Marvel's Daredevil
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2017 - 2019  •  YouTube  •  227 episodes
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The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
Im Leaving. Aired on 06/17/2019
Im Leaving.
Season 2019: Episode 59
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
227 episodes total
Season 2017 2018 2019
Season 2017
S2017 E01
$20,000 Filled Indestructible Piñata VS. Spiked Mace
S2017 E02
Thrift Store TV Vs Battle Axe!
S2017 E03
Pancake 3D Printer Destruction! (ENJOY AND DESTROY)
S2017 E04
Giant Aluminum Foil Hammer VS Fruit
S2017 E05
Fidget Spinner VS Blender!
S2017 E06
Fruit Soft Toss Home Run Derby
S2017 E07
Zelda Sword Destruction (IRL)
S2017 E08
Destroying Unbreakable Glasses!
S2017 E09
Throwing Things Into A Fan!
S2017 E10
Tablet In A Blender!
S2017 E11
Destroying Unbreakable Phones!
S2017 E12
Smashing Video Game Consoles!
S2017 E13
Halo Energy Sword Destruction (IRL)
S2017 E14
Baseball Bat Pumpkin Smash!
S2017 E15
Blending Kid Toys (30,000 RPM)
S2017 E16
Shattering Glass with Paintballs!
S2017 E17
Giant Hi5 Balloon Faces (Blow Dart Destruction)
S2017 E18
Blending Hilarious Thrift Store Items!
S2017 E19
Testing Best Homemade DIY Weapons!
S2017 E20
Giant Gummy Bear VS Potato Cannon!
S2017 E21
Indestructible Books VS Crank!
S2017 E22
1000 Degree Battle Axe VS. Slime!
S2017 E23
Giant Duct Tape Axe VS. Fruit
S2017 E24
Destroying Things With a Water Gun?
S2017 E25
How Many Items Can We Break in 10 Minutes?
S2017 E26
50,000 Calorie McDonalds Menu Destruction!
S2017 E27
Potato Cannon VS. iPhone!
S2017 E28
Throwing Giant Candy Into Fan!
S2017 E29
Breaking Things With Gravity?
S2017 E30
Real Life Kingdom Hearts Keyblade?
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Giant Concrete Hammer VS. Fruit!
S2018 E02
15 Ways to Destroy A Lamp!
S2018 E03
Throwing Things Into A Lawn Mower!
S2018 E04
Wrecking Ball VS. TV!
S2018 E05
Bacon Soda?! (Vat19 Destruction)
S2018 E06
Throwing Oobleck Into A Lawn Mower!
S2018 E07
DIY Build Your Weapon!
S2018 E08
Jake Paul Merch Destruction!
S2018 E09
Glass Table VS. Bowling Ball!
S2018 E10
Shooting ROLEX Out Of Potato Cannon!
S2018 E11
Giant STARBURST Weapons VS. Fruit!
S2018 E12
Dry Ice Destruction!
S2018 E13
Smashing 50,000 Orbeez!
S2018 E14
Exploding GIANT Wubble Bubbles!
S2018 E15
DIY Giant LEGO Weapons!
S2018 E16
Exploding Paint Thrown Into Lawn Mower?
S2018 E17
Deadly Dart Board Challenge (ft. Team Edge)
S2018 E18
Destroying Unbreakable Truck?
S2018 E19
Dropping Things onto a SPEAR?
S2018 E20
Crushing Things Between Two Wrecking Balls!
S2018 E21
Painting With Spray Can Explosions!
S2018 E22
DIY Insane Saran Wrap Weapons!
S2018 E23
Lava Lamp Pins? | Bowling Destruction!
S2018 E24
Smashing Battle Universe NERF Guns!
S2018 E25
Whose Weapons Are Better? (ft. Chad Wild Clay)
S2018 E26
DIY Weapons Made Out Of Carboard?!
S2018 E27
Shooting Pencils Out Of A Cannon?!
S2018 E28
Blindfolded Mystery Destruction?!
S2018 E29
Shooting Frozen Paintballs at Stuff!
S2018 E30
We Made GIANT Tootsie Roll Weapons!
S2018 E31
Smashing Things With A Cannonball!
S2018 E32
BB Gun VS. Glass! (Carnival Games)
S2018 E33
Destroying Things With Themselves!
S2018 E34
We Made CRAZY Ninja Stars!
S2018 E35
Modding ZING Bows With NAILS!
S2018 E36
Worlds Biggest Starbucks Drink? | Deadly Dart Board Challenge!
S2018 E37
Making Pizza With A Cannon!
S2018 E38
Can We Destroy Things With Throwing Axes?
S2018 E39
Playing Baseball With Mystery Items!
S2018 E40
Food Dodgeball Challenge!!
S2018 E41
GIANT Gummy Bear Skeleton? | Destroying Matthias' Products!
S2018 E42
Katana VS. Coke Can!!
S2018 E43
Destroying REAL Fortnite Items!!
S2018 E44
What's In The Box Challenge!! (ft. Team Edge)
S2018 E45
Launching Things From A GIANT Slingshot!!
