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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

1984 - 2020  •  Netflix  •  24 seasons  •  607 episodes
28 votes
5459 votes
# 10097
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Animation, Children, Adventure, Family
The adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his engine friends on the Island of Sodor.
  Previously Aired Episode
Thomas' Animal Friends Aired on 05/01/2020
Thomas' Animal Friends
Season 24: Episode 23
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
607 episodes total
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends | Thomas & Friends | VHS/DVD Trailer - Original Theme - 2004
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Season 1
S01 E01
Thomas & Gordon
S01 E02
Edward & Gordon
S01 E03
The Sad Story of Henry (1)
S01 E04
Edward, Gordon & Henry (2)
S01 E05
Thomas' Train
S01 E06
Thomas & the Trucks
S01 E07
Thomas & the Breakdown Train
S01 E08
James & the Coaches
S01 E09
Troublesome Trucks
S01 E10
James & the Express
S01 E11
Thomas & the Guard
S01 E12
Thomas Goes Fishing
S01 E13
Thomas, Terence and the Snow
S01 E14
Thomas & Bertie
S01 E15
Tenders & Turntables (1)
S01 E16
Trouble in the Shed (2)
S01 E17
Percy Runs Away (3)
S01 E18
Coal (1)
S01 E19
The Flying Kipper (2)
S01 E20
Whistles & Sneezes (3)
S01 E21
Toby & the Stout Gentleman (1)
S01 E22
Thomas in Trouble (2)
S01 E23
Dirty Objects
S01 E24
Off the Rails
S01 E25
Down the Mine
S01 E26
Thomas' Christmas Party
Season 2
S02 E01
Thomas, Percy & the Coal
S02 E02
S02 E03
Bertie's Chase
S02 E04
Saved from Scrap
S02 E05
Old Iron
S02 E06
Thomas & Trevor
S02 E07
Percy & the Signal
S02 E08
Duck Takes Charge
S02 E09
Percy & Harold
S02 E10
The Runaway
S02 E11
Percy Takes the Plunge
S02 E12
Pop Goes the Diesel (1)
S02 E13
Dirty Work (2)
S02 E14
A Close Shave (3)
S02 E15
Better Late Than Never
S02 E16
Break Van (1)
S02 E17
The Deputation (2)
S02 E18
Thomas Comes to Breakfast (1)
S02 E19
Daisy (2)
S02 E20
Percy's Predicament (3)
S02 E21
The Diseasel
S02 E22
Wrong Road
S02 E23
Edward's Exploit
S02 E24
Ghost Train
S02 E25
Woolly Bear
S02 E26
Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree
Season 3
S03 E01
A Scarf for Percy
S03 E02
Percy's Promise
S03 E03
Time for Trouble
S03 E04
Gordon & the Famous Visitor
S03 E05
Donald's Duck
S03 E06
Thomas Gets Bumped
S03 E07
Thomas, Percy, & the Dragon
S03 E08
Diesel Does It Again
S03 E09
Henry's Forest
S03 E10
The Trouble with Mud
S03 E11
No Joke for James
S03 E12
Thomas, Percy & the Post Train
S03 E13
Trust Thomas
S03 E14
S03 E15
Toby's Tightrope
S03 E16
Edward, Trevor & the Really Useful Party
S03 E17
Buzz, Buzz
S03 E18
All at Sea
S03 E19
One Good Turn
S03 E20
Tender Engines
S03 E21
Escape (1)
S03 E22
Oliver Owns Up (2)
S03 E23
S03 E24
S03 E25
Percy, James & the Fruitful Day
S03 E26
Thomas & Percy's Christmas Adventure
Season 4
S04 E01
Granpuff (1)
S04 E02
Sleeping Beauty (2)
S04 E03
S04 E04
You Can't Win
S04 E05
Four Little Engines
S04 E06
A Bad Day for Sir Handel
S04 E07
Peter Sam & the Refreshment Lady
S04 E08
S04 E09
Home at Last
S04 E10
Rock 'n' Roll
S04 E11
Special Funnel
S04 E12
Steam Roller
S04 E13
Passengers & Polish
S04 E14
Gallant Old Engine
S04 E15
Rusty to the Rescue
S04 E16
Thomas & Stepney (1)
S04 E17
Train Stops Play (2)
S04 E18
Bowled Out (3)
S04 E19
Henry & the Elephant
S04 E20
Toad Stands By
S04 E21
Bulls Eyes
S04 E22
Thomas & the Special Letter
S04 E23
Paint Pots & Queens
S04 E24
S04 E25
Special Attraction
S04 E26
Mind That Bike
Season 5
S05 E01
Cranky Bugs
S05 E02
Horrid Lorry
S05 E03
A Better View for Gordon
S05 E04
Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
S05 E05
James & the Trouble with Trees
S05 E06
Gordon & the Gremlin
S05 E07
Bye George!
