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The All-New Popeye Hour

The All-New Popeye Hour

1978 - 1981  •  CBS  •  5 days  •  193 episodes
14 votes
3381 votes
# 6041
Animation, Children
1978 marked the beginning of a new era for the squinty-eyed sailor, returning to the small screen in The All-New Popeye Hour.

This series was broken up into different segments: The Adventures of Popeye, Popeye's Treasure Hunt, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Jeep Thrills Aired on 11/21/1981
Jeep Thrills
Season 4: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
193 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
Popeye the Carpenter
S01 E02
I Wants Me Mummy
S01 E03
King of the Rodeo
S01 E04
Dinky, Ahoy!
S01 E05
The Ski's the Limit
S01 E06
Fantastic Gymnastics
S01 E07
The Terrifyink Transylvanian Treasure Trek
S01 E08
To Boo or Not to Boo
S01 E09
The Big Wheel
S01 E10
Popeye the Sleepwalker
S01 E11
Water Ya Doin'?
S01 E12
The Sword of Fitzwilly
S01 E13
Dinky at the Circus
S01 E14
A Whale of a Tale
S01 E15
The Decathlon Dilemna
S01 E16
Play It Again, Popeye
S01 E17
Dinky's Nose for News
S01 E18
Olive's Shining Hour
S01 E19
A Bad Knight for Popeye
S01 E20
Popeye Goes Sailing
S01 E21
Sky High Fly Try
S01 E22
Captain Meno's Sunken Treasure
S01 E23
Camp Kookiehaha
S01 E24
A Seal with Appeal
S01 E25
The Umpire Strikes Back
S01 E26
The Delmonica Diamond
S01 E27
Foggy Doggy
S01 E28
The Crunch for Lunch Bunch
S01 E29
A Day at Muscle Beach
S01 E30
Wilder Than Usual Blue Yonder
S01 E31
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Popeye
S01 E32
The Treasure of Howe's Bayou
S01 E33
Dinky the Movie Star
S01 E34
Popeye Out West
S01 E35
S01 E36
Attic Antics
S01 E37
Popeye the Plumber
S01 E38
Spinach Fever
S01 E39
Heir-Brained Popeye
S01 E40
Spring Daze in Paris
S01 E41
Heap Cheap Hotel
S01 E42
Popeye and the Beanstalk
S01 E43
Popeye and Bigfoot
S01 E44
A Horse of a Flying Color
S01 E45
Bark in the Park
S01 E46
Getting Popeye's Goat
S01 E47
Close Encounters of the Third Spinach
S01 E48
The Mask of Gorgonzola
S01 E49
Flabby Arms Farm
S01 E50
Popeye's Finest Hour
S01 E51
I Left My Spinach in San Francisco
S01 E52
The Bow-Wow Blues Band
S01 E53
Popeye and the Pest
S01 E54
Popeye Meets the Blutostein Monster
S01 E55
Ship Ahoy
S01 E56
A Trio in Rio
S01 E57
Easel Does It
S01 E58
Here Stew You
S01 E59
Popeye at the Center of the Earth
S01 E60
Dinky at the Bat
S01 E61
Popeye and the Pirates
S01 E62
Popeye Goes Hollywood
S01 E63
Popeye's Roots
S01 E64
Boola Boola Hula
S01 E65
Phi Beta Dinky
S01 E66
Popeye Snags the Seahag
S01 E67
The Treasure of Werner Schnitzel
S01 E68
Abominable Dinky
S01 E69
The Three Ring Ding-a-Ling
S01 E70
A Day at the Rodeo
S01 E71
Dublin or Nothin'
S01 E72
Popeye's Engine Company
S01 E73
Around the World in 80 Hours
S01 E74
Popeye of the Klondike
S01 E75
Hail, Hail, the Ganges All Here
S01 E76
Popeye Goes Sightseeing
S01 E77
Shark Treatment
S01 E78
Beyond the Spinach Brick Road
S01 E79
Mother Goose is on the Loose
S01 E80
In a Little Spinach Town
S01 E81
Bluto's Bike Bullies
S01 E82
Steeple Chase at Ups and Downs
S01 E83
A Camping We Will Go
S01 E84
Forum or Against 'em
S01 E85
