda | The Review
S2017 E35
Destiny 2 | Release Date, Beta + PS4 Exclusive Content Leaked! (This is N...
S2017 E36
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (25th Mar) Feat. PP-19, SASG, LVOA-C a...
S2017 E37
Nacon Revolution Pro Review (After 2 Months of Testing)- The Best Control...
S2017 E38
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (1st April) Feat. MP7 Blueprint, God-R...
S2017 E39
Nier: Automata Review | The Masterpiece You (Probably) Won't Play
S2017 E40
If Books Were Reviewed Like Games (Lord of The Rings Edition)
S2017 E41
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (8th Apr) Feat. LVOA-C, Awesome Bluepr...
S2017 E42
The Division | Weekly Vendor Reset (15th Apr) Feat. SVD + Extended Mag Bl...
S2017 E43
The Division | Saying Goodbye To The Weekly Vendor Reset + State Of The G...
S2017 E44
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review | Genius, but not enough '...
S2017 E45
Destiny | The Final Review of this Brilliant Mess of a Game (before the r...
S2017 E46
Destiny 2 | Gameplay Reveal Event Details (Plus, I'M GOING!)
S2017 E47
Prey (2017) Review | Less A Shooter, And More An RPG For The Modern Age
S2017 E48
The Surge vs Dark Souls | A Detailed Comparison of Structure, Setting &am...
S2017 E49
The Surge | The First 60 Minutes(ish) With Commentary
S2017 E50
The Surge Review | This Game Is Hard
S2017 E51
Destiny 2 | The Joys and Heartbreaks of the Destiny 2 Reveal
S2017 E52
Destiny 2's Biggest Changes (Part 1) | The Player Power Fantasy
S2017 E53
Destiny 2's Biggest Changes (Part 2)- Matchmaking & Clans...final...
S2017 E54
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Impressions | Nothing Like the Origin...
S2017 E55
WipeOut Omega Collection Review | One Of The Best Racing Games Released I...
S2017 E56
E3 2017 | EA Play Press Conference Impressions
S2017 E57
Destiny 2 | PC gameplay at 4k resolution, 60 FPS + impressions!
S2017 E58
Ubisoft Press Conference 2017 | Our reactions to a SURPRISINGLY good pres...
S2017 E59
Assassin's Creed Origins | Does it Shake Up The Formula Enough? (4k g...
S2017 E60
There is NO WAY this is getting released in Australia (South Park- The Fr...
S2017 E61
The Crew 2 | This Was Our Biggest Surprise During E3 (in a good way) Impr...
S2017 E62
The Division | There's One Big Problem With the (Awesome) Change Comi...
S2017 E63
Anthem | Why I Dare to Hype (and what I still fear...)
S2017 E64
The Division | Massive, Please Don't Overnerf This Broken Gearset (Cl...
S2017 E65
The Division | Is The Nerfed SVD Still Worth Using In Patch 1.7? Analysis...
S2017 E66
Destiny 2 | New Gameplay Feat. The New Social Space [The Farm]
S2017 E67
The Division | Classified Lone Star Gear Set: Detailed Testing and Build ...
S2017 E68
Destiny 2 | Huge PVP Changes Are Coming + Sentinel Striker Super Rampage!
S2017 E69
Star Wars Battlefront 2 | Open Beta Dates & Hands On Impressions
S2017 E70
Destiny 2 | How to sign up for the Open Beta without deleting your accoun...
S2017 E71
The Division | Classified Sentry Review and Build Guide- The Best DPS Set...
S2017 E72
Destiny 2 | Starter (Tutorial) Guide For New Players- Classes, Guns &...
S2017 E73
Destiny 2 & The Division | The Quest for PVP Balance Is Hurting PVE T...
S2017 E74
Destiny 2 | The Internet Has Decided That It Does Not Like Destiny 2
S2017 E75
Destiny 2 | This Is The New Content We've Been Waiting For...
S2017 E76
Warframe | The Review
S2017 E77
Warframe | How (and when) Warframe Delivers One of Gaming's Greatest ...
S2017 E78
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle | The Review
S2017 E79
Warframe | How To Get Hydroid Prime 100% Free (Or any Prime for That Matt...
