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Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch

2005 - Now  •  Tuesday 08:00 PM on Discovery  •  9 days  •  18 seasons  •  311 episodes
26 votes
8616 votes
# 2274
Documentary, Reality, Adventure
Forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the face…it's all in a day's work for these modern day prospectors. During each episode we will watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Crush of Winter Aired on 08/02/2022
The Crush of Winter
Season 18: Episode 15
  New Episode Air Date
No Turning Back
Season 18: Episode 16
Deadliest Catch | Sneak Peek: Deadliest Catch Season 17
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
Long Sleepless Nights
S01 E03
Lady Luck
S01 E04
Beat The Clock
S01 E05
Dead of Winter
S01 E06
Man Overboard
S01 E07
High Hopes
S01 E08
Good Fishing
S01 E09
The Clock is Ticking
S01 E10
The Final Run
Season 2
S02 E01
Heading Out to Sea
S02 E02
Batten Down the Hatches
S02 E03
On the Crab
S02 E04
The Finish Line
S02 E05
Friends and Rivals
S02 E06
A New Hunt Begins
S02 E07
Smoke on the Water
S02 E08
Man vs. Ice
S02 E09
On the Edge
S02 E10
Pribilof Stare
S02 E11
Race Against the Ice
S02 E12
Cashing In
Season 3
S03 E01
A Tragic Beginning
S03 E02
The Unforgiving Sea
S03 E03
Pain and Paybacks
S03 E04
Cheating Death
S03 E05
Bering Sea Salvation
S03 E06
The Last Lap
S03 E07
New Beginnings
S03 E08
Caught In the Storm
S03 E09
Crossing the Line
S03 E10
Trials of the Greenhorns
S03 E11
Ice and Open Water
S03 E12
A Frozen Finish
Season 4
S04 E01
Get 'Em Back Safe!
S04 E02
Striking Out
S04 E03
A Numbers Game
S04 E04
Unsafe and Unsound
S04 E05
No Mercy
S04 E06
Racing the Clock
S04 E07
Seeking the Catch
S04 E08
No Season for Old Men
S04 E09
Storm Season
S04 E10
Blow Up
S04 E11
Big Weather, Big Trouble
S04 E12
Mortal Men
S04 E13
Fresh Blood
S04 E14
Changing Tides
S04 E15
As Catch as Catch Can
S04 E16
The Final Hour
Season 5
S05 E01
Everything on the Line
S05 E02
Red Skies in the Morning
S05 E03
Stay Focused or Die
S05 E04
Put Up or Shut Up
S05 E05
Long Haul, Short Fuses
S05 E06
S05 E07
Down to the Wire
S05 E08
Payback Time
S05 E09
No Second Chances
S05 E10
Sea of Misery
S05 E11
S05 E12
A Slap in the Face or Kick in the Butt
S05 E13
Ends of the Earth
S05 E14
Bitter Tears
S05 E15
Day of Reckoning
S05 E16
Season 6
S06 E01
Slow Burn
S06 E02
Breaking 'Em In
S06 E03
Sea Tested
S06 E04
Bering Sea Swim Club
S06 E05
Arctic Quest
S06 E06
False Pass
S06 E07
When Hell Freezes Over
S06 E08
We're Not in Kansas Anymore...
