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The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

1962 - 1992  •  NBC  •  209 days  •  30 seasons  •  6699 episodes
9 votes
4131 votes
# 454
Comedy, Talk Show
Late-night talk show hosted by Johnny Carson, including guest interviews and musical performances.
  Previously Aired Episode
Series Finale Aired on 05/22/1992
Series Finale
Season 30: Episode 120
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
6699 episodes total
The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson | Dean Martin 12/12/75 hilarious on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson 1975
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Season 1
S01 E01
Tony Bennett, Mel Brooks, Joan Crawford, Rudy Vallee
S01 E02
Tallulah Bankhead, Artie Shaw, Shelley Berman
S01 E03
Bobby Darin, Margaret O'Brien, Ann Corio, Bruce Randall, Leo De Lyon
S01 E04
Barbra Streisand, Dennis Weaver, Jean Carroll, Sander Vanocur
S01 E05
Red Buttons, Katyn Ranieri, Richard E. MacCormack
S01 E06
Jack Benny, Mitch Miller, Sebastian Cabot, Commander Edward Whitehead
S01 E07
Susan Strasberg, Sal Mineo, Irwin Corey
S01 E08
Julie Newmar, Smith & Dale, Howard G. Minsky, Signe Hasso, Dave Share
S01 E09
Benny Goodman, Corbett Monica, Jack Bailey, Louis J. Camuti
S01 E10
Melina Mercouri, The Alberts, Peter Wyden, Rise Stevens
S01 E11
Rosemary Clooney
S01 E12
Eddie Bracken, Haunani, Marcel Wilson, Kay Gill, Linda Thompson
S01 E13
Michele Morgan, Felicia Sander
S01 E14
Helen O'Connell, Jayne Mansfield, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Rise Stevens
S01 E15
Jack E. Leonard, Harold Steinberg
S01 E16
George Jessel, Walter Gaudnek
S01 E17
Janet Leigh, Red Buttons, Fran Jeffries
S01 E18
Helen O'Connell, Peter Donald, Lucienne Bridou, Sid Masumi Kuni, Marlow t...
S01 E19
Marilyn Van Derbur, Antonio Rocca, Jimmy Dean
S01 E20
Betsy Palmer, Teresa Brewer
S01 E21
Shelley Winters, Charlie Manna, Erroll Garner, Pete Brady
S01 E22
Emily Yancy, Shari Lewis, Earl Wrightson
S01 E23
Katherine Dunham, Signe Hasso, Shirley Anne Field, Nancy Vonderheide
S01 E24
Sheila MacRae, Roosevelt Grier, Carl Ballantine
S01 E25
Barbra Streisand, Beatrice Lillie, Gloria Lambert, The Clancy Brothers
S01 E26
Tony Martin, Ronnie Schell, Jacqueline Bertrand
S01 E27
William Saroyan, Alice Ghostley, Della Reese
S01 E28
Danny Kaye, Dave Astor, Kay Armen
S01 E29
Tom Peters, Stirling Moss
S01 E30
Frankie Laine, Willie Mosconi, Jane Harvey
S01 E31
Virginia Wing, Phil Leeds, The Little Sisters, Earl Wrightson
S01 E32
Mae Questel, Jack E. Leonard, Rudy Vallee, The Bhaskar Dancers
S01 E33
Alan King, Carol Channing, Benson and Mann Denise Lor
S01 E34
Betty White, Larry Storch, Harvey Lembeck
S01 E35
Patricia Morison, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko
S01 E36
Gloria DeHaven, Abe Burrows
S01 E37
Sam Snead, Walter Gaudnek
S01 E38
Katyna Ranieri, Enrico, Bob Rollins, Ronnie Chapman
S01 E39
Maureen O'Sullivan, Tony Martin, John Bubbles
S01 E40
Sam Levenson, Peter Fonda, Yvonne Constant, Marcy Abbott
S01 E41
Salvatore Baccaloni
S01 E42
Artie Shaw
S01 E43
Phil Foster, Dolores Gray
S01 E44
Vincent Price, The Baker Twins
S01 E45
Dean Jones, Walter Slezak, Jackie Miles
S01 E46
Andy Williams, Sandy Stewart. Commander Edward Whitehead
S01 E47
Bert Parks, George Kirby, Jimmy Piersall
S01 E48
Tom Ewell, Patricia Morison, Don Chastain
S01 E49
Phyllis McGuire, Clyde Beatty
S01 E50
Maria Von Trapp, Charlie Manna
S01 E51
Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy, Eileen Barton, Jack Douglas and wife Rei...
S01 E52
George Jessel, John Bubbles, Mitzi Mason
S01 E53
Allen and Rossi, Jan Murray, Arnold Stang
S01 E54
Keenan Wynn, Shari Lewis, Adolphe Menjou
S01 E55
Peter O'Toole, Larry Storch
S01 E56
Barry Sullivan, Mickey Spillane, David Frye, Keely Smith
S01 E57
Pat Harrington, Jr., Lillian Roth, Henry Gibson, Judy Joy
S01 E58
Alan King, Steve Lawrence, Dolores Gray
S01 E59
Phil Foster, Kay Armen, Dick McCormack
S01 E60
Peter Ustinov, Betsy Palmer, Gale Del Corral
S01 E61
Dorothy Dandridge
S01 E62
Harry Golden, Enrico, Frank Raines
S01 E63
Della Reese, Irwin Corey
S01 E64
Artie Shaw, Phyllis Newman, Benson and Mann, John Bubbles
S01 E65
Show #0065
S01 E66
Barbra Streisand, Don Adams, Ronny Graham, Marlin Perkins
S01 E67
Peter Cook, Melville Cooper, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Tommy Leonetti, Juki Ark...
S01 E68
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Melville Cooper, Juki Arkin
S01 E69
Salvador Dali, Patricia Morison
S01 E70
Phyllis Newman, Howard Keel
S01 E71
Carla Alberghetti, Glenda Leigh, Enrico
S01 E72
Horst Buchholz, Don Adams, Jane Withers
S01 E73
Sandy Dennis, Joanie Sommers
S01 E74
Jimmy Dean (guest host), Roger Miller, Jerry Vale, Al Hirt, Mimi Benzell
S01 E75
Jimmy Dean (guest host), Chet Atkins, The Jordanaires, Anita Bryant, Salv...
S01 E76
Jimmy Dean (guest host) , Jo Ann Campbell, Virginia O'Boyle, William Walk...
S01 E77
Jimmy Dean (guest host), Homer and Jethro, Carmel Quinn, Amy Darlich, How...
S01 E78
Jimmy Dean (guest host), Peter Donald Eddy Arnold, Sandy Stewart, The Pow...
S01 E79
Bert Parks, Juki Arkin
S01 E80
Mickey Shaughnessy, Adam Keefe
S01 E81
Wally Cox, Hugh Griffith, Susan Kohner
S01 E82
Don Adams, Peter Lorre, Gretchen Wyler
S01 E83
Agnes Moorehead, Ronny Graham, Adirek
S01 E84
John Bubbles, Howard Keel, Jan McCart
S01 E85
Paul Ford, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko, Shirley Knight
S01 E86
Pierre Claf, Zachary Scott, The Ritts Puppets
S01 E87
Jan Sterling, Yvonne Constant
S01 E88
Barbra Streisand, Mickey Shaughnessy
S01 E89
Shari Lewis, Phil Leeds, Dusty Martin
S01 E90
Count Basie, Moose Charlap
S01 E91
Jack Benny, Hal March
S01 E92
Mitch Miller
S01 E93
Jerry Van Dyke, Jean Liedloff
S01 E94
David Barry
S01 E95
Cyril Ritchard, Susan Strasberg, Phil Foster, Ronnie Schell
S01 E96
Sargent Shriver, Patricia Morison, Sylvia Sims
S01 E97
Adam Keefe
S01 E98
George Jessel, Phyllis Newman, Celly Carryllo
S01 E99
Robert Taylor, Romy Schneider
S01 E100
Jan Murray, Robert Merrill, Eleanor Harris
S01 E101
Art Linkletter, Hal March, Pippa Scott
S01 E102
Cliff Robertson, Wally Cox, Greco and Willard
S01 E103
Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Dr. Joyce Brothers
S01 E104
Jackie Mason, John Bubbles
S01 E105
Glenn Ford, Hope Lange
S01 E106
Sam Levene, Pierre Burton
S01 E107
Hedda Hopper, Patty Duke, Bette Davis, Richard Chamberlain, Suzanne Plesh...
S01 E108
Ronny Graham, David Doyle
S01 E109
Gordon McRae and Sheila McRae
S01 E110
Artie Shaw
S01 E111
Ross Bagdasarian, Rosalind Elias, Jan De Ruth
S01 E112
Cassius Clay, Phil Foster
S01 E113
Richard Rodgers, Florence Henderson, Diahann Carroll, Joshua Logan
S01 E114
David Doyle, Charlie Manna
S01 E115
George Jessel, Frankie Laine
S01 E116
Greer Garson, Enrico, Adrianna del Mare
S01 E117
William Saroyan, Tuesday Weld, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Greco and Willard
S01 E118
Mickey Shaughnessy, Augie and Margo Rodriguez
S01 E119
Jack Douglas, Roger Ray
S01 E120
Myron Cohen, Yaffa Yarkoni, Yael Dayan
S01 E121
Pierre Burton
S01 E122
George Kirby, Bruce Gordon, Ina Balin, Mr. Wizard
S01 E123
Peter Falk, Ray Berwick
S01 E124
Shari Lewis, Warren Robertson, Harry Golde
S01 E125
Phyllis Newman, Thelma Ritter, Joe Garagiola
S01 E126
Lorne Greene, Taina Elg
S01 E127
Wally Cox, Lanier Davis, Andrianna del Mare
S01 E128
George Jessel, Betsy Palmer, John Bubbles
S01 E129
Jimmy Breslin, Ronny Graham, Margaret Moses
S01 E130
George Hamilton, Patricia Morison, Adam Keefe, Masami Kuni
S01 E131
Francis Brunn
S01 E132
Al Lewis, Enrico
S01 E133
Show #0133
S01 E134
Earl Holliman, Madeline Sherwood, Joey Carter134
S01 E135
Francoise Sagan, Bruce Gordon, Don Allen
S01 E136
Phil Foster, Contessa Christina Poalozzi
S01 E137
Carl Reiner
S01 E138
George Jessel, Claire Fazel, Lucho Navarro
S01 E139
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Huey Green
S01 E140
Dan Duryea, Mickey Spillane, David Doyle
S01 E141
Richard Boone
S01 E142
Sandy Dennis, Brendan Behan, Marty Latham
S01 E143
David Merrick, Glynis Johns, Phil Foster
S01 E144
Debbie Reynolds, Ann B. Davis
S01 E145
Brooks Hays, Diana Dors, Kurt Kaszner
S01 E146
Beatrice Lillie, Milt Kamen, Little Egypt, Rev. William Bell Glenesk
S01 E147
Dmitri Vale, Rocky Marciano, Glynis Johns
S01 E148
Eartha Kitt, Dore Schary, Sammy Cahn, Suh Young Hee
S01 E149
Larry Blyden, Arlene Dahl, Louie Nye
S01 E150
Dan Blocker, Della Reese, France Nuyen, James J. O'Keefe
S01 E151
Shel Silverstein, Sally Blair
S01 E152
Bob Hope, William Saroyan, Brook Benton
S01 E153
Bob Considine, Gayelord Hauser, Al Lewis, Salome Jens
S01 E154
Judy Holliday, Tammy Grimes, Erroll Garner, Phil Foster
S01 E155
Donald O'Connor, Darla Hood, Bernard Pfeiffer
S01 E156
Darren McGavin, Rose Marie
S01 E157
Olivia DeHavilland, Alan Young, Pat Carroll, Brook Benton, Kurt Kasgner
S01 E158
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Al Capp, Allen and Rossi, Diana Dors
S01 E159
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Oleg Cassini, Sandy Dennis
S01 E160
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Mayor Sam Yorty, George Burns, Otto Preminger, Sonny T...
S01 E161
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Howard Duff, Ida Lupino, Marlon Brando, Zsa Zsa Gabor,...
S01 E162
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Ed Begley, Stanley Kramer, Joan Benny
S01 E163
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Robert Taylor
S01 E164
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Anna Maria Alberghetti, Mort Sahl, Elsa Lanchester, Wa...
