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2016 - Now  •  10:00 PM on YouTube
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Documentary, Reality
Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs. On this YouTube channel we, Rens Polman, Nellie Benner and Bastiaan Rosman, will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effect of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Dzifa can't sleep after using Speed | Drugslab Aired on 04/19/2019
Dzifa can't sleep after using Speed | Drugslab
Season 3: Episode 19
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Rens tries Ecstasy (XTC / MDMA) | Drugslab
S01 E02
Bastiaan eats spacecake (cannabis / THC) | Drugslab
S01 E03
Nellie trips on 2C-B | Drugslab
S01 E04
Rens & Bastiaan fly high on nitrous oxide (N20) | Drugslab
S01 E05
Bastiaan sniffs ketamine (special K) | Drugslab
S01 E06
Nellie dances on MDMA crystals | Drugslab
S01 E07
Rens trips on magic mushrooms | Drugslab
S01 E08
Bastiaan trips balls on LSD (Acid) | Drugslab
S01 E09
Rens swallows pure Caffeine | Drugslab
S01 E10
Nellie smokes hash (hashish) | Drugslab
S01 E11
Bastiaan inhales poppers | Drugslab
S01 E12
Rens becomes horny of GHB | Drugslab
S01 E13
Ritalin makes Nellie hyper (methylphenidate) | Drugslab
S01 E14
Rens goes fast on speed (Amphetamine) | Drugslab
S01 E15
Rens rolling balls on Herbal XTC | Drugslab
S01 E16
Nellie celebrates a white Christmas with cocaine | Drugslab
S01 E17
Bastiaan says cheers with alcohol | Drugslab
S01 E18
Nellie completely spaced outon magic truffles (psilocybin) | Drugslab
S01 E19
Bastiaan use Kratom and goes up and down (Mitragyna) | Drugslab
S01 E20
Rens eats a whole Peyote cactus (mescaline) | Drugslab
S01 E21
Nellie becomes dazed by Oxycontin (Oxycodon) | Drugslab
S01 E22
Bastiaan gets baked - Weed (THC) | Drugslab
S01 E23
Rens jerks off while sniffing poppers | Drugslab
S01 E24
Bastiaan parties for 12 hours straight after using 6-APB / Benzo Fury | D...
S01 E25
Speed makes Nellie aggressive (amphetamine) | Drugslab
S01 E26
Bastiaan philosophizes and enjoythe nature thanks to kanna (mesembrine) |...
S01 E27
Bastiaan is knocked out by Temazepam | Drugslab
S01 E28
Rens can't stop talking after using cocaine | Drugslab
S01 E29
LSA seeds make Bastiaan puke and trip | Drugslab
S01 E30
Rens takes modafinil and gets annoyed | Drugslab
S01 E31
Nellie has a breakthroughon DMT | Drugslab
S01 E32
Rens uses cocoa as a partydrug | Drugslab
S01 E33
MDMA makes Bastiaan feel like a child again | Drugslab
S01 E34
GHB makes Nellie feel weak | Drugslab
S01 E35
Bastiaan has a bad trip after drinking DXM | Drugslab
S01 E36
Rens fights to stay active after taking ketamine | Drugslab
S01 E37
Bastiaan sees everything moving after taking 2C-B | Drugslab
S01 E38
Rens gets jolly and completely lost after drinking alcohol | Drugslab
S01 E39
Nellie does not go optimum on 2C-E | Drugslab
S01 E40
Bastiaan becomes emotionless by Diazepam | Drugslab
S01 E41
Rens is off his rocks after taking MDA | Drugslab
S01 E42
Nellie is panicking because of Salvia | Drugslab
S01 E43
Rens raps while sipping Lean | Drugslab
S01 E44
Drugslab: How it's made | Drugslab
S01 E45
Nellie feels less pain after using cannabis oil | Drugslab
S01 E46
Rens snorts and chews tobacco (nicotine) | Drugslab
S01 E47
Nellie parties on ecstasy (XTC / MDMA) | Drugslab
S01 E48
Bastiaan trips after he took 2C-E | Drugslab
S01 E49
Rens has no emotions after he took Xanax | Drugslab
S01 E50
Bastiaan is feeling flat after taking Methylphenidate (Ritalin) | Drugsla...
S01 E51
Nellie goes outside and trips on LSD | Drugslab
Season 2
S02 E01
Nellie, Rens & Bastiaan celebrate with Spacecake | Drugslab
S02 E02
Nellie gets a high from poppers | Drugslab
S02 E03
Bastiaan applies for a job on cocaine | Drugslab
S02 E04
Drugslab LIVE
S02 E05
Bastiaan smiles after taking GHB | Drugslab
S02 E06
Rens loses himself in the music after taking MXE (methoxetamine) | Drugsl...
S02 E07
Bastiaan gets confident after taking speed | Drugslab
S02 E08
Nellie is on an emotional rollercoaster after taking Kanna | Drugslab
S02 E09
Rens tells what a trip sitter does | Drugslab
S02 E10
Nellie gets a massage while under influence of MDA | Drugslab
S02 E11
Bastiaan tells how to celebrate safe | Drugslab
S02 E12
Rens plays guitar under the influence of krarom | Drugslab
S02 E13
Nelly takes ketamine and feel like she's at the dentist | Drugslab
S02 E14
Nellie tells about her bad trip | Drugslab
S02 E15
Bastiaan floats like a baloon after taking salvia | Drugslab
S02 E16
Episode 16
S02 E17
Bastiaan, Nellie and Rens look back on 2017 | Drugslab
S02 E18
Live stream Drugslab
S02 E19
Bastiaan feels like an idiot after taking MXE | Drugslab
S02 E20
Nellie inhales laughing gas (nitrous oxide) | Drugslab
S02 E21
Nellie lost her focus after using Xanax | Drugslab
S02 E22
Nellie takes the MoCa test under influence of caffeine | Drugslab
S02 E23
Bastiaan goes on an inner journeyunder the influence of San Pedro (Mescal...
S02 E24
Nellie gets confused after smoking weed | Drugslab
S02 E25
Bastiaan can't eat after using Ecstasy | Drugslab
S02 E26
Rens stops presenting Drugslab | Drugslab
Season 3
S03 E01
This is our new host! | Drugslab
S03 E02
Bastiaan takes MDA in the forest | Drugslab
S03 E03
Nellie drinks alcohol in a karaoke bar | Drugslab
S03 E04
Dzifa no longer understands anything at all after 2C-B | Drugslab
S03 E05
Nellie sees herself dancing after MXE | Drugslab
S03 E06
Dzifa writes a song under the influence of Methylphenidate | Drugslab
S03 E07
Bastiaan eats truffles on a boat in Amsterdam | Drugslab
S03 E08
Dzifa takes Ketamine in an indoor playground | Drugslab
S03 E09
Nellie's stamina is put to the test after Kratom | Drugslab
S03 E10
Bastiaan uses Speed in a club | Drugslab
S03 E11
Dzifa can't sit still after she uses Cocaine | Drugslab
S03 E12
Christmas special with MDMA | Drugslab
S03 E13
Nellie has a lot of emotions after taking San Pedro | Drugslab
S03 E14
Dzifa takes GHB and talks about overdose | Drugslab
S03 E15
Bastiaan builds a closet after vaping weed | Drugslab
S03 E16
Nellie takes Coca powder (Erythroxylum coca) | Drugslab
S03 E17
Dzifa takes LSD in an art gallery | Drugslab
S03 E18
Bastiaan has sex with Kamagra | Drugslab
S03 E19
Dzifa can't sleep after using Speed | Drugslab
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