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In Search of...

In Search of...

1973 - 2019  •  History  •  61 hours  •  9 seasons  •  170 episodes
6 votes
1041 votes
# 1210
Documentary, Science-Fiction
Leonard Nimoy hosts this documentary television show devoted to mysterious phenomena, legends, conspiracy theories, as well as other curiosities and intrigues.
  Previously Aired Episode
The End of The World Aired on 11/29/2019
The End of The World
Season 9: Episode 8
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
170 episodes total
In Search of... | In Search of Theme Song.
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Season 1
S01 E01
Other Voices
S01 E02
Strange Visitors (aka Oracle Chamber)
S01 E03
Ancient Aviators (aka Ancient Flight)
S01 E04
The Bermuda Triangle
S01 E05
S01 E06
Killer Bees
S01 E07
S01 E08
The Mummy's Curse
S01 E09
S01 E10
S01 E11
Psychic Detectives
S01 E12
A Call from Space
S01 E13
Learning ESP
S01 E14
Nazi Plunder
S01 E15
Amelia Earhart
S01 E16
S01 E17
The Easter Island Massacre
S01 E18
S01 E19
Life After Death (aka Near Death Experiences)
S01 E20
The Loch Ness Monster
S01 E21
S01 E22
S01 E23
Inca Treasures
S01 E24
The Magic of Stonehenge
Season 2
S02 E01
The Lost Dutchman Mine (aka Mother Lode)
S02 E02
The Man Who Would Not Die
S02 E03
S02 E04
Mayan Mysteries
S02 E05
S02 E06
Michael Rockefeller
S02 E07
S02 E08
The Ogopogo Monster
S02 E09
Pyramid Secrets
S02 E10
Dead Sea Scrolls
S02 E11
S02 E12
The Shark Worshippers
S02 E13
S02 E14
The Secrets of Life
S02 E15
S02 E16
The Swamp Monster
S02 E17
S02 E18
S02 E19
Witch Doctors
S02 E20
Haunted Castles
S02 E21
Butch Cassidy
S02 E22
Deadly Ants
S02 E23
The Coming Ice Age
S02 E24
The Garden of Eden
Season 3
S03 E01
UFO Captives
S03 E02
S03 E03
S03 E04
Water Seekers (aka Dowsing)
S03 E05
Jack the Ripper
S03 E06
S03 E07
Siberian Fireball
S03 E08
The Great Lakes Triangle
S03 E09
Monster Hunters (aka Sasquatch)
S03 E10
Bermuda Triangle Pirates
S03 E11
Indian Astronomers (aka Mayan Legacy)
S03 E12
Sherlock Holmes
S03 E13
Lost Vikings
S03 E14
Dreams and Nightmares
S03 E15
Animal ESP
S03 E16
The Money Pit Mystery (aka Captain Kidd)
S03 E17
Psychic Sea Hunt
S03 E18
The Angel of Death (aka Joseph Mengele)
S03 E19
Noah's Flood
S03 E20
The Diamond Curse
S03 E21
Ghostly Stakeout
S03 E22
Brain Power
S03 E23
Sodom & Gomorrah
S03 E24
King Tut
Season 4
S04 E01
Tidal Waves
S04 E02
Carlos, the Most Wanted Man in the World
S04 E03
The Amityville Horror
S04 E04
UFO Australia
S04 E05
Immortal Sharks
S04 E06
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
S04 E07
The Shroud of Turin
S04 E08
Mexican Pyramids
S04 E09
The Abominable Snowman
S04 E10
S04 E11
D.B. Cooper
S04 E12
The Ten Commandments (aka Mount Sinai)
S04 E13
The Dark Star (aka The Dogons)
S04 E14
The San Andreas Fault
S04 E15
The Missing Heir
S04 E16
Vincent Van Gogh
S04 E17
Wild Children
S04 E18
The Ghost Ship (aka Mary Celeste)
S04 E19
Earth Visitors
S04 E20
John the Baptist
S04 E21
Air Disaster Prediction
S04 E22
The Bimini Wall
S04 E23
Glenn Miller
S04 E24
Past Lives
Season 5
S05 E01
UFO Coverups
S05 E02
Faith Healing
S05 E03
Lee Harvey Oswald
S05 E04
Daredevil Death Wish
S05 E05
Life After Life
S05 E06
Moon Madness
S05 E07
Dangerous Volcanoes
S05 E08
The Lindbergh Kidnapping
S05 E09
S05 E10
Jimmy Hoffa
S05 E11
Fountain of Youth
S05 E12
Laugh Therapy
S05 E13
Salem Witches
S05 E14
Super Children
S05 E15
The Great Wall of China
S05 E16
The Castle of Secrets (aka Coral Castle)
S05 E17
Great Lovers
S05 E18
The Holy Grail
S05 E19
The Death of Marilyn Monroe
S05 E20
Chinese Explorers
S05 E21
The Hindenburg Mystery
S05 E22
The End of the World
S05 E23
The Lusitania
S05 E24
Sun Worshippers
Season 6
S06 E01
Jesse James
S06 E02
S06 E03
Ghosts in Photography
S06 E04
S06 E05
The Elephant Man
S06 E06
The Lincoln Conspiracy
S06 E07
Jim Jones
S06 E08
King Solomon's Mines
S06 E09
The Tower of London Murders
S06 E10
The Aztec Conquest
S06 E11
Houdini's Secrets
S06 E12
Hiroshima Survivors
S06 E13
The Titanic
S06 E14
Future Life
S06 E15
S06 E16
Spirit Voices
S06 E17
The Human Aura
S06 E18
The Missing Link
S06 E19
Time & Space Travel
S06 E20
Eva Braun
S06 E21
The Walls of Jericho
S06 E22
Bishop Pike
S06 E23
The Ultimate Disaster
S06 E24
Life Before Birth
Season 7
S07 E01
Hell / Vampires / Tesla
S07 E02
Witchcraft / Maneaters / Ghosts
S07 E03
Werewolves / Mummies / Reincarnation
S07 E04
Ghost / Stigmata / Zombies
S07 E05
Catacomb / Bigfoot / Rennes
S07 E06
Haunted / Doomsday / Devil
S07 E07
Lovers / Possession / Robot
S07 E08
Shroud / Alien / Faith
Season 8
S08 E01
S08 E02
S08 E03
Monsters of the Deep
S08 E04
Artificial Intelligence
S08 E05
Time Travel
S08 E06
S08 E07
Mind Control
S08 E08
Life After Death
S08 E09
Atlantis Part I
S08 E10
Atlantis Part II
Season 9
S09 E01
The Loch Ness Monster Part I
S09 E02
The Loch Ness Monster Part II
S09 E03
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
S09 E04
Secrets of the Bible
S09 E05
The Bermuda Triangle
S09 E06
Nazi Secrets
S09 E07
S09 E08
The End of The World
Episode 1
In Search of Ancient Astronauts
Episode 2
In Search of Ancient Mysteries
Episode 3
The Outer Space Connection
Episode 4
Manbeast! Myth or Monster
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Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho -
I watched this as a child, though I did not keep track of episodes watched, and I don't know how much I've seen.

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