S05 E08
S05 E09
Put Upon Percy
S05 E10
Toby & the Flood
S05 E11
Haunted Henry
S05 E12
Double Teething Troubles
S05 E13
Stepney Gets Lost
S05 E14
Toby's Discovery
S05 E15
Something in the Air
S05 E16
Thomas, Percy & Old Slow Coach
S05 E17
Thomas & the Rumours
S05 E18
Oliver's Find
S05 E19
Happy Ever After
S05 E20
Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
S05 E21
A Surprise for Percy
S05 E22
Make Someone Happy
S05 E23
Busy Going Backwards
S05 E24
Duncan Gets Spooked
S05 E25
S05 E26
Rusty & the Boulder
Season 6
S06 E01
No Sleep for Cranky
S06 E02
Salty's Secret
S06 E03
Harvey to the Rescue
S06 E04
A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
S06 E05
Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
S06 E06
The Fogman
S06 E07
Jack Jumps In (1)
S06 E08
A Friend In Need (2)
S06 E09
It's Only Snow
S06 E10
Twin Trouble
S06 E11
The World's Strongest Engine
S06 E12
Scaredy Engines
S06 E13
Percy & The Haunted Mine
S06 E14
Middle Engine
S06 E15
James & The Red Balloon
S06 E16
Jack Frost
S06 E17
Gordon Takes a Tumble
S06 E18
Percy's Chocolate Crunch
S06 E19
Buffer Bother
S06 E20
Toby Had a Little Lamb
S06 E21
Thomas, Percy & The Squeak
S06 E22
Thomas the Jet Engine
S06 E23
Edward the Very Useful Engine
S06 E24
Dunkin' Duncan
S06 E25
Rusty Saves the Day
S06 E26
Faulty Whistles
Season 7
S07 E01
Emily's New Coaches
S07 E02
Percy Gets It Right
S07 E03
Bill, Ben & Fergus
S07 E04
The Old Bridge
S07 E05
Edward's Brass Band
S07 E06
What's the Matter With Henry?
S07 E07
James & The Queen Of Sodor
S07 E08
The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop
S07 E09
The Spotless Record
S07 E10
Toby's Windmill
S07 E11
Bad Day at Castle Loch
S07 E12
Rheneas & The Roller Coaster
S07 E13
Salty's Stormy Tale
S07 E14
Snow Engine
S07 E15
Something Fishy
S07 E16
The Runaway Elephant
S07 E17
Peace & Quiet
S07 E18
Fergus Breaks The Rules
S07 E19
Bulgy Rides Again
S07 E20
Harold & The Flying Horse
S07 E21
The Grand Opening
S07 E22
Best Dressed Engine
S07 E23
Gordon & Spencer
S07 E24
Not So Hasty Puddings
S07 E25
Trusty Rusty
S07 E26
Three Cheers for Thomas
Season 8
S08 E01
Thomas & The Tuba
S08 E02
Percy's New Whistle
S08 E03
Thomas to the Rescue
S08 E04
Henry & The Wishing Tree
S08 E05
James Gets a New Coat
S08 E06
Thomas Saves The Day
S08 E07
Percy's Big Mistake
S08 E08
Thomas, Emily & The Snowplough
S08 E09
Don't Tell Thomas
S08 E10
Emily's New Route
S08 E11
Thomas & The Firework Display
S08 E12
Gordon Takes Charge
S08 E13
Spic & Span
S08 E14
Edward the Great
S08 E15
Squeak, Rattle & Roll
S08 E16
Thomas & The Circus
S08 E17
Thomas Gets It Right
S08 E18
As Good as Gordon
S08 E19
S08 E20
Emily's Adventure
S08 E21
S08 E22
You Can Do It, Toby!
