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Stumpy Nubs Woodworking

Stumpy Nubs Woodworking

2011 - 2019  •  YouTube  •  11 seasons  •  416 episodes
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Home and Garden
The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
Clever ways to make better table saw crosscuts Aired on 02/07/2019
Clever ways to make better table saw crosscuts
Season 11: Episode 3
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
416 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Season 1
S01 E01
Charles Neil Takes Me On Part 1
S01 E02
Make Incra LS Table Saw Fence from Lite Positioner
S01 E03
Shop Efficiency Tour and Making a Mini Cabinet Maker's Bench
S01 E04
Gas Shop Heating and Trend Saw Blade Cleaner Review
S01 E05
Homemade 3 Layer Clamp Rack & Extreme X-Treme Tape Wrap Review
S01 E06
Tool Sharpening with a MODIFIED Worksharp 3000 and Review
S01 E07
Who Says Stumpy isn't Very Sharp? Part 2 Homemade Grinder Tool Rest & Ver...
S01 E08
Hand Plane Surgery: Making A Stanley #10 Rabbet Plane
S01 E09
Special Episode: The Stumpy Tubafore Awards Show
S01 E10
Homemade Bench Top Biscuit Joiner Harbor Freight Modification
S01 E11
HOMEMADE Leigh DR4 Pro Style Dovetail Jig Machine
S01 E12
Hand Cutting Dovetails With A Modified Crown Gents Saw
S01 E13
Amazing Homemade Lead Screw Box Joint Jig Machine
S01 E14
Using Worksharp 3000 to Turn Harbor Freight Plane into a Scrub
S01 E15
Using A Homemade Biscuit Joiner to Make Drawers
S01 E16
Hand Plane Raised Panels & Milescraft Turnlock Router Plate Review
S01 E17
Homemade Horizontal Router Table & Harbor Freight Planer
S01 E18
Jig For Sharpening & Using A Cabinet Scraper
S01 E19
The homemade LOADED Drill Press Table & Fence
S01 E20
SPECIAL EPISODE: Woodworking Jig Contest Results!
S01 E21
Pen and Lathe Turning on a Drill Press (Homemade DP Table P2)
S01 E22
Wood Carving Duplication Machine & Dewalt Radial Arm Saw Safety
S01 E23
Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw
S01 E24
Rockler and Kreg have nothing on THIS Shelf Pin Jig!
S01 E25
Homemade Router Lift Alternative to Kreg & JessEm
S01 E26
Make a sliding router table like the Festool CMS and MORE
S01 E27
Completing HOMEMADE Incra LS/Festool Style Router Table Fence w/Lift
S01 E28
WOODEN dust collector cyclone from Bill Pentz-Clearvue design Part 1
S01 E29
Bill Pentz/Clearvue Style Cyclone Part 2
S01 E30
Homemade wooden duct work for the Clear Vue/Bill Pentz style cyclone
S01 E31
Dust Collection Finale- My HOMEMADE Cyclone vs Clear Vue View CV1800
S01 E32
Ideas for a new homemade drum sander design AND MORE!
S01 E33
The Homemade Drum Sander Part 2
S01 E34
Completing the HOMEMADE drum sander/sand flea/V-drum
S01 E35
Thien Baffle & Wynn Filter for upgrade Harbor Freight Dust Collector
S01 E36
Spraying w/ Harbor Freight, Earlex 5500, Graco TrueCoat Pro Cordless
S01 E37
Scary Sharp! Sharpening tools with paper, stones or diamonds
S01 E38
The Ultimate Shop Cart
S01 E39
UNIQUE rotating flip-top tool stand woodworking sharpening station
S01 E40
SWEET Homemade drill press table with T-Style fence and dust collection
S01 E42
New Box/Finger Joint Jig with Incra positioner style teeth
S01 E43
BUILD YOUR OWN HOMEMADE Festool Domino XL DF 500 style mortising machine
S01 E44
Build your own FEATURE LOADED router lift - also works as a mini router t...
S01 E45
Woodworking dust collection upgrades- MAKE YOUR OWN MANOMETER filter moni...