S01 E165
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Kirk Douglas, Milton Berle, Edmund G. Brown, Inger Ste...
S01 E166
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Raymond Massey, Ernest Borgnine, Maureen O'Hara, Wiere...
S01 E167
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Edie Adams, Dean Jagger, George Kirby
S01 E168
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Bob Hope, Ralph Bellamy, Janis Paige, Leslie Caron
S01 E169
Keely Smith, George Jessel, Artie Shaw, Elaine Shepard
S01 E170
Bob Hope, Tallulah Bankhead, Malcolm Muggeridge
S01 E171
Jack Douglas and wife Reiko, William Bendix, Bil Baird and wife Cora Bair...
S01 E172
Arthur Godfrey, Jimmy Breslin, Phil Foster
S01 E173
Rosemary Clooney, Quentin Reynolds, Milt Kamen, John Bubbles
S01 E174
Arthur Godfrey (guest host), Walter Slezak, Nipsey Russell, Meredith Will...
S01 E175
Arthur Godfrey (guest host), Eddie Rickenbacker, Najeeb Halaby, Claire Ch...
S01 E176
Arthur Godfrey (guest host), Lauren Bacall
S01 E177
Arthur Godfrey (guest host), Gen. Ira Eaker, C.R. Smith, Richard Hayes, W...
S01 E178
Arthur Godfrey (guest host), Shari Lewis, Rufus Jarmon, Louis Nizer, Jimm...
S01 E179
Jill St. John, Harry Golden, Sally Rand
S01 E180
Jerry Colonna, Phyllis McGuire
S01 E181
Roddy McDowall, Bernard Brothers
S01 E182
Jerry Van Dyke, Oleg Cassini, Eleanor Harris
S01 E183
Al Lewis, Helen Gurley Brown, Jan Peerce
S01 E184
Margaret Rutherford, Milt Kamen, Manolo Fabregas
S01 E185
Tony Bennett, Rona Jaffe, Vance Packard, Muriel Grosfield
S01 E186
Al Capp, Lincoln Zonn
S01 E187
Louis Nizer, William Saroyan, Jerry Shane
S01 E188
Selma Diamond, Ed Begley, Parnelli Jones
S01 E189
Eva Gabor, Myron Cohen, Bo Belinsky, Maurusia
S01 E190
Phil Foster, Paula Prentiss, Robert Berks
S01 E191
Louis Nye, Jimmy Piersall, The Baker Twins
S01 E192
Rosemary Clooney, Roland Kirk, Commander Whitehead, Dr. Rose Franzblau
S01 E193
George Jessel, Walter Matthau, John Diebold
S01 E194
Diana Dors, Kurt Kasznar, Gordon Currie
S01 E195
Dana Andrews, Marya Mannes, Jerry Holmes, Benson & Mann
S01 E196
Sander Vanocur, Jose Duval
S01 E197
Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw
S01 E198
Adam Keefe
S01 E199
Milt Kamen, Rona Jaffe, Lefty Gomez
S01 E200
George Kirby, John Diebold, Reginald Gardener
S01 E201
Allan Sherman, Pierre Geistan
S01 E202
Corbett Monica, The Amazing Dunninger
S01 E203
Edie Adams, Al Capp, Doug Kingman
S01 E204
Mickey Rooney, Bobby Van, Adam Keefe
S01 E205
Mamie Van Doren, Bill Veeck, Harry Golden, Marty Lowe
S01 E206
Victor Borge, Damita Jo, Buitoni
S01 E207
Artie Shaw, Jackie Mason, Lisa Charell
S01 E208
Louis Nye, Richard Harris
S01 E209
Diana Dors, Phil Foster, Marya Mannes
S01 E210
James Garner, Benny Rubin, Marty Lowe
S01 E211
Commander Whitehead, Ilka Chase
S01 E212
Della Reese, Jerry Van Dyke, Susan Oliver
S01 E213
Selma Diamond, Oleg Cassini, Shel Silverstein
S01 E214
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson (guest hosts), Abe Burrows, Jeannie Carso...
S01 E215
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson (guest hosts), Shelley Winters, Larry Sto...
S01 E216
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson (guest hosts), Pat O'Brien, Jan Sterling,...
S01 E217
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson (guest hosts), Elaine Stritch
S01 E218
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson (guest hosts), Senator Ted Kennedy
S01 E219
Allan Sherman (guest host), Rod Serling, Rose Marie, Pat Carroll
S01 E220
Allan Sherman (guest host), Art Buchwald, Jim Backus, Bill Cosby
S01 E221
Allan Sherman (guest host), Robert Stack, Phyllis Diller, Ernest Adler
S01 E222
Allan Sherman (guest host), Buddy Hackett
S01 E223
Allan Sherman (guest host), Tony Martin, Richard Gehman, Henry Morgan
S01 E224
Diana Dors, Henny Youngman
S01 E225
Robert Merrill, Claudia Cardinale, Mel Brooks
S01 E226
Jean Seberg, Alan King, Betty Friedan
S01 E227
Commander Whitehead, Lesia Pappas
S01 E228
Della Reese, George Christy
S01 E229
Mamie Van Doren, Mickey Manners
S01 E230
Janet Leigh, Stirling Moss
S01 E231
Larry Storch, Mercedes McCambridge, Phil Foster
S01 E232
Pamela Mason, Ben Hecht, Bergen Evans
S01 E233
Phil Foster, Harry Mimma
S01 E234
Exiled King Peter II of Yugoslavia, Harry Golden, Clifford Guest
S01 E235
Eva Gabor, Milt Kamen
S01 E236
Benny Rubin
S01 E237
George Jessel, Horace McMahon, Constance Towers, Dick McCormack
S01 E238
Rod Serling, Pamela Mason, Barbara Michaels
S01 E239
Betsy Palmer, Corbett Monica, Nandor Fodor
S01 E240
Mamie Van Doren, Kurt Kasznar, Bob Melvin
S01 E241
Allen and Rossi, Jay Ward, Jennie Smith
S01 E242
Jerry Van Dyke, Angelo DePippo, Gene Baylos
S01 E243
Marianne Means
S01 E244
Imogene Coca, Gary Lockwood, Lulu Porter
S01 E245
Mitch Miller, Shari Lewis, Andy Sinatra
S01 E246
Sol Hurok, Merle Oberon, Al Capp, Phil Foster
S01 E247
Kurt Kasznar, Jesse White, Gene Baylos
S01 E248
Larry Blyden, Marty Ingels, Barbara Nichols
S01 E249
Lorne Greene, Sheldon Leonard, Maj. James Anderson
S01 E250
Richard Chamberlain, Henry Morgan, Elaine Stewart, Jess Stearn, Susan Bar...
S01 E251
James Franciscus, Milt Kamen, Carlos Arruza, Lisa Charrell
S01 E252
Al Lewis, Burmese surgeon Dr. Ohlmanson
S01 E253
Bill Dana, Selma Diamond, Kermit Schaefer
S01 E254
Henny Youngman, Richard Egan
S01 E255
Mary Miller, Harry Golden
S01 E256
Eva Gabor, Jack Ging, Alan Drake
S01 E257
Tony Martin, Jan Murray, Muriel Stafford
S01 E258
Larry Storch, Barbara Nichols, Anatole de Grunwald
S01 E259
Rose Marie, Bob Feller
S01 E260
1st Anniversary Show
S01 E261
Stanley Kramer, William Saroyan
S01 E262
Victor Borge, Barbara Nichols, Al Capp, Sylvia Syms
S01 E263
New York City traffic commissioner Henry Barnes
S01 E264
Pernell Roberts, George Jessel, Patrice Wymore
S01 E265
James Garner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Jeane Dixon, Commander Whitehead
S01 E266
George Kirby, Melvin Belli, Henry Morgan, Lisa Charrell
S01 E267
Al Capp, Dr. Joost Meerloo
S01 E268
Phil Foster, Rep. Jim Wright
S01 E269
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Milt Kamen, C. Northcote Parkinson
S01 E270
Mary Ann Mobley, American Medical Association president Edward R. Annis
S01 E271
Selma Diamond, Marlin Perkins
S01 E272
Joey Bishop, Shari Lewis, Abby Dalton, Max Friedman
S01 E273
William Peter Blatty, Barbara Nichols, Miss Vermont Melissa Stafford
S01 E274
Groucho Marx, Pamela Mason, Harry Lorayne
S01 E275
Raymond Massey, Daniel Massey, Corbett Monica
S01 E276
Sterling Hayden, writer Martha Wyman Lear
S01 E277
Max Gordon
S01 E278
Kenneth Galbraith, Al Capp, Libby Morris
S01 E279
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts, Abe Burrows, Richard Gehman,...
S01 E280
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts, Larry Storch, George Maharis...
S01 E281
Alan King, Andy Williams, Harry Lorayne, Leela Naidu
Season 2
S02 E01
Groucho Marx, Denise Darcel, Lisa Charrell
S02 E02
Woody Allen
S02 E03
Dr. Joyce Brothers, London Lee
S02 E04
George Jessel, Robert Merrill
S02 E05
Larry Storch, Joan Copeland, Willie Harack
S02 E06
Alan King, Al Capp, writer Martha Wineham Lear
S02 E07
Henry Morgan, Rose Franzblau
S02 E08
Jimmy Stewart, Phyllis Diller, Ed Wynn, Ann Vivian
S02 E09
Allan Sherman, Yvonne DeCarlo, Dr. Joyce Brothers
S02 E10
Hans Conried, Ann Landers
S02 E11
Betsy Palmer, Phil Foster, John Bubbles
S02 E12
Larry Storch, Annie Farge
S02 E13
Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, Arlene Dahl
S02 E14
Jerry Van Dyke, Jimmy Breslin, Charlene Holt
S02 E15
Art Carney, Libby Morris, Joyce Davidson
S02 E16
Henry Morgan, Dr. Robert Baird
S02 E17
George Jessel, Libby Morris, Paul Gallico
S02 E18
Lorne Greene, Corbett Monica
S02 E19
Allan Sherman, Tuesday Weld, John Bubbles
S02 E20
Al Capp, Kenny Delmar, Jackie Clarke
S02 E21
Alan King, Davis and Reese
S02 E22
Henny Youngman, Don Stewart, Ivan Sanderson, Annie Fargé
S02 E23
Arnold Palmer
S02 E24
Selma Diamond
S02 E25
Woody Allen, Shari Lewis, Eli Mintz, Eleanor Powell
S02 E26
Show #0307
S02 E27
Larry Blyden, Dave King, Carol Lynley
S02 E28
Al Capp, Raymond A. Wesolowski, Duncan Spinning Top Champion
S02 E29
Johnny Mercer, Eva Gabor
S02 E30
Milt Kamen
S02 E31
Phil Foster, New York City postmaster Robert Christenberry
S02 E32
Kaye Ballard, Roger Conklin
S02 E33
Al Capp, Eli Mintz, Peter Urban
S02 E34
Allen and Rossi
S02 E35
Elizabeth Ashley, Vaughn Monroe, Jonathan Miller, Joel Grey
S02 E36
Tony Bennett, Peter Bull, Dawn Nickerson
S02 E37
Shari Lewis, Gerald Peters
S02 E38
Corbett Monica, Dr. Joyce Brothers
S02 E39
George Jessel, Jim Fowler
S02 E40
Kaye Ballard
S02 E41
Woody Allen, Louise Lasser, Rudy Vallee
S02 E42
Corbett Monica, Sam Levenson
S02 E43
Henny Youngman, Robert Preston, Selma Diamond
S02 E44
Al Capp, Betsy Palmer
S02 E45
Jan Murray, Arlene Francis, Harry Golden
S02 E46
Eva Gabor, David Doyle, Rene Lavand, Hans Holzer
S02 E47
The New Group, Nancy Ames, Florian ZaBach
S02 E48
Henry Morgan, Anne Jackson
S02 E49
Phil Foster, Gloria DeHaven
S02 E50
Jan Sterling
S02 E51
Hedda Hopper, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko, Sam Levenson
S02 E52
Kaye Ballard, Slim Pickens, Jonathan Miller
S02 E53
Arthur Godfrey, Annie Farge, American Medical Association president Edwar...