S2018 E46
DIY Build Your Weapon!
S2018 E47
UNSTABLE Chemical Destruction!
S2018 E48
Throwing Giant Mystery Balloon At SPEAR?
S2018 E49
Samurai VS. Ninja Challenge!!
S2018 E50
Weapon Roulette Challenge!
S2018 E51
Shooting GLASS Paintballs?!
S2018 E52
GIANT Battleship Challenge! | REKT VS. Get Good Gaming
S2018 E53
Ultimate Destruction HULK HANDS?!
S2018 E54
DO NOT Drop The Baby Challenge!!
S2018 E55
Will It Rubber Band?
S2018 E56
Furniture FLIP Challenge! (ft. Team Edge)
S2018 E57
What's In The Balloon?!
S2018 E58
DESTROY The Item Behind The Wall Challenge!
S2018 E59
Japanese Foil Ball TRICKSHOT Challenge!
S2018 E60
Make The TALLEST Ice Cream Cone Challenge!
S2018 E61
DON’T Drop The Item! | Electroshock Challenge!
S2018 E62
Jenga COLLAPSE Challenge!
S2018 E63
BLIND Catch The Item Challenge!
S2018 E64
DON’T Drop It Challenge!
S2018 E65
DON'T Hit The Head Challenge!
S2018 E66
Can YOU Escape Challenge?!
S2018 E67
Puzzle To SAVE YOUR LIFE Challenge!
S2018 E68
Playing Basketball With GLASS Challenge!
S2018 E69
Can 20 Oreo Flavors Stop An Arrow?
S2018 E70
Break And Rebuild Challenge!
S2018 E71
Roomba Cup Pong Challenge! | REKT vs. Get Good Gaming
S2018 E72
YouTuber Guess Who Challenge!
S2018 E73
Can 100 Layers Of Bubble Wrap Protect An Egg?!
S2018 E74
What Can You Cut With $10,000 Dollars?!
S2018 E75
Will Rubber Bands Crush A Skull?!
S2018 E76
DIY Giant Sour Patch Kids Sword!
S2018 E77
DO NOT Microwave These Things!
S2018 E78
Will A Bubble Gum Helmet Protect Your Head?!
S2018 E79
DON'T Crush The Wrong Mystery Box Challenge!
S2018 E80
How Strong Is A GIANT Ramen Cube?!
S2018 E81
We CRUSHED A Human Skull?!
S2018 E82
GIANT Block Of Ice VS Washing Machine!
S2018 E83
GIANT Chug Jug VS Deadly Dartboard Challenge!
S2018 E84
*MYSTERY* DON'T Drop It Challenge!
S2018 E85
How Much Saliva Would Dissolve A GIANT Jawbreaker?!
S2018 E86
Hide And Seek Then DESTROY Challenge!
S2018 E87
DIY 100 Layer Fruit By The Foot Rope?!
S2018 E88
Will Aluminum Foil Armor Protect You?!
S2018 E89
INVISIBLE Cutting Wall?!
S2018 E90
Which Soda Will Rot Your Teeth The QUICKEST?!
S2018 E91
Will An iPhone X Survive A Garbage Disposal?!
S2018 E92
DON'T Flinch Challenge!!
S2018 E93
Can The World's HOTTEST Sauce Cook A Steak?!
S2018 E94
S2018 E95
S2018 E96
Playing SPIKEBALL With GLASS Challenge! | REKT vs. Get Good Gaming
S2018 E97
GIANT Japanese Aluminum Foil Ball Vs. GALLIUM!!
S2018 E98
How Strong Is Duct Tape Armor?
S2018 E99
Shattering Glass With Liquid Nitrogen!!
S2018 E100
World's BIGGEST Dart vs. GIANT Water Balloon!
S2018 E101
S2018 E102
Can A NERF Dart Light A Match? (ft. Battle Universe)
S2018 E103
What Happens When You BOIL LIQUID NITROGEN?!
S2018 E104
S2018 E105
$1 Vs. $1000 Dollar Mystery Box Challenge!
S2018 E106
Can You Microwave Liquid Nitrogen? *DO NOT TRY THIS*
S2018 E107
DEADLIEST Towel Whip Challenge!
S2018 E108
Doing Makeup With Weapons!
S2018 E109
Playing Volleyball With GLASS Challenge! | REKT vs. Get Good Gaming
S2018 E110
Launching KNIVES Out Of A CANNON!!
S2018 E111
What Does Liquid McDonalds Taste Like?
S2018 E112
S2018 E113
DIY Build Your Weapon Challenge!
S2018 E114
DON'T SMASH My Stuff Challenge!
S2018 E115
EXPLODING Spray Paint Can Challenge!!
S2018 E116
Pressure Washer PUMPKIN CARVING Challenge!
S2018 E117
1 Million Subscriber Celebration!!
S2018 E118
Making Things APPEAR By DESTROYING Them!
S2018 E119
World's Strongest DIY NERF Blaster!!
S2018 E120
Find A Weapon Challenge!
