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Nostalgia Nerd

Nostalgia Nerd

2014 - Now  •  YouTube  •  30 hours  •  329 episodes
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I'm Nostalgia Nerd... I have an addiction to Nostalgia & things often categorised as "nerdy". I talk about software, hardware, games, toys, programs, magazines and other things from the 70s, 80s and 90s, sometimes with a liberal amount of dry humour. The channel's main focus is computer related items ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
This Game Broke a Generation Aired on 12/29/2022
This Game Broke a Generation
Season 2022: Episode 12
Season 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2014
S2014 E01
80's Computer - Mystery Parcel #4
S2014 E02
Do Not Open Until the Year 2000! Time Capsule
S2014 E03
Huge Box of Floppy Disks & Cover Discs - Attic Finds
S2014 E04
Sinclair Spectrum Games - Attic Finds
S2014 E05
90's Console - Mystery Parcel Opening #5
S2014 E06
80's Toy (With Cats) - Mystery Parcel #6
S2014 E07
80's Computer - Mystery Parcel #7
S2014 E08
Amstrad PC1512 Story & Review; Investigations
S2014 E09
The LGR Disk.... What's on it?!
S2014 E10
Commodore Plus/4 & Games - Unpacking
S2014 E11
Tomy Tutor Play Computer - Unpacking
S2014 E12
Atari 7800 Unpacking & Unboxing
S2014 E13
Grandstand My First Computer Unpacking
S2014 E14
VTech Pre-Computer 2000 Unpacking & Unboxing
S2014 E15
Dragon 32 Unpacking & Unboxing
S2014 E16
Project Future ZX Spectrum; Investigation
S2014 E17
Mystery Box from the 90s - Time Capsule - Ring Raiders & Sega Music Casse...
S2014 E18
Compaq DeskPro 386s/20n Unpacking & Grubbiness
S2014 E19
Disagreeable Cat - Bustopher Jones | Having a Conversation about his day
S2014 E20
Alien Isolation vs. Alien (Commodore 64 & ZX Spectrum)
S2014 E21
"Master of Darkness" Sega Master System - Halloween Special
S2014 E22
Bonanza Unboxing Retro Extravaganza! Game Gear, MSX, Commodore, etc...
S2014 E23
Bonanza Unboxing Retro Extravaganza 2! Dreamcast, PCs, Sinclair Z88
S2014 E24
Golden Axe II Sega Mega Drive - Quick Play
S2014 E25
Perusing an Index Christmas Catalogue from 1995
S2014 E26
Z Re-release Steam/GOG - Quick Play
S2014 E27
Theme Park MS-DOS - Quick Play
S2014 E28
Commodoremas Morning! Xmas Present Unboxing - Santa is Dick
S2014 E29
Vic-20 Unboxing & Perusing
S2014 E30
Commodore 64G Boxing Day Unboxing
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Tomy Tutor Play Computer - 1980s Toy Computer; Inspection
S2015 E02
DOS 6.22 Installation, Supplemental Pack, QBasic Gorillas & Supremacy
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Fun Fax & Spy File Kids' Filofax Inspections
S2016 E02
Questron Pen Inspection
S2016 E03
SubStation (Doom Clone) Atari STe / Falcon Quick Play
S2016 E04
Oric 1 System Review
S2016 E05
Tetris Game Watch (1990) Inspection
Season 2017
S2017 E01
2017 Update
S2017 E02
Amiga Story Part 2 (The 90s)
S2017 E03
Outstanding Commodore Magazine Haul (64 User, C&VG)
S2017 E04
1996 Anti Virus Program & More [WIOMD #10]
S2017 E05
Bad Influence Episode 1.9 January '93 [Replay]
S2017 E06
The Computer Programme, 18th Jan 1982 - Episode 1.2 [Replay]
S2017 E07
Super Mario on the Amiga?! [Quick Play]
S2017 E08
ShadowCaster MS-DOS Review
S2017 E09
Q&A January 2017
S2017 E10
Amstrad CPC Story
S2017 E11
Fres Fighter II TURBO - Amstrad CPC [Quick Play]
S2017 E12
Roland in the Caves - Amstrad CPC [Quick Play]
S2017 E13
The Computer Programme Ep. 3 "Talking to a Machine"
S2017 E14
Power Drift Amstrad CPC Review
S2017 E15
Amstrad CPC Story (Part 2)
S2017 E16
Dynamite Dan ZX Spectrum Review
S2017 E17
Gryzor (Not Contra?) Amstrad CPC Review
S2017 E18
Windows Audio Before Soundcards (Sounds Terrible)
S2017 E19
Usenet News Groups/Discussion Groups [Retro Reading #1]
S2017 E20
Nokia 3310/3330 Connects to Internet!