S02 E54
George Jessel, Leo Durocher, Gerald Peters
S02 E55
Eva Gabor, Dr. Rose Franzblau
S02 E56
Rosemary Clooney, John Bubbles
S02 E57
Al Capp, Merriman Smith
S02 E58
Arlene Dahl
S02 E59
George Jessel, Angela Lansbury, Lee Remick
S02 E60
Louis Nye, Gary Lockwood
S02 E61
Keenan Wynn, Howard Morris
S02 E62
Allan Sherman, model Wilhelmina, Ivan Sanderson, Teddy Greaves
S02 E63
David Frost, Selma Diamond
S02 E64
Florence Henderson, Hines and Ford
S02 E65
Woody Allen
S02 E66
Carol Lawrence
S02 E67
Al Capp, John Bubbles, Hungarian actress Zsuzsanna Bartha
S02 E68
Jimmy Breslin, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko
S02 E69
Henny Youngman
S02 E70
Keenan Wynn, Woody Allen, Louise Lasser, Don Stewart
S02 E71
Mel Brooks, Larry Blyden, Eva Gabor
S02 E72
Allan Sherman, Kathy Crosby
S02 E73
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts, Bill Hayes
S02 E74
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts, Henny Youngman
S02 E75
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Mayor Sam Yorty, James Stewart, Billy Grady, Phyllis D...
S02 E76
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Ernest Borgnine, Laurence Harvey, Rose Marie, Phil Har...
S02 E77
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Lee J. Cobb, Carol Lawrence
S02 E78
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Debbie Reynolds, Terry-Thomas, Stan Freberg
S02 E79
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Dale Robertson, Betty Hutton
S02 E80
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Jayne Mansfield, California governor Edmond G. Brown
S02 E81
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Danny Thomas, Roberta Linn
S02 E82
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Nick Adams, Rhonda Fleming
S02 E83
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Ernest Borgnine, Carol Lawrence, Don Drysdale, Mike Mi...
S02 E84
(FROM LOS ANGELES) George Jessel, January Jones, Walter O'Keefe
S02 E85
Eva Gabor, Milt Kamen, Peter Cook
S02 E86
Henny Youngman, Mary Ann Mobley, Gerald Peters
S02 E87
Alan King
S02 E88
Sheilah Graham, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Walker, Connie Stevens, Thelm...
S02 E89
Dick Shawn
S02 E90
Louis Nye
S02 E91
Peter O'Toole, Phyllis Newman, Henry Morgan, Kenny Coleman
S02 E92
Irwin Corey, Tessie O'Shea
S02 E93
John Davis Lodge, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Sam Levenson
S02 E94
Dirk Bogarde, Eva Gabor, Marlin Perkins
S02 E95
Dick Shawn, Selma Diamond, Bernard Berelson
S02 E96
Pat O'Brien, Carol Lawrence
S02 E97
Corbett Monica
S02 E98
Henny Youngman
S02 E99
Myron Cohen, Bonita Granville
S02 E100
Steve Lawrence, Milt Kamen, Annie Farge, painter Jan De Ruth
S02 E101
Tessie O'Shea
S02 E102
Andre Previn
S02 E103
The Big 3
S02 E104
George Jessel, Gore Vidal, Hilda Brauner
S02 E105
Don Knotts
S02 E106
Woody Allen, Phyllis Newman, Vance Packard
S02 E107
Ethel Ennis
S02 E108
Eli Wallach and wife Anne Jackson, Kaye Ballard
S02 E109
Al Capp, Irwin Corey, Annie Farge
S02 E110
Florence Henderson, Milt Kamen, Pete Martin
S02 E111
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Irwin Corey
S02 E112
Julie London, Alan King, Dawn Nickerson
S02 E113
Rudy Vallee, Eydie Gorme, Dr. Robert Baird
S02 E114
Philip Stern
S02 E115
Cecil Barker
S02 E116
Gore Vidal, Luise Rainer
S02 E117
Mamie Van Doren, Larry Storch, Dr. Jonathan Karas
S02 E118
Allan Sherman, Ivan Tors, Stuart Foster
S02 E119
Lee Tracy, Stuart Foster, Peter Hurkos
S02 E120
Eva Gabor
S02 E121
Mel Brooks, Rod Serling, Eydie Gorme
S02 E122
Arlene Dahl, Henry Morgan, Jake Ehrlich
S02 E123
Selma Diamond, Barbara Lang, Corbett Monica
S02 E124
George Jessel, Floyd Patterson, Kaye Ballard
S02 E125
Milt Kamen, Bethel Leslie, Fred Wayne
S02 E126
Robert Merrill, Merriman Smith
S02 E127
Woody Allen, Leonard Spigelgass
S02 E128
Shari Lewis, Marty Ingels
S02 E129
Phil Foster, Sammy Renick
S02 E130
Pat O'Brien, Adam Keefe, June Valli, Marianne Means
S02 E131
David Doyle, Phil Foster
S02 E132
Inga Swenson, Irwin Corey, Fredd Wayne
S02 E133
Sammy Cahn, Felicia Sanders, Al Capp
S02 E134
Don Adams, Stan Musial, Jack Douglas and Reiko Douglas
S02 E135
Alan King, Harry Belafonte, Al Kelly, New York City Traffic Commissioner ...
S02 E136
Telly Savalas, Corbett Monica
S02 E137
Henry Morgan
S02 E138
Carol Lawrence, Myron Cohen, Shirley Harmer
S02 E139
Allen Funt, Terry-Thomas, Dickie Henderson
S02 E140
Don Adams, Eva Gabor, Richard Gehman, Barbara Hines
S02 E141
Marya Mannes, Dick Roman
S02 E142
Barbara Eden, Phil Foster, Dudley Moore
S02 E143
Jerry Van Dyke, Muriel Davidson
S02 E144
George Jessel, Eydie Gorme, Jack Bailey
S02 E145
Milt Kamen, Diahn Williams
S02 E146
Paul Newman, Larry Storch
S02 E147
Allan Sherman, Harry Golden
S02 E148
Andy Devine
S02 E149
Terry-Thomas, Denise McLaglen, Eddie Lawrence
S02 E150
Lawrence Welk, Woody Allen, Louise Lasser
S02 E151
Henny Youngman, Boris Karloff
S02 E152
Eva Gabor
S02 E153
Don Adams, Carol Lawrence, John Bubbles
S02 E154
Jim Backus, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Roger Conklin
S02 E155
David Frost, Jack Douglas and Reiko Douglas, Rosette Shaw, Al Lamm
S02 E156
Phil Foster, Shel Silverstein, Joan Bassie
S02 E157
George Jessel, Merriman Smith, Gia Scala, Susie Kaye
S02 E158
Irwin Corey, Jean Pierre Aumont, Dawn Nickerson
S02 E159
Shari Lewis, Larry Storch, George Sidney
S02 E160
Al Capp, John Bubbles
S02 E161
Patachou, Henry Morgan, Marya Mannes
S02 E162
Mel Brooks, Jack Albertson, Kathy Dolan, Marilyn Burroughs
S02 E163
David Merrick, Barbara Rush, Corbett Monica
S02 E164
Robert Merrill, Carroll Baker, Paul Anka, Don Alan
S02 E165
Milt Kamen, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Nick Adams
S02 E166
Jerry Van Dyke, Annie Farge, David Campbell Taws
S02 E167
Corbett Monica, Eydie Gorme, Don Cherry, Jose Bethancourt
S02 E168
Lorne Greene, Alan King, Marya Mannes, Jeff Donnell
S02 E169
Rise Stevens
S02 E170
Jack Albertson, Eva Gabor
S02 E171
Shel Silverstein, Emmaline Henry
S02 E172
Tony Martin, Yogi Berra, Joe Garagiola, Ziva Rodann
S02 E173
George Kirby, Ruta Lee, Selma Diamond
S02 E174
George Jessel, Annie Farge, Frank Fontaine
S02 E175
Woody Allen (guest host)
S02 E176
Woody Allen (guest host)
S02 E177
Woody Allen (guest host)
S02 E178
Woody Allen (guest host)
S02 E179
Woody Allen (guest host)
S02 E180
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts ; Milt Kamen, Lauritz Melchio...
S02 E181
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts; Marty Ingels,Jill St. John, ...
S02 E182
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts; Annie Farge, Paul Lynde, Phi...
S02 E183
Pat Boone guest host ; Debbie Reynolds, Jack Palance, Frank Gorshin
S02 E184
Pat Boone guest host; Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Carl Ballantine, Da...
S02 E185
Pat Boone guest host; Robert Taylor, Selma Diamond
S02 E186
Pat Boone guest host; Edie Adams, Al Capp, Gypsy Boots
S02 E187
Pat Boone guest host; Allan Sherman, Beatrice Lillie, Sammy Cahn, Shirley...
S02 E188
Groucho Marx guest host
S02 E189
Groucho Marx guest host, Bill Cosby
S02 E190
Groucho Marx guest host
S02 E191
Groucho Marx guest host; Phyllis Newman
S02 E192
Groucho Marx guest host
S02 E193
Allan Sherman guest host; Bill Cosby, Stefanie Powers, Evelyne Axell
S02 E194
Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme co-guest host, Nipsey Russell
S02 E195
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson co-guest hosts; Roger Miller
S02 E196
Phyllis Diller, Henry Morgan, Dr. Robert Franklyn
S02 E197
Bill Cosby, Merriman Smith
S02 E198
Henny Youngman, Harry Hirschfield, Mrs. M.S. Minier
S02 E199
Eydie Gorme, Maxie Rosenbloom
S02 E200
Robert Merrill, Phyllis Newman
S02 E201
Phyllis Diller
S02 E202
George Jessel
S02 E203
Karen Rondell
S02 E204
Bill Cosby
S02 E205
Stefanie Powers, Selma Diamond, Dr. Joyce Brothers
S02 E206
Florence Henderson, Susan Barrett
S02 E207
Tommy Dorsey, Keely Smith, Frank Sinatra, Jr.
S02 E208
Mel Torme, Ruta Lee
S02 E209
Phil Foster, Dinah Williams
S02 E210
Kaye Ballard, Bill Cosby
S02 E211
Allen Sherman, Eva Gabor
S02 E212
Merriman Smith, Marty Ingels
S02 E213
Don Adams
S02 E214
John Bubbles
S02 E215
Al Capp, Dr. Richard Evans
S02 E216
Jan Peerce, Barry Sisters
S02 E217
Marie Wilson, Henry Morgan
S02 E218
Alan King, guest host; Shelley Winters
S02 E219
Michael Landon, June Valli?
S02 E220
Dennis Weaver, Jan Peerce
S02 E221
James Franciscus, Gig Young
S02 E222
Lada Edmonds, Jr.
S02 E223
Four Step Brothers, Ruth Price, Abbe Lane, Carol Lawrence, Fess Parker
S02 E224
Brian Kelly, Louis Nye, Joan Tolliver
S02 E225
Bill Dana, Kaye Ballard
S02 E226
Robert Vaughn, Robert Merrill
S02 E227
Louis Nye
S02 E228
Phil Foster
S02 E229
Joe E. Lewis, Jack Benny, Jane Wyman
S02 E230
Eva Gabor
S02 E231
Leon Bibb
S02 E232
Show #0513
S02 E233
John Bubbles
S02 E234
Jeff Turner
S02 E235
Jack Klugman
S02 E236
Second anniversary show
S02 E237
Show #0518
S02 E238
Oscar Brown, Jr., Milt Kamen
S02 E239
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Corbett Monica
S02 E240
Florence Henderson, Carmen McRae, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Professor Irwin Cor...