S01 E46
Build your own homemade WoodRat / Router Boss / Leigh Super FMT (part 1 o...
S01 E47
Build your own Festool CMS style homemade router table with sliding table
S01 E48
Amazing homemade router table fence works like the Incra LS! BUILD IT!
S01 E49
Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner style jig saw IMPROVED!
S01 E50
Homemade TWO STAGE drum sander with Sand Flea and feed belt features
S01 E51
Build a Shop Vac Mini-Cyclone like ClearVue or Oneida Dust Deputy PART 1
S01 E52
Build a Shop Vac Mini-Cyclone like ClearVue or Oneida Dust Deputy PART 2
S01 E53
Super-duper homemade table saw crosscut sled PART 1 of 2
S01 E54
Homemade table saw crosscut sled with box.finger joint, spline and tenon ...
S01 E55
The homemade wooden dust collection cyclone (Bill Pentz design)
S01 E56
Upgrade your Ambient Air Cleaner Filter (Jet AFS-100B, Delta 50-873, 50-8...
S01 E57
Make a DELUXE downdraft sanding table with t-tracks for work holding and ...
S01 E58
Should you upgrade to a Wynn dust collector canister filter?
S01 E59
Make a manometer to measure your dust collection filter efficiency and ai...
S01 E60
Make a Pony Premo camera clock with the CNC Shark HD 3.0 (Review)
S01 E61
Homemade Router Lift upgrade: adding a throat insert
S01 E62
Build a homemade horizontal router machine- (Part 1 of 2)
S01 E63
Homemade Horizontal Router accessories and features (Part 2 of 2)
S01 E64
Build a homemade table saw sled for cutting miters and picture frames
S01 E65
Make a mini table saw sled with joinery jig attachments (box joint, tenon...
S01 E66
How to cut box/finger joints on our table saw sled jig
S01 E67
Amazing flip-top downdraft workstation and table saw out-feed table
S01 E68
How to cut circles on a table saw- A unique, fully adjustable jig!
S01 E69
Homemade Grinder Tool Rest for Veritas Straight Grinding/Sharpening Jig
S01 E70
Build a homemade stand for a mini/midi/full size lathe (using Kreg Forema...
S01 E71
Make a homemade, fully featured woodworking router plane with common mate...
S01 E72
Building a box/finger joint jig with an incremental positioner (Incra I-b...
S01 E73
Build A Router Table Multi-Sled (Coping, Small Parts Holder, Tenons, Circ...
S01 E74
Amazing Homemade Table Saw Tenon Jig With An Incremental Positioner
S01 E75
Three Jigs (and a BUNCH of tips) for better table saw rabbet joints
S01 E76
Make your own wood chisels out of old drill bits- Create custom sizes
S01 E77
AWESOME homemade drill press table with an X-Y Sliding top and more
S01 E78
AWESOME Variably Spaced Box_Finger Joints- And Some Jig Building Tips
S01 E79
EASY router table dovetails that LOOK HAND CUT, with a simple jig
S01 E80
SIMPLE JIG- Handheld router dovetails that LOOK HAND CUT
S01 E81
SIMPLE Router Edge Guide #1- Flip-Up style (Rout accurate dados, grooves,...
S01 E82
SIMPLE Router Edge Guide #2- T-Square style (Rout accurate dados, grooves...
S01 E83
Rout perfect dados with this fully adjustable jig you can make yourself
S01 E84
UPDATED Homemade TWO STAGE drum sander with Sand Flea and feed belt
S01 E85
Cut PERFECT dovetails on a table saw sled- that look hand cut!
S01 E86
NO JOKE- How to make a 'Board Stretcher' to make a work-piece longer! (Wo...
S01 E87
How to turn a bowl on a FREAKING TABLE SAW
S01 E88
The BEST Table Saw Jig for Tapers
S01 E89
Make SAFER, cleaner table saw cuts with this splitter+zero clearance inse...
