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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

2018 - 2018  •  STAR Plus  •  29 hours  •  70 episodes
1 vote
203 votes
# 21404
Comedy, Drama, Soap, Children, Family
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala (lit. Kullfi Kumarr Musician) is an Indian musical television series, which is premiered on Star Plus and stream on Hotstar. It is a remake version of the Bengali language television series Potol Kumar Gaanwala, which was aired on Star Jalsha in 2015. This heartwarming musical ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Danger Looms over Kullfi Aired on 06/22/2018
Danger Looms over Kullfi
Season 1: Episode 70
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
70 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Miliye Pyari Kullfi Se
S01 E02
Kullfi Sings a Devotional Song
S01 E03
Kullfi Is Honoured
S01 E04
Nimrat Stops Kullfi
S01 E05
Nihalo's Clever Move
S01 E06
Nihalo Learns the Truth
S01 E07
Kullfi Defies Nimrat
S01 E08
Sikander Faces Loveleen's Ire
S01 E09
Nimrat Shares Her Past
S01 E10
Danger Looms Over Kullfi
S01 E11
Nimrat Falls Unconscious!
S01 E12
Kullfi Pleads with Nihalo
S01 E13
Nihalo Misleads Sikander
S01 E14
Kullfi Wants to Meet Sikander
S01 E15
Sikander Entertains the Crowd
S01 E16
Kullfi Worships Goddess Durga
S01 E17
Nimrat Meets with an Accident
S01 E18
Kullfi Loses Nimrat
S01 E19
Kullfi Is Dejected
S01 E20
Loveleen Confronts Sikander
S01 E21
Nihalo's Cunning Act
S01 E22
Nihalo Hits a New Low
S01 E23
Sikander Sings for Amyra
S01 E24
Sittu, Kullfi on the Run!
S01 E25
Will Sittu Rescue Kullfi?
S01 E26
Kullfi in Disguise
S01 E27
Kullfi to Go to Mumbai
S01 E28
Kullfi in Deep Trouble
S01 E29
Kullfi Makes Friends in Mumbai
S01 E30
Kullfi, Sikander Pray Fervently
S01 E31
Kullfi Strives to Meet Sikander
S01 E32
Kullfi at Sikander's Residence
S01 E33
Sikander Lashes Out at Kullfi
S01 E34
Amyra Apologises to Kullfi
S01 E35
Amyra Plots Against Kullfi
S01 E36
Sikander Seeks Loveleen's Help
S01 E37
Loveleen Ousts Kullfi
S01 E38
Kullfi Sings Out for Help
S01 E39
Loveleen Searches for Kullfi
S01 E40
Loveleen Pampers Kullfi
S01 E41
Loveleen Deceives Kullfi
S01 E42
Loveleen Tries to Persuade Amyra
S01 E43
Kullfi to Upset Loveleen's Plan?
S01 E44
Amyra to Impress Roshan
S01 E45
Sikander Cheers up Kullfi
S01 E46
Loveleen Hides Nimrat's Souvenirs
S01 E47
Amyra Misleads Kullfi
S01 E48
Sikander Learns the Bitter Truth
S01 E49
Amyra's Sinister Plan
S01 E50
Kullfi Is in Trouble
S01 E51
What is Loveleen Hiding?
S01 E52
Will Kullfi Find Her Father?
S01 E53
Amyra Lip Syncs on Stage
S01 E54
Sikander Confronts Loveleen
S01 E55
Kullfi Takes Care of Sikander
S01 E56
Sikander Advises Amyra
S01 E57
Sikander Berates Kullfi
S01 E58
A Blow for Loveleen
S01 E59
A Shock for Sikander
S01 E60
Mahinder to Visit Chiroli
S01 E61
Mahinder Meets Nihalo
S01 E62
Kullfi Does the Unthinkable
S01 E63
Kullfi, Amyra and Sikander Sing
S01 E64
Sikander Searches for Kullfi
S01 E65
Sikander's Eid Party
S01 E66
Mahinder Gets a Clue
S01 E67
Kullfi Plays the Piano
S01 E68
Kullfi to Make a Confession
S01 E69
Mahinder Learns the Truth
S01 E70
Danger Looms over Kullfi
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