S2017 E80
The Division | There's One Thing Missing From Patch 1.8
S2017 E81
The Division | The Biggest Change To The Dark Zone Ever (plus new PVP Mod...
S2017 E82
Warframe | New Weapons + How to Get Them! (Arca Plasmor, Scisco, Titron &...
S2017 E83
Warframe | Plains of Eidolon Feels Like Warframe 2...
S2017 E84
Destiny 2 | An In-Depth Review (No Spoilers except for Raid stuff)
S2017 E85
The Division | Patch 1.8's Best New Feature Reduces The Grind (Optimi...
S2017 E86
Star Wars: Battlefront II | Single Player Hands On Impression & Gamep...
S2017 E87
Warframe | The Plains of Eidolon Review (2017)
S2017 E88
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - A Quentin Tarantino Inspired Review
S2017 E89
Call of Duty: WWII | The Brief Review
S2017 E90
The Untold History of EA's Long (and Rich) Pay-2-Win Love Affair
S2017 E91
Star Wars Battlefront II: The Review
S2017 E92
Destiny 2 - The Curse of Osiris: The Review
S2017 E93
2017: The Worst (and Best) Year In The History of Videogames
S2017 E94
The Division | Patch 1.8's Best New Feature Reduces The Grind (Optimi...
S2017 E95
Warframe | The Skill Up Clan and Glyph Codes are here! (Plus Twitch Drop ...
S2017 E96
Warframe | Plains of Eidolon Reaction Stream VOD
S2017 E97
Star Wars: Battlefront II | Single Player Hands On Impression & Gamep...
S2017 E98
Warframe | The Plains of Eidolon Review (2017)
S2017 E99
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - A Quentin Tarantino Inspired Review
S2017 E100
Call of Duty: WWII | The Brief Review
S2017 E101
The Untold History of EA's Long (and Rich) Pay-2-Win Love Affair
S2017 E102
Star Wars Battlefront II: The Review
S2017 E103
Destiny 2 - The Curse of Osiris: The Review
S2017 E104
ACG & Skill Up Talk Review Approaches, Publisher Black-Lists, IGN + H...
S2017 E105
2017: The Worst (and Best) Year In The History of Videogames
S2017 E106
ACG & Skill Up Talk Review Approaches, Publisher Black-Lists, IGN + H...
S2017 E107
2017: The Worst (and Best) Year In The History of Videogames
S2017 E109
S2017 E110
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
S2017 E111
Destiny 2
S2017 E112
Warframe: The Plains of Eidolon
S2017 E113
Wolfenstein II
S2017 E114
Call of Duty: WWII
S2017 E115
Star Wars Battlefront II
S2017 E116
Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris
S2017 E117
The Division | State of the Game Highlights (18th Aug) Feat: An Open Disc...
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Tom Clancy's The Division - The Review (2018)
S2018 E02
Monster Hunter World - The Review (2018)
S2018 E03
Dauntless - The Closed Beta Review (2018)
S2018 E04
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Review (2018)
S2018 E05
My Thoughts On The Division 2 Announcement
S2018 E06
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition - The Review (2018)
S2018 E07
Far Cry 5 | A Brief Review (2018)
S2018 E08
Be Very Careful Which God of War Reviews You Watch
S2018 E09
God of War | A Brief Review (1000% Spoiler Free)
S2018 E10
Destiny 2: Warmind - The Review (2018)
S2018 E11
Detroit: Become Human - The Review (2018) [No Spoilers]
S2018 E12
Tower of Time - A Brief Review (2018) [1440p Gameplay]
S2018 E13
The Cycle Continues With Destiny 2: Forsaken (Year 2 DLC)
S2018 E14
Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness DLC - The Review (2018)
S2018 E15
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr: The Review (2018)
S2018 E16
The Division 2 Is Learning From Where It (And Other Games) Failed - Hands...
S2018 E17
E3 2018 - The Review
S2018 E18
Warframe: The Sacrifice - The Review (2018)
S2018 E19
Why Prey: Mooncrash Is The Best Damn DLC Of 2018 (Review)
S2018 E20
...Then You Aren't Paying Attention To Gaming (Warframe TennoCon18 In...