S01 E90
How to cut tenons on a TABLE SAW SLED
S01 E91
My dados don't fit - Fine tune them with this clever jig
S01 E92
Easy and Cheap Homemade Spring Clamps
S01 E93
A cool jig for changing your router bit's bearings
S01 E94
The right way to make a custom router base plate
S01 E95
There's more to this miter saw workstation than you think
Season 2
S02 E01
Homemade Marking Tools
S02 E02
Marking and Using Marking Gauges
S02 E03
Saws and the Saw Bench
S02 E04
2x6 Roubo Workbench Part 1
S02 E05
Roubo Workbench Features
S02 E06
Roy Underhill Interview
S02 E07
How Shaker Furniture is constructed- What makes a quality piece?
S02 E08
How to date antique furniture- Shaker chest of drawers
S02 E09
The 3 Hand Planes Power Tool Woodworkers Should Own (How to buy handplane...
S02 E10
How to buy used hand planes- How much should you pay? What to look for...
S02 E11
Build an antique butter churn end table from cheap pine boards!
S02 E12
FINISHING TECHNIQUE: Aging/Distressing Furniture- Make new wood look old!
S02 E13
Why cut nails work better- how to choose and use them
S02 E14
Build a $10 Split-Top Saw Bench for Woodworking
S02 E15
5 steps for easy woodworking card/cabinet scraper sharpening
S02 E16
Easy card/cabinet scraper tips and techniques for woodworkers
S02 E17
Make a homemade, fully featured woodworking router plane with common mate...
S02 E18
2 Homemade Hand Tools- Making and using a marking knife & awl for woodwor...
S02 E19
4 Reasons Why Power Tool Woodworkers Should Own A Router Plane (Tips and ...
S02 E20
3 Easy to Make Homemade Woodworking Marking Gauges (Mortise_Cutting)
S02 E21
Stanley's cute little #1 hand plane- What was it for, and why's it so rar...
S02 E22
What's a scrub plane - LET'S MAKE ONE from a cheap Harbor Freight Windsor...
S02 E23
How to flatten your woodworking bench with hand planes
S02 E24
5 Types of Woodworking Marking Gauges, and How to Use Them
S02 E25
Guide to Choosing Hand Saws - How many teeth do you need
S02 E26
Get AMAZINGLY PRECISE CUTS from this new woodworking bench hook _ shootin...
S02 E27
You worry too much about chisel_plane bevel angles
S02 E28
Are your woodworking tools TOO SHARP (How to use just one stone)
S02 E29
NO BS- What every woodworker needs to know about workbenches
Season 3
S03 E01
Tormek T-4 and Bench Grinder Tool Rest giveaway!
S03 E02
First Tormek Bench Grinder Tool Rest winner announced!
S03 E03
Sawstop table saw review, Tormek bench grinder tool rest giveaway #2
S03 E04
Stumpy picks a fight with Glen Huey and a whole lot more!
S03 E05
Could Roy Underhill beat up Norm Abram? Is the Tormek T-4 worth the price...
S03 E06
Win a Worksharp 3000 sharpening system!
S03 E07
Woodworking in America 2015 Announcement & Worksharp3000 giveaway
S03 E08
SawStop's big announcement! Where's Robert Lang? Lathe dust collection.
S03 E09
Robert Lang is alive! How to re-saw book matched panels
S03 E10
Seven new homemade woodworking machines revealed!
S03 E11
Ted's Woodworking Plans: Fight the Scam!
S03 E12
Virtuoso behind the scenes, Buying lumber online, Freud P410 saw blade
S03 E13
Robert Lang's new school plan and more!
S03 E14
Tom Fidgen helps us find a new sense of purpose
S03 E15
Win an MPower CRB7 MK3 Combination Router Base! Review coming...
S03 E16
What's the future of Youtube woodworking? PRIZE WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
S03 E17
Should you upgrade your planer with a helical cutter head- and More!
S03 E18
Win a Portamate PM-7000 Miter Saw Stand Workcenter!
S03 E19
Using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to fix a split wooden table top and MORE!
S03 E20
Hand Plane Tips, New Kutzall carbide files, Portamate giveaway
S03 E21
Using cheap handsaws, job site radios and more!