S02 E241
Jill St. John, William Walker
S02 E242
Carol Sloane, Charles Aznavour
S02 E243
Phyllis Diller, Ed Ames, Ruta Lee
S02 E244
Marlin Perkins, Joe Garagiola, Kay Starr, Kaye Ballard
S02 E245
Phyllis Newman, Sam Levenson, Robert Merrill, Sam Snead
S02 E246
The Brothers Four, George Jessel, Dorothy Lamour, Hans Conried
S02 E247
Show #0528
S02 E248
The McGuire Sisters, Milt Kamen, Ed Ames
S02 E249
Shari Lewis, Jan Peerce
S02 E250
Phyllis McGinley, Selma Diamond, Allan Jones
S02 E251
Nina Wayne, Allan Sherman
S02 E252
Eydie Gorme, Allen and Rossi
S02 E253
Jan Murray (guest host) ; Sammy Davis, Jr., James Garner, Mel Allen
S02 E254
Henry Morgan, Bill Sands, Marion Lorne
S02 E255
Earl Fatha Hines, Phil Ford and Mimi Hines
S02 E256
Debbie Reynolds, Keely Smith, John Bubbles
S02 E257
Kaye Ballard, Milton Berle's Royal Quartet, Buddy Greco
S02 E258
Henny Youngman, Rita Moreno
S02 E259
Rita Moreno, Telly Savalas, Godfrey Cambridge, Norm Crosby
S02 E260
Alan King, Eddie Baxter
S02 E261
Barrie Chase, Bill Dana
S02 E262
Bill Cosby, Marion Lorne
S02 E263
John Bubbles
S02 E264
Richard Chamberlain, George Jessel
S02 E265
Florence Henderson, Bill Hayes
S02 E266
Rosemary Clooney, Arthur Barry
S02 E267
Robert Merrill
S02 E268
Bob Hope, Deborah Kerr, Nina Wayne, Peter Viertel
S02 E269
Pete Barbutti
S02 E270
Phil Ford, Mimi Hines, Allan Sherman
Season 3
S03 E01
Sammy Davis, Jr., guest host; Robert Kennedy, Peter Lawford
S03 E02
Lorne Greene, Barbara Windsor, Leslie Caron
S03 E03
Eva Gabor, Laura Green, John Megiver
S03 E04
Ed Ames, Sam Levenson
S03 E05
Tessie O'Shea, Gabe Dell
S03 E06
Shelley Berman, John Henry Faulk, Diahn Williams
S03 E07
Milt Kamen, Gore Vidal, Al Capp
S03 E08
Florence Henderson, Pat O'Brien, Ernie Terrell, Davide de St. Vena
S03 E09
Bill Cosby, Phil Foster, Julie Bennett, Look Magazine All-American Footba...
S03 E10
Pierre Salinger, Stefanie Powers, Jerry Van Dyke, The Appletons
S03 E11
Milton Berle, guest host; Sid Stone, Sammy Davis, Jr., Jimmy Van Heusen
S03 E12
Milt Kamen, Al Capp, Oriana Fallaci
S03 E13
Yvonne Constant, Jack Pepper, Debbie Drake, Jack E. Leonard
S03 E14
Jan Peerce, Johnny Dankworth
S03 E15
Arthur Treacher, Isaac Stern, Nancy Berg
S03 E16
Bill Cosby, Shel Silverstein
S03 E17
Arlene Dahl, Robert Coote
S03 E18
Henry Morgan, Minnesota Fats, Campfire girl Linette Bennett
S03 E19
John and Hayley Mills, Jayne Mansfield, Phyllis Diller
S03 E20
Robert Goulet, Henny Youngman, Jesse Oshea, Bonnie Jacobs, Lt. Cornelius ...
S03 E21
Walter Sullivan, Alan King
S03 E22
Eva Gabor, Freddy (Quinn), Myron Cohen, Murray Zaret
S03 E23
Tony Bennett, Corbett Monica, Jan de Ruth
S03 E24
Hugh Downs, guest host; Sam Levenson
S03 E25
Corbett Monica
S03 E26
George Jessel, Jack E. Leonard, Dr. Joyce Brothers
S03 E27
Norm Crosby, Selma Diamond, Robert Merrill, Harry Golden
S03 E28
Jan Peerce, Jayne Mansfield, Buddy Hackett
S03 E29
Buddy Hackett, Jayne Mansfield
S03 E30
Bill Cosby guest host; Jason Robards, Art Carney
S03 E31
Eydie Gorme, The Amazing Randi, Jackie Clark
S03 E32
June Allyson, June Valli, fashion designers Vicki Tiel and Mia Fonsagrive...
S03 E33
Al Capp
S03 E34
Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Terry-Thomas, Roger Conklin
S03 E35
Henry Morgan, H.R. Hays
S03 E36
Show #0587
S03 E37
Gore Vidal, Milt Kamen
S03 E38
Allen Sherman, Phyllis Newman
S03 E39
Eydie Gorme, Mel Brooks, Rod Serling
S03 E40
Milt Kamen guest host
S03 E41
Xavier Cugat, Charo, Cesar Romero
S03 E42
Show #592
S03 E43
The Redheads (an all-girl basketball team)
S03 E44
Eva Gabor, Robert Merrill, Andrew Lynn
S03 E45
Selma Diamond, Adam Keefe, Dr. Richard Evans
S03 E46
Bette Davis, Sidney Omarr
S03 E47
Henny Youngman, Kaye Ballard, Jeff Donnell
S03 E48
George Jessel, Richard Tucker
S03 E49
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Bob Hope, Carol Anderson, Sue Raney
S03 E50
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Don Adams, William Frawley
S03 E51
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Don Rickles, Godfrey Cambridge
S03 E52
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Louis Nye, Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker,...
S03 E53
S03 E54
(FROM LOS ANGELES) California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Diana Dors, Lou H...
S03 E55
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Ethel Merman and daughter Ethel Geary, Chuck Maynard, ...
S03 E56
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Bob Hope, Abbe Lane
S03 E57
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Mamie Van Doren
S03 E58
(FROM LOS ANGELES) Danny Thomas, Piccola Pupa
S03 E59
Woody Allen
S03 E60
Xavier Cugat, Charo
S03 E61
Milt Kamen, Joan Rivers (debut), Ulla Sellert
S03 E62
Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Dorothy Provine
S03 E63
Show #0614
S03 E64
Alan King guest host
S03 E65
Woody Allen, James Mason, Luba Lisa
S03 E66
Eydie Gorme
S03 E67
Ethel Merman, Jack E. Leonard, Skip Cunningham, Henry Boyd
S03 E68
Bill Cosby, Diahn Williams
S03 E69
Rose Marie
S03 E70
Eva Gabor
S03 E71
Joan Rivers
S03 E72
Corbett Monica
S03 E73
Selma Diamond, Don Francks, Dr. Ernest Dichter
S03 E74
Kaye Ballard, Frankie Laine, Joe Garagiola
S03 E75
Lee Remick, Alice Ghostley, David Frye
S03 E76
Eydie Gorme, George Jessel, Irwin Corey
S03 E77
Bob Hope, Richard Chamberlain, Hedda Hopper, Carol Lawrence, Barbara Park...
S03 E78
Buddy Hackett
S03 E79
Milt Kamen, Margaret Whiting, John Bubbles
S03 E80
Corbett Monica, Nancy Dussault, Mimi Hines, Philip Ford
S03 E81
Don Adams
S03 E82
Robert Merrill, Joan Rivers, Jim Fowler
S03 E83
Alan King guest host
S03 E84
Johnny Mathis, Phil Foster, Ruta Lee
S03 E85
Anita Gillette, Henry Morgan, Robert Murphy, Anita Bryant
S03 E86
Henry Morgan, Robert Murphy, Paul LaCross
S03 E87
Eydie Gorme
S03 E88
Tony Curtis, Larry Storch
S03 E89
Louis Nye, guest host; Vincent Price, Chita Rivera, Charlie Manna
S03 E90
Frankie Laine, Shari Lewis
S03 E91
Robert Mitchum, Phyllis Diller
S03 E92
Show #0643
S03 E93
Milt Kamen, Diahn Williams
S03 E94
Jose Ferrer, Kaye Ballard, Ulick O'Connor
S03 E95
Gig Young, Charles Aznavour, Louis O'Brien
S03 E96
Eva Gabor, Chan Thomas
S03 E97
France Nguyen
S03 E98
James Mason
S03 E99
Yogi Berra, Warren Spahn, Joan Rivers, Lou Holtz (comedian)
S03 E100
Lola Albright, Ulick O'Connor
S03 E101
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Don Francks
S03 E102
Alan King, Eva Gabor, Barbara Cook, fashion expert Eve of Rome
S03 E103
Selma Diamond
S03 E104
Sammy Davis, Jr. guest host; Art Carney, Diana Sands
S03 E105
Maurice Edelman
S03 E106
William Walker
S03 E107
Show #0658
S03 E108
Ethel Merman, Buddy Hackett, Homer and Jethro
S03 E109
Show #0660
S03 E110
Ed Ames, Myron Cohen, Luba Lisa
S03 E111
Godfrey Cambridge, Shari Lewis, elephant trainer Murray Hill
S03 E112
Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson guest hosts; Edie Adams, Arlene Dahl, pro...
S03 E113
Rosemary Clooney
S03 E114
Kim Novak, Gig Young, Kaye Ballard, Louise O'Brien
S03 E115
Stella Stevens, Robert Merrill, Irwin Corey
S03 E116
Show #0667
S03 E117
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ken Murray
S03 E118
Eydie Gorme, Jack E. Leonard
S03 E119
Rudy Vallee, Eva Gabor, Lee Morgan, hairdresser Michel Kazan
S03 E120
Ed Begley, Anna Maria Alberghetti, John Bubbles
S03 E121
Milt Kamen, NORAD Command Dancers
S03 E122
Alan King, Max Lerner, Phyllis Newman
S03 E123
Joan Crawford, Dick Shawn, Corbett Monica
S03 E124
Show #0675
S03 E125
Don Adams, Carol Lawrence, Harry Golden
S03 E126
Dick Shawn, Diahn Williams
S03 E127
Selma Diamond, Ray Walston
S03 E128
Henry Morgan
S03 E129
George Jessel, Alex and Trude Assael
S03 E130
Gig Young, Rose Marie, Mamie Van Doren
S03 E131
Rocky Marciano
S03 E132
Henry Morgan, Tallulah Bankhead, Marya Mannes
S03 E133
Ethel Merman, Eydie Gorme, Myron Cohen
S03 E134
Corbett Monica guest host; Steve Lawrence, Jayne Mansfield, Ronnie Martin
S03 E135
Bill Dana, Oleg Cassini, Joan Rivers
S03 E136
Godfrey Cambridge, John LeCarre
S03 E137
Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard
S03 E138
Ruth Price
S03 E139
Kaye Ballard, Tony Martin
S03 E140
Rod Serling, Eva Gabor
S03 E141
Selma Diamond, Irina Demick
S03 E142
Sammy Davis, Jr., Phyllis Newman
S03 E143
Corbett Monica
S03 E144
Robert Merrill, Ivan Tors, Julia Mead
S03 E145
Dan Dailey, Betty Grable
S03 E146
Show #0697
S03 E147
Jack Douglas and Reiko Douglas, Alice Ghostley
S03 E148
Ethel Merman, Cyril Ritchard
S03 E149
Hugh Downs guest host
S03 E150
George Maharis, Joan Rivers
S03 E151
Alan King, Dr. Herbert Axelrod
S03 E152
Sid Caesar, Phyllis Newman
S03 E153
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dr. Bernarr Zovluck
S03 E154
Kaye Ballard, Redd Foxx
S03 E155
Henry Morgan, Ernest Warther
S03 E156
Richard Rodgers, Jack E. Leonard, Marilyn Michaels, Elizabeth Allen
S03 E157
Eydie Gorme, Corbett Monica, Gertrude Berg
S03 E158
George Jessel, Portland Hoffa, publisher Joe McCarthy
S03 E159
Tony Randall, Xavier Cugat and Charo, Bea Lillie
S03 E160
Woody Allen, Max Lerner, Diahn Williams
S03 E161
Eva Gabor
S03 E162
Selma Diamond, Jack Palance
S03 E163
George Kirby, Joan Rivers
S03 E164
Jerry Lewis guest host; Jackie Vernon, The Ritts Puppets
S03 E165
Jerry Lewis guest host; Jan Murray
S03 E166
Jerry Lewis guest host
S03 E167
Jerry Lewis guest host; Myron Cohen
S03 E168
Jerry Lewis guest host; Al Capp, Sammy Cahn
S03 E169
Joey Bishop guest host; Sammy Davis, Jr.
S03 E170
Joey Bishop guest host; Phil Foster, Kay Armen
S03 E171
Joey Bishop guest host; Bill Cosby, Glenda Granger
S03 E172
Joey Bishop guest host; Frank Fontaine
S03 E173
Joey Bishop guest host; Allan Sherman
S03 E174
Joey Bishop guest host; Buddy Hackett, Simone Signoret
S03 E175
Joey Bishop guest host; Rod Serling
S03 E176
Joey Bishop guest host; White House Chief of Protocol Lloyd Hand and his ...