S08 E23
James Goes Too Far
S08 E24
Chickens to School
S08 E25
Too Hot for Thomas
S08 E26
Percy & The Magic Carpet
Season 9
S09 E01
Percy & The Oil Painting
S09 E02
Thomas & The Rainbow
S09 E03
Thomas' Milkshake Muddle
S09 E04
Mighty Mac
S09 E05
Molly's Special Special
S09 E06
Respect For Gordon
S09 E07
Thomas & The Birthday Picnic
S09 E08
Tuneful Toots
S09 E09
Thomas & The Toy Shop
S09 E10
Rheneas & The Dinosaur
S09 E11
Thomas & The New Engine
S09 E12
Toby Feels Left Out
S09 E13
Thomas Tries His Best
S09 E14
The Magic Lamp
S09 E15
Thomas & The Statue
S09 E16
Henry & The Flagpole
S09 E17
Emily Knows Best
S09 E18
Thomas' Day Off
S09 E19
Thomas' New Trucks
S09 E20
Duncan & The Old Mine
S09 E21
Bold & Brave
S09 E22
Skarloey The Brave
S09 E23
Saving Edward
S09 E24
Thomas & The Golden Eagle
S09 E25
Keeping Up With James
S09 E26
Flour Power
Season 10
S10 E01
Follow That Flour
S10 E02
A Smooth Ride
S10 E03
Thomas & The Jet Plane
S10 E04
Percy & The Funfair
S10 E05
The Green Controller
S10 E06
Duncan Drops A Clanger
S10 E07
Thomas' Tricky Tree
S10 E08
Toby's Afternoon Off
S10 E09
It's Good To Be Gordon
S10 E10
Seeing The Sights
S10 E11
Fearless Freddie
S10 E12
Toby's New Shed
S10 E13
Big Strong Henry
S10 E14
Sticky Toffee Thomas
S10 E15
Which Way Now?
S10 E16
Thomas & The Shooting Star
S10 E17
Edward Strikes Out
S10 E18
Topped Off Thomas
S10 E19
Wharf & Peace
S10 E20
Thomas' Frosty Friend
S10 E21
Emily & The Special Coaches
S10 E22
Thomas & The Colours
S10 E23
Thomas & The Birthday Mail
S10 E24
Duncan's Bluff
S10 E25
Missing Trucks
S10 E26
Thomas & The Treasure
S10 E27
James The Second Best
S10 E28
Thomas & Skarloey's Big Day Out
S10 E29
A Visit From Thomas
S10 E30
Jack Owns Up
S10 E31
On Site With Thomas
S10 E32
Percy's Scary Tale
S10 E33
Kelly's Windy Day
S10 E34
A Happy Day For Percy
S10 E35
A Tale For Thomas
S10 E36
Thomas & The Moles
S10 E37
Percy Helps Out
S10 E38
The Tortoise & The Hare
S10 E39
Thomas' Trusty Friends
S10 E40
Alfie Has Kittens
S10 E41
Mud Glorious Mud
S10 E42
Trouble For Thomas
S10 E43
Thomas And Percy Mountain Adventure
S10 E44
Knapford Station
S10 E45
Fun Times With Toby
S10 E46
Fun Times With Thomas
S10 E47
Fun Times With James
S10 E48
Fun Times With Henry
S10 E49
Fun Times With Gordon
S10 E50
Fun Times With Emily
S10 E51
A Happy Day For Percy
Season 11
S11 E01
Thomas & The Storyteller
S11 E02
Emily's Rubbish
S11 E03
Dream On
S11 E04
Dirty Work
S11 E05
Hector The Horrid!
S11 E06
Gordon & The Engineer
S11 E07
Thomas & The Spaceship
S11 E08
Henry's Lucky Day
S11 E09
Thomas & The Lighthouse
S11 E10
Thomas & The Big Bang
S11 E11
Smoke & Mirrors
S11 E12
Thomas Sets Sail
S11 E13
Don't Be Silly, Billy
S11 E14
Edward & The Mail
S11 E15
Hide & Peep
S11 E16
Toby's Triumph
S11 E17
Thomas & The Runaway Car
S11 E18
Thomas In Trouble
S11 E19
Thomas & The Stinky Cheese
S11 E20
Percy & The Left Luggage
S11 E21
Duncan Does It All
S11 E22
Sir Handel In Charge
S11 E23
Cool Truckings
S11 E24
S11 E25
Skarloey Storms Through
S11 E26
Wash Behind Your Buffers
Season 12
S12 E01
Thomas and the Billboard
S12 E02
Steady Eddie
S12 E03
Rosie's Funfair Special
S12 E04
Mountain Marvel
S12 E05
Henry Gets It Wrong
S12 E06
Heave Ho, Thomas
S12 E07
Toby's Special Surprise
S12 E08
Excellent Emily
S12 E09
The Party Surprise
S12 E10
Saved You!
