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The Jump

The Jump

2017 - Now  •  Wednesday 03:00 PM on ESPN  •   7 days
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122 votes
# 13199
Talk Show, Sport
Rachel Nichols and a rotating cast of ESPN NBA Insiders and analysts keep tabs on everything around the league.
  Previously Aired Episode
Dec 13 Fri Aired on 12/13/2019
Dec 13 Fri
Season 2019: Episode 233
Season 2017 2018 2019
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Big Week
S2017 E02
Much More Than Sports
S2017 E03
Time For Change?
S2017 E04
Isaiah Introduced in Cleveland
S2017 E05
HOF Special
S2017 E06
Boston Beef Squashed?
S2017 E07
Wade & LeBron Working Out Again
S2017 E08
Players Dispute Media Rankings
S2017 E09
'18 Rockets = '12 Thunder?
S2017 E10
The King's Reign
S2017 E11
Does Kyrie owe LeBron an explanation?
S2017 E12
KD apologizes for tweets
S2017 E13
Carmelo Situation Still In Limbo
S2017 E14
What's Going On?
S2017 E15
Training Camp Begins
S2017 E16
NBA Wild Weekend
S2017 E17
Wade Heads to Cleveland
S2017 E18
No One is Conceding to the Warriors
S2017 E19
LeBron's Last Chance at MVP?
S2017 E20
Dwyane Wade Interview
S2017 E21
Lonzo Makes Preseason Debut
S2017 E22
All Star Changes and Shea Serrano
S2017 E23
The Many Versions of Melo
S2017 E24
Should Klay Stay?
S2017 E25
Raptors Under The Radar?
S2017 E26
Live from Bristol: Time to Rethink Playoff Seeding?
S2017 E27
Embiid Signs Extension
S2017 E28
Keep An Eye on Kuzma
S2017 E29
Was It A Mistake?
S2017 E30
Super Teams
S2017 E31
Tilman Fertitta Joins
S2017 E32
It's Finally Here!
S2017 E33
Unexpected Beginning
S2017 E34
Greek Freak MVP?
S2017 E35
Giannis for MVP?
S2017 E36
Drama in Phoenix
S2017 E37
Simmons Is A Stud
S2017 E38
What is going on with Fultz's shoulder?
S2017 E39
Boogie Back
S2017 E40
Where The Magic Happens
S2017 E41
What is going on with the Cavs?
S2017 E42
Dialed In?
S2017 E43
Comparing Russ and Mike Tyson
S2017 E44
The Struggle
S2017 E45
D.C. Field Trip
S2017 E46
Flagrant 2 for Melo too harsh?
S2017 E47
Unicorns In The NBA
S2017 E48
Hot Start
S2017 E49
OKC Struggles
S2017 E50
LeBron: King of the Garden
S2017 E51
King Of The Garden
S2017 E52
Are The Celtics For Real?
S2017 E53
Spectacular Performance
S2017 E54
Celts Continue To Show Up
S2017 E55
Celtics Keep Winning
S2017 E56
Pre-Thanksgiving NBA Feast
S2017 E57
Rose Mulls Retirement
S2017 E58
Fizdale Fired
S2017 E59
LeBron Gets Ejected
S2017 E60
S2017 E61
Injuries Piling Up
S2017 E62
Peak LeBron?
S2017 E63
Paying Homage
S2017 E64
Beal-ing it in D.C.
S2017 E65
Willing To Adapt
S2017 E66
Rockets Blasting Off
S2017 E67
LeBron Lift Off?
S2017 E68
End of the OK3?
S2017 E69
Fun At The Garden
S2017 E70
OKC Still Has Problems
S2017 E71
LeBron Talks To Lonzo
S2017 E72
Kobe's Jersey Retirement
S2017 E73
Goodbye #8 and #24
S2017 E74
I Want To Be Back On The Sidelines
S2017 E75
The Candidates Are...
S2017 E76
Your Favorite Player's Favorite Player
S2017 E77
Closer To The King
S2017 E78
Return Of The Cavs?
Season 2018
S2018 E01
The Return Of IT
S2018 E02
Isaiah's Return To Boston
S2018 E03
Stay With Us
S2018 E04
The Comeback Story
S2018 E05
What Should Lakers Do About LaVar Ball?
S2018 E06
T-Wolves Success, Cavs Failing Defense
S2018 E07
Red-Hot Heat
S2018 E08
Televise Draft!
S2018 E09
Pop's Ability To Adapt
S2018 E10
Remembering MLK And His Legacy
S2018 E11
Secret Tunnels
S2018 E12
Boogie & The Brow
S2018 E13
All-Star Picks
S2018 E14
Televise The Draft Please
S2018 E15
Cavs Keep Struggling
S2018 E16
Secret Meetings!