S03 E177
Joey Bishop guest host; Diana Dors, Gertrude Berg
S03 E178
Joey Bishop guest host; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Sally Ann Howes
S03 E179
Joey Bishop guest host
S03 E180
Joey Bishop guest host; Phyllis Diller
S03 E181
Joey Bishop guest host; Corbett Monica
S03 E182
Joey Bishop guest host
S03 E183
Joey Bishop guest host; Eydie Gorme, Adam Keefe
S03 E184
Joey Bishop guest host; George Kirby
S03 E185
Joey Bishop guest host; Warren Berlinger
S03 E186
Joey Bishop guest host; George Maharis
S03 E187
Corbett Monica
S03 E188
Ted Sorensen, Joan Rivers
S03 E189
Alan King, Kaye Ballard
S03 E190
Buddy Hackett, George Jessel, Diana Dors
S03 E191
Rudy Vallee, Gila Golan
S03 E192
Phyllis Diller
S03 E193
George Kirby
S03 E194
Eydie Gorme, Al Capp
S03 E195
Jackie Vernon
S03 E196
Show #0747
S03 E197
George Kirby, Myron Cohen
S03 E198
Michael Caine
S03 E199
Alan King, John Bubbles
S03 E200
Sheldon Leonard
S03 E201
Eve Arden, Peter Lawford, Jackie Vernon
S03 E202
Ed Begley, Louie Nye, Redd Foxx, Ruth Price
S03 E203
George Jessel, John Gavin, Jack Haskell
S03 E204
Show #0755
S03 E205
Show #0756
S03 E206
Show #0757
S03 E207
Show #0758
S03 E208
Show #0759
S03 E209
Show #0760
S03 E210
Show #0761
S03 E211
Show #0762
S03 E212
Show #0763
S03 E213
Show #0764
S03 E214
Show #0765
S03 E215
Show #0766
S03 E216
Show #0767
S03 E217
Show #0768
S03 E218
Show #0769
Season 4
S04 E01
Show #0770
S04 E02
Show #0771
S04 E03
Show #0772
S04 E04
Show #0773
S04 E05
Show #774
S04 E06
Show #0775
S04 E07
Joey Bishop guest host; Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Juliet Prowse
S04 E08
Show #0777
S04 E09
Show #0778
S04 E10
Show #0779
S04 E11
Show #0780
S04 E12
S04 E13
Show #0782
S04 E14
Show #0783
S04 E15
Show #0784
S04 E16
Show #0785
S04 E17
Show #0786
S04 E18
Show #0787
S04 E19
Show #0788
S04 E20
Show #0789
S04 E21
Show #0790
S04 E22
Show #0791
S04 E23
S04 E24
Show #0793
S04 E25
Show #0794
S04 E26
Show #0795
S04 E27
Show #0796
S04 E28
Show #0797
S04 E29
Show #0798
S04 E30
Show #0799
S04 E31
Show #0800
S04 E32
Show #0801
S04 E33
Show #0802
S04 E34
Show #0803
S04 E35
Show #0804
S04 E36
Show #0805
S04 E37
Show #0806
S04 E38
Show #0807
S04 E39
Show #0808
S04 E40
Show #0809
S04 E41
Show #0810
S04 E42
Show #0811
S04 E43
Show #0812
S04 E44
Show #0813
S04 E45
Show #0814
S04 E46
Show #0815
S04 E47
Show #0816
S04 E48
Show #0817
S04 E49
Show #0818
S04 E50
Show #0819
S04 E51
Show #0820
S04 E52
Show #0821
S04 E53
Show #0822
S04 E54
Show #0823
S04 E55
Show #0824
S04 E56
Show #0825
S04 E57
Show #0826
S04 E58
Show #0827
S04 E59
Show #0828
S04 E60
Show #0829
S04 E61
Show #0830
S04 E62
Show #0831
S04 E63
Show #0832
S04 E64
Show #0833
S04 E65
Show #0834
S04 E66
Show #0835
S04 E67
Show #0836
S04 E68
Show #0837
S04 E69
Woody Allen, The Muppets
S04 E70
Show #0839
S04 E71
Sammy Davis Jr. (host), Chester Morris, Johnny Hartman
S04 E72
Woody Allen (host), Ernie Terrell, John Searne
S04 E73
Corbett Monica
S04 E74
Bill Dana (host)
S04 E75
Betsy Palmer
S04 E76
Polly Bergen, Buddy Hackett
S04 E77
Murray Roman
S04 E78
Alan King
S04 E79
Margaret Leighton, Michael Wilding, Kaye Ballard, Hal Frazier
S04 E80
Roger Moore, Ann Sheridan, Milt Kamen, Annette Sanders
S04 E81
James Coburn, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko
S04 E82
Godfrey Cambridge
S04 E83
Jan Peerce, Judi Rolin, Dick Cavett
S04 E84
Sam Levenson
S04 E85
Honor Blackman
S04 E86
Show #0855
S04 E87
Show #0856
S04 E88
Show #0857
S04 E89
Show #0858
S04 E90
Show #0859
S04 E91
Show #0860
S04 E92
Show #0861
S04 E93
Show #0862
S04 E94
Show #0863
S04 E95
Show #0864
S04 E96
Show #0865
S04 E97
Show #0866
S04 E98
Show #0867
S04 E99
Show #0868
S04 E100
Show #0869
S04 E101
Show #0870
S04 E102
Show #0871
S04 E103
Show #0872
S04 E104
Show #0873
S04 E105
Show #0874
S04 E106
Show #0875
S04 E107
Show #0876
S04 E108
Show #0877
S04 E109
Show #0878
S04 E110
Show #0879
S04 E111
Show #0880
S04 E112
Show #0881
S04 E113
Show #0882
S04 E114
Show #0883
S04 E115
Show #0884
S04 E116
Show #0885
S04 E117
Show #0886
S04 E118
Show #0887
S04 E119
Show #0888
S04 E120
Show #0889
S04 E121
Show #0890
S04 E122
Show #0891
S04 E123
Show #0892
S04 E124
Show #0893
S04 E125
Show #0894
S04 E126
Show #0895
S04 E127
Show #0896
S04 E128
Show #0897
S04 E129
Show #0898
S04 E130
Show #0899
S04 E131
Show #0900
S04 E132
Show #0901
S04 E133
Show #0902
S04 E134
Show #0903
S04 E135
Show #0904
S04 E136
Show #0905
S04 E137
Show #0906
S04 E138
Show #0907
S04 E139
Show #0908
S04 E140
Show #0909
S04 E141
Show #0910
S04 E142
Show #0911
S04 E143
Show #0912
S04 E144
Show #0913
S04 E145
Show #0914
S04 E146
Show #0915
S04 E147
Show #0916
S04 E148
Show #0917
S04 E149
Show #0918
S04 E150
Show #0919
S04 E151
Show #0920
S04 E152
Show #0921
S04 E153
Show #0922
S04 E154
Show #0923
S04 E155
Show #0924
S04 E156
Show #0925
S04 E157
Show #0936
S04 E158
Show #0927
S04 E159
Show #0928
S04 E160
Show #0929
S04 E161
Show #0930
S04 E162
Show #0931
S04 E163
Adam West, Gabriel Fielding
S04 E164
Show #0933
S04 E165
Show #0934
S04 E166
Show #0935
S04 E167
Show #0936
S04 E168
Show #0937
S04 E169
Show #0938
S04 E170
Show #0939
S04 E171
Show #0940
S04 E172
Show #0941
S04 E173
Show #0942
S04 E174
Show #0943
S04 E175
Show #0944
S04 E176
Show #0945
S04 E177
Show #0946
S04 E178
Show #0947
S04 E179
Show #0948
S04 E180
Father Tom Vaughn
S04 E181
Show #0950
S04 E182
Show #0951
S04 E183
Show #0952
S04 E184
Show #0953
S04 E185
Show #0954
S04 E186
Show #0955
S04 E187
Show #0956
S04 E188
Show #0957
S04 E189
Show #0958
S04 E190
Show #0959
S04 E191
Show #0960
S04 E192
Show #0961
S04 E193
Show #0962
S04 E194
Show #0963
S04 E195
Show #0964
S04 E196
Show #0965
S04 E197
Show #0966
S04 E198
Show #0967
S04 E199
Show #0968
S04 E200
Show #0969
S04 E201
Show #0970
S04 E202
Show #0971
S04 E203
Show #0972
S04 E204
Show #0973
S04 E205
Show #0974
S04 E206
Show #0975
S04 E207
Show #0976
S04 E208
Show #0977
S04 E209
Show #0978
S04 E210
Show #0979
S04 E211
Show #0980
S04 E212
Show #0981
S04 E213
Show #0982
S04 E214
Show #0983
S04 E215
Show #0984
S04 E216
Show #0985
S04 E217
Show #0986
S04 E218
Show #0987
S04 E219
Show #0988
S04 E220
Show #0989
S04 E221
Show #0990
S04 E222
Show #0991
S04 E223
Show #0992
S04 E224
Show #0993
S04 E225
Show #0994
S04 E226
Show #0995
S04 E227
Show #996
S04 E228
Show #997
S04 E229
Show #998
S04 E230
Show #999
S04 E231
Show #1000
S04 E232
Show #1001
S04 E233
The Supremes
S04 E234
Show #1003
S04 E235
Show #1004
S04 E236
Show #1005
S04 E237
Show #1006
S04 E238
Show #1007
S04 E239
Show #1008
S04 E240
Show #1009
S04 E241
Show #1010
S04 E242
Show #1011
S04 E243
Show #1012
S04 E244
Show #1013
S04 E245
Show #1014
S04 E246
Show #1015
S04 E247
Show #1016
S04 E248
Show #1017
S04 E249
Show #1018
S04 E250
Show #1019
S04 E251
Show #1020
S04 E252
Show #1021
S04 E253
Show #1022
S04 E254
Show #1023
S04 E255
Show #1024
S04 E256
Show #1025
S04 E257
Show #1026
S04 E258
Show #1027
S04 E259
Show #1028
S04 E260
Show #1029
S04 E261
Show #1030
S04 E262
Show #1031
S04 E263
Show #1032
S04 E264
Show #1033
S04 E265
Show #1034
S04 E266
Show #1035
S04 E267
Show #1036
S04 E268
Show #1037
S04 E269
Show #1038
S04 E270
Show #1039
S04 E271
Show #1040
S04 E272
Show #1041
S04 E273
Show #1042
S04 E274
Show #1043
S04 E275
Show #1044
S04 E276
Show #1045
S04 E277
Show #1046
S04 E278
Show #1047
Season 5
S05 E01
Show #1048
S05 E02
Show #1049
S05 E03
Show #1050
S05 E04
Show #1051
S05 E05
Show #1052
S05 E06
Show #1053
S05 E07
Show #1054
S05 E08
Show #1055
S05 E09
Show #1056
S05 E10
Show #1057
S05 E11
Show #1058
S05 E12
Show #1059
S05 E13
Show #1060
S05 E14
Show #1061
S05 E15
Show #1062
S05 E16
Show #1063
S05 E17
Show #1064
S05 E18
Show #1065
S05 E19
Show #1066
S05 E20
Show #1067
S05 E21
Show #1068
S05 E22
Show #1069
S05 E23
Show #1070
S05 E24
Show #1071
S05 E25
Show #1072
S05 E26
Show #1073
S05 E27
Show #1074
S05 E28
Show #1075
S05 E29
Show #1076
S05 E30
Show #1077
S05 E31
Show #1078
S05 E32
Show #1079
S05 E33
Show #1080
S05 E34
Show #1081
S05 E35
Show #1082
S05 E36
Show #1083
S05 E37
Show #1084
S05 E38
Show #1085
S05 E39
Show #1086
S05 E40
Show #1087
S05 E41
Show #1088
S05 E42
Show #1089
S05 E43
Show #1090
S05 E44
Show #1091
S05 E45
Show #1092
S05 E46
Show #1093
S05 E47
Show #1094
S05 E48
Show #1095
S05 E49
Show #1096
S05 E50
Show #1097
S05 E51
Show #1098
S05 E52
