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2017 - Now  •  Saturday on YouTube  •  36 hours  •  88 episodes
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Documentary, Reality, Travel
The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
A Calving Glacier in Prince Christian Sound, Greenland Aired on 05/30/2020
A Calving Glacier in Prince Christian Sound, Greenland
Season 5: Episode 62
Season 4 5
Season 4
S04 E01
Welcome to St. John's, Newfoundland
S04 E02
How Do You Like Your Poutine
S04 E03
It's Not A Vacation. It's Life
S04 E04
Ice Charts
S04 E05
Contaminated Water
S04 E06
Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop To Drink
S04 E07
Why don't you like my fritatas?
S04 E08
Canada Day
S04 E09
Let's Put The Feet In The Street! Tour of Newfoundland: Part 1
S04 E10
Onward! A Tour Of Newfoundland: Part 2
S04 E11
We Learn From Those Who Go Before Us
S04 E12
Last Day In Canada
S04 E13
Pushing Off For Greenland
S04 E14
Snapped In Half
S04 E15
Jury Rig At Sea
S04 E16
S04 E17
He's Coming Straight for Us!
S04 E18
Staying on the Rhumb Line
S04 E19
I can't even hear you anymore!
S04 E20
This Changes Everything!
S04 E21
Rolly Seas and Breaking Waves
S04 E22
What Would YOU Do?
S04 E23
The Big Decision
S04 E24
Hove To
S04 E25
Approaching Greenland
S04 E26
Sailing Through Iceberg Territory
Season 5
S05 E01
Making Landfall in Greenland
S05 E02
First Day in Greenland
S05 E03
Our First Friend in Greenland
S05 E04
Herman and the Explorer of Sweden
S05 E05
In Case of Emergency
S05 E06
The Airport in Paamiut, Greenland
S05 E07
A Conversation About Greenland
S05 E08
A Danish Ship Carpenter Retires in Greenland
S05 E09
Crash Landing!
S05 E10
Around the World in 8 Years
S05 E11
Hallberg-Rassy 39 Boat Tour
S05 E12
Éanna is Greenlandic
S05 E13
A Glimpse of Life in Greenland
S05 E14
Opening Up A Discussion
S05 E15
Party on Paragon
S05 E16
This Is Why We Go Cruising
S05 E17
Sailing Down the Coast of Greenland: The Beginning
S05 E18
That's Not An Island, That's An Iceberg!
S05 E19
Iceberg Hunter
S05 E20
The 15,000 Year Old Cocktail
S05 E21
Sailing Bucket List
S05 E22
A Harrowing Docking
S05 E23
S05 E24
Greenland is Not for Sale. (The Most Remote Town)
S05 E25
Don't Go To Greenland Without This ONE Thing!
S05 E26
The Greenland ICW
S05 E27
Mast Failure
S05 E28
Killer Fish
S05 E29
Shipwrecked on a Deserted Island
S05 E30
Sailing Blind in the Fog
S05 E31
Winter in August
S05 E32
Fresh Bread On A Sailboat
S05 E33
Critical Sailboat Rig Repair in Greenland
S05 E34
We Almost Lost the Mast
S05 E35
Qaqortoq Greenland
S05 E36
Hammerhead 54 - John Barry s/v Avalanche Interview & Boat Tour, Part 1
S05 E37
Hammerhead 54 - John Barry s/v Avalanche Interview & Boat Tour, Part 2
S05 E38
Hammerhead 54 - John Barry s/v Avalanche Interview & Boat Tour, Part 3
S05 E39
Hammerhead 54 Deck Tour & Interview - John Barry s/v Avalanche, Part 4
S05 E40
Hammerhead 54 Tour & Interview - John Barry s/v Avalanche, Part 5
S05 E41
Exploring an Underground Peat Hut in Qaqortoq, Greenland
S05 E42
Moving to Greenland with Trotsky the Flying Wonder Dog
S05 E43
Narsaq, Greenland: Life, Language, and Tiny Homes!
S05 E44
Special Delivery from the USA to Greenland
S05 E45
Running Out of Propane in Greenland
S05 E46
Changing the Oil on a Perkins 4-236 Diesel Engine
S05 E47
The Best Arctic Tour Guide
S05 E48
Greenlandic Football Championship
S05 E49
The Scary Beautiful Fjord in Greenland
S05 E50
Iceberg Dead Ahead!
S05 E51
Swept Away By The Current
S05 E52
Summer in Greenland or Winter in the Caribbean
S05 E53
An Engine on an Iceberg
S05 E54
Ola & Caroline s/v Relax Interview and Boat Tour: Part 1
S05 E55
Ola & Caroline s/v Relax Interview and Boat Tour: Part 2
S05 E56
Ola & Caroline s/v Relax Interview and Boat Tour: Part 3
S05 E57
Ola & Caroline s/v Relax Interview and Boat Tour: Part 4
S05 E58
A Contessa 26 in Greenland
S05 E59
Always Have a Plan B
S05 E60
Sail to Iceland or Ireland?
S05 E61
Sailing Through Prince Christian Sound - The Most Majestic Fjord in Green...
S05 E62
A Calving Glacier in Prince Christian Sound, Greenland
Episode 1
DrakeParagon Sailing in Svalbard Patreon Real Time Video #15.2
Episode 2
Eclectic Energy D400 Wind Generator Unboxing
Episode 3
Eclectic Energy D400 Wind Generator Installation
Episode 4
Eclectic Energy D400 Wind Generator Wiring & Performance Review
Episode 5
Sailing Greenland: DrakeParagon Season 5 Trailer
Episode 6
A hellacious 1100 nautical mile offshore sail straight to Svalbard in the...
Episode 7
Rebuilding a Barient 28 Winch on sailing vessel Paragon
Episode 8
Real Time Update • Covid-19 + More
Episode 9
Postcard of the Most Majestic Fjord in Greenland - Tiny Living, BIG View!
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