S06 E09
Glory Days
S06 E10
The Darkened Seas
S06 E11
Blown Off Course
S06 E12
Empty Throne
S06 E13
Cain and Abel
S06 E14
Redemption Day
S06 E15
S06 E16
Captain Phil Harris Remembered
S06 E17
Season 7
S07 E01
New Blood
S07 E02
Proving Grounds
S07 E03
Old Age & Treachery
S07 E04
Breaking Point
S07 E05
A Wing and a Prayer
S07 E06
Exit Wounds
S07 E07
Thick as Thieves
S07 E08
Graduation Day
S07 E09
Sea Change
S07 E10
Frontier Medicine
S07 E11
Birds, Bones and Blood
S07 E12
It's Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee
S07 E13
Pirate School
S07 E14
The Island
S07 E15
I Smell a Nightmare
S07 E16
Mohawks & Madness, Goodness & Gladness
Season 8
S08 E01
The Gamble
S08 E02
Turf War
S08 E03
Weak Links
S08 E04
The Hook
S08 E05
Alien Abduction
S08 E06
Vital Signs
S08 E07
I Don't Wanna Die
S08 E08
The Aftermath
S08 E09
Nowhere to Go But Down
S08 E10
Rise and Fall
S08 E11
No Exit
S08 E12
Collision Course
S08 E13
S08 E14
Fearless Leaders
S08 E15
Release the Beast
S08 E16
The Bitter, Bloody End
Season 9
S09 E01
Mutiny on the Bering Sea
S09 E02
Dagger in the Back
S09 E03
Blood in the Morning
S09 E04
The Crooke & The Tangler
S09 E05
Judgement Day
S09 E06
Fist to the Face
S09 E07
Goodbye Jake
S09 E08
Kicking Off with a Bang
S09 E09
The Storm of the Season
S09 E10
Sleeping With the Enemy
S09 E11
We're Not Gonna Take It
S09 E12
Listing Lover
S09 E13
So You Wanna Be a Boatowner…
S09 E14
Ship of Iron, Men of Steel
S09 E15
Man Overboard
S09 E16
The Final Battle
Season 10
S10 E01
Careful What You Wish For
S10 E02
Family Affair
S10 E03
Darwin's Law
S10 E04
Against the Law
S10 E05
On the Rocks
S10 E06
Falling Down
S10 E07
Lost at Sea
S10 E08
Cornelia Marie Blue
S10 E09
Skipper Harris in Training
S10 E10
Fisherman's Daughter
S10 E11
Blonde Ambition
S10 E12
Women Drivers
S10 E13
Greatest Game Ever Fished
S10 E14
Breaking Mandy
S10 E15
S10 E16
You'll Know My Name Is The Lord...
Season 11
S11 E01
A Brotherhood Tested
S11 E02
Prodigal Son
S11 E03
The Ultimatum
S11 E04
Super Typhoon (1)
S11 E05
Super Typhoon (2)
S11 E06
Wasted Talent
S11 E07
Heavy Lies the Crown
S11 E08
Zero Hour
S11 E09
Hell's Bells
S11 E10
Lunatic Fringe
S11 E11
New Captain on the Block
S11 E12
5-Year Storm (1)
S11 E13
5-Year Storm (2)
S11 E14
Bite the Hand
S11 E15
New Blood, Old Wounds
S11 E16
S11 E17
I'm the Captain
S11 E18
We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight
Season 12
S12 E01
Ticking Bomb
S12 E02
First Timers
S12 E03
No Good Deed...
S12 E04
Swedish Twins
S12 E05
Million Dollar Bet
S12 E06
100% Injury Rate
S12 E07
Cold War
S12 E08
Winter is Coming
S12 E09
Into the Gale
S12 E10
Proving Grounds
S12 E11
Raw Deal
S12 E12
Settling the Score
S12 E13
Fire at Sea: Part 1
S12 E14
Fire at Sea: Part 2
S12 E15
Blood & Guts
S12 E16
Life or Death Decision
S12 E17
The Widowmaker: Part 1
S12 E18
The Widowmaker: Part 2
S12 E19
The Widowmaker: Part 3
S12 E20
The Widowmaker: Part 4
Season 13
S13 E01
Uncharted Territory
S13 E02
Seismic Shift
S13 E03
Down in Flames
S13 E04
Crushing Blows
S13 E05
Bad Moon
S13 E06
Hail Mary, Full Of Crab
S13 E07
Poisoned at Sea
S13 E08
40-Foot Monsters
S13 E09
The Russian Line
S13 E10
Back to the Killing Season
S13 E11
Hurricane Alley
S13 E12
Arctic Mega Storm
S13 E13
S13 E14
450 Mile Storm
S13 E15
Respect Earned
S13 E16
Man Down
S13 E17
Hillstrand's Last Catch
S13 E18
Lost At Sea
S13 E19