S12 E11
Duncan & The Hot Air Balloon
S12 E12
James Works It Out
S12 E13
Tram Trouble
S12 E14
Don't Go Back
S12 E15
Gordon Takes a Shortcut
S12 E16
The Man in the Hills
S12 E17
Thomas Puts the Brakes On
S12 E18
Percy and the Bandstand
S12 E19
Push Me, Pull You
S12 E20
Best Friends
Season 13
S13 E01
Creaky Cranky
S13 E02
The Lion of Sodor
S13 E03
Tickled Pink
S13 E04
Double Trouble
S13 E05
Slippy Sodor
S13 E06
The Early Bird
S13 E07
Play Time
S13 E08
Thomas and The Pigs
S13 E09
Time For a Story
S13 E10
Percy's Parcel
S13 E11
Toby's New Whistle
S13 E12
A Blooming Mess
S13 E13
Thomas and the Runaway Kite
S13 E14
Steamy Sodor
S13 E15
Splish, Splash, Splosh!
S13 E16
The Biggest Present of All
S13 E17
Snow Tracks
S13 E18
Henry's Good Deeds
S13 E19
Buzzy Bees
S13 E20
Hiro Helps Out
Season 14
S14 E01
Thomas' Tall Friend
S14 E02
James in the Dark
S14 E03
Pingy Pongy Pick Up
S14 E04
Charlie and Eddie
S14 E05
Toby and the Whistling Woods
S14 E06
Henry's Health and Safety
S14 E07
Diesel's Special Delivery
S14 E08
Pop Goes Thomas
S14 E09
Victor Says Yes
S14 E10
Thomas in charge
S14 E11
Being Percy
S14 E12
Merry Winter Wish
S14 E13
Thomas and the Snowman Party
S14 E14
Thomas' Crazy Day
S14 E15
Jumping Jobi Wood
S14 E16
Thomas and Scruff
S14 E17
O the Indignity
S14 E18
Jitters and Japes
S14 E19
Merry Misty Island
S14 E20
Henry's Magic Box
Season 15
S15 E01
Gordon and Ferdinand
S15 E02
Toby and Bash
S15 E03
Emily and Dash
S15 E04
Percy's New Friends
S15 E05
Edward The Hero
S15 E06
James to The Rescue
S15 E07
Happy Hiro
S15 E08
Up, Up And Away
S15 E09
Henry's Happy Coal
S15 E10
Let It Snow
S15 E11
Surprise, Surprise
S15 E12
Spencer The Grand
S15 E13
Stop that Bus!
S15 E14
Stuck On You
S15 E15
Big Belle
S15 E16
Kevin The Steamie
S15 E17
Wonky Whistle
S15 E18
Percy The Snowman
S15 E19
Tree Trouble
S15 E20
Fiery Flynn
Season 16
S16 E01
Race to the Rescue
S16 E02
Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
S16 E03
Express Coming Through
S16 E04
Percy and the Monster of Brendam
S16 E05
Ho Ho Ho Snowman
S16 E06
Flash Bang Wallop!
S16 E07
Thomas and the Rubbish Train
S16 E08
Thomas Toots the Crows
S16 E09
Bust My Buffers
S16 E10
Percy and the Calliope
S16 E11
Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
S16 E12
Salty's Surprise
S16 E13
Sodor Surprise Day
S16 E14
Emily's Winter Party Special
S16 E15
Muddy Matters
S16 E16
Whiff's Wish
S16 E17
Welcome Stafford!
S16 E18
Don't Bother Victor!
S16 E19
Happy Birthday Sir!
S16 E20
The Christmas Tree Express
Season 17
S17 E01
Kevin's Cranky Friend
S17 E02
Scruff's Makeover
S17 E03
Wayward Winston
S17 E04
Gordon Runs Dry
S17 E05
Calm Down Caitlin
S17 E06
Steamie Stafford
S17 E07
Henry's Hero
S17 E08
Luke's New Friend
S17 E09
The Switch
S17 E10
Not Now, Charlie!
S17 E11
The Lost Puff
S17 E12
The Thomas Way
S17 E13
The Phantom Express
S17 E14
Percy's Lucky Day
S17 E15
Bill or Ben?