Show #1099
S05 E53
Show #1100
S05 E54
Henry Morgan, Sarah Vaughan
S05 E55
Buddy Hackett, Dr. Margaret Mead, Frances Langford, Shirley Jones
S05 E56
Show #1103
S05 E57
Pat Boone (guest host), Sid Caesar, Selma Diamond, Clint Eastwood
S05 E58
Show #1005
S05 E59
Woody Woodbury, Adam Keefe
S05 E60
Peter Ustinov
S05 E61
Dom DeLuise
S05 E62
Bob Newhart (guest host), Norm Crosby, Fannie Flag
S05 E63
Show #1110
S05 E64
Show #1111
S05 E65
Shelley Winters, John Byner
S05 E66
Florence Henderson, Murray Roman, Joe Garagiola
S05 E67
Dick Cavett
S05 E68
Show #1115
S05 E69
Show #1116
S05 E70
Phyllis Newman, Robert Culp
S05 E71
Charlie Manna
S05 E72
Show #1119
S05 E73
Robert Shaw, Jackie Vernon, Abbe Lane
S05 E74
Robert Merrill, Jan Peerce, Sarah Churchill
S05 E75
Rod Steiger, Eydie Gorme, Soupy Sales
S05 E76
Show #1123
S05 E77
Morton Hunt, Herschel Bernardi, Mimi Hines
S05 E78
Tony Bennett, Professor Irwin Corey
S05 E79
Al Capp, Sen. Jacob Javits
S05 E80
Show #1127
S05 E81
Henry Morgan, Mitzi Gaynor, Cassius Clay
S05 E82
Carol Lawrence
S05 E83
Gov. Norbert T. Tiemann, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows
S05 E84
Betsy Palmer, Mitzi Gaynor, Eddy Arnold
S05 E85
Phyllis Newman, Betsy Palmer, Ashley Montagu
S05 E86
Soupy Sales, Lynn Redgrave, Elmer Carlson
S05 E87
George Kirby, Joan Rivers
S05 E88
Sam Levenson
S05 E89
Buddy Hackett, Dr. Robert Ellinger
S05 E90
Maximillian Schell
S05 E91
Florence Henderson, Paul Sann, Jackie Vernon
S05 E92
Show #1139
S05 E93
Show #1140
S05 E94
Mickey Rooney, Annette Funicello
S05 E95
Show #1142
S05 E96
James Garner, Pearl Bailey
S05 E97
Show #1144
S05 E98
Show #1145
S05 E99
Show #1146
S05 E100
George Burns, Kaye Ballard
S05 E101
Eva Gabor
S05 E102
Buddy Hackett, Robert Morse
S05 E103
Show #1150
S05 E104
Henry Morgan
S05 E105
Show #1152
S05 E106
Show #1153
S05 E107
Woody Allen (guest host)
S05 E108
Woody Allen (guest host), Joan Rivers
S05 E109
Woody Allen (guest host), Robert Shaw
S05 E110
Woody Allen (guest host)
S05 E111
Woody Allen (guest host), Vic Damone
S05 E112
Corbett Monica, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows
S05 E113
Show #1160
S05 E114
Show #1161
S05 E115
Show #1162
S05 E116
Dick Cavett, Phyllis Newman
S05 E117
Show #1164
S05 E118
Show #1165
S05 E119
Show #1166
S05 E120
Show #1167
S05 E121
Show #1168
S05 E122
Show #1169
S05 E123
Show #1170
S05 E124
Show #1171
S05 E125
Groucho Marx
S05 E126
Show #1173
S05 E127
Show #1174
S05 E128
Show #1175
S05 E129
Jimmy Dean (Guest Host), Leonard Nimoy
S05 E130
Show #1177
S05 E131
Show #1178
S05 E132
Show #1179
S05 E133
Show #1180
S05 E134
Show #1181
S05 E135
Show #1182
S05 E136
Show #1183
S05 E137
Show #1184
S05 E138
Show #1185
S05 E139
Show #1186
S05 E140
Show #1187
S05 E141
Show #1188
S05 E142
Show #1189
S05 E143
Show #1190
S05 E144
Show #1191
S05 E145
Show #1192
S05 E146
Show #1193
S05 E147
Show #1194
S05 E148
Show #1195
S05 E149
Show #1196
S05 E150
Show #1197
S05 E151
Show #1198
S05 E152
The Supremes
S05 E153
Show #1200
S05 E154
Show #1201
S05 E155
Show #1202
S05 E156
Show #1203
S05 E157
Show #1204
S05 E158
Show #1205
S05 E159
Show #1206
S05 E160
Show #1207
S05 E161
Show #1208
S05 E162
Show #1209
S05 E163
Show #1210
S05 E164
Show #1211
S05 E165
Show #1212
S05 E166
Show #1213
S05 E167
Show #1214
S05 E168
Show #1215
S05 E169
Show #1216
S05 E170
Show #1217
S05 E171
Show #1218
S05 E172
Show #1219
S05 E173
Show #1220
S05 E174
Show #1221
S05 E175
Show #1222
S05 E176
Show #1223
S05 E177
Show #1224
S05 E178
Show #1225
S05 E179
Show #1226
S05 E180
Show #1227
S05 E181
Show #1228
S05 E182
Show #1229
S05 E183
Show #1230
S05 E184
Show #1231
S05 E185
Show #1232
S05 E186
Show #1233
S05 E187
Show #1234
S05 E188
Show #1235
S05 E189
Show #1236
S05 E190
Show #1237
S05 E191
Show #1238
S05 E192
Show #1239
S05 E193
Show #1240
S05 E194
Show #1241
S05 E195
Show #1242
S05 E196
Show #1243
S05 E197
Show #1244
S05 E198
Show #1245
S05 E199
Show #1246
S05 E200
Show #1247
S05 E201
Show #1248
S05 E202
Show #1249
S05 E203
Show #1250
S05 E204
Show #1251
S05 E205
Show #1252
S05 E206
Show #1253
S05 E207
Show #1254
S05 E208
Show #1255
S05 E209
Show #1256
S05 E210
Show #1257
S05 E211
Ayn Rand
S05 E212
Show #1259
S05 E213
Show #1260
S05 E214
Show #1261
S05 E215
Show #1262
S05 E216
Show #1263
S05 E217
Show #1264
S05 E218
Show #1265
S05 E219
Show #1266
S05 E220
Show #1267
S05 E221
Show #1268
S05 E222
Show #1269
S05 E223
Show #1270
S05 E224
Show #1271
S05 E225
Show #1272
S05 E226
Show #1273
S05 E227
Show #1274
S05 E228
Show #1275
S05 E229
Show #1276
S05 E230
Show #1277
S05 E231
Show #1278
S05 E232
Show #1279
S05 E233
Show #1280
S05 E234
Show #1281
S05 E235
Show #1282
S05 E236
Show #1283
S05 E237
Show #1284
S05 E238
Show #1285
S05 E239
Show #1286
S05 E240
Show #1287
S05 E241
Show #1288
S05 E242
Show #1289
S05 E243
Show #1290
S05 E244
Show #1291
S05 E245
Show #1292
S05 E246
Show #1293
S05 E247
Show #1294
S05 E248
Show #1295
S05 E249
Show #1296
S05 E250
Show #1297
S05 E251
Show #1298
S05 E252
Show #1299
S05 E253
Show #1300
S05 E254
Show #1301
S05 E255
Show #1302
S05 E256
Show #1303
S05 E257
Show #1304
S05 E258
Show #1305
S05 E259
Show #1306
S05 E260
Show #1307
S05 E261
Show #1308
S05 E262
Show #1309
S05 E263
Show #1310
S05 E264
Show #1311
S05 E265
Ayn Rand, Monique Van Vooren
S05 E266
Show #1313
S05 E267
Show #1314
S05 E268
Show #1315
S05 E269
Show #1316
S05 E270
Show #1317
S05 E271
Show #1318
S05 E272
Show #1319
S05 E273
Show #1320
S05 E274
Show #1321
S05 E275
Show #1322
S05 E276
Show #1323
S05 E277
Show #1324
S05 E278
Show #1325
S05 E279
Show #1326
S05 E280
Show #1327
S05 E281
Show #1328
S05 E282
Show #1329
S05 E283
Show #1330
S05 E284
Show #1331
S05 E285
Show #1332
S05 E286
Show #1333
S05 E287
Show #1334
S05 E288
Show #1335
S05 E289
Show #1336
S05 E290
Show #1337
S05 E291
Show #1338
S05 E292
Show #1339
S05 E293
Show #1340
S05 E294
Show #1341
S05 E295
Show #1342
S05 E296
Show #1343
S05 E297
Show #1344
S05 E298
Show #1345
S05 E299
John Glenn, Jr., Ayn Rand, Lynn Devore
S05 E300
Show #1347
S05 E301
Show #1348
S05 E302
Show #1349
S05 E303
Show #1350
S05 E304
Show #1351
S05 E305
Show #1352
S05 E306
Show #1353
S05 E307
Show #1354
S05 E308
Show #1355
S05 E309
Show #1356
S05 E310
Show #1357
S05 E311
Show #1358
S05 E312
Show #1359
S05 E313
Show #1360
S05 E314
Show #1361
S05 E315
Show #1362
S05 E316
Show #1363
S05 E317
Show #1364
S05 E318
Show #1365
S05 E319
Show #1366
S05 E320
Show #1367
S05 E321
Don Rickles (guest host), Robert Culp, Sammy Davis, Jr.
S05 E322
Show #1369
S05 E323
Bob Hope, Pat Paulsen
S05 E324
Show #1371
S05 E325
Show #1372
S05 E326
Show #1373
S05 E327
Show #1374
S05 E328
Clifton Leachman, Fannie Flagg, Orson Bean
S05 E329
Show #1376
S05 E330
Show #1377
S05 E331
Show #1378
S05 E332
Show #1379
S05 E333
Show #1380
S05 E334
Jim Garrison
S05 E335
Mark Tendler
S05 E336
Albert Finney, Eddy Arnold, Robert Klein, Joan Rivers
S05 E337
Harry Belafonte (guest host) Senator Robert F. Kennedy, The Smothers Brot...
S05 E338
Harry Belafonte (guest host), Zero Mostel, Diahann Carroll
S05 E339
Harry Belafonte (guest host)
S05 E340
Harry Belafonte (guest host) Nipsey Russell, Dunja Rajter, Paul Newman, D...
S05 E341
Harry Belafonte (guest host)
S05 E342
Nancy Sinatra, Liberace, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
S05 E343
James Drury, Doug McClure, Ray Bolger
S05 E344
Mickey Rooney, Danny Thomas
S05 E345
Sid Caesar, Richard Pryor, Bobby Darin
S05 E346
Don Rickles, Don Adams, Sherry Jackson, Sonny & Cher
S05 E347
James Garner, Milton Berle, Richard Crenna
S05 E348
Steve Allen, Jack Webb, Shecky Greene, Spanky Wilson
S05 E349
George Carlin, Eva Gabor, Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss
S05 E350
Jerry Lewis
S05 E351
Tony Curtis, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, April Taten
S05 E352
Eydie Gorme
S05 E353
Orson Bean
S05 E354
Show #1401
S05 E355
Vincent Price, Joey Heatherton
S05 E356
Show #1403
S05 E357
Show #1404
S05 E358
Show #1405
S05 E359
Show #1406
S05 E360
Show #1407
S05 E361
Show #1408
S05 E362
Show #1409
S05 E363
Show #1410
S05 E364
Show #1411
S05 E365
Show #1412
S05 E366
Show #1413
S05 E367
Show #1414
S05 E368
Show #1415
S05 E369
Show #1416
S05 E370
Show #1417
S05 E371
Show #1418
S05 E372
Sammy Davis, Jr. (guest host), Leslie Uggams, Red Buttons, Vice President...