S03 E22
Woodworking t-shirts, Portamate PM-7000 Workcenter review
S03 E23
The Wood Whisperer's Apology, the Ready2Rout and Reaty2Lift, and more!
S03 E24
Shop cleanliness, Trend Airshield Pro review
S03 E25
THE BEST of Behind the Sawdust woodworking news show #1-24
S03 E26
The NEW Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal is launched! (Win a free router!)
S03 E27
Wendell Castle, Joshua Klein, Paul Sellers, Chris Schwarz and more...
S03 E28
What's next for Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal? What's a Bench Bull?
S03 E29
Don's wax, Paul's wales, Bob's pee and Chris' cocaine
S03 E30
A new Studley tool cabinet, Flexner's lacquer, Titebond's new glue +MORE!
S03 E31
A 97 Year old woodworker, Festool Roadshow, Woodworking in America 2016
S03 E32
Behind the Scenes and Homemade Woodworking Machine, and safety debate
S03 E33
Behind the Scenes and Portable benchtop review
S03 E34
5 homemade box/finger joint jigs- Which is the best? We compare them
S03 E35
Build a professional quality teleprompter for $100-200 (Homemade/DIY)
S03 E36
5 Woodworking tools you have to see! Power Chisel, Dovetail Guide, Helica...
S03 E37
4 Things to Get You Started in Relief Wood Carving
S03 E38
7 New homemade woodworking tools & jigs coming soon!
S03 E39
Ideas for a carved wine gift box- Preparing for IWF 2016
S03 E40
Where have we been and what happened at IWF 2016?
S03 E41
Roy Underhill Signed Book Giveaway, October Issue Wrap-up/November Issue ...
S03 E42
Q&A- Stumpy answers your questions, woodworking tips and more!
S03 E43
Four Cool Woodworking Tools You Have To Check Out! (Drillnado, Saburr-too...
S03 E44
November '16 Wrap-Up with Snarky Comments
S03 E45
The best video cameras for YouTube - DSLR vs. Camcorder _ HD vs. 4K
S03 E46
3 Cool woodworking tools for December 2016
S03 E47
Dec 2016 Wrap-Up with Snarky Comments (The latest in the Sawstop vs Bosch...
S03 E48
My favorite YouTube woodworkers- An awkward story- And more questions ans...
S03 E49
What is 'Rearrangeritis' (Shop Tour and a little bit of fun!)
S03 E50
Q&A VLOG- Rabbets on a jointer Glue all jointsJointer_Planer combos +more...
S03 E51
5 Woodworking tools you need to know about! (Moto-Saw, Bladerunner, M-Pow...
S03 E52
2017 PUBLIC EVENTS SCHEDULE- Free woodworking plans for everyone!
S03 E53
5 Woodworking Tools You Should Know About
S03 E54
Tommy Mac Leaves Rough Cut - Now what's your favorite woodworking TV show
S03 E55
April Wrap-up - A blind woodworker, Craftsman brand sold, Festool's new t...
S03 E56
Woodworking Q_and_A- Fix slipping planer rollers; How to tell if a tool i...
S03 E57
Five MUST-SEE Woodworking Tools - The best saw blade, router kit, 1-2-3 B...
S03 E58
SNWJ gets an AWESOME new woodworking toy- Try to guess what it is!
S03 E59
Tour the shop of a woodworking master! (Charles Neil & the Lumberjocks ev...
S03 E60
What is this strange woodworking contraption Try to guess!
S03 E61
Five Woodworking Tool Innovations you NEED to know about!
S03 E62
Five MUST SEE ways to make your workshop mobile!
S03 E63
Ten MUST SEE digital woodworking tools...Why YOU should go Hi-Tech
S03 E64
10 Woodworking tools you MUST SEE! (Great chisels, cheap band saw blades,...
S03 E65
Five MUST-SEE Woodworking Tools - Tough chisels, straight edges, shop fan...