Last Damn Arctic Storm
S13 E20
Hillstrand's Last Catch
S13 E21
Lost At Sea
S13 E22
Last Damn Arctic Storm
S13 E23
Johnathan Hillstrand Legacy
Season 14
S14 E01
Battle Lines
S14 E02
First Blood
S14 E03
Dead in the Water
S14 E04
Salt Wounds
S14 E05
Collision Void
S14 E06
Arctic Hurricane
S14 E07
Clash Of Kings
S14 E08
Becoming Captain
S14 E09
S14 E10
Winter's Curse
S14 E11
S14 E12
Winter's Fury
S14 E13
Baptism By Fire
S14 E14
Supermoon Storm
S14 E15
Greenhorn Overboard
S14 E16
Turf Wars
S14 E17
No Safe Harbor
S14 E18
Blood and Water
S14 E19
Storm Surge
S14 E20
Storm Surge
Season 15
S15 E01
Battle of Kings
S15 E02
Super Swarm
S15 E03
Knife in the Ribs
S15 E04
Single Point Of Failure
S15 E05
Shifting Stack
S15 E06
Blood in the Water
S15 E07
Winter is Here
S15 E08
Tough Inheritance
S15 E09
Russian Roulette
S15 E10
Curse of the Russian Line
S15 E11
Hell Hath No Fury
S15 E12
Sixty Foot Monster
S15 E13
Crane Wreck
S15 E14
Devil's Cut
S15 E15
S15 E16
Hell Or High Water
S15 E17
Unholy Alliance
S15 E18
Dark Ship
S15 E19
Time and Tide Wait for No Man
S15 E20
Dead Or Alive
S15 E21
Now Or Never
S15 E22
Now Or Never
Season 16
S16 E01
Cold War Rivals
S16 E02
Typhoon Hagibis
S16 E03
Breaking Point
S16 E04
Shotguns and Fist Fights
S16 E05
Double Agent
S16 E06
The Bleeding Edge
S16 E07
Into The Red
S16 E08
Mayday Mayday
S16 E09
Cold War Heating Up
S16 E10
Harm's Way
S16 E11
Chase Boat Rescue
S16 E12
Dutch Harbor Double Cross
S16 E13
Bomb Cyclone
S16 E14
Bering Sea Crash
S16 E15
Gut Instinct
S16 E16
Bering Sea Wrecking Ball
S16 E17
Danger Close
S16 E18
Like Father Like Daughter
S16 E19
Rogue Wave Juggernaut
S16 E20
A Problem Like Maria
S16 E21
End of The Beginning
S16 E22
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
S16 E23
Everything Changes
Season 17
S17 E01
Out of the Ashes
S17 E02
Russian Dragger
S17 E03
Point of No Return
S17 E04
Time Machine
S17 E05
Force Majeure
S17 E06
Restricted Zone
S17 E07
What Would Phil Harris Do?
S17 E08
Tangled Web
S17 E09
S17 E10
Truth Will Set You Free
S17 E11
S17 E12
Extreme Arctic
S17 E13
Of Ice and Men
S17 E14
The Crush
S17 E15
Run Silent Run Deep
S17 E16
First Come First Served
S17 E17
Quid Pro Crab
S17 E18
Winter's Gambit
S17 E19
Wicked Game
S17 E20
Over the Rail
S17 E21
First in Line
S17 E22
The Ultimate Price
Season 18
S18 E01
Long Live King Crab!
S18 E02
No Sleep Till Rescue
S18 E03
One Hell of a Story to Tell
S18 E04
Invasive Russian Reds
S18 E05
Desperate Measures
S18 E06
Brother in the Bight
S18 E07
Follow the Rainbow
S18 E08
Deepest Alaska
S18 E09
Rip Tide
S18 E10
Dark Waters
S18 E11
No Good Deed Unpunished
S18 E12
Sailor's Delight
S18 E13
To the End of the Earth
S18 E14
Where Eagles Dare
S18 E15
The Crush of Winter
S18 E16
No Turning Back
Episode 1
The Bait - Opening Day King Crab
Episode 2
On Deck - Mutiny on the Bering Sea
Episode 3
On Deck - Dagger in the Back
Episode 4
On Deck - Blood in the Morning
Episode 5
The Bait - Midseason Kings
Episode 6
On Deck - Judgement Day
Episode 7
On Deck - Fist to Face
Episode 8
The Bait - Opilio Kicks Off
Episode 9
On Deck - Kicking off With a Bang
Episode 10
On Deck - The Storm of the Season
Episode 11
The Bait - Fouled by Weather
Episode 12
On Deck - We're Not Gonna Take It
Episode 13
The Bait - Iced Over
Episode 14
The Bait - Hail Mary
Episode 15
The Bait - The Home Stretch
Episode 16
The Bait - Sacked!
