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Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze and the Monster Machines

2014 - Now  •  Friday 12:30 AM on Nick Jr.  •  47 hours  •  114 episodes
8 votes
749 votes
# 15472
Animation, Children, Family
Blaze and the Monster Machines is a CG interactive series for preschoolers featuring Blaze, the world's most amazing monster truck, and his driver and best friend, 8-year-old AJ. The series follows their adventures in Axle City--a town populated with big-wheeled vehicles known as monster machines.

Blaze ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Boingies! Aired on 11/19/2021
The Boingies!
Season 6: Episode 14
Blaze and the Monster Machines | 'Blaze Light Riders' Brand-New Special Official Trailer | Blaze and the Monster Machines | Nick Jr.
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season 1
S01 E01
Blaze of Glory (1)
S01 E02
Blaze of Glory (2)
S01 E03
The Driving Force
S01 E04
Tool Duel
S01 E05
Bouncy Tires
S01 E06
Epic Sail
S01 E07
S01 E08
The Jungle Horn
S01 E09
The Team Truck Challenge
S01 E10
S01 E11
Truckball Team-Up
S01 E12
The Mystery Bandit
S01 E13
S01 E14
Truck Rangers
S01 E15
Trouble at the Truck Wash
S01 E16
Zeg and the Egg
S01 E17
Runaway Rocket
S01 E18
Cattle Drive
S01 E19
Dragon Island Duel
S01 E20
Sneezing Cold
Season 2
S02 E01
Fired Up!
S02 E02
Dino Dash
S02 E03
Truck or Treat
S02 E04
Race to the Top of the World (1)
S02 E05
Race to the Top of the World (2)
S02 E06
Monster Machine Christmas
S02 E07
Knight Riders
S02 E08
Darington to the Moon!
S02 E09
Piggy 500
S02 E10
Spark Bug
S02 E11
Five Alarm Blaze
S02 E12
Axle City Grand Prix
S02 E13
Treasure Track
S02 E14
Rocket Ski Rescue
S02 E15
Dinosaur Parade
S02 E16
Race Car Superstar
S02 E17
Race to Eagle Rock
S02 E18
Sky Track
S02 E19
The Wishing Wheel
S02 E20
Pickle Power
Season 3
S03 E01
S03 E02
The Hundred Mile Race
S03 E03
The Polar Derby
S03 E04
Light Riders
S03 E05
Catch That Cake!
S03 E06
The Bouncing Bull Racetrack
S03 E07
Mega Mud Robot
S03 E08
Knighty Knights
S03 E09
Animal Island
S03 E10
Toucan Do It
S03 E11
Falcon Quest
S03 E12
The Big Ant-venture
S03 E13
Ready, Set, Roar!
S03 E14
The Great Animal Crown
S03 E15
Tow Truck Tough
S03 E16
Race for the Golden Treasure
S03 E17
Need for Blazing Speed
S03 E18
Fast Friends
S03 E19
Raceday Rescue
S03 E20
Defeat the Cheat
Season 4
S04 E01
The Chicken Circus!
S04 E02
The Pickle Family Campout
S04 E03
Robot Power
S04 E04
Breaking the Ice
S04 E05
Robots to the Rescue
S04 E06
The Super-Size Prize
S04 E07
T-Rex Trouble
S04 E08
Meatball Mayhem
S04 E09
Robots in Space
S04 E10
Power Tires
S04 E11
Ninja Blaze
S04 E12
Snow Day Showdown
S04 E13
Construction Crew to the Rescue
S04 E14
Officer Blaze
S04 E15
The Flying Lion
S04 E16
Ninja Soup
S04 E17
Royal Rescue
S04 E18
The 100 Egg Challenge
S04 E19
Blaze and the Magic Genie
S04 E20
The Midnight Mile
Season 5
S05 E01
The Island of Lost Treasure
S05 E02
AJ to the Rescue
S05 E03
The Trophy Chase
S05 E04
Babysitting Heroes
S05 E05
S05 E06
Toy Trouble!
S05 E07
Deep Sea Grand Prix
S05 E08
Recycling Power!
S05 E09
The Great Space Race
S05 E10
Ice Cream Monster Machine
S05 E11
The Mechanic Team!
S05 E12
Blazing Amazing Stories
S05 E13
Big Rig Blaze
S05 E14
The Big Balloon Rescue
S05 E15
Space Alien Adventure!
S05 E16
Video Game Heroes
S05 E17
The Race Around the Earth
S05 E18
The Blaze Family
S05 E19
The Treat Thief
S05 E20
Big Rig to the Rescue!
Season 6
S06 E01
Big Rig to the Rescue!
S06 E02
Dino Derby
S06 E03
The Amazing Stunt Kitty
S06 E04
Sir Blaze and the Unicorn
S06 E05
Sparkle's Racing Badge
S06 E06
Race to Sky High Mountain
S06 E07
The Puppy Chase!
S06 E08
The Gold Medal Games
S06 E09
Firefighters to the Rescue!
S06 E10
The Construction Contest
S06 E11
Starla's Wild West Birthday
S06 E12
Race to the Golden Gift
S06 E13
The Tiger Treasure
S06 E14
The Boingies!
Episode 1
Ready, Set, Oink!
Episode 2
Pickle Power
Episode 3
Video Storybook - Blaze of Glory
Episode 4
Knight Riders
Episode 5
Heroes of Axle City
Episode 6
Wild Wheels: Escape to Animal Island
Episode 7
Race Into Velocityville
Episode 8
Rev Up and Roar
Episode 9
Blaze Saves Christmas
Episode 10
Robot Riders
Episode 11
High Speed Adventures
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