S17 E16
Too Many Fire Engines
S17 E17
No More Mr Nice Engine
S17 E18
Thomas' Shortcut
S17 E19
The Smelly Kipper
S17 E20
Away from the Sea
S17 E21
The Afternoon Tea Express
S17 E22
Gone Fishing
S17 E23
No Snow for Thomas
S17 E24
The Frozen Turntable
S17 E25
The Missing Christmas Decorations
S17 E26
Santa's Little Engine
Season 18
S18 E01
Old Reliable Edward
S18 E02
Not So Slow Coaches
S18 E03
Flatbeds of Fear
S18 E04
Disappearing Diesels
S18 E05
Signals Crossed
S18 E06
Toad's Adventure
S18 E07
Duck in the Water
S18 E08
Duck and the Slip Coaches
S18 E09
Thomas the Quarry Engine
S18 E10
Thomas and the Emergency Cable
S18 E11
Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
S18 E12
Marion and the Pipe
S18 E13
Missing Gator
S18 E14
No Steam Without Coal
S18 E15
Spencer's VIP
S18 E16
Toad's Bright Idea
S18 E17
Long Lost Friend
S18 E18
Last Train for Christmas
S18 E19
Duncan the Humbug
S18 E20
The Perfect Gift
S18 E21
Emily Saves the World
S18 E22
Timothy & The Rainbow Truck
S18 E23
Marion and the Dinosaurs
S18 E24
Samson at your Service
S18 E25
Samson Sent for Scrap
S18 E26
Millie & The Volcano
Season 19
S19 E01
Who's Geoffrey?
S19 E02
The Truth About Toby
S19 E03
Lost Property
S19 E04
Henry Spots Trouble
S19 E05
A Cranky Christmas
S19 E06
Snow Place Like Home
S19 E07
The Beast of Sodor
S19 E08
Toad & the Whale
S19 E09
Very Important Sheep
S19 E10
Salty all at Sea
S19 E11
Den and Dart
S19 E12
Helping Hiro
S19 E13
Slow Stephen
S19 E14
Two Wheels Good
S19 E15
Reds vs. Blues
S19 E16
Best Engine Ever
S19 E17
The Little Engine That Raced Ahead
S19 E18
Phillip to the Rescue
S19 E19
Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 1
S19 E20
Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 2
S19 E21
Rocky Rescue
S19 E22
Thomas The Babysitter
S19 E23
The Other Side of the Mountain
S19 E24
No Help At All
S19 E25
Wild Water Rescue
S19 E26
Goodbye Fat Controller
Season 20
S20 E01
Sidney Sings
S20 E02
Toby's New Friend
S20 E03
Henry Gets the Express
S20 E04
Diesel and the Ducklings
S20 E05
Bradford the Brake Van
S20 E06
Saving Time
S20 E07
Ryan and Daisy
S20 E08
Pouty James
S20 E09
Blown Away
S20 E10
The Way She Does It
S20 E11
Letters To Santa
S20 E12
Love Me Tender
S20 E13
The Railcar and the Coaches
S20 E14
Mucking About
S20 E15
Cautious Connor
S20 E16
All In Vain
S20 E17
Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks
S20 E18
Tit for Tat
S20 E19
Mikes Whistle
S20 E20
Useful Railway
S20 E21
Henry in the Dark
S20 E22
Three Steam Engines Gruff
S20 E23
Engine of the Future
S20 E24
Hugo and the Airship
S20 E25
The Missing Breakdown Train
S20 E26
Skiff and the Mermaid
S20 E27
The Christmas Coffeepot
S20 E28
Over the Hill
Season 21
S21 E01
Springtime for Diesel
S21 E02
A Most Singular Engine
S21 E03
Dowager Hatt's Busy Day
S21 E04
Stuck in Gear
S21 E05
Runaway Engine
S21 E06
P.A. Problems
S21 E07
Hasty Hannah
S21 E08
Cranky at the End of the Line
S21 E09
New Crane on the Dock
S21 E10
Unscheduled Stops
S21 E11
Phillip's Number
S21 E12
The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor
S21 E13
A Shed for Edward
S21 E14
Terence Breaks the Ice
S21 E15
Daisy's Perfect Christmas
S21 E16
Confused Coaches
S21 E17
Emily in the Middle
S21 E18
The Big Freeze
Season 22
S22 E01
Number One Engine
S22 E02
Forever and Ever
S22 E03
Confusion Without Delay
S22 E04
Trusty Trunky
S22 E05
What Rebecca Does
S22 E06
Thomas Goes to Bollywood
S22 E07
Thomas in the Wild
S22 E08
Thomas and the Monkey Palace
S22 E09
An Engine of Many Colours
S22 E10
Outback Thomas
S22 E11
School of Duck
S22 E12
Tiger Trouble
S22 E13
Seeing is Believing
S22 E14
Apology Impossible
S22 E15
The Water Wheel
S22 E16
The Case of the Puzzling Parts
S22 E17
Runaway Truck
S22 E18
Kangaroo Christmas
S22 E19
Thomas and the Dragon
S22 E20
Samson and the Fireworks
S22 E21
Rosie is Red
S22 E22
Thomas' Animal Ark
S22 E23
Hunt the Truck
S22 E24
Cyclone Thomas
S22 E25
Banjo and the Bushfire
S22 E26
Counting on Nia
Season 23
S23 E01
Free the Roads
S23 E02
Crowning Around
S23 E03
Chucklesome Trucks
S23 E04
The Other Big Engine
S23 E05
Heart of Gold
S23 E06
S23 E07
Gordon Gets the Giggles
S23 E08
Thomas Makes a Mistake
S23 E09
Diesel Do Right
S23 E10
Grudge Match
S23 E11
Steam Team to the Rescue!