S2018 E21
Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars - The Review
S2018 E22
No Man's Sky - The Review (2018)
S2018 E23
Rage 2 Is Not Trying To Be Borderlands (So What Is It?)
S2018 E24
Marvel's Spider-Man - A Brief Review (No Spoilers)
S2018 E25
Destiny 2: Forsaken - The Review (2018)
S2018 E26
Forza Horizon 4 - A Brief Review (PC + Xbox Review)
S2018 E27
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - A Brief Review (2018) [No Spoilers]
S2018 E28
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - The Review (2018)
S2018 E29
Diablo 3 Eternal Collection [Nintendo Switch]: A Brief Review (2018)
S2018 E30
The Fallout 76 PC Beta Was a Joke (Impressions)
S2018 E31
Fallout 76 PC BETA Gameplay + Impressions
S2018 E32
Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Review (2018)
S2018 E33
Everything You Need To Know About Warframe On Switch
S2018 E34
Warframe Fortuna Reaction Highlights (Re-Upload 1080p)
S2018 E35
Fallout 76 - The Review (2018)
S2018 E36
Darksiders 3 - A Brief Review (2018) [Ultrawide PC Gameplay]
S2018 E37
GRIS - A Brief Review (2018)
S2018 E38
Hades - The Early Access Review (2018)
S2018 E39
Fallout 76 - The Review (2018)
S2018 E40
A Tour of Darksiders III [Livestream VOD]
S2018 E41
Darksiders 3 - A Brief Review (2018) [Ultrawide PC Gameplay]
S2018 E42
GRIS - A Brief Review (2018)
S2018 E43
Hades - The Early Access Review (2018)
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Why I Deleted My (Positive) Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review
S2019 E02
Ashen - A Brief Review (2018) [Ultra-Wide PC Gameplay]
S2019 E03
My Reaction To The Bungie Activision Split
S2019 E04
I Played Metro: Exodus for 4 Hours. It's Really, Really Good [4k Game...
S2019 E05
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - A Brief Review (2019)
S2019 E06
Resident Evil 2 - A Brief Review (2019) [100% Spoiler Free] PC Gameplay
S2019 E07
Far Cry: New Dawn's Controversial Changes Won't Please Everyone
S2019 E08
The Hong Kong Massacre - A Brief Review (2019) [Ultra-Wide PC Gameplay]
S2019 E09
Anthem has too many issues and unknowns this close to launch (My Impressi...
S2019 E10
Apex Legends - A Brief Review (2019)
S2019 E11
The Division 2 Beta Reveals A Promising (But Still Broken) Game
S2019 E12
Anthem - The Review (2019)
S2019 E13
Metro Exodus - The Review (2019)
S2019 E14
Days Gone Is Nailing Some Important Things (Impressions)
S2019 E15
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - The Review (2019)
S2019 E16
Anthem Review (Part 2): Post-Mortem
S2019 E17
...Shame It Was Sold As A Stand-Alone Game (Far Cry New Dawn Review)
S2019 E18
Mortal Kombat 11 - A Brief Review (2019)
S2019 E19
Days Gone - The Review (2019)
S2019 E20
Rage 2 - A Brief Review (2019)
S2019 E21
A Plague Tale: Innocence - The Review (2019)
S2019 E22
A VERY Serious Review of Blood and Truth (2019)
S2019 E23
Warhammer: Chaosbane - The Review (2019)
S2019 E24
The 8 Things E3 2019 Showed Me About The Future of the Games Industry
S2019 E25
Darksiders Genesis Is Not Diablo-Esque...So what is it? (Hands On Impress...
S2019 E26
The Surge 2 Is Looking Better Than The First (Mostly) [Hands On Impressio...
S2019 E27
Wolfenstein Youngblood Is The Second Worst Game I've Played This Year...
S2019 E28
Remnant: From The Ashes - The Review
S2019 E29
Control Feels Like It's Missing Something... (Review)
S2019 E30
Gears 5 Is So Damn Good... (Xbox One + PC Review)
S2019 E31
Greedfall - The Review
S2019 E32
Borderlands 3 - The Review
S2019 E33
The Surge 2 Is A SOLID Step Up (Review)
S2019 E34
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Some Serious Problems (Impressions)
S2019 E35
The Outer Worlds Revives Its Genre In One Brilliant Stroke (Review)
S2019 E36
Death Stranding - A Brief Review (1000% Spoiler-Free)
S2019 E37
CoD Modern Warfare Pulls Every Punch That Spec Ops: The Line Didn't
S2019 E38
Skyrim Meets God of War, But Made for VR (Asgard's Wrath Gameplay)
S2019 E39
Pokemon is Nintendo's Most Stagnant and Lazy Franchise (Pokemon Sword...