S03 E66
Six Cool Tools woodworkers MUST SEE
S03 E67
You HAVE to see these six cool woodworking tools
S03 E68
Five Woodworking Innovations you should know about
S03 E69
Six Cool Woodworking Tools You Should Know About
Season 4
S04 E01
How to coil a band saw blade
S04 E02
How to mount a power strip
S04 E03
Toilet wax ring screw lube
S04 E04
End messy paint can rims!
S04 E05
Making table saw jig runners, How to adjust a sled fence
S04 E06
Make your own handy sandpaper rasps from paint stir sticks!
S04 E07
Build a double stand and tune-up your woodworking jointer/planer
S04 E08
4 Ways to upgrade your single stage woodworking dust collector
S04 E09
FINISHING TECHNIQUE: Aging/Distressing Furniture- Make new wood look old!
S04 E10
Tame Glue Squeeze-out With A Straw
S04 E11
Simple Jig for Perpendicular Drilling by Hand
S04 E12
Use your miter gauge as a protractor!
S04 E13
Combination square calipers
S04 E14
How to make a trimmer for sandpaper sheets
S04 E15
How to accurately draw a line down the center of a dowel
S04 E16
Give your table saw the finger!
S04 E17
Make your own finishing pyramids!
S04 E18
A solution for lost glue bottle caps /seal caulking tube!
S04 E19
Measuring Tape Note Pad Upgrade
S04 E20
Using Chap-Stick to lubricate screws
S04 E21
Help for awkward band saw blade changes
S04 E22
Woodworking Quick Tip #14- Bar clamp grips for old-timers!
S04 E23
When you need a 3rd hand, reach for a clamp
S04 E24
A fast fix for mitered corners
S04 E25
Stop misplacing your drill press chuck key
S04 E26
Support your sander
S04 E27
Table Saw Lesson - How to cut a double bridle joint
S04 E28
How to reduce blade drift while re-sawing on the band saw
S04 E29
A helping hand for casework assembly
S04 E30
Make a clamp rack from an old belt
S04 E31
A great flippin' way to save your wood glue
S04 E32
Remove a stripped screw without a special tool
S04 E33
How to unclog a spray can nozzle (and avoid it too!)
S04 E34
Lining up your crosscuts
S04 E35
Push block modification for better jointing
S04 E36
Stop breaking pencils in your apron pocket
S04 E37
An easy (an mess-free) way to mix and apply epoxy
S04 E38
Modify a speed-square for quick & accurate crosscuts
S04 E39
How to unplug a stubborn hole saw
S04 E40
Making Feather Boards (An old classic video clip)
S04 E41
Homemade corner clamp for glue-ups
S04 E42
Check your table saw alignment quickly and easily
S04 E43
How to keep solid wood tops flat without splitting
S04 E44
Quick, cheap and easy drill bit depth stop
S04 E45
BETTER WAY to remove Cosmoline-type greasy coating from new tools_machine...
S04 E46
Save sandpaper by burnishing your wood turnings
S04 E47
Make FAST and accurate cross cuts on the band saw!
S04 E48
Cool Stuff You Can Learn From Looking @ Old Woodworking Planes
S04 E49
The BEST way to fold_coil a band saw blade- Fast, easy and simple
S04 E50
HELP! My band saw blade's teeth are backwards!
S04 E51
How to QUICKLY flute your own dowels for woodworking joints
S04 E52
EASY way to adjust angles on segmented projects (turnings, frames, bowls,...
S04 E53
Why you should keep a pencil on your band saw at all times
S04 E54
QUICKLY clean up spilled screws and nails... WITH A RAG
S04 E55
A BETTER WAY to fold sandpaper for hand-sanding wood
S04 E56
How to keep furniture_drawer knobs from coming loose
S04 E57
2-MINUTE LUMBER LESSON - Sorting out how wood is measured and sold (board...