S23 E12
Diesel Glows Away
S23 E13
Laid Back Shane
S23 E14
Wish You Were Here
S23 E15
First Day on Sodor!
S23 E16
Rangers of the Rails
S23 E17
Lorenzo's Solo
S23 E18
Deep Trouble
S23 E19
Too Loud, Thomas
S23 E20
Out of Site
S23 E21
Panicky Percy
S23 E22
All Tracks Lead to Rome
S23 E23
Mines of Mystery
Season 24
S24 E01
Emily's Best Friend
S24 E02
Thomas' Fuzzy Friend
S24 E03
The Great Little Railway Show
S24 E04
Thomas and the Forest Engines
S24 E05
Emily to the Rescue
S24 E06
Shankar's Makeover
S24 E07
Thomas and the Royal Engine
S24 E08
Nia and the Unfriendly Elephant
S24 E09
Thomas' Not-So-Lucky Day
S24 E10
James the Super Engine
S24 E11
Ace's Brave Jump
S24 E12
A New Arrival
S24 E13
World of Tomorrow
S24 E14
Sonny's Second Chance
S24 E15
Thomas and the Inventor's Workshop
S24 E16
The Inventor's Spectacular Bridge
S24 E17
Yong Bao and the Tiger
S24 E18
Gordon and Rebecca, Coming Through!
S24 E19
Kenji on the Rails Again
S24 E20
Cleo the Road Engine
S24 E21
Nia's Bright Idea
S24 E22
Cleo's First Snow
S24 E23
Thomas' Animal Friends
Episode 1
Sing-Along:Engine Roll Call
Episode 2
Thomas and the Jet Engine
Episode 3
Sing-Along: Engine Roll Call
Episode 4
Mr Perkins\' Postcard
Episode 5
The Earl\'s Quiz
Episode 6
Mr Perkins\' Story Time
Episode 7
The Fat Controller\'s Tales
Episode 8
Sing-Along: Let\'s Be Brave
Episode 9
Sing-Along: Let\'s Go
Episode 10
Sing-Along: Will You Won\'t You
Episode 11
Sing-Along: Really Useful Crew
Episode 12
Sing-Along: Togetherness
Episode 13
Percy Takes The Plunge
Episode 14
Engine and Escapades
Episode 15
Thomas in Charge!
Episode 16
Calling All Engines
Episode 17
The Great Discovery
Episode 18
Hero of the Rails
Episode 19
A Big Day for Thomas
Episode 20
Day of the Diesels
Episode 21
Blue Mountain Mystery
Episode 22
The Adventure Begins
Episode 23
Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
Episode 24
Tales from the Tracks
Episode 25
Sing-Along: Be Brave
Episode 26
Sing-Along: Troublesome Trucks
Episode 27
Thomas & His Friends Help Out
Episode 28
Mud Glorious Mud
Episode 29
Creaky Cranky
Episode 30
Holiday Express
Episode 31
Merry Winter Wish
Episode 32
Misty Island Rescue
Episode 33
The Greatest Stories 65 Years Special : Part 1
Episode 34
The Greatest Stories 65 Years Special : Part 2
Episode 35
The Lion of Sodor
Episode 36
Sing-Along: The Snow Song
Episode 37
Sing-Along: Winter Wonderland
Episode 38
Sing-Along: The Red Balloon
Episode 39
Railway Friends
Episode 40
Down at the Station: Water
Episode 41
Wobbly Wheels & Whistles
Episode 42
Percy and the Bandstand
Episode 43
High Speed Adventures
Episode 44
Hooray for Thomas
Episode 45
James and the Red Balloon
Episode 46
Make Someone Happy
Episode 47
Salty's Secret
Episode 48
Sing-Along: Emily
Episode 49
Sing-Along: The Work Song
Episode 50
Sing-Along: Day and Night
Episode 51
Sing-Along: Accidents Will Happen
Episode 52
Sing-Along: Sir Topham Hat
Episode 53
Songs From Sodor
Episode 54
Sing-Along: Engine Roll Call
Episode 55
Song: There Once was an Engine who Ran Away
Episode 56
Sing-Along: Dream Song
Episode 57
The Birthday Express
Episode 58
It's Great To Be An Engine
Episode 59
Peep Peep Hurray
Episode 60
All Aboard With The Steam Team
Episode 61
Heave Ho!