S2019 E40
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Feels Like Coming Home (Review)
S2019 E41
Disco Elysium - A (Mainly) Spoiler Free Review
S2019 E42
The Top 10 Games of 2019
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Why Subnautica Is The Only Survival Game I've Enjoyed (Review)
S2020 E02
'Dragonball Z Kakarot' Explained - PC Gameplay & Impressions
S2020 E03
TemTem Is Already Better Than Pokemon (Early Access Impressions)
S2020 E04
Journey To The Savage Planet - Review By Skill Up
S2020 E05
The Next Game From Halo Creator Isn't Looking Great (Disintegration Beta ...
S2020 E06
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Review by SkillUp [Updated - Check Top Comment]
S2020 E07
Bleeding Edge - Beta Impressions by SkillUp (PC, 1440p)
S2020 E08
At Every Turn, Legends of Runeterra Surprised Me - Review By Skill Up
S2020 E09
Kentucky Route Zero - Review By Skill Up
S2020 E10
My 3 Glorious Hours With Final Fantasy VII Remake (4k Gameplay + Impressi...
S2020 E11
Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Review by Skill Up
S2020 E12
Dreams (PS4) - Review By Skill Up
S2020 E13
...but I think Doom 2016 was better (Doom Eternal Review)
S2020 E14
Resident Evil 3 Remake - Review by Skill Up
S2020 E15
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Review by Skill Up
S2020 E16
Half Life is Timeless, And Black Mesa Reminds Us Why
S2020 E17
Fallout 76 in 2020
S2020 E18
Gears Tactics Won't Surprise You, But It Will Impress You (Review)
S2020 E19
I can't believe it took me this long to play Resident Evil 7
S2020 E20
Control's Foundation DLC Review: A Good Excuse To Re-Install
S2020 E21
...but you really, really should (Hunt: Showdown Review)
S2020 E22
A Complete Beginner's Guide To Hunt: Showdown
S2020 E23
Another Minecraft Dungeons Review (Because everyone hated the first one)
S2020 E24
Deep Rock Galactic Is Seriously Great (Review)
S2020 E25
Like Anthem, Amazon's Crucible Is Confused, Buggy, Unfinished and Floppin...
S2020 E26
Here's What I Think About The Last of Us (NOT THE SEQUEL!)
S2020 E27
The Last of Us Part II - Review
S2020 E28
Cyberpunk 2077 Deserves The Hype - This Is Looking Phenomenal (Hands-on I...
S2020 E29
Disintegration Gets Very Little Right (Review)
S2020 E30
Maneater is the ACTUAL Game of the Generation
S2020 E31
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Is Fun, But Will It Remove All The BS That Plag...
S2020 E32
Watch Dogs Legion Left Me SERIOUSLY Impressed (Hands On Impressions)
S2020 E33
Ghost of Tsushima Is Astoundingly Good (Review - Spoiler Free)
S2020 E34
Hyper Scape is Battle Royale Meets Arena Shooter...And I Love It (Beta Re...
S2020 E35
Marvel's Avengers Is The Most Risky Pre-Order of 2020 (Beta Impressions)
S2020 E36
Grounded Is The Best Game You Shouldn't Be Playing Right Now (Early Acces...
S2020 E37
Battletoads Doesn't Deserve The Hate It Will Surely Receive
S2020 E38
No Straight Roads Looks Great But That's About It (Review)
S2020 E39
I Am Completely In Love With BPM: Bullets Per Minute (Impressions)
S2020 E40
Wasteland 3 Is A Rare And Expertly Crafted RPG Experience (Review)
S2020 E41
The Outer Worlds' Peril On Gorgon DLC Won't Rock Your World (Review)
S2020 E42
BPM: Bullets Per Minute Is One Of My Favourite Games of 2020 (Review)
S2020 E43
This Should Not Have Been Released In This State (Marvel's Avengers Revie...