S04 E58
The Amazing Moving Miters
S04 E59
TIP - How to set your table saw blade to the perfect height EVERY TIME
S04 E60
Stop tripping over your power tool cords
S04 E61
Are tool rolls safe for chisels and carving gouges
S04 E62
Don't wipe your glue
S04 E63
Don't forget your band saw's tension
S04 E64
My Shaky Hands
S04 E65
What's going on at The Woodsmith Shop
S04 E66
How do you oil router bit bearings
S04 E67
How to SAFELY clean your table saw top WITHOUT damaging it
S04 E68
You NEED TO KNOW how I clean my table saw blades (and where to get them s...
S04 E69
Why you should be using TAPE on your router table fence
S04 E70
Router Tip - Keep your fingers safe with this simple idea
S04 E71
PAY ATTENTION - Youll need to know this someday
S04 E72
Why every woodworker needs an Arc Bow and how to make one
S04 E73
Many of you are installing your table saw blade the wrong way
S04 E74
Why router bits come loose, and how to stop it
S04 E75
STOP wasting money on chisels - Most woodworkers only need ONE
S04 E76
Are you using this router feature wrong
S04 E77
Woodworkers need a removable machinist vise-anvil mounting system
S04 E78
Why old-timey woodworkers screws held better
S04 E79
This table saw lubrication tip will tick people off
S04 E80
Three Ways to keep your router from ruining your day (avoiding tear-out)
S04 E81
FORGOTTEN TECHNIQUE - How old-timey woodworkers kept their nails a secret
S04 E82
A better way to draw an ellipse-oval
S04 E83
How to iron a warped-cupped board flat again
S04 E84
How to tell if a 2X4 (or other board) will warp BEFORE you buy it
S04 E85
Edge-guide stop-blocks
S04 E86
You need this simple/versatile feature on your router table
S04 E87
How to NOT destroy your planer rollers (and stop the slipping)
S04 E88
Can you use pocket screws in fine furniture? The Shakers did...
S04 E89
Is music in the workshop DANGEROUS? Let's see...
S04 E90
Make A Quick and Easy Band Saw Angle-Setter
S04 E91
Tips for working with epoxy
S04 E92
An old idea for a miter saw stop block
S04 E93
Your miter gauge needs some extra support
S04 E94
Why you should use triangles in every woodworking project
S04 E95
Why you should never pull a sliding miter-chop saw
S04 E96
Bet you never thought of THIS way to set up a miter cut
Season 5
S05 E01
Wooden charging station for your cell phone, i-pad and all the rest of yo...
S05 E02
Laptop Computer Workstation: A wood case for your with all sorts of stora...
S05 E03
Stumpy builds an end table with a sliding top, magazine rack and laptop c...
S05 E04
Mustache Mike builds a rooster themed potato/onion bin
S05 E05
Make your own homemade wooden dominoes set with box
S05 E06
Is CNC really woodworking? (A little controversy and a great project!)
S05 E07
Make a wooden safe to keep your stuff in!
S05 E08
Build an antique butter churn end table from cheap pine boards!
S05 E09
Build a historic wooden lantern- Paul Revere's Ride by H.W. Longfellow (r...
S05 E10
Make a rotating knife block that mounts beneath your cabinets!
S05 E11
Build A Baseball Memorabilia/Hat Rack! (Weekend Woodworking Project)
S05 E12
Building a plant stand for Mrs. Mustache- DIY Woodworking Project
S05 E13
6 Fundamental Rules Every Beginning Wood Carver Should Know (Relief Carvi...
S05 E14
Make a Rube Goldberg-Style Gumball Machine Out of Wood
S05 E15
Making the ultimate gift box- reclaimed antique pine with a hand-carved w...
S05 E16
Anyone can power-carve in wood! (Carving a folk-art eagle with the Arbort...
S05 E17
The forgotten dovetail joint - How to build a log cabin box
S05 E18
UPGRADE your wood turning skills! Make a Celtic knot rolling pin
S05 E19
WATCH this before you let a child in your workshop! (How woodworking save...
S05 E20
YOU MUST KNOW THIS STUFF before you build a deck, porch or outdoor wood p...
S05 E21
WATCH THIS before you buy a CNC machine for 3D carving
Season 6
S06 E01
Finishing, Simply Put by Charles Neil- Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Book Revie...
