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Thank God You're Here (AU)

Thank God You're Here (AU)

2006 - 2009   •  Network Ten  •   41 hours
1 vote
1131 votes
# 3437
Each episode involves four celebrities walking through a door into an unknown and interesting situation, greeted by the line "thank God you're here." Each must then improvise his or her way through the scene. In between each scene, clips are shown of "practice" sessions filmed before the show, where ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Josh Lawson, Angus Sampson, Toby Truslove, Felicity Ward & Hamish Blake Aired on 07/08/2009
Josh Lawson, Angus Sampson, Toby Truslove, Felicity Ward & Hamish Blake
Season 4: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
42 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
Fifi Box, Frank Woodley, Angus Sampson & Peter Rowsthorn
S01 E02
Matthew Newton, Shaun Micallef, Fifi Box & Angus Sampson
S01 E03
Fifi Box, Glenn Robbins, Frank Woodley & Akmal Saleh
S01 E04
Santo Cilauro, Peter Rowsthorn, Robyn Butler & Angus Sampson
S01 E05
Akmal Saleh, Shaun Micallef, Alan Brough & Julia Zemiro
S01 E06
Peter Rowsthorn, Josh Lawson, Angus Sampson & Julia Zemiro
S01 E07
Josh Lawson, Fifi Box, Bob Franklin & Frank Woodley
S01 E08
Hamish Blake, Tanya Bulmer, Josh Lawson & Angus Sampson
S01 E09
Hamish Blake, Bob Franklin, Fifi Box & Peter Rowsthorn
S01 E10
Shaun Micallef, Angus Sampson, Frank Woodley, Kate Langbroek & Akmal Sale...
S01 E11
Episode 11
Season 2
S02 E01
Hamish Blake, Anh Do, Cal Wilson & Tony Martin
S02 E02
Shaun Micallef, Dailan Evans, Bianca Dye & Josh Lawson
S02 E03
Julia Zemiro, Matthew Newton, Russell Gilbert & Ryan Shelton
S02 E04
Bob Franklin, Angus Sampson, Fifi Box & Tahir Bilgiç
S02 E05
Akmal Saleh, Hamish Blake, Anthony Field & Kate Jenkinson
S02 E06
Josh Lawson, Alan Brough, Andrew G & Jo Stanley
S02 E07
Tahir Bilgiç, Tony Martin, Cal Wilson & Arj Barker
S02 E08
Peter Rowsthorn, Jimeoin, Robyn Butler & Stephen K. Amos
S02 E09
Glenn Robbins, Matthew Newton, Jo Stanley & Merrick Watts
S02 E10
Shaun Micallef, Julia Zemiro, Tony Martin, Hamish Blake & Frank Woodley
Season 3
S03 E01
Peter Helliar, Stephen Curry, Cal Wilson & Josh Lawson
S03 E02
Merrick Watts, Kate Kangbroek, Nish & Hamish Blake
S03 E03
Tony Martin, Eddie Ifft, Julia Morris & Shaun Micallef
S03 E04
Akmal Saleh, Dave Hughes, Rebel Wilson & Josh Lawson
S03 E05
Frank Woodley, Ross Noble, Matt Tilley & Julia Zemiro
S03 E06
Merrick Watts, Fifi Box, Bob Franklin & Nish
S03 E07
Tony Martin, Cal Wilson, Carl Barron & Stephen Curry
S03 E08
Dave Hughes, Kate Jenkinson, Anh Do & Hamish Blake
S03 E09
Peter Helliar, Rebel Wilson, Ryan Shelton & Peter Rowsthorn
S03 E10
Cal Wilson, Arj Barker, Sean Choolburra & Merrick Watts
S03 E11
Anh Do, Hamish Blake, Angus Sampson & Julia Zemiro, Shaun Micallef
Season 4
S04 E01
Merrick Watts, Colin Lane, Cal Wilson & Rhys Darby
S04 E02
Hamish Blake, Rob Carlton, Peter Rowsthorn & Josie Long
S04 E03
Angus Sampson, Rebel Wilson, Jordon Raskopoulos & Dave Hughes
S04 E04
Tom Gleeson, Carl Barron, Julia Zemiro & Bob Franklin
S04 E05
Tony Martin, Cal Wilson, Franklyn Ajaye & Merrick Watts
S04 E06
Heath Franklin, Kate Langbroek, Angus Sampson & Tony Truslove
S04 E07
Arj Barker, Josh Lawson, Felicity Ward & Josie Long
S04 E08
Colin Lane, Ahn Do, Julia Zemiro & Adam Hills
S04 E09
Rebel Wilson, Merrick Watts, Alan Brough & Akmal Saleh
S04 E10
Josh Lawson, Angus Sampson, Toby Truslove, Felicity Ward & Hamish Blake
Episode 1
Behind The Scenes Mini Documentary
Episode 2
Thank God You're Here - Behind The Scenes
Episode 3
Season 1 Special Features
Episode 4
Kellie & Tim\'s Wedding Day
Episode 5
Breakin\' Free
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