S05 E373
Sammy Davis, Jr. (guest host), Bobby Vinton
S05 E374
Sammy Davis, Jr. (guest host)
S05 E375
Sammy Davis, Jr. (guest host)
S05 E376
Sammy Davis, Jr. (guest host), Gloria de Haven, Emily Yancy
S05 E377
Show #1424
S05 E378
Show #1425
S05 E379
Show #1426
S05 E380
Show #1427
S05 E381
Diana Ross & the Supremes
S05 E382
Show #1429
S05 E383
Show #1430
S05 E384
Show #1431
S05 E385
Show #1432
S05 E386
Show #1433
S05 E387
Show #1434
S05 E388
Show #1435
S05 E389
Show #1436
S05 E390
Show #1437
S05 E391
Show #1438
S05 E392
Show #1439
S05 E393
Show #1440
S05 E394
Show #1441
S05 E395
Show #1442
S05 E396
Show #1443
S05 E397
Show #1444
S05 E398
Show #1445
S05 E399
Show #1446
S05 E400
Show #1447
S05 E401
Show #1448
S05 E402
Show #1449
S05 E403
Neil Simon, Burt Bacharach, Florence Henderson
S05 E404
Robert Merrill, Don Franks, Rich Little
S05 E405
Gig Young, Godfrey Cambridge, Mark Traynor, Johnny Mercer, Sam Lerenson
S05 E406
Jackie Mason, Eydie Gorme, Jim Fowler
S05 E407
Joe Garagiola (guest host), Jack Paar
S05 E408
Joe Garagiola (guest host), John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Season 6
S06 E01
Joe Garagiola (guest host), Vic Perry
S06 E02
Joe Garagiola (guest host), Yogi Berra, Robert Goulet
S06 E03
Joe Garagiola (guest host), Nipsey Russell, Barbara Walters
S06 E04
Show #1459
S06 E05
Show #1460
S06 E06
Flip Wilson
S06 E07
Irene Ryan
S06 E08
John Byner, Juliet Prowse, Noel Harrison
S06 E09
Show #1464
S06 E10
Show #1465
S06 E11
Show #1466
S06 E12
Peggy Moffitt
S06 E13
The Box Tops
S06 E14
Show #1469
S06 E15
Show #1470
S06 E16
Show #1471
S06 E17
Show #1472
S06 E18
Show #1473
S06 E19
Show #1474
S06 E20
Show #1475
S06 E21
Show #1476
S06 E22
Show #1477
S06 E23
Show #1478
S06 E24
Show #1479
S06 E25
Show #1480
S06 E26
Raquel Welch, Alan King, Pigmeat
S06 E27
Show #1482
S06 E28
Show #1483
S06 E29
Show #1484
S06 E30
Show #1485
S06 E31
Show #1486
S06 E32
Show #1487
S06 E33
Show #1488
S06 E34
Show #1489
S06 E35
Show #1490
S06 E36
Show #1491
S06 E37
Show #1492
S06 E38
Show #1493
S06 E39
Show #1494
S06 E40
Show #1495
S06 E41
Show #1496
S06 E42
Show #1497
S06 E43
Show #1498
S06 E44
Show #1499
S06 E45
Show #1500
S06 E46
Show #1501
S06 E47
Show #1502
S06 E48
Show #1503
S06 E49
Show #1504
S06 E50
Show #1505
S06 E51
Show #1506
S06 E52
Show #1507
S06 E53
Show #1508
S06 E54
Show #1509
S06 E55
Show #1510
S06 E56
Show #1511
S06 E57
Jean-Paul Vignon
S06 E58
Show #1513
S06 E59
Show #1514
S06 E60
Show #1515
S06 E61
Show #1516
S06 E62
Show #1517
S06 E63
Show #1518
S06 E64
Show #1519
S06 E65
Show #1520
S06 E66
Show #1521
S06 E67
Show #1522
S06 E68
Show #1523
S06 E69
Show #1524
S06 E70
Show #1525
S06 E71
Show #1526
S06 E72
Show #1527
S06 E73
Show #1528
S06 E74
Show #1529
S06 E75
Show #1530
S06 E76
Show #1531
S06 E77
Show #1532
S06 E78
Show #1533
S06 E79
Show #1534
S06 E80
Raymond Burr, Gloria Steinem
S06 E81
S06 E82
Connie Von Hagan
S06 E83
David Frye
S06 E84
Polly Bergen
S06 E85
Rene Carpenter
S06 E86
Ruth Montgomery
S06 E87
Mickey Mantle, Veruschka
S06 E88
Alan King (guest host), Matt Monro, Bill Moyers
S06 E89
Billy Eckstein, Joseph W. Barr
S06 E90
Slappy White, Lesley Gore, Cere Robinson
S06 E91
Marilyn Maye
S06 E92
Joe Tex
S06 E93
Peter Ustinov
S06 E94
Show #1549
S06 E95
John Davidson (guest host), George Carlin
S06 E96
Alan King, Mamie Van Doren
S06 E97
Show #1552
S06 E98
Show #1553
S06 E99
Show #1554
S06 E100
David Frost (guest host), Phyllis Newman, Dr. Julian Fast
S06 E101
6th Anniversary Show
S06 E102
Show #1557
S06 E103
Show #1558
S06 E104
Show #1559
S06 E105
Bob Crane (guest host), Pamela Mason, David Hemmings, Dave Barry, Prof. I...
S06 E106
Bob Crane (guest host), Gig Young
S06 E107
Bob Crane (guest host), Cliff Robertson
S06 E108
Dinah Shore (guest host), Rich Little, Jack Albertson
S06 E109
Dinah Shore (guest host), Shecky Greene, Oscar de la Renta
S06 E110
Show #1565
S06 E111
Show #1566
S06 E112
Show #1567
S06 E113
Show #1568
S06 E114
Show #1569
S06 E115
Phyllis Diller (guest host), Rip Taylor, Norm Crosby
S06 E116
Mia Farrow, Ronnie Dyson
S06 E117
Show #1572
S06 E118
Carol Wayne, Rita Smith
S06 E119
Show #1574
S06 E120
Eddy Arnold (guest host), Liberace, Phyllis Newman
S06 E121
Show #1576
S06 E122
Show #1577
S06 E123
Show #1578
S06 E124
Woody Allen (Guest Host), Muhammad Ali, James Earl Jones, Viva
S06 E125
Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway, Jackie Mason
S06 E126
Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett, Dick Fosbury
S06 E127
Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Ed Ames
S06 E128
David Frye, David Janssen
S06 E129
Mickey Rooney, Barbara Feldon
S06 E130
Show #1585
S06 E131
Show #1586
S06 E132
Tiny Tim, Peter Lawford, Jonathan Winters, Rose Marie, Shecky Greene
S06 E133
Jack Benny
S06 E134
Bob Crane, Phyllis Diller, John Byner
S06 E135
Show #1590
S06 E136
Lucille Ball, Steve Allen
S06 E137
Jane Wyman, Bill Dana, Paul Lynde, Tony Curtis
S06 E138
James Garner, Gene Barry, Andy Williams, Claudine Longet, Stan Freberg
S06 E139
Show #1594
S06 E140
Lucille Ball, Ann-Margret, Richard Pryor
S06 E141
Jack Lemmon, Jerry Lewis, Otto Preminger, Vic Perry
S06 E142
George Hamilton
S06 E143
Milton Berle, Dick Cavett
S06 E144
All-American Football Team
S06 E145
Shari Lewis, John Cassavetes
S06 E146
Show #1601
S06 E147
Irwin C. Watson
S06 E148
George Segal, George Kirby
S06 E149
George Kirby
S06 E150
Show #1605
S06 E151
Rod Steiger
S06 E152
Show #1607
S06 E153
James Garner
S06 E154
Woody Allen (guest host), Shari Lewis
S06 E155
Judy Garland
S06 E156
Show #1611
S06 E157
Show #1612
S06 E158
Show #1613
S06 E159
Alan King (guest host)
S06 E160
Jack Jones (guest host), Jane Morgan, Chuck McCann
S06 E161
Jack Jones (guest host), Milt Kamen, Phyllis Newman
S06 E162
Show #1617
S06 E163
Show #1618
S06 E164
Show #1619
Season 7
S07 E01
Show #1620
S07 E02
Flip Wilson, David Susskind
S07 E03
Charlie Callas
S07 E04
Show #1623
S07 E05
Biff Rose
S07 E06
Show #1625
S07 E07
Show #1626
S07 E08
Vaughn Monroe
S07 E09
Shelley Berman
S07 E10
Show #1629
S07 E11
Show #1630
S07 E12
Show #1631
S07 E13
Dick Cavett (guest host)
S07 E14
Show #1633
S07 E15
Peter Lawford (guest host), Rich Little, Milt Kamen
S07 E16
Buddy Rich
S07 E17
Show #1636
S07 E18
David Susskind
S07 E19
Alan King (guest host)
S07 E20
John Davidson
S07 E21
Shari Lewis, Shelley Berman
S07 E22
Show #1641
S07 E23
Show #1642
S07 E24
Flip Wilson (guest host), Elke Sommer, Biff Rose
S07 E25
Flip Wilson (guest host), Redd Foxx, Bob Gibson
S07 E26
Flip Wilson (guest host), Don Francks, Phil Foster
S07 E27
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S07 E28
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S07 E29
Shecky Greene (guest host)
S07 E30
Jack Benny
S07 E31
Nita Doval
S07 E32
Chita Rivera, Ray Price
S07 E33
Orson Bean (guest host), Ronnie Dyson
S07 E34
Sammy Davis, Jr., Carol Wayne
S07 E35
Richard Harris, Buddy Rogers, Kaye Ballard
S07 E36
Show #1655
S07 E37
Stan Freberg, Tiny Tim
S07 E38
Show #1657
S07 E39
Raquel Welch, Jack Carter, Frank Sufton
S07 E40
Jerry Lewis, James Garner
S07 E41
Bob Newhart, Billy de Wolfe
S07 E42
George Burns, Mickey Rooney
S07 E43
Barbara McNair, Carl Reiner, Jill St. John
S07 E44
Show #1663
S07 E45
Show #1664
S07 E46
Show #1665
S07 E47
Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Buddy Rich, Carol Wayne, George Gobel, Judy Carne
S07 E48
Woody Allen
S07 E49
Show #1668
S07 E50
Dick Cavett, Anthony Newley, Paula Kelly
S07 E51
Buddy Hackett, Robert Montgomery
S07 E52
Jack E. Leonard
S07 E53
Peter Lawford (guest host)
S07 E54
Bill Cosby (guest host), Allan Sherman
S07 E55
Bill Cosby (guest host), James Earl Jones, Artie Shaw
S07 E56
Bill Cosby (guest host), Gloria Steinem, Willie Tyler, Robert Hooks
S07 E57
Bill Cosby (guest host), Julian Bond
S07 E58
Bill Cosby (guest host), Hal Holbrook
S07 E59
Jerry Lewis (guest host), George Carlin, Charlie Callas, Patrice Munsel, ...