S2018 E121
Breaking An UNOPENED $500 EBAY Mystery Box
S2018 E122
We Cooked A Steak With Jumper Cables!
S2018 E123
Don't Drop It Challenge! (Funny Fortnite Quiz Game!)
S2018 E124
Real Vs. Fake Mystery Guess Challenge!
S2018 E125
Invisible Cutting Portal!
S2018 E126
Destroying Fortnite With A Lawn Mower!
S2018 E127
DON'T Cut The Wrong Rope Challenge!
S2018 E128
Which Fortnite Pickaxe Is The BEST?!
S2018 E129
INVISIBLE Samurai Sword!
S2018 E130
Breaking Into An Abandoned Storage Unit!
S2018 E131
DON'T Pick The Wrong Mystery Balloon Challenge!!
S2018 E132
Spinning Hot Sauce Cup Pong Challenge! | REKT vs. Get Good Gaming
S2018 E133
Dropping FRAGILE Items Through Impossible Shapes!
S2018 E134
Protect Your Egg Or Get Egged Challenge!
S2018 E135
Fortnite Guess Who Challenge!
S2018 E136
Don't Pull The Wrong Rope Challenge!
S2018 E137
DON'T Pick The Wrong Mystery Pie Challenge!!
S2018 E138
DON'T Drop The Item! Electroshock Challenge!
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Playing Mafia With A BB GUN!
S2019 E02
Shoot THEIR Item Behind The Wall Challenge!
S2019 E03
$1 Dollar Weapon Challenge!
S2019 E04
Throwing Things Into A DANGEROUS Ceiling Fan!
S2019 E05
Build The BEST DIY Weapon Challenge!
S2019 E06
$5 vs $100 Sword Challenge!
S2019 E07
Table Saw Bowling Challenge!
S2019 E08
BLIND Catch Your Item Challenge!
S2019 E09
INVISIBLE Dodgeball Challenge!
S2019 E10
Human Wrecking Ball Challenge!
S2019 E11
GIANT Spear Kebab Challenge!
S2019 E12
DON'T Choose The Wrong Path Challenge!
S2019 E13
DON'T Pick The Wrong Mystery Bottle Challenge!
S2019 E14
DON'T Push The Wrong Button Challenge!
S2019 E15
DON'T Get Caught Challenge!
S2019 E16
Spin The Bottle PUNISHMENT Challenge!
S2019 E17
DON'T Pop Your Balloon Challenge! (Airsoft Roulette)
S2019 E18
DON'T Guess The Wrong Price Challenge!
S2019 E19
DON'T Smash The Wrong Box Challenge! (Minesweeper IRL!)
S2019 E20
BEST Apocalyptic Weapon Challenge!!
S2019 E21
Free Your Weapon Challenge!
S2019 E22
Airsoft Marco Polo Challenge!
S2019 E23
Dropping Things Onto A CHAINSAW Challenge!
S2019 E24
Bowling Into SWORDS Challenge!
S2019 E25
DON'T Shoot Your SECRET Teammate Challenge!
S2019 E26
Find The Hidden Items Challenge!
S2019 E27
Choose The Right Item Challenge!
S2019 E28
Guess The Amazon Weapon Rating Challenge!
S2019 E29
Drawing With A Pressure Washer Challenge!
S2019 E30
What's On My Face Challenge!
S2019 E31
Guess That Smell Challenge!
S2019 E32
Will It Piñata Challenge!
S2019 E33
Not My Arms Destruction Challenge!
S2019 E34
No Hands Relay Race Challenge!
S2019 E35
What Did I Destroy Challenge!
S2019 E36
Throwing Things Into A GIANT Blender!!
S2019 E37
Build The Best Sword Challenge!
S2019 E38
DIY Home Depot Weapon Challenge!
S2019 E39
Gravity Bowling Challenge!
S2019 E40
DON'T Light It On Fire Challenge!
S2019 E41
Throwing Things Into An AIRPLANE PROPELLER!!
S2019 E42
Chainsaw Bowling Challenge!
S2019 E43
DON'T Hit The Wrong Piñata Challenge!
S2019 E44
Making Weapons Out Of MONEY Challenge!
S2019 E45
Save The Person Challenge!
S2019 E46
Catch The Falling PRIZE Challenge!
S2019 E47
DANGEROUS Playground Slide Challenge!
S2019 E48
Make It Stick Challenge!
S2019 E49
Don't Stand In Front Of The Wrong Cannon Challenge!
S2019 E50
Cutting Things With A Guillotine Challenge!
S2019 E51
Creating Weapons Out Of Fragile Items!
S2019 E52
Testing DIY Cookie Cutter Weapons!
S2019 E53
Testing The Worst Rated Safety Gear On Amazon!
S2019 E54
Shooting Things Out Of A Toilet Cannon!
S2019 E55
Let's Talk | REKT Update
S2019 E56
DIY Cookie Cutter Guillotine!
S2019 E57
Weapon Conveyor Belt Challenge!
S2019 E58
What Candy Makes The Best Cannonball?!
S2019 E59
Im Leaving.
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