Episode 62
Merry Christmas Thomas!
Episode 63
Ultimate Christmas
Episode 64
Rescue on the Rails
Episode 65
Thomas the Train and the Magic Railroad
Episode 66
Schoolhouse Delivery
Episode 67
Sing-Along: Harold the Helicopter
Episode 68
Best of Friends
Episode 69
Carnival Capers
Episode 70
James Learns a Lesson
Episode 71
Percy Saves the Day
Episode 72
Races Rescues and Runaways
Episode 73
Thomas Gets Bumped
Episode 74
Trust Thomas
Episode 75
Thomas in Charge!
Episode 76
Pop Goes Thomas
Episode 77
Together on the Tracks
Episode 78
The Runaway Kite
Episode 79
Percy's Ghostly Trick
Episode 80
Team Up With Thomas
Episode 81
10 Years of Thomas
Episode 82
Cranky Bugs and Other Thomas Stories
Episode 83
Engines and Escapades
Episode 84
New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures
Episode 85
Percy Takes The Plunge
Episode 86
Thomas' Sodor Celebration!
Episode 87
Songs from the Station
Episode 88
Steamies vs Diesels and Other Thomas Adventures
Episode 89
Best of Percy
Episode 90
The Early Years: Disc 1
Episode 91
The Early Years: Disc 2
Episode 92
Thomas and the Treasure
Episode 93
Thomas Gets Tricked ad Other Stories
Episode 94
Sing-Along and Stories
Episode 95
Thomas and His Friends Get Along and Other Thomas Adventures
Episode 96
Track Stars
Episode 97
Sing-Along: Day of the Diesels
Episode 98
Best of Thomas
Episode 99
Best of Gordon
Episode 100
Best of James
Episode 101
A Very Thomas Christmas
Episode 102
Curious Cargo
Episode 103
Thomas' Snowy Surprise
Episode 104
King of the Railway
Episode 105
Animals Aboard!
Episode 106
Railway Mischief
Episode 107
The Thomas Way
Episode 108
Sing-Along: Go, Go Thomas!
Episode 109
Spills and Thrills
Episode 110
Thomas' Halloween Adventures
Episode 111
Episode 107
Episode 112
Episode 113
Christmas Express
Episode 114
The WWII Movie
Episode 115
Spills and Chills
Episode 116
Thomas and the Jet Engine
Episode 117
Signals Crossed!
Episode 118
Thomas and The Magic Railroad
Episode 119
James Goes Buzz Buzz and Other Thomas Stories
Episode 120
Thomas' Trusty Friends
Episode 121
Trouble on the Tracks
Episode 122
The Fogman
Episode 123
Song-Night Train
Episode 124
Attention All Trains
Episode 125
Sing-Along: Thomas' Anthem
Episode 126
Sing-Along: Determination
Episode 127
Sing-Along: An Ode To Gordon
Episode 128
Sing-Along: Patience Is A Virtue
Episode 129
Sing-Along: The World Around You
Episode 130
Sing-Along: Surprises
Episode 131
Sing-Along: Sounds
Episode 132
Sing-Along: Misty Island Rescue
Episode 133
Sing-Along: Blue Mountain Mystery
Episode 134
Sing-Along: Working Together
Episode 135
Sing-Along: Where Oh Where Is Thomas
Episode 136
Sing-Along: All You Need are Friends
Episode 137
Sing-Along: Racing To The Wharf
Episode 138
Sing-Along: Jobs A Plenty
Episode 139
Sing-Along: Thomas You're The Leader
Episode 140
Sing-Along: The Fat Controller Song
Episode 141
Episode 142
Tale of the brave
Episode 143
Sing-Along: Toby
Episode 144
Sing-Along: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Episode 145
Sing-Along: It's Great to be an Engine
Episode 146
Sing-Along: Never, Never, Never Give Up
Episode 147
Sing-Along: Strength
Episode 148
Special Jobs
Episode 149
Busy Days
Episode 150
Playing with Friends
Episode 151
Sounds and Smells
Episode 152
Laughing Together
Episode 153
Don't Give Up
Episode 154
Fire & Water
Episode 155
The Christmas Engines
Episode 156
Sing-Along: Searching Everywhere
Episode 157
Sing-Along: It's Gonna Be a Great Day