S2020 E44
Serious Sam 4 Is A Bad Trip Down Memory Lane (Review)
S2020 E45
Risk Of Rain 2 Is As Excellent As Everybody Says It Is (Review)
S2020 E46
I Can't Believe EA Made This (Star Wars Squadrons Review)
S2020 E47
Yep, Yakuza: Like A Dragon Is Gonna Be Great (Impressions)
S2020 E48
Hades Is Rather Special (Review)
S2020 E49
Not Gonna Lie: I Really Liked This (Immortal Fenyx Rising Impressions)
S2020 E50
Ghost of Tsushima's FREE Legends Update Puts 'Live Service' Games To Sham...
S2020 E51
I PLAYED PLAYSTATION 5!!! (and the controller blew me away)
S2020 E52
Watch Dogs: Legion is an Open World Immersive Sim (And A Pretty Good One)...
S2020 E53
Unboxing The Ridiculously Small Xbox Series S
S2020 E54
Unboxing the Ridiculously Heavy Xbox Series X
S2020 E55
Unboxing The Ridiculously Huge Playstation 5
S2020 E56
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Delivers - PS5 Review and Gameplay [Spoiler Fre...
S2020 E57
I'm angry I wasted so much time on Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Review)
S2020 E58
If you liked Journey, Abzu, Gris or Ori, don't miss The Pathless (Review)
S2020 E59
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Campaign Review
S2020 E60
Godfall was way worse than I expected (Review)
S2020 E61
Immortals Fenyx Rising Is The Best Thing Ubisoft Has Put Out In 2020 (Rev...
S2020 E62
Cyberpunk 2077 - Review
S2020 E63
Diablo Immortal is cool. I hope the micro-transactions don't ruin it (Imp...
S2020 E64
Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Review
Season 2021
S2021 E01
A Look Back At (Most Of) The Games That Defined 2020
S2021 E02
My Top 10 Games of 2020
S2021 E03
Persona 5 Strikers is a lot more Persona than I was expecting (Impression...
S2021 E04
Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Cyberpunk | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E05
Resident Evil VIII, Diablo 2 Remastered and PS5 Scalpers | This Week In V...
S2021 E06
I recommend: The Medium (Review)
S2021 E07
Gamestonks, Stadia and KOTOR 3 | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E08
I do not recommend: Destruction AllStars (Review)
S2021 E09
Destiny 2 is good. Season of the Hunt was not (Review)
S2021 E10
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Mass Effect Remaster and Battlefield | This...
S2021 E11
E3 2021, CDPR Hack and The Fate of Anthem | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E12
Nintendo Direct, Diablo II Resurrected and Starfield | This Week In Video...
S2021 E13
Sadly, I cannot recommend: Breathedge (Review)
S2021 E14
...in fact, I quite like it (Outriders Demo Impressions)
S2021 E15
Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Anthem | This Week in Videogames
S2021 E16
Nintendo Switch Pro, Aliens: Fireteam and Avengers | This Week In Videoga...
S2021 E17
Outriders, FIFA-Gate and Dying Light 2 | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E18
Avengers: Wakanda, Forspoken and #TheSnyderCut | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E19
I strongly recommend: Narita Boy
S2021 E20
Call of Duty Vanguard, Nintendo Switch Pro and Genshin Impact | This Week...
S2021 E21
Cyberpunk multiplayer, next-gen Witcher and Mario dies? | This Week In Vi...
S2021 E22
I will recommend: Outriders (when it's fixed)
S2021 E23
Days Gone 2, The Last of Us Remake and Kojima's Next Game | This Week In ...
S2021 E24
Diablo II Resurrected is more than just nostalgia-bait (Impressions)
S2021 E25
Lord of the Rings MMO, Persona 5 Mobile and Sony Back-Flips | This Week ...
S2021 E26
I played 2 hours and yep, this is cool (Returnal Impressions)
S2021 E27
KOTOR Remake, Cyberpunk Refunds and Jeff leaves Blizzard | This Week In V...
S2021 E28
I strongly recommend: Returnal (Review - No Spoilers)
S2021 E29
The Last of Us Part 3, Halo: Infinite and Resident Evil Village | This We...