Take Me Out to the Brawl Game
S01 E86
Plunder Down Under
S01 E87
Popeye Versus Machine
S01 E88
The Reel Hollywood Treasure Hunt
S01 E89
The Spinach Bowl
S01 E90
S01 E91
Yukon County Mountie
S01 E92
No Fuel Like an Old Fuel
S01 E93
Popeye in Wonderland
S01 E94
Dinky and the Caveman
S01 E95
Rinky Dinky
S01 E96
Bad Luck Bow-Wow
S01 E97
A Hair of the Dog
S01 E98
Sir Dinky Dog
S01 E99
First Prize Pooch
S01 E100
Department Store Dinky
S01 E101
A Hop and a Dink
S01 E102
Castaway Canine
S01 E103
Gondola, But Not Forgotten
Season 2
S02 E01
Queen of the Load
S02 E02
Love on the Rocks
S02 E03
Popeye the Lone Legionnaire
S02 E04
Roller Rink-a-Dink
S02 E05
Old McPopeye Had a Farm
S02 E06
Chips Off the Old Ice Block
S02 E07
Polly Wants Some Spinach
S02 E08
Popeye's High School Daze
S02 E09
On Mule-itary Detail
S02 E10
Building Blockheads
S02 E11
Olive's Bugged House Blues
S02 E12
Boo Who
S02 E13
The Game
S02 E14
Popeye the Robot
S02 E15
Whotsa Matterhorn
S02 E16
S02 E17
Popeye's Aqua Circus
S02 E18
Take It or Lump It
S02 E19
Popeye's Poodle Problem
S02 E20
Westward Ho! Ho!
S02 E21
Bad Day at the Bakery
S02 E22
Popeye the Painter
S02 E23
Bully Dozer
S02 E24
Swee'Pea Plagues a Parade
S02 E25
Paddle Wheel Popeye
S02 E26
Merry Madness at the Mardi Gras
S02 E27
Popeye of Sherwood Forest
S02 E28
Bad Company
S02 E29
Top Kick in Boot Camp
S02 E30
Peask and Quiet
S02 E31
A Goon Gone Gooney
S02 E32
Spa-ing Partners
S02 E33
Abject Flying Object
S02 E34
Ships That Pass in the Fright
S02 E35
Popeye's Self Defense
S02 E36
Popeye's Perilous Pursuit of a Pearl
S02 E37
Olive Goes Dallas
S02 E38
Pappy Fails in Love
S02 E39
Popeye of the Jungle
S02 E40
Alpine for You
S02 E41
Tour Each His Own
S02 E42
The Umpire Strikes Back
S02 E43
Free Hauling Brawl
S02 E44
S02 E45
Tough Sledding
S02 E46
I Wouldn't Take That Mare to the Fair on a Dare
S02 E47
The Great Speckled Whale
S02 E48
The Great Decathalon Championship
S02 E49
Like it or Lamp It
S02 E50
Lochness Mess
S02 E51
There's No Place Like Home
S02 E52
Buckingham Bow Wow
S02 E53
Rockhead Hound
S02 E54
Tree's a Crowd
Season 3
S03 E01
Popierre the Musketeer
S03 E02
Unidentified Fighting Object
S03 E03
Computer Chaos
S03 E04
Olive's Devastatingk Decorators
S03 E05
Cheap Skate Date
S03 E06
The Incredible Shrinking Popeye
S03 E07
Winner Window Washer
S03 E08
Hogwash at the Car Wash
S03 E09
Popeye Stumps Bluto
S03 E10
Olive's Moving Experience
Season 4
S04 E01
The Midnight Ride of Popeye Revere
S04 E02
So Who's Watching the Bird Watchers
S04 E03
Come Back, Little Stegosaurus
S04 E04
Neanderthal Nuisance
S04 E05
Reptile Ranch
S04 E06
Bronto Beach
S04 E07
Vegetable Stew
S04 E08
The First Resort
S04 E09
Up a Lizard River
S04 E10
Chilly Con Caveman
S04 E11
Mission Improbable
S04 E12
Here Today, Goon Tomorrow
S04 E13
Troop Therapy
S04 E14
Goon Native
S04 E15
Alice in Blunderland
S04 E16
Wreck Room
S04 E17
Goon Balloon
S04 E18
Private Secretaries
S04 E19
Tanks a Lot
S04 E20
Rocky Rolls
S04 E21
Snow Fooling
S04 E22
S04 E23
Basic Train-ing
S04 E24
Goon Hollywood
S04 E25
Jeep Thrills
S04 E26
Jeep Thrills
Episode 1
The Popeye Valentine Special: Sweethearts at Sea
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