Episode 158
Sing-Along: Working Together Again
Episode 159
Sing-Along: It's Christmas Time
Episode 160
Sing-Along: Hey Hey Thomas
Episode 161
Santa's Little Engine
Episode 162
Whale of a Tale and Other Sodor Adventures
Episode 163
Sing-Along: The Sound Song
Episode 164
Splish, Splash, Splosh
Episode 165
Sing-Along: Little Engines
Episode 166
Sing Along: Percy's Seaside Trip
Episode 167
Sing-Along: Let's Have a Race
Episode 168
Sing-Along: Gone Fishing
Episode 169
Sing-Along: Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover
Episode 170
Sing-Along: Island Song
Episode 171
Sing-Along: Really Useful Engine
Episode 172
Dinos & Discoveries
Episode 173
Sing-Along: There's Snow Place Like Home
Episode 174
Thomas' Christmas Carol
Episode 175
Fun With Driver Perkins
Episode 176
Sing-Along: Determination Song
Episode 177
The Great Race
Episode 178
Extraordinary Engines
Episode 179
Journey Beyond Sodor
Episode 180
4 Guess Who Puzzles
Episode 181
Down at the Station: Passengers
Episode 182
Sing-Along We Make a Team Together
Episode 183
Sing-Along Never Overlook a Little Engine
Episode 184
4 More Guess Who Puzzles
Episode 185
A Guide to Narrow & Standard Gauge Engines
Episode 186
4 Fantastic Guess Who Puzzles
Episode 187
Mr Perkins. Postcard
Episode 188
The Earl's Quiz
Episode 189
Mr Perkins' Story Time
Episode 190
Who's That Engine?
Episode 191
Really Useful Engines
Episode 192
Sing-Along: Thomas and The Toy Works
Episode 193
Landmarks of Sodor
Episode 194
The Fat Controller's Tales
Episode 195
Sing-Along: Race With You
Episode 196
Sing-Along: On A Journey Today
Episode 197
Sing-Along: Let's Be Brave
Episode 198
Sing-Along: Monsters Everywhere
Episode 199
Sing-Along: Let's Go
Episode 200
Sing-Along: Spring Is Here
Episode 201
Learn With Thomas
Episode 202
Down at the Station: Engines
Episode 203
Sing-Along: Will You Won't You
Episode 204
Sing-Along: Streamlining
Episode 205
Sing-Along: Full Of Surprises
Episode 206
Sing-Along: You Can Only Be You
Episode 207
Sing-Along: Best Friends Express
Episode 208
Sing-Along: Really Useful Crew
Episode 209
Sing-Along: Togetherness
Episode 210
Sing-Along: Who's Thomas?
Episode 211
Sing-Along: The Hottest Place in Town
Episode 212
Sing-Along: We Can't Do Anything
Episode 213
Sing-Along: The Most Important Thing is Being Friends
Episode 214
Landmarks of Sodor: Mainland
Episode 215
Start Your Engines!
Episode 216
Wild Water Rescue and Other Engine Adventures
Episode 217
Ultimate Friendship Adventures
Episode 218
Sing-Along: There's Always Something New
Episode 219
James the Really Splendid Engine
Episode 220
Sing-Along: Glynn's Christmas Wish
Episode 221
Big World! Big Adventures!
Episode 222
Christmas On Sodor
Episode 223
Digs and Discoveries
Episode 224
Sing-Along: Hear the Engines Coming
Episode 225
Sing-Along: Busy, Busy, Busy
Episode 226
Sing-Along: Buffer Up and Share
Episode 227
Sing-Along: The Sodor Construction Crew
Episode 228
Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Other Thomas Adventures
Episode 229
Sing-Along: Every Day's a Special Day on Sodor
Episode 230
Milkshake Muddle
Episode 231
Sing-Along: Pride
Episode 232
Sing-Along: Come for the Ride
Episode 233
Sing-Along: Lorenzo's Song
Episode 234
Sing-Along: Roll Along
Episode 235
Sing-Along: Thomas & Percy
Episode 236
World of Tomorrow
Episode 237
Bubbling Boilers
Episode 238
Come Ride the Rails
Episode 239
Go, Go Thomas!
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