S06 E02
Wooden Boxes by Dennis Zongker- Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Book Review
S06 E03
Why does the Tormek T-7 and T-4 cost so much? Interview and review with S...
S06 E04
How a micro adjuster changes the way we use a router- M Power CRB7 MK3 Re...
S06 E05
Hi-Tech routing: Using the Ready2Rout fence and lift to cut dados and gro...
S06 E06
What to look for in a high quality woodworking workbench- Sjobergs Elite ...
S06 E07
Cutting dovetails with a Ready2Rout CNC router fence and lift
S06 E08
Cheap HDX storage bins/parts containers from Home Depot- are they a good ...
S06 E09
Freehand tool sharpening the easy way- M-Power PS System
S06 E10
Should you upgrade to the NEW Tormek T-8 wet sharpening system? (T-8 vs T...
S06 E11
How to carve a portrait into wood from a photograph (+ Arbortech Power Ch...
S06 E12
Turning tools: Carbide vs. HSS - Which is better? (Making a wooden mallet...
S06 E13
8 Premium Table Saw Blades- Which Ones Provide the Best Bang For Your Buc...
S06 E14
How to sharpen your own router bits with a diamond hone
S06 E15
The best hand plane book that you've never heard of: Choosing and Using H...
S06 E16
Fast & Easy Forstner Bit Sharpening
S06 E17
Learn to design kitchen cabinets with Sketchup
S06 E18
Why do woodworkers still love wooden hand-screw clamps (And how to use th...
S06 E19
Scary sharp - The best sandpaper, etc for tool sharpening woodworking pla...
S06 E20
Oil Stones VS. Water Stones - Which should you use for for tool_knife sha...
S06 E21
WATCH THIS before buying a carbide helical (spiral_segmented) jointer_pla...
S06 E22
WATCH THIS before you buy diamond stones for tool_knife sharpening
S06 E23
A Woodworking Book for KIDS! Tool Crib by Matthew Lepper (Book Review)
S06 E24
How to shave with a SCARY SHARP hand plane iron (DO NOT ATTEMPT)
S06 E25
A MUST-READ book for anyone wanting to be a better furniture maker! (Sout...
S06 E26
What's up with Nick Offerman's new woodworking book
S06 E27
What you need to know about forstner bits
S06 E28
Some of the most AMAZING veneer work I've ever seen
S06 E29
This tool will save me a lot of money on my upcoming cabinet project and ...
S06 E30
You need to find a copy of these 40-year old woodworking books
S06 E31
How Bob Clagett taught me to make time
S06 E32
WATCH THIS before buying/using a Worksharp 3000 tool sharpener
S06 E33
WARNING - If you watch this, you'll want to make a Shaker oval box
S06 E34
Four Ways to SAFELY hold your work while routing
S06 E35
A MUST READ - Everything you need to know about tool sharpening
S06 E36
Three Tricks for Quick and Accurate Router Table Setup
S06 E37
Why your table saw dado set stinks
S06 E38
WATCH THIS before you buy a router
S06 E39
The last word on workbenches for woodworkers
S06 E40
How I changed my bench grinder forever with CBN wheels
S06 E41
TWO YEARS LATER - Was my helical jointer_planer head upgrade worth it
S06 E42
Why you need more than one table saw blade
Season 7
S07 E01
History of the scroll saw and Design Types
S07 E02
A cheapo, an oldie and a pricey Dewalt DS788
S07 E03
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Scroll Saw Blades
S07 E04
Scroll saw blade blade tension, alignment and feed rates
S07 E05
Choosing and preparing your materials
S07 E06
How to cut curves and turns
S07 E07
Using spiral blades & more tips
S07 E08
Two Must Have Scroll Saw Accessories: Blade holder/small parts jig
S07 E09
Make a scroll saw purple heart box with turquoise stone inlay (Inlace)
S07 E10
Homemade workshop tape dispenser scroll saw project
S07 E11
Scroll Saw Project- Build an oriole bird feeder
S07 E12
How To Hide Your Workshop Snacks- Make A Hidden Book Safe/Box scroll saw ...