S2018 E17
Cavs' Woes Continue
S2018 E18
Will Kyrie Sit?
S2018 E19
All-Star Draft Recap
S2018 E20
S2018 E21
Harden Ahead In MVP Race?
S2018 E22
LeBron To Golden State?
S2018 E23
LeBron Responds
S2018 E24
One-On-One With Paul George
S2018 E25
Help Needed
S2018 E26
Countdown To The Trade Deadline
S2018 E27
Trade Deadline Special
S2018 E28
Post-Deadline Aftermath
S2018 E29
S2018 E30
Coaching Themselves
S2018 E31
The Big FIx
S2018 E32
All Star Edition
S2018 E33
All-Star Preview
S2018 E34
All Star Weekend Recap
S2018 E35
One-on-One with Anthony Davis
S2018 E36
Mavericks Investigation
S2018 E37
Kawhi And The Spurs
S2018 E38
Kerr Makes Changes
S2018 E39
One & Not Done?
S2018 E40
The MVP Race
S2018 E41
Wade's Helping Ways
S2018 E42
Race To The Top
S2018 E43
Cavs' Margin For Error is Shrinking
S2018 E44
Lillard Time
S2018 E45
Where Will PG13 End Up?
S2018 E46
LeBron's LA Visit
S2018 E47
NBA Bracketology
S2018 E48
Pacers Getting It Done
S2018 E49
What Team Will The Wizards Be?
S2018 E50
Leave Of Absence
S2018 E51
Love Returns For Cavs
S2018 E52
Is The MVP Conversation Over?
S2018 E53
Cavs Turning It Around?
S2018 E54
What Does Steph's Absence Mean For Warriors?
S2018 E55
Trust The Fultz Process
S2018 E56
Wade's Future
S2018 E57
Busted Process
S2018 E58
Best Go-To Moves
S2018 E59
The Haunted Games
S2018 E60
Kyrie Sidelined
S2018 E61
Chaos Continues Out West
S2018 E62
Playoff Seeds Set
S2018 E63
Interview with Kyle Lowry & DeMar DeRozan
S2018 E64
Playoff Preview
S2018 E65
Marathon Monday
S2018 E66
Worry Time?
S2018 E67
Father Prime Is Back
S2018 E68
All Aboard the Pelicans Bandwagon
S2018 E69
Mitchell Eyeing Something Bigger
S2018 E70
Trust the Process
S2018 E71
Manu Saves The Spurs Again
S2018 E72
End of the OK3?
S2018 E73
Luka Doncic Is No Darko Milicic
S2018 E74
Perfecting "The Process"
S2018 E75
King James Does It Again
S2018 E76
Growing Before Our Eyes
S2018 E77
The King Advances
S2018 E78
Too Good At This
S2018 E79
Don't Count Us Out
S2018 E80
Game 2 Preview From Toronto
S2018 E81
Raptors (technically) Not Done Yet
S2018 E82
Beware of the "Hamptons Five"
S2018 E83
LeBron Ends Toronto's Title Hopes
S2018 E84
CP3 Makes Conference Finals
S2018 E85
The Revival Of Jaylen Brown
S2018 E86
Time To Stop Underrating the Celtics
S2018 E87
Raptors fire Dwane Casey
S2018 E88
Someone Finally Stopped LeBron
S2018 E89
Cavs Changing The Lineup
S2018 E90
Cavs On The Ropes
S2018 E91
Rockets Bounce Back
S2018 E92
Comeback King?
S2018 E93
Expect Repeat Performance From Cavs?
S2018 E94
Who Can Beat The Warriors?
S2018 E95
Are You Not Entertained?!?
S2018 E96
Stak And Zach
S2018 E97
Is This The End?
S2018 E98
LeBron Advances To The Finals
S2018 E99
Cavs-Warriors: Round 4
S2018 E100
NBA Finals Preview Show
S2018 E101
When The Dubs Hit The Turbo Button
S2018 E102
Game 1 Preview
S2018 E103
Wild Game 1
S2018 E104
Steph's Spectacular Game 2
S2018 E105
Can Warriors Avoid Letdown In Game 3?
S2018 E106
LeBron James' 13 Moments
S2018 E107
Game 3 Preview
S2018 E108
The Shot: Part II
S2018 E109
Game 4 Preview
S2018 E110
No Such Thing As "Offseason" In NBA
S2018 E111
Golden State Winners
S2018 E112
S2018 E113
S2018 E114
Season 2019
S2019 E167
Dennis Rodman Joins
S2019 E196
Oct 21 Mon
S2019 E197
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S2019 E198
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S2019 E205
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Dec 11 Wed
S2019 E232
Dec 12 Thur
S2019 E233
Dec 13 Fri
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