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The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther

1993 - 1996  •  Syndication  •  40 hours  •  125 episodes
10 votes
1337 votes
# 7843
Comedy, Animation
The 1993 incarnation of The Pink Panther starred the legendary hip feline in series of brand new adventures, in which he dealt with different situations in a manner similar to the original Looney Tunes shorts, ranging from modern day situations such as working as a delivery boy to outlandish situations ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Pantherella Aired on 12/16/1996
Season 3: Episode 61
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
125 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Pink, Pink & Away
S01 E02
Down on the Antfarm
S01 E03
Pink & Quiet
S01 E04
The Pinky 500
S01 E05
The Ghost and Mr. Panther
S01 E06
S01 E07
Big Top Pinky
S01 E08
Yeti 'nother Bigfoot Story
S01 E09
Pinky in Paradise
S01 E10
Department Store Pink-erton
S01 E11
Moby Pink
S01 E12
The Pink Stuff
S01 E13
Pink Pizza
S01 E14
The Pink Painter
S01 E15
Werewolf in Panther's Clothing
S01 E16
Pink Paparazzi
S01 E17
Rock Me Pink
S01 E18
Pinkus Pantherus
S01 E19
Pilgrim Panther
S01 E20
That Old Pink Magic
S01 E21
Pink-anderthal Man
S01 E22
Pink Kong
S01 E23
The Magnificent Pink One
S01 E24
Downhill Panther
S01 E25
14 Karat Pink
S01 E26
S01 E27
Pink Encounters
S01 E28
Junkyard Pink Blues
S01 E29
S01 E30
S01 E31
Pinky Rider
S01 E32
The Midnight Ride of Pink Revere
S01 E33
Pinky...He Delivers
S01 E34
Super Pink's Egg-cellent Adventure
S01 E35
Cowboy Pinky
S01 E36
Stealth Panther
S01 E37
Episode 37
S01 E38
Episode 38
S01 E39
Episode 39
S01 E40
Episode 40
Season 2
S02 E01
Pinkazuma's Revenge
S02 E02
Pinky Down Under
S02 E03
S02 E04
A Camp-Pink We Will Go
S02 E05
Icy Pink
S02 E06
The End of Superpink?
S02 E07
From Hair to Eternity
S02 E08
Strike Flea, You're Out!
S02 E09
All for Pink and Pink for All
S02 E10
Service with a Pink Smile
S02 E11
Trains, Pains and Panthers
S02 E12
Wet and Wild Pinky
S02 E13
S02 E14
It's a Bird! It's a Pain! It's Superfan!
S02 E15
Who's Smiling Now?
S02 E16
Rob'n Hoodwinked
S02 E17
Hook, Line & Pinker
S02 E18
Valentine Pink
S02 E19
Dino Sour Head
S02 E20
The Luck o' the Pinkish
S02 E21
The Inspector...NOT!
S02 E22
Pink Links
S02 E23
Stool Parrot
S02 E24
Pinky and Slusho
Season 3
S03 E01
S03 E02
Pinky's Pending Pink Slip
S03 E03
The Three Pink Porkers
S03 E04
The Heart of Pinkness
S03 E05
The Inspector's Most Wanted
S03 E06
Pinky Appleseed
S03 E07
Calling Dr. Panther
S03 E08
For Those Who Pink Young
S03 E09
Lights, Camera, Voodoo
S03 E10
I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas
S03 E11
Wiener Takes All
S03 E12
The Easter Panther
S03 E13
The Inspector's Club
S03 E14
A Royal Pain
S03 E15
Black & White & Pink All Over
S03 E16
Beach Blanket Pinky
S03 E17
Digging for Dollars
S03 E18
S03 E19
Pinky up the River
S03 E20
Long John Pinky
S03 E21
Muff the Magic Dragon
S03 E22
Pink Thumb
S03 E23
Pinky's Dilemma
S03 E24
Oh Varkula
S03 E25
Ice Blue Pink
S03 E26
Pink Trek
S03 E27
The Legend of El Pinko
S03 E28
Pink Big
S03 E29
Eric the Pink
S03 E30
Pretty and Pink
S03 E31
Built for Speed
S03 E32
The Pooch and the Panther
S03 E33
Pink in the Middle
S03 E34
Pink in the Poke
S03 E35
Driving Mr. Pink
S03 E36
The Texas Toads
S03 E37
The Ant and the Aardvark
S03 E38
Pinky in Toyland
S03 E39
The Detective of Oz
S03 E40
Royal Canadian Mounted Panther
S03 E41
Power of Pink
S03 E42
Voodoo Man
S03 E43
7 Manly Men and the Kid
S03 E44
A Nut at the Opera
S03 E45
S03 E46
Pink's Ark
S03 E47
Rain or Snow or Pink of Night
S03 E48
Lifestyles of the Pink and Famous
S03 E49
Happy Trails Pinky
S03 E50
A Hard Day's Pink
S03 E51
You Only Pink Twice
S03 E52
It's Just a Gypsy in My Soup
S03 E53
Three Aliens and a Footstool
S03 E54
No Pink is an Island
S03 E55
Pinky and the Golden Fleece
S03 E56
Mummy Dearest
S03 E57
Feast or Famine
S03 E58
Home Stretch Pinky
S03 E59
Pink Pucks
S03 E60
The Reluctant Ninja
S03 E61
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