S07 E13
Scroll Saw Lesson #1- How to cut straight lines effectively
Season 8
S08 E01
Which way do you cut with a router Is climb-cutting safe When and how do ...
S08 E02
How to make fancy built-up crown moldings with common router bits
S08 E03
ROUTER SKILL- Make a tapered-sliding-dovetail THE EASY WAY
S08 E04
How to make custom molding profiles with just a few basic router bits
S08 E05
CHEAP pocket-hole ideas for those who can't afford the expensive Kreg jig...
S08 E06
How to make a wooden board appear THICKER!
S08 E07
FAST lathe turning tool sharpening WITHOUT A JIG!
S08 E08
IMPORTANT ROUTER SKILL - Complimentary curves and making positive and neg...
S08 E09
How to make CURVED mouldings and trim with a router table
S08 E10
COOL ROUTER SKILL - How to cut CURVED coves for mouldings and trim
S08 E11
How to make ANY moulding with REGULAR router bits
S08 E12
10 AMAZING picture frames you can make with REGULAR ROUTER BITS
S08 E13
How to lay out dovetails FAST and EASY
S08 E14
CHEAP and easy router jig for Half-blind dovetails
S08 E15
You're using the wrong table saw blade for joinery
S08 E16
10 AMAZING things you can do with a combination square
S08 E17
MUST WATCH How table saw kickback injuries occur, and how to STOP them
S08 E18
TUTORIAL - Are you using the wrong band saw blades
S08 E19
Make plywood look like hardwood- edge banding without special tools
S08 E20
Why wood warps, cups, and how to stop it
S08 E21
This will make you look like a woodworking master
S08 E22
How to make a square mortise with a drill press and a forstner bit
S08 E23
How to rout slots without cutting your fingers off
S08 E24
Forget mortises, can you cut a TENON with a drill press
S08 E25
This DUMB idea can get you hurt with a table saw (Kickback followup)
S08 E26
The biggest sharpening mistake woodworkers make (And why...)
S08 E27
Four important tips for better router rabbets
S08 E28
What woodworkers need to know about plywood
S08 E29
FINALLY- A better way to cut dovetails by hand
Season 9
S09 E01
Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Channel Intro- What we're all about...
S09 E02
Turning A Gift for Charles Neil After He Beat Me
S09 E03
FUNNY- Stumpy Nubs of Blue Collar Woodworking delivers his post-Mayan apo...
S09 E04
Rappin' Roy Underhill - What Inspires Stumpy Nubs
S09 E05
FUNNY Stumpy Nubs - Festool's Finest Woodworker in the World- Dos Equis ...
S09 E06
Dear Stumpy: Stumpy Nubs Blog 1-22-14 The difference between hard and sof...
S09 E07
Dear Stumpy: Stumpy Nubs Blog 2-19-14 Family photos clear up some misconc...
S09 E08
A Humorous History of Woodworking to inspire the next generation- by Stum...
S09 E09
Dear Stumpy: Stumpy Nubs Box Joint Jig 2.0 Questions Answered- and upgrad...
S09 E10
Dear Stumpy: Big Oil Forget that, what about BIG GLUE! It's out of contro...
S09 E11
New Workshop Build Blog Introduction Clip
S09 E12
SNW Shop Blog #1- Building storage lofts for drying lumber
S09 E13
SNW Shop Blog #2- Lofts, Lights and Workbenches
S09 E14
SNW Shop Blog #3- Preserving the history of the workshop
S09 E15
SNW Shop Blog #4- 6' dust collection ductwork tips and TWO CNC machines
Season 10
S10 E01
I start a big new project...
S10 E02
How to make a miter saw workstation from cheap plywood (Part 2)
S10 E03
Finishing up the GREATEST miter saw station in the HISTORY of my shop
S10 E04
What happened to the hand tool wall
S10 E05
My hand tool wall has secrets
Season 11
S11 E01
Table saw safety tips you forgot about (or never knew)
S11 E02
After this video you'll make better table saw RIP cuts
S11 E03
Clever ways to make better table saw crosscuts
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