S07 E60
Jerry Lewis (guest host), Kitty Falger, Sally Ann Howes
S07 E61
Jerry Lewis (guest host), Lynn Redgrave, Gore Vidal
S07 E62
Jerry Lewis (guest host), Charlie Callas, Peter Lawford, Buddy Rich
S07 E63
Dick Cavett
S07 E64
Show #1683
S07 E65
Show #1684
S07 E66
Oscar de la Renta, Dr. Robert Baird
S07 E67
Neil Simon, Jack Lemmon, Sandy Dennis
S07 E68
Alan King (guest host)
S07 E69
David Susskind
S07 E70
Nancy Wilson
S07 E71
Show #1690
S07 E72
Beatrice Lillie, Gerry Mulligan
S07 E73
Rodney Dangerfield, Jack LaLanne
S07 E74
Victor Buono
S07 E75
George Jessel
S07 E76
Leslie Uggams
S07 E77
Joan Rivers, Soupy Sales
S07 E78
Vice President Spiro Agnew, Phyllis Diller
S07 E79
William Redfield, Marian Mercer, Frank Buxton
S07 E80
Norman Mailer, Corbett Monica
S07 E81
Oleg Cassini, Ronnie David
S07 E82
Alan King (guest host), Gary Moore
S07 E83
Show #1702
S07 E84
Don Rickles, Victor Borge
S07 E85
Show #1704
S07 E86
Rodney Dangerfield, Ronnie David
S07 E87
Show #1706
S07 E88
Peter Lawford (guest host), Jack Lemmon, Peter Nero
S07 E89
Peter Lawford (guest host), Lee Marvin, Pat Henry, George Kirby
S07 E90
Bob Newhart (guest host), Ray Stevens
S07 E91
Bob Newhart (guest host), James Coburn
S07 E92
Carl Reiner (guest host), David Janssen
S07 E93
Don Rickles (guest host), Ann-Margret, Roger Smith, Tiny Tim
S07 E94
Don Rickles (guest host), Bobby Vinton
S07 E95
Don Rickles (guest host), Ed Sullivan, Jerry Vale, Elizabeth Post
S07 E96
Bob Newhart (guest host), James Coburn, Marty Allen
S07 E97
Bob Newhart (guest host)
S07 E98
Show #1717
S07 E99
Orson Bean, Charlie Callas
S07 E100
Tony Randall, Shecky Greene
S07 E101
George Bach
S07 E102
Woody Allen, Joey Heatherton
S07 E103
Show #1722
S07 E104
Lynn Redgrave, George Segal
S07 E105
Show #1724
S07 E106
John Hartford
S07 E107
Peter Lawford (guest host), Marty Allen, Pat Henry, Jose Greco
S07 E108
Show #1727
S07 E109
Polly Bergen
S07 E110
Show #1729
S07 E111
Buffalo Bob Smith
S07 E112
Mary Hopkin, Gordon MacRae
S07 E113
Flip Wilson (guest host), George Carlin, Chuck Jackson
S07 E114
Show #1733
S07 E115
Jim Fowler
S07 E116
Stan Freberg, Sen. Edmund Muskie
S07 E117
Joan Rivers, Dana Valery
S07 E118
David Frye, Chuck Barris, David Susskind
S07 E119
John Byner
S07 E120
Bernadette Peters, Jimmy Breslin
S07 E121
Show #1740
S07 E122
Woody Allen (guest host), Cassius Clay
S07 E123
Orson Bean (guest host), Gloria Steinem
S07 E124
Gov. Nelson Rockefeller
S07 E125
Tiny Tim, Sen. George Murphy
S07 E126
Kaye Ballard, Cliff Robertson, Ann-Margret
S07 E127
George Segal (guest host), Eva Marie Saint
S07 E128
Tony Randall
S07 E129
Show #1748
S07 E130
Show #1749
S07 E131
Shari Lewis, Rodney Dangerfield
S07 E132
Corbett Monica (guest host)
S07 E133
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S07 E134
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S07 E135
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S07 E136
Flip Wilson (guest host) Jacqueline Susann
S07 E137
Flip Wilson (guest host), Jimi Hendrix
S07 E138
Carl Reiner (guest host), Buddy Hackett
S07 E139
Carl Reiner (guest host), Neil Simon
S07 E140
Carl Reiner (guest host)
S07 E141
Carl Reiner (guest host)
S07 E142
Carl Reiner (guest host)
S07 E143
Buddy Rich, Buddy Hackett
S07 E144
Lenny Price
S07 E145
Truman Capote, Red Buttons, Robert Klein
S07 E146
Rich Little
S07 E147
Rodney Dangerfield
S07 E148
Shecky Greene
S07 E149
Show #1768
S07 E150
Show #1769
S07 E151
Charlie Callas
S07 E152
Show #1771
S07 E153
Flip Wilson (guest host), Irving Field
S07 E154
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S07 E155
Flip Wilson (guest host), Dr. Joyce Brothers
S07 E156
Bob Newhart (guest host)
S07 E157
Bob Newhart (guest host)
S07 E158
Judy Carne, George Burns, Don Knotts
S07 E159
Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Jill St. John
S07 E160
Show #1779
S07 E161
Debbie Reynolds
S07 E162
Shari Lewis, Red Buttons, Tiny Tim
S07 E163
Show #1782
S07 E164
Joe DiMaggio, Raquel Welch, Shecky Greene
S07 E165
Show #1784
S07 E166
Phyllis Diller, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin
S07 E167
Show #1786
S07 E168
Show #1787
S07 E169
Show #1788
S07 E170
Joan Rivers
S07 E171
David Susskind
S07 E172
Jerry Lewis (guest host), Ricky Nelson, Peter Lawford
S07 E173
Show #1792
S07 E174
Jaye P. Morgan, John Byner, Adela Rogers St. Johns
S07 E175
Phyllis Newman, Corbett Monica
S07 E176
Dana Valery, Jimmie Rodgers
S07 E177
Linda Bennett
S07 E178
Alan King
S07 E179
Charlie Callas
S07 E180
Show #1799
S07 E181
Peter Lawford (guest host), Sammy Davis, Jr.
S07 E182
Eartha Kitt
S07 E183
Woody Allen
S07 E184
Show #1803
S07 E185
Woody Allen
S07 E186
Show #1805
S07 E187
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Robert Culp, David Steinberg
S07 E188
Dick Cavett, Tom Seaver
S07 E189
Robert Klein
S07 E190
Florence Henderson
S07 E191
Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson
S07 E192
Jill St. John
S07 E193
Frank Sinatra, Jr., Shecky Greene
S07 E194
Roger Caras, Albert Goshman
S07 E195
7th Anniversary Show
S07 E196
Joan Bennett
S07 E197
Show #1816
S07 E198
Mr. Wizard, Ashley Montagu, Rich Little
S07 E199
Lillian Hellman, Shecky Greene
S07 E200
Pamela Tiffin
S07 E201
Biff Rose
S07 E202
Show #1821
S07 E203
Peter Lawford (guest host), Lee Marvin, Pat Henry, Herman Levine
S07 E204
Peter Lawford (guest host)
S07 E205
Show #1824
S07 E206
Show #1825
S07 E207
Alan King (guest host), Muhammad Ali
S07 E208
Carl Reiner (guest host), Godfrey Cambridge
S07 E209
Carl Reiner (guest host), Albert Brooks
S07 E210
Carl Reiner (guest host), Myron Handelman
S07 E211
Joan Rivers (guest host), John Davidson
S07 E212
Joan Rivers (guest host)
S07 E213
Joan Rivers, David Susskind, George Kirby
S07 E214
Maureen Stapleton, Herbert Klein
S07 E215
Show #1834
S07 E216
Show #1835
S07 E217
Show #1836
S07 E218
Steve Lawrence (guest host)
S07 E219
Alan King (guest host), Jimmy Breslin
S07 E220
Show #1849
S07 E221
Carol Wayne, George Raft
S07 E222
Eva Gabor, Edgar Bergen
S07 E223
Diahann Carroll, Bill Dana, Jill St. John
S07 E224
Eddie Albert, Jonathan Winters
S07 E225
Bob Newhart, Billy de Wolfe
S07 E226
Kaye Ballard, Carl Reiner, Peter Lawford
S07 E227
Bob Hope
S07 E228
Jack Benny, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows
S07 E229
Lucille Ball, Red Buttons, Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson
S07 E230
Leslie Uggams
S07 E231
Joe Namath (guest host), Charlton Heston, Goldie Hawn, Fernando Lamas, Ge...
S07 E232
Show #1851
S07 E233
Kirk Douglas, Debbie Reynolds
S07 E234
George Burns, Gov. Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Diahann Carroll
S07 E235
Show #1854
S07 E236
Show #1855
S07 E237
Peter Lawford (guest host)
S07 E238
David Frye
S07 E239
Shelley Winters, David Susskind
S07 E240
Marty Brill
S07 E241
Jane Fonda, David Steinberg
S07 E242
Peter Lawford (guest host)
S07 E243
Show #1862
S07 E244
Tony Randall
S07 E245
Robert Klein, Phyllis Diller
S07 E246
Alfred Hitchcock, Rodney Dangerfield, Biff Rose
S07 E247
Peter Lawford (guest host), Earl Wilson, Jr., Buck Henry, Milt Kamen
S07 E248
Gig Young
S07 E249
Charlie Callas
S07 E250
Tiny Tim, Miss Vicki, Florence Henderson, Phyllis Diller, Nick Lucas
S07 E251
Biff Rose
S07 E252
Peter Lawford (guest host), George Carlin
S07 E253
Hugh Downs (guest host)
S07 E254
Orson Bean (guest host)
S07 E255
Florence Henderson (guest host)
S07 E256
Show #1875
S07 E257
Show #1876
S07 E258
Marty Brill
S07 E259
Jim Backus, Hugh Hefner, Woody Allen
S07 E260
Jerry Orbach
S07 E261
Show #1880
S07 E262
Andy Griffith
S07 E263
Bob Sille
S07 E264
Show #1883
S07 E265
David Susskind, Charlie Manna
S07 E266
Joan Rivers (guest host), Pamela Mason
S07 E267
James Stewart
S07 E268
Charlie Callas
S07 E269
Bob Hope, Willie Mays
Season 8
S08 E01
Jonathan Winters, Rodney Dangerfield
S08 E02
Joan Rivers (guest host)
S08 E03
Alan King (guest host), Milt Kamen, Norm Crosby, Dr. Joyce Brothers
S08 E04
Alan King (guest host)
S08 E05
Alan King (guest host)
S08 E06
Peter Lawford (guest host), Morton Hunt
S08 E07
Peter Lawford (guest host)
S08 E08
Joan Rivers (guest host), Robert Ryan
S08 E09
Tony Randall, Jack Haley, Jr., Dr. David Reuben
S08 E10
David Susskind, William F. Buckley, Jr., Jeane Dixon
S08 E11
George C. Scott
S08 E12
Show #1900
S08 E13
Show #1901
S08 E14
Maureen Stapleton, James Coco, Carol Wayne
S08 E15
George Segal, Norm Crosby
S08 E16
Karl Malden, Joe Frazier
S08 E17
Joan Rivers (guest host), Alan Sues, Ann Corio, Marty Brill, Peggy Cass
S08 E18
Bob Newhart, Robert Lansing, Dr. Paul Ehrlich
S08 E19
Ross Perot
S08 E20
Vincent Price, James Coco, Dr. David Reuben, Liza Minnelli
S08 E21
Rodney Dangerfield, Jimmy Breslin
S08 E22
Joan Rivers (guest host)
S08 E23
Jack Lemmon, Don Adams
S08 E24
Jack Benny, Tony Curtis
S08 E25
Hugh Hefner, Don Rickles, Carol Wayne, The Amazing Criswell, George Hamil...
S08 E26
George Burns, Bob Newhart, Robert Blake, Bill Cosby
S08 E27
George Gobel, Edgar Bergen
S08 E28
Lucille Ball, Buddy Hackett
S08 E29
Groucho Marx, Rose Marie, Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson
S08 E30
Mickey Rooney, Patty Duke
S08 E31
Ernest Borgnine, Barbara Eden, George Raft
S08 E32
Bob Hope, Dennis Weaver, Red Buttons, Billy de Wolfe
S08 E33
Joe Frazier, James Stewart
S08 E34
Alan King, Stella Stevens, Hal Frazier
S08 E35
Don Rickles, Lorne Greene, Telly Savalas
S08 E36
James Coco, Corbett Monica
S08 E37
Bill Cosby (guest host)
S08 E38
David Steinberg, Jaye P. Morgan
S08 E39
Show #1927
S08 E40
Peggy Cass
S08 E41
Show #1929
S08 E42
Peter Lawford (guest host)
S08 E43
Alan King (guest host), Molly Picon, Jerry Shane
S08 E44
Alan King (guest host), Rich Little, Laura Greene, Robert Strauss
S08 E45
Alan King (guest host), Marian Mercer, Hal Frazier
S08 E46
Art Linkletter (guest host)
S08 E47
Peter Lawford (guest host), Soupy Sales
S08 E48
Show #1936
S08 E49
Orson Bean
S08 E50
Tony Randall, Cliff Robertson, Jack Haley, Jr.
S08 E51
Graham Kerr
S08 E52
Rodney Dangerfield, James Coco
S08 E53
Charlie Manna
S08 E54
Peter Hurkos, Penny Fuller, Phil Foster
S08 E55
Dr. Robert Baird
S08 E56
Show #1944
S08 E57
Flip Wilson (guest host), Bernadette Peters
S08 E58
Robert Townsend
S08 E59
Homer and Jethro
S08 E60
Bob Uecker, Barbara Anderson, David Steinberg, Johnny Brown
S08 E61
Show #1949
S08 E62
Flip Wilson (guest host), Dody Goodman
S08 E63
Lauren Bacall, Shirley Booth
S08 E64
Agnes Moorehead, David Susskind, Patty Roosevelt
S08 E65
Jack Klugman, Judy Carne, Rodney Dangerfield
S08 E66
Dr. Paul Ehrlich, Marcel Marceau
S08 E67
Show #1955
S08 E68
Flip Wilson (guest host), Rich Little, James Coco
S08 E69
Flip Wilson (guest host), Joe Frazier, Betty Walker
S08 E70
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S08 E71
Flip Wilson (guest host), Louis Nye
S08 E72
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S08 E73
Flip Wilson (guest host), Mario Andretti
S08 E74
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S08 E75
Flip Wilson (guest host), Ruby Keeler, Dody Goodman
S08 E76
Flip Wilson (guest host)
S08 E77
Mayor John Lindsay, Dr. Benjamin Spock
S08 E78
Charlie Callas, Tony Randall, Gore Vidal
S08 E79
Francis Gary Powers, David Steinberg, Kenneth Nelson
S08 E80
Jack Benny
S08 E81
Bill Fiore
S08 E82
Dr. Robert Menninger
S08 E83
Jack Lemmon, Dr. Alvin Novick, Virginia Vestoff, Neil Simon
S08 E84
Barbara Anderson, Orson Bean
S08 E85
Beau Bridges