Teen Wolf
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1968 - 1975  •  NBC  •  72 hours  •  174 episodes
8 votes
3651 votes
# 3188
Drama, Crime
Follow two Los Angeles police officers as they patrol the streets of Southern California. Adam-12 was the first series to realistically portray the joys/frustrations of being a police officer in the late 1960's-early 1970's. This attention to detail made the show a catalyst for uncounted numbers of ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Something Worth Dying For (2) Aired on 05/20/1975
Something Worth Dying For (2)
Season 7: Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
174 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
Log 001: The Impossible Mission
S01 E02
Log 141: The Color TV Bandit
S01 E03
Log 011: It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?
S01 E04
Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours
S01 E05
Log 091: You're Not the First Guy's Had the Problem
S01 E06
Log 161: And You Want Me to Get Married!
S01 E07
Log 071: I Feel Like a Fool, Malloy
S01 E08
Log 072: El Presidente
S01 E09
Log 101: Someone Stole My Lawn
S01 E10
Log 132: The Producer
S01 E11
Log 111: Snake in the Trunk
S01 E12
Log 061: The Runaway
S01 E13
Log 122: The Thief Who Stole Christmas
S01 E14
Log 081: The Long Walk
S01 E15
Log 032: Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack
S01 E16
Log 062: Grand Theft Horse?
S01 E17
Log 033: It All Happened So Fast
S01 E18
Log 112: You Blew It
S01 E19
Log 051: A Jumper - Code Two
S01 E20
Log 073: I'm Still a Cop
S01 E21
Log 102: We Can't Just Walk Away from It
S01 E22
Log 152: A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone
S01 E23
Log 012: He Was Trying to Kill Me
S01 E24
Log 172: Boy, The Things You Do for the Job
S01 E25
Log 092: Tell Him He Pushed Back a Little Too Hard
S01 E26
Log 022: So This Little Guy Goes Into This Bar
Season 2
S02 E01
Log 015: Exactly One Hundred Yards
S02 E02
Log 153: Find Me a Needle
S02 E03
Log 052: Good Cop: Handle with Care
S02 E04
Log 023: Pig Is a Three Letter Word
S02 E05
Log 083: A Different Thing
S02 E06
Log 103: A Sound Like Thunder
S02 E07
Log 063: Baby
S02 E08
Log 093: Once a Junkie
S02 E09
Log 123: Courtroom
S02 E10
Log 143: Cave
S02 E11
Log 142: As High as You Are
S02 E12
Log 043: Hostage
S02 E13
Log 034: Astro
S02 E14
Log 014: S.W.A.T.
S02 E15
Log 064: Bottom of the Bottle
S02 E16
Log 054: Impersonation
S02 E17
Log 024: A Rare Occasion
S02 E18
Log 124: Airport
S02 E19
Log 094: Vengeance
S02 E20
Log 104: The Bomb
S02 E21
Log 074: Light Duty
S02 E22
Log 114: The Hero
S02 E23
Log 134: Child Stealer
S02 E24
Log 144: Bank Robbery
S02 E25
Log 044: Attempted Bribery
S02 E26
Log 173: Shoplift
Season 3
S03 E01
Log 174: Loan Sharks
S03 E02
Log 35: Easy Bare Rider
S03 E03
Log 95: Purse Snatcher
S03 E04
Log 45: Bright Boy
S03 E05
Log 65: Cigarettes, Cars and Wild, Wild Women
S03 E06
Log 55: Missing Child
S03 E07
Log 75: Have a Nice Weekend
S03 E08
Log 105: Elegy for a Pig
S03 E09
Log 25: Indians
S03 E10
Log 135: Arson
S03 E11
Log 96: Pilgrimage
S03 E12
Log 85: Sign of the Twins
S03 E13
Log 175: Con Artists
S03 E14
Log 115: Gang War
S03 E15
Log 26: LEMRAS (Law Enforcement Manpower Resources Allocation System)
S03 E16
Log 155: I.A.D.
S03 E17
Log 66: The Vandals
S03 E18
Log 36: Man Between
S03 E19
Log 165: Once a Cop
S03 E20
Log 76: Militants
S03 E21
Log 164: The Poachers
S03 E22
Log 16: Child in Danger
S03 E23
Log 56: Vice Versa
S03 E24
Log 106: Post Time
S03 E25
Log 88: Reason to Run
S03 E26
Log 125: Safe Job
Season 4
S04 E01
S04 E02
Million Dollar Buff
S04 E03
The Grandmother
S04 E04
The Sniper (1) (concl on The D.A., 8 Oct 71) aka The Radical
S04 E05
The Search
S04 E06
The Ferret
S04 E07
S04 E08
S04 E09
S04 E10
Day Watch
S04 E11
S04 E12
The Dinosaur
S04 E13
S04 E14
Citizens All
S04 E15
The Princess and the Pig
S04 E16
The Tip
S04 E17
The Parole Violator
S04 E18
S04 E19
Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen
S04 E20
S04 E21
Back-Up One L-20
S04 E22
Who Won?
S04 E23
S04 E24
The Wednesday Warrior
Season 5
S05 E01
Dirt Duel
S05 E02
The Late Baby
S05 E03
S05 E04
Lost and Found
S05 E05
Training Wheels
S05 E06
Badge Heavy
S05 E07
Harry Nobody
S05 E08
The Surprise
S05 E09
S05 E10
The Chaser
S05 E11
Hot Spell
S05 E12
Gifts and Long Letters
S05 E13
O'Brien's Stand
S05 E14
Clear with a Civilian (1)
S05 E15
Clear with a Civilian (2)
S05 E16
Citizen's Arrest - 484
S05 E17
The Beast
S05 E18
Killing Ground
S05 E19
Night Watch
S05 E20
S05 E21
A Fool and His Money
S05 E22
Anatomy of a 415
S05 E23
Keeping Tabs
S05 E24
Easy Rap
Season 6
S06 E01
Harbor Division
S06 E02
Rampart Division
S06 E03
Foothill Division
S06 E04
West Valley Division
S06 E05
Venice Division
S06 E06
Hot Shot
S06 E07
Van Nuys Division
S06 E08
Training Division
S06 E09
S06 E10
Hollywood Division
S06 E11
Northeast Division
S06 E12
If the Shoe Fits
S06 E13
Southwest Division
S06 E14
The Sweet Smell...
S06 E15
Trouble in the Bank
S06 E16
North Hollywood Division
S06 E17
Taking It Easy
S06 E18
S06 E19
Routine Patrol
S06 E20
S06 E21
Skywatch (1)
S06 E22
Skywatch (2)
S06 E23
L.A. International
S06 E24
A Clinic on 18th Street
Season 7
S07 E01
Camp (1)
S07 E02
Camp (2)
S07 E03
Team Work
S07 E04
Roll Call
S07 E05
Suspect Number One
S07 E06
Point of View
S07 E07
Lady Beware
S07 E08
S07 E09
S07 E10
Credit Risk
S07 E11
S07 E12
Pot Shot
S07 E13
S07 E14
Victim of the Crime
S07 E15
Pressure Point
S07 E16
Lady's Night
S07 E17
Citizen with Gun
S07 E18
Follow Up
S07 E19
S07 E20
Operation Action
S07 E21
Gus Corbin
S07 E22
Dana Hall
S07 E23
Something Worth Dying For (1)
S07 E24
Something Worth Dying For (2)
Episode 1
Nashville Beat (1989) (TV Movie)
Episode 2
Vintage Promos
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Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho -
I caught a bit of this, but I never watched it regularly.

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