S2021 E30
I recommend: Resident Evil Village (even though I didn't like it very muc...
S2021 E31
Season of the Chosen handed me a massive L, and I'm glad it did (Review)
S2021 E32
Next-Gen Witcher, Division Free-2-Play and Halo Infinite | This Week In V...
S2021 E33
Starfield, Battlefield 6 and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker | This Week In ...
S2021 E34
I definitely do not recommend: Biomutant (Review)
S2021 E35
Starfield at E3, Biomutant reviews and Final Fantasy Souls-Like? | This W...
S2021 E36
I recommend: Necromunda Hired Gun (Review)
S2021 E37
Horizon Forbidden West, Nintendo Switch Pro and Valve's New Handheld? | T...
S2021 E38
God of War: Ragnarok, Battlefield 6 and Shin Megami Tensei V | This Week ...
S2021 E39
I strongly recommend: Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart (spoiler free review)
S2021 E40
E3 2021 (basically) happened | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E41
Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is truly, truly awful (Review)
S2021 E42
Halo: Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077 Returns and Bethesda Says 'Sorry' | This W...
S2021 E43
Dead Space revival, Pokemon lawsuit and E3 Top 10 | This Week In Videogam...
S2021 E44
20 of the best indies to put on your radar in 2021
S2021 E45
Elder Scrolls 6, Silent Hill sequel and Kojima's Xbox Exclusive | This We...
S2021 E46
I recommend: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (Review) [4k PC]
S2021 E47
GTA 6, Assassin's Creed Infinity, Switch OLED and Next-Gen Witcher | This...
S2021 E48
I played Psychonauts 2 for five hours. I liked it. (Impressions)
S2021 E49
I recommend: Death's Door (Review) [PC 4k]
S2021 E50
Steam Deck, Nickelodeon All Star Brawl and Tom Clancy's XDefiant | This W...
S2021 E51
Blizzard in Crisis, Dead Space Remake and Final Fantasy 16 | This Week In...
S2021 E52
The Forgotten City - Review (PC 4k)
S2021 E53
I strongly recommend: The Ascent (Review)
S2021 E54
Blizzard crisis deepens, Horizon Forbidden West and Guild Wars 2 | This W...
S2021 E55
Back 4 Blood is looking good - except for the PVP and the Annual Pass (Im...
S2021 E56
Blizzard heads roll, Battlefield 2042 Beta and Titanfall: False Flag | Th...
S2021 E57
GTA Remasters, Quake Remaster and Dr Disrespect's Studio | This Week In V...
S2021 E58
I do not recommend: Twelve Minutes (Review)
S2021 E59
I recommend: Ghost of Tsushima - Director's Cut (Review) [4k]
S2021 E60
I recommend: Aliens - Fireteam Elite
S2021 E61
Halo: Infinite Coop Delay, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Abandoned | This We...
S2021 E62
Riders Republic is a very good time (Impressions)
S2021 E63
Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer - Review
S2021 E64
Far Cry 6: Familiar Fun (Impressions)
S2021 E65
Death Stranding 2, Saints Row reboot and RIP McCree | This Week in Videog...
S2021 E66
Horizon Forbidden Backflip, Next-Gen Cyberpunk 2077 and Overwatch 2 | Thi...
S2021 E67
God of War: Ragnarok, Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 | This Week In Videogame...
S2021 E68
I do not recommend: Lost Judgment (Review)
S2021 E69
Kena: Bridge of Spirits is absolutely wonderful (Review)
S2021 E70
CoD Vanguard Beta woes, Kena reviews and Battlefield 2042 delayed | This ...
S2021 E71
I strongly recommend: Sable (Review)
S2021 E72
Mario Movie, Bayonetta 3 and Overwatch 2 | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E73
I recommend: Hot Wheels Unleashed
S2021 E74
Halo Infinite's multiplayer is very, very, very good (Impressions)
S2021 E75
MGS 3 Remake, 4k Switch and Castlevania Returns | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E76
You've already played: Far Cry 6 (Review)
S2021 E77
Battlefield 2042 is in very (very) rough shape - Beta impressions
S2021 E78
Back 4 Blood - Review
S2021 E79
Marvel's Avengers, Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Sora in Smash | This Week ...
