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This series will pick you up carry you for a journey and then leave you wanting more!

Review of GHOUL
by Natenstine
Posted on September 11th, 2018
Positive 7
Overall Rating
2 of 2 people found the following review useful

Story: 7

Great flow and execution

The story was good, it consisted of a simple plot with a slight twist to the end but was a bit anti-climatic. We follow the journey of a Muslim girl who has been trained in the military as an interrogator. She betrays her dad in the name of the "state" in a "patriotic" act.

As the story progresses she soon discovers the horrors of what her superiors do and want her to do in the name of the "state" and "patriotism". During this point the unleashing of the Ghoul occurs and brings the true colors of everyone to light in a panicked haze.

It ends a bit strange where the Ghoul is to teach her a lesson and complete a "task". in her realization of this she more or less follows in her fathers footsteps of getting caught for acting against the "state" and the story loops (possibly to a larger scale).

Over all it is a great watch with only 3 episodes all well paced and good character creation for such a short time. The delivery is plain with only light twists making it easy to follow without getting bored. The engagement is good and does not leave the viewer in much of a lull at any stage.

The ending could have had a better delivery as it feels like it was cut short with a cheap finish to end it quickly. There is room to move for a season 2 as there is plenty of story to explore (only 3 eps to place as much lore and back story leaves plenty of gaps to be explored) and the ending has its own loop that hints of a similar situation at a much larger scale as mentioned before.

Visuals: 8

Simple is best

The visuals were great for the series, nothing was over the top and there were no attempts at exaggerating any scenes. The lighting was perfect for setting the mood and placing the viewer into the room of each scene. There were no "to dark to see anything" moments. you where shown exactly what you are meant to be shown at each stage.

The "Ghoul" was not over done and made to be quite believable and each actor playing this role did wonderful executions of it. Camera shots and scenes i found to be immaculate and captured the urgency and pauses through out the series very well.

I do think that having a bit more of a CCTV view at different stages would have been better for some of the slower stages to give the prison a bit more magnitude as you only really see a few rooms. Because of this you end up thinking your more located in just a small bunker when it is portrayed as a large base during every scene outside, but this is a very minor issue once your engrossed in the action scenes in particular.

Sound: 8

Very Natural

Sound was for the most part well balanced and didn't blow your ears up even when wearing headphones during some of the "jump-scare" moments. For the Dubed watchers lip sync does not appear to be a focus in this series so there is a bit of extra mouth movement at times or not enough.

Music selection was... a bit strange but ran well with the series tone none the less and was not heavily used over all.

All effects and character noise was Natural even the "Ghouls" for the most part (have to let a little alteration go here but it really did feel natural as well for the character type) Voice overs where great over all and not much if anything was lost from the scenes due to voice overs (dubed watchers)

Character: 7

Good for a mini series

It is a bit of a limitation for a mini series of only 3 eps, trying to fit backstory and Lore as well as cramming character development in while trying to not ruin the stories flow. This series executed it very well. Your are given enough back story to get you to relate to the circumstances at hand. You are then slowly eased into the character development with small extra snippets to introduce each of the main ones (nice little tactic). before committing you to their behaviors with the other characters to "imprint" their impressions on you for the rest of the story.

The Lore of the "Ghoul"was a bit rushed but it suited the situation in which it was explained and leaves plenty of room for further development later should there be a continuation. Acting over all was well played and definitely would say of an A grade quality for the most part, no lack luster from the cast at any stage really helped this and kept the flow going nicely for the story of each character.

Enjoyment: 7

Easily Enjoyed

From all of the quality's mentioned above it was easy to enjoy this series. It left you wanting more content and craving it now! The characters where relatable, situations where not farfetched and not over the top like in a lot of other horrors. I would recommend for anyone wanting a breath of fresh air and a taste of the new to linger

Hello all!

Thank you for dropping by my profile.
I am a Twitch Streamer and YT content creator who has a love for most things that hits the screens.
I have a never ending thirst for horror and ongoing lusts for anything Sifi, Anime, fantasy and many others (just check out my watched lists) feel free to follow/add me as a friend or contact me.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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