S2017 E21
Running a Y2K Test in 2017!
S2017 E22
The Computer Programme Episode #4 - It's On the Computer
S2017 E23
Opening a Brand New C64 Game
S2017 E24
GBR Thrifts #5 - 1st Charity Shop Run of 2017
S2017 E25
Duke Nukem 3D Prototype/Beta [Quick Play]
S2017 E26
Massive Keyed Keyboard
S2017 E27
Experiments With Your Computer [Quick Flick]
S2017 E28
Swastika in Original Doom??
S2017 E29
Rise of the Triad: The Story of
S2017 E30
What is DOS Protected Mode? / DOS Extenders [Byte Size]
S2017 E31
How Does a Virus Work (in the 90s)? [Byte Size]
S2017 E32
GTA in Duke Nukem 3D's Engine! [Quick Play]
S2017 E33
Bad Influence 1.10 Commentary 14th Jan 93
S2017 E34
Bad Influence 1.11 Commentary 21st Jan 93
S2017 E35
GBR Thrifts #6 Mammoth Thrift Haul
S2017 E36
Turn Your C64 into a Thermometer!
S2017 E37
Why are Floppy Cables Twisted? [Byte Size]
S2017 E38
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Story - Birth of a Classic
S2017 E39
Woolworths Memories & Retro Gaming in 2017 [Q&A]
S2017 E40
What are Heads, Tracks, Cylinders & Sectors? [Byte Size]
S2017 E41
Using a 56k Modem in 2017!
S2017 E42
Star Wars ZX Spectrum [Quick Play]
S2017 E43
Home Computer "Top Trumps" [Inspection]
S2017 E44
Super Mario 64 Genesis / Mega Drive [Inspection]
S2017 E45
What are Disk Cache & Buffers? [Byte Size]
S2017 E46
Bad Influence Commentary 1.12 - 28th Jan 1993
S2017 E47
Mega Drive / Genesis First Person Shooters [Quick Play]
S2017 E48
Worst 5 Computer Keyboards
S2017 E49
GBR Thrifts #7 - Seaside Thrifting
S2017 E50
When did Video Games Stop Innovating?
S2017 E51
2.5MB of ESSENTIAL Windows Programs [WMD #11]
S2017 E52
Egg Head / Hamte Damte [Quick Play]
S2017 E53
Why does DOS use 8.3 Filenames? [Byte Size]
S2017 E54
Amiga vs. Atari, First Gaming Memories & Doom 2016 [Q&A #3]
S2017 E55
Making a Mixtape in 2017! From an SD Card
S2017 E56
Things Wot I Got Sent
S2017 E57
Bad Influence 1.13 Commentary - 90s Virtual Reality
S2017 E58
VHS Time Capsules - Looking for Lost 90s Gaming TV
S2017 E59
Screensavers Before Windows
S2017 E60
FUN Park ZX Spectrum [Quick Play]
S2017 E61
What are IRQ, DMA & Address Ports? - Soundcard Memories [Byte Size]
S2017 E62
The Computer Programme - Communications & Media in 1982
S2017 E63
Indispensable 00's Websites "FOR MEN"
S2017 E64
HDMI on a 10" Caravan CRT - Minecrafting like the 90s
S2017 E65
DOOM: Aliens Total Conversion 2017 [Quick Play]
S2017 E66
StarFox on the C64 - The reason Star Fox was renamed Star Wing??
S2017 E67
Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2! A sequel 30 years later
S2017 E68
Bad Influence 2.1 - 3DO, Mortal Kombat & CDs
S2017 E69
Sonic Mania Collectors REboxing
S2017 E70
The Genesis Street Fighter 2 Which Never Was
S2017 E71
Daley Thompson's Decathlon - ZX Spectrum [Review]
S2017 E72
Crash, Thrift & Sonic - Retro Roundup August 2017
S2017 E73
Shaping up Sonic Mania to 16 Bit Sonic
S2017 E74
Why you Shouldn't Low Level Format Your Hard Drive
S2017 E75
Super Monaco GP Genesis/Mega Drive [Review]
S2017 E76
DOS Web Browsing in 2017
S2017 E77
The House Abandon - Stories Untold [Quick Play]
S2017 E78
"PC For a Fiver" - GBR Thrifts #8
S2017 E79
Game Storage Solutions of the 80s & 90s
S2017 E80
Super Play Magazine IS BACK!