S2021 E80
Genshin's Elon cringe, Metroid Dread and Elden Ring | This Week In Videog...
S2021 E81
I strongly recommend: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Game Review)
S2021 E82
Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen, Halo Infinite, Starfield and Splinter Cell | Thi...
S2021 E83
I recommend: Riders Republic (Review)
S2021 E84
Facebook's Metaverse, Assassin's Creed Infinity and Call of Duty Vanguard...
S2021 E85
I strongly recommend: Forza Horizon 5
S2021 E86
GTA6, Overwatch 2, Diablo IV and Fable 4 | This Week In Videogames
S2021 E87
I played ten hours of Elden Ring (Impressions - 4k Gameplay)
S2021 E88
So far, I do not recommend: Battlefield 2042 (Review In-Progress)
S2021 E89
GTA Reforged, Elder Scrolls VI, Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite | This...
S2021 E90
I played 10 hours of Halo Infinite's Campaign (Impressions- 4k gameplay)
S2021 E91
Battlefield 20-42 FPS, Bobby Kotick Exposed and GTA Refunded | This Week ...
S2021 E92
Here's what I think about Psychonauts 2
S2021 E93
Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion, Marvel MMO and Halo Backlash | This Week In Vid...
Episode 1
The Division | 20k Subs Giveaway, Thank You & Future of the Channel
Episode 2
The Division | Why I Still Love This Game (30k Sub Hype) Feat. My Head!
Episode 3
Skill-Up | I'M GOING TO E3 2016!!!!!!
Episode 4
E3 2016 | 60k Subs + E3 Plan + Controller Chaos Giveaway!!!
Episode 5
E3 2016 | Day -1 Vlog Feat. Arrival, Hotel Room Tour and Yannick!
Episode 6
E3 2016 | Day 0 Vlog Feat. Xbox, Ubisoft & Sony Press Conferences!
Episode 7
E3 2016 | Day 1 & 2 Vlog Feat. The Division, Ghost Recon and For Honor Ne...
Episode 8
Destiny | Interview with Urk on the Rise of Iron Expansion
Episode 9
Channel News | New Channel Art Timelapse + I Need A New Logo!
Episode 10
75k Sub | Thank you! And An Update On The Future Of My Channel
Episode 11
The Division | Inside the Elite Taskforce (An interview with Deep Fried D...
Episode 12
Destiny Rise of Iron | Deej Talks Year 3 Content, Matchmaking and Open Wo...
Episode 13
E3 2017 | Here is how my brother and I will be covering E3 2017
Episode 14
Cliff Bleszinski talks Lawbreakers, retirement, Xbox's failings, and what...
Episode 15
Patreon Announcement Video
Episode 16
Warframe | The Best Bits From My First EVER Warframe Stream (Feat. iFlynn...
Episode 17
Warframe | The Second Dream Reaction Highlights (MASSIVE SPOILERS)
Episode 18
Warframe | The War Within Reaction Highlights (MASSIVE SPOILERS!)
Episode 19
Warframe | Please Stop Sending Me Free Stuff (Seriously)
Episode 20
Warframe | I Streamed With The Devs On Prime Time! (Highlights)
Episode 21
Warframe | Chains of Harrow Reaction Highlights (Spoilers!)
Episode 22
Warframe | Octavia's Anthem Reaction Highlights (Spoilers!)
Episode 23
Warframe | The Skill Up Clan and Glyph Codes are here! (Plus Twitch Drop ...
Episode 24
Warframe | Rebb & Megan discuss the bumpy launch of The Plains of Eidolon
Episode 25
ACG & Skill Up Talk Review Approaches, Publisher Black-Lists, IGN + H...
Episode 26
God of War Director Reacts to 10/10 Reviews
Episode 27
Division 2 Devs discuss Raid info, PVP vs PVE Balance, Gear Set Design &a...
Episode 28
ACG, Skill Up and Tarmack On The Winners & Losers of E3 2018
Episode 29
The Apostasy Prologue & The Sacrifice - Complete Playthrough & Re...
Episode 30
Warframe Devs React To 500k TennoCon Viewers! [Coffee In Cars With Game D...
Episode 31
Rage 2 Is Not Trying To Be Borderlands (So What Is It?)
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