Episode 17
The Bait - Think Like a Captain
Episode 18
The Bait - Out of Bounds
Episode 19
The Bait - The Comeback Kid
Episode 20
The Bait - Miracle on Ice
Episode 21
The Bait - Hit the Showers
Episode 22
The Bait - Unnecessary Roughness
Episode 23
The Bait - The Red Zone
Episode 24
The Bait - Touchdown
Episode 25
The Bait - New Season New Rules
Episode 26
The Bait - Baiting Up and Boxing Out
Episode 27
The Bait - More Pain Less Gain
Episode 28
The Bait - Band of Bering Sea Brothers
Episode 29
The Bait - Firestorm
Episode 30
The Bait - A Stocking Full of Crab
Episode 31
The Bait - Young Guns at the Helm
Episode 32
The Bait - Fishing in the Ditch
Episode 33
The Bait - Wave of the Future
Episode 34
The Bait - Asleep at the Wheel
Episode 35
The Bait - Ladies Night
Episode 36
The Bait - The Final Countdown
Episode 37
Season 12 Recap
Episode 38
Evolution of Danger
Episode 39
Legend of Wild Bill
Episode 40
Live from the Docks
Episode 41
Best of Season 1
Episode 42
Best of Season 2
Episode 43
Behind The Scenes of Season 3
Episode 44
Best of Season 3
Episode 45
Behind The Scenes of Season 4
Episode 46
Best of Season 4
Episode 47
Behind The Scenes of Season 5
Episode 48
Roughest and Toughest Moments
Episode 49
Behind The Scenes of Season 6
Episode 50
Best of Season 6
Episode 51
Episode 52
Behind the Scenes of Season 7
Episode 53
Settling the Score
Episode 54
Inside the Catch: Deckhands
Episode 55
Inside the Catch: Best Brawls
Episode 56
Inside the Catch: Near Death
Episode 57
Best of Season 7
Episode 58
Episode 59
Deadliest Catch: Revelations
Episode 60
An Epic Season
Episode 61
The Beginning
Episode 62
Special: Captains of the Bering Sea
Episode 63
Legend of the Time Bandit
Episode 64
Hail Mary
Episode 65
Behind the Scenes
Episode 66
Season 9 Revealed
Episode 67
Legend of the Northwestern
Episode 68
Deadliest Catch: Behind The Lens: 10 Years in the Making
Episode 69
Behind The Lens: 10 Years in the Making
Episode 70
Season 10 Revealed
Episode 71
Legend of the Cornelia Marie
Episode 72
The Best of the Northwestern
Episode 73
The Best of the Time Bandit
Episode 74
Deadliest Catch: A Season in Hell
Episode 75
A Season in Hell
Episode 76
Legend of the Wizard
Episode 77
Captains of the Bering Sea
Episode 78
Sig Hansen Legacy
Episode 79
Legends Born And Broken
Episode 80
A Hillstrand 4th of July
Episode 81
Evolution of Danger
Episode 82
Captain vs. Captain
Episode 83
Johnathan Hillstrand Legacy
Episode 84
The Bait: Live from the Docks
Episode 85
The Bait: Live From the Shipyard
Episode 86
Legend of Jake Anderson
Episode 87
Coast Guard Heroes
Episode 88
Bering Sea Triangle
Episode 89
Surviving Winter's Wrath
Episode 90
The Bait: Breakdowns At Sea
Episode 91
The Bait: Injuries At Sea
Episode 92
The Bait: Trial By Captain
Episode 93
Every Crabber's Mightmare
Episode 94
Every Crabber's Nightmare
Episode 95
Salt and Steel
Episode 96
Battle Scars
Episode 97
Unfinished Business
Episode 98
Deadliest Catch: Unfinished Business
Episode 99
Legend of Sean Dwyer
Episode 100
Strategy & Deception
Episode 101
Tortured to Greatness
Episode 102
The Mystery of F/V Destination
Episode 103
The Legend of Wild Bill
Episode 104
Before The Catch with Mike Rowe
Episode 105
How To Beat The Russians
Episode 106
The Sinking of the F/V Scandies Rose
Episode 107
The Harris Bloodline
Episode 108
Too Close for Comfort
Episode 109
Hillstrand Yoga
Episode 110
The Better Captain
Episode 111
Big New Boat
Episode 112
Siberian Winter
Episode 113
No Safe Passage
Episode 114
Casey and the New Cornelia Marie
Episode 115
Time Bandit Returns
Episode 116
Hell for Heroes
Episode 117
Episode 118
Social Reload Vital Signs I Don't Wanna Die
Episode 119
Deadliest Catch Raw - A Day In The Life of a Crab Boat
Episode 120
The King Is Dead
Episode 121
King Crab is Dead
Episode 122
Life on the Line
Episode 123
Life on the Rail
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