S2017 E81
Bad Influence CITV Ep. 2.2 | Gaming over the Phone
S2017 E82
What's on the Horizons Cassette? [Review]
S2017 E83
Unboxing Things I've Been Sent #2
S2017 E84
Why Intel Stopped Using Processor Numbers [Byte Size]
S2017 E85
World Grand Prix Master System [Review]
S2017 E86
What Happened to Cyrix Processors?
S2017 E87
Why CTRL ALT DEL? [Byte Size]
S2017 E88
Bad Influence 2.3 CITV - Luxury Consoles!
S2017 E89
SNES Jurassic Park Visitor Center on PC
S2017 E90
ZILLION: The Light Gun That Made Sega Millions
S2017 E91
SNES Mini Unboxing, Review & GIVEAWAY! (In 2 Minutes)
S2017 E92
SNES Mini Controller Tear Down & Comparison
S2017 E93
The Computer Programme Ep#6: Moving Pictures [Commentary]
S2017 E94
Operation Warcade: Operation Wolf in VR
S2017 E95
Things I've Been Sent #3
S2017 E96
Windows Through a Sega Game Gear
S2017 E97
How Intel & AMD Made 3D Faster - 3DNow! vs. SSE
S2017 E98
Horrifying Windows '98 with Plus! 98
S2017 E99
Ghost Hunters ZX Spectrum [Review]
S2017 E100
SPISPOPD: The Video Game That Didn't Exist (Until it did)
S2017 E101
Carling Pub Quiz 1998! [Review]
S2017 E102
Fireworks Simulators
S2017 E103
Bad Influence 2.4 - Computer Board Games & CD32
S2017 E104
Sensible Golf - PC / MSDOS [Review]
S2017 E105
S2017 E106
Things I've Been Sent #4 + Silver Play Button
S2017 E107
$10 Handheld Game Console Rip Off
S2017 E108
The Mystery of the Media Mega Drive
S2017 E109
The CRASH Annual 2018
S2017 E110
Pushing the HD Genesis Limits - HD Mega Drive
S2017 E111
1995 Xmas Catalogue vs. 2017 Catalogue
S2017 E112
A Brief Festive Interruption
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Bad Influence Xmas/New Year Special 1993 [Commentary]
S2018 E02
AT Games Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Flashback HD
S2018 E03
SNES Classic Mini Starfox 2 Cartridge
S2018 E04
Network Q RAC Rally - MSDOS - 1993 [Review]
S2018 E05
Star Trek PC Conversion Kit
S2018 E06
Sega 32X Story
S2018 E07
An Incredibly Exciting Unboxing - Feb 2018
S2018 E08
Play Expo Blackpool 2018
S2018 E09
Nerd & Ashens go to Blackpool Play Expo (with Slope & Kim)
S2018 E10
Magnets vs. Floppy Disks
S2018 E11
Oids: Inspiration for Lemmings
S2018 E12
Retro News Bulletin - Return of Gaming TV / March 2018
S2018 E13
Bad Influence 2.5 - Introducing MPEG, The Dig & SF2 Turbo
S2018 E14
The Playstation 2 TV
S2018 E15
Moonwalker in 8 Bits
S2018 E16
Retro PC: Amstrad Integra Compaq Clone
S2018 E17
C64 Mini
S2018 E18
Numeric Keypad Watch - CLICK THE KEYS
S2018 E19
Streets of Red Review
S2018 E20
Friday the 13th Game - 1986 [Quick Play]
S2018 E21
Mystery eBay PC hides SURPRISE
S2018 E22
TETRIS on a Psion II Organiser
S2018 E23
1981 1KB Computer vs. Modern PC: CHESS
S2018 E24
Atmosfear/Nightmare for PC
S2018 E25
S2018 E26
Dissecting Robocop Movie & Games
S2018 E27
23 Year old PC Magazine - Windows 95 Released!
S2018 E28
What did we use before USB?
S2018 E29
Memories of Arcade
S2018 E30
How Retro Does PC Building Simulator Go? [Quick Play]
S2018 E31
The Xbox Duke Controller
S2018 E32
Sega Genesis Classics Collection Review / Mega Drive Classics
S2018 E33
Why is TV Static Monochrome?
S2018 E34
A 120MB Super Disk -- Floptical Disk
S2018 E35
Live At Computer Museum
S2018 E36
80s aesthetic Racers
S2018 E37
INCREDIBLE 90s Racing Simulation Accessories
S2018 E38
Horrific Games Live! Join Me
S2018 E39
Flashback Switch Review
S2018 E40
DOS Executables Explained [Byte Size]
S2018 E41
THIS Made Me Finally Switch to Playstation
S2018 E42
There's a Thing This Weekend
S2018 E43
Retro Donations Unboxing #6
S2018 E44
Sonic Mania Plus Review & Differences
S2018 E45
The 'Alien' Game I've Waited 30 Years For
S2018 E46
Sonic Chaos is Back!
S2018 E47
Two Point Hospital Review
S2018 E48
6 Minutes of Video Game Bliss - Play Expo
S2018 E49
Connecting a C64 to WiFi
S2018 E50
Digital Cassette Tape Drives
S2018 E51
Commodore 64 Robot Arm Ruins Everything
S2018 E52
New Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Games
S2018 E53
Doom Rendered in TEXT - 1337D00M
S2018 E54
Zzap!64 Annual 2019 - New C64 Magazine
S2018 E55
Classic Skins in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
S2018 E56
That Weird 90s Game Console
S2018 E57
Atari Falcon 030
S2018 E58
Pacman 1/4 Scale Arcade Machine
S2018 E59
Gobble or be Gobbled
S2018 E60
How Xbox Scared the Crap out of People at 3am
S2018 E61
Sabrina the Teenage Witch for PC
S2018 E62
Walk Around an 80s City with LASERDISC! The Domesday Project
S2018 E63
Mouse Cheese Commodore 64
S2018 E64
Astonishing Auction Acquisition
S2018 E65
Why Everyone is Angry about PlayStation Classic
S2018 E66
Advent Calendar for Windows 3.1
S2018 E67
Santa went Online in 1986 and got Trolled
S2018 E68
Huge December Unboxing
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Control TRAINS with your PlayStation!
S2019 E02
Well, it Would be rude not to try...
S2019 E03
What Happens if you Recycle My Computer?
S2019 E04
Turn Your Wii into a DOS Gaming Machine
S2019 E05
The Sims wouldn't exist without This
S2019 E06
80s TV Gameshows as Computer Games
S2019 E07
How the Internet Crossed the Sea
S2019 E08
Retro Unboxing April 2019 Postbag
S2019 E09
a Shop Selling PCs Like it's 1994 - GBR Thrifts #9
S2019 E10
What Went Wrong with Street Fighter 2 on the C64
S2019 E11
The Evolution of Snooker Games
S2019 E12
Inside a Deserted Gaming Convention
S2019 E13
Aura Interactor VR Cushion
S2019 E14
Bitmap Books to Make you Moist
S2019 E15
Mystery Amiga Console
S2019 E16
Nuclear Games Born From Disaster
S2019 E17
Tennis Game Evolution over 60 YEARS!
S2019 E18
Stranger Things 3 THE GAME Review Switch
S2019 E19
Sega Mega Drive Time Capsule
S2019 E20
Before Sonic There was
S2019 E21
Galaga Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet
S2019 E22
The Story of Virtuality
S2019 E23
Beenz: One of Greatest dotcom Disasters of all Time...
S2019 E24
Super Magic Drive: The Original ROM Ripper
S2019 E25
Early Internet Hacks That Caused a Stir
S2019 E26
Famicom Titler: A $400 NES That Edits Videos
S2019 E27
Mega Drive / Genesis Mini Games
S2019 E28
The Game Wizard
S2019 E29
How we Streamed Games 30 Years Ago
S2019 E30
Opening 6 Months Worth of Post!
S2019 E31
When Netscape Almost Destroyed Microsoft
S2019 E32
Die Hard Commodore 64: 31 Years On
S2019 E33
Sinclair ZX80, ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Studio Tour: Nostalgia Nerd + Ashens & Did You Know Gaming
S2020 E02
The 1st Affordable 'IBM PC Compatible'
S2020 E03
22 Year Old Intel Chip Kit for Schools
S2020 E04
Exploring a LOAD of Dutch Computers!
S2020 E05
ZX Spectrum Next
S2020 E06
Taming the Retro Computer Hoard
S2020 E07
IBM NetVista X40; Iconic Computer
S2020 E08
What Happened to the Beige Box?
S2020 E09
Mystery Shop Window PC Explored
S2020 E10
Using a Real Golf Club with Links 386!
S2020 E11
S2020 E12
Get Fit with MS-DOS
S2020 E13
Why is a Fossilised Keyboard in this Pavement?
S2020 E14
Why Does USB Keep Changing?
S2020 E15
These Keys Shouldn't Exist
S2020 E16
What Happened to MIDI?
S2020 E17
VTech Laptops: Better than you Think
S2020 E18
Do Old Viruses Work on Modern PCs?
S2020 E19
That Time Amstrad Casually Rewrote James Bond
S2020 E20
Tiger's Most Ridiculous LCD Games
S2020 E21
Does the NES Have a Secret Master System Port?
S2020 E22
Hidden Code
S2020 E23
Intel's IMAX Sci-Fi Feature Film you don't Remember
S2020 E24
Virus Hoaxes of the Early Internet
S2020 E25
I've got a Polybius Arcade Cab (no, really)
S2020 E26
Did Microsoft Steal Disk Compression?
S2020 E27
Windows’ Hidden Self Destruct Code
S2020 E28
The Troubled Origins of .ZIP
S2020 E29
Ridiculously Massive Mailbag of Retro Tech Results in Chaos
S2020 E30
The Truth about Microsoft's Fear of Linux
S2020 E31
How Wrist Gaming Took off (and burned)
S2020 E32
Dot Matrix is Better than you Don't Remember!
S2020 E33
The Commodore 64 has a Successor (and it's amazing!)
S2020 E34
This Laptop Could Save Your Life
S2020 E35
Are AtGames Trolling us?
S2020 E36
The Snowman: Let's Relive Some Trauma on CD-ROM!
Season 2021
S2021 E01
I Bought a Fake PS5 for £35
S2021 E02
This GameBoy Game is 21 Years Late
S2021 E03
Every Throwback FPS Game
S2021 E04
The Most Captivating Screensaver... Ever
S2021 E05
The Renault 19 Story
S2021 E06
How VHS Gaming Conned Us
S2021 E07
kkrieger: Making an Impossible FPS
S2021 E08
Using Carts on Your PC with PiePacker
S2021 E09
We Should Talk About Battle Axe
S2021 E10
Unboxing a Shed-Load of Magnificent Retro Stuff on a Yo-Yo DESK PRO 2
S2021 E11
A Village Filled with Retro Treasure | GBR Thrifts Returns!
S2021 E12
The $11k PS2 Laptop
S2021 E13
Liminal Spaces in Disturbing Old Games
S2021 E14
Why is Alex Kidd DX Like This?
S2021 E15
Great Fighters on Inappropriate Systems
S2021 E16
The Great Commodore Brand Heist
S2021 E17
Why Did Weezer Come with Windows?
S2021 E18
Great Racers on Inappropriate Systems
S2021 E19
Dread Templar - This New Quake-Alike is ɨռƈʀɛɖɨɮʟɛ Fun
S2021 E20
When Microsoft said Don't Buy a Console
S2021 E21
I Bought a Million Dollar Piece of The Internet
S2021 E22
Rail Shooters on Inappropriate Systems
S2021 E23
The Mystery of the Scorpion 16
S2021 E24
GBR Thrifts 11! GRIND Those Balls
S2021 E25
The Internet's Most Prolific Fish
S2021 E26
The Greatest Console of Them All
S2021 E27
This Game Ending will Disturb You
S2021 E28
This Mysterious Computer Could Prove Time Travel Exists
S2021 E29
Why This Monitor is Seared into your Brain
S2021 E30
This era of CD Gaming was Bizarre
S2021 E31
This Console Would have Changed Gaming Forever
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Absolute State of This 3D
S2022 E02
Dark Reason This Mouse is Filled with Drugs
S2022 E03
The Original MEME Caused Chaos
S2022 E04
This will Disturb You
S2022 E05
The Virus that F***ed us all
S2022 E06
These Ancient Arcade Machines will Blow Your Mind
S2022 E07
Yahoo Chat is the Bad Place
S2022 E08
The Retro Tech Inside Your Phone
S2022 E09
This Website Won't Die
S2022 E10
This Monitor is the Future
S2022 E11
They Lied to Us
S2022 E12
This Game Broke a Generation
Episode 1
The Retro Tech Inside Your Phone
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