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Dorkly Bits

Dorkly Bits

2010 - Now  •  Saturday 07:00 PM on YouTube  •  13 seasons  •  530 episodes
3 votes
Comedy, Animation
Dorkly is videogame comedy. Like TV, but dorkier.
  Previously Aired Episode
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 61) Aired on 07/30/2022
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 61)
Season 13: Episode 21
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Season 1
S01 E01
Koopa Gets a Star
S01 E02
S01 E03
Charizard's Revenge
S01 E04
GTA vs. Red Dead Redemption
S01 E05
Awkward Double Dragon
S01 E06
Ken is Cheap
S01 E07
Yoshi Hates Mario
S01 E08
Diddy Kong's Barrel Trouble
S01 E09
Mortal Kombat After The Fatality
S01 E10
Yoshi Loves Birdo
S01 E11
PacMan Family Problems
S01 E12
Street Fighter Meter Maid
S01 E13
Link Didn't Get The Sword
S01 E14
Mega Man's Tutor
S01 E15
Mario 2 Perverts
S01 E16
Ms. Pac-Man's Terrible Secret
S01 E17
Moonwalker Henchmen Love Michael Jackson
S01 E18
Kirby's Argument
S01 E19
Realistic Sonic The Hedgehog
S01 E20
Scribblenauts Addict
S01 E21
TMNT Argue Over Pizza
S01 E22
Bomberman's Goodbye
S01 E23
Zombies Ate My Stupid Neighbors
S01 E24
Angry Birds Strategy
S01 E25
Chrono Trigger Secret Ending
S01 E26
Mario Kart Crash
S01 E27
Sonic and Tails' Air Bubble Trouble
S01 E28
The Night Before Mario's Christmas
Season 2
S02 E01
Mega Man Needs To Go
S02 E02
White Mages are Jerks
S02 E03
Mortal Kombat Friendship
S02 E04
Lifeguard Mario
S02 E05
The Mario Bros. Go Halfsies
S02 E06
Mortal Kombat Pervert
S02 E07
Excitebike Shop
S02 E08
Mario Paint Torture
S02 E09
Castlevania S&M
S02 E10
Double Dragon Girlfriend
S02 E11
Sonic's Gambling Problem
S02 E12
Angry Birds Friendship
S02 E13
Resident Evil Roommate
S02 E14
Crashing the Silent Protagonist Party
S02 E15
White Mage Dad is Racist
S02 E16
The Koopa King's Speech
S02 E17
Metal Gear Solid Box Trouble
S02 E18
Rejected Sega Intros
S02 E19
Everybody Hates Crono
S02 E20
King Hippo Disgraces Hippo People
S02 E21
Chargin' Chuck Gets Picked Last
S02 E22
Cammy's Dad (Street Fighter)
S02 E23
Problem with Starter Pokemon
S02 E24
Kazooie is Kidnapped
S02 E25
Mushroom King
S02 E26
Final Fantasy Cover Bard
S02 E27
Robotnik Breaks Down
S02 E28
Ken Gets Excited
S02 E29
Link's Death
S02 E30
Doodle Jump Fall
S02 E31
Ice Climbers Cliffhanger
S02 E32
Mario's Horrifying Discovery
S02 E33
Rampage Apology
S02 E34
Mario Gets A Portal Gun
S02 E35
Ecco's Friends Are Stupid Dolphins
S02 E36
Donkey Kong Doesn't Back Down
S02 E37
Noob Saibot is a Noob
S02 E38
Sheik Crashes a Bachelor Party
S02 E39
Angry Birds vs. Tiny Wings
S02 E40
How Blinky Died
S02 E41
Mario Goes Down The Wrong Pipe
S02 E42
Mortal Kombat Sitcom
S02 E43
Captain America Uses Drugs
S02 E44
The Diablo Townspeople Should Move
S02 E45
Starcraft SCVs Go On Strike
S02 E46
Kung Lao's Hat is Dull
S02 E47
Mario Meets With His Agent
S02 E48
Sim City Monster Hates Your City
S02 E49
Contra Henchman Strategy
S02 E50
Mario Dumps Pauline
S02 E51
Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut Gets Bitten
S02 E52
If Classic Games Had DLC
S02 E53
Link to the Past with a Portal Gun
S02 E54
Sonic Meets With His Agent
S02 E55
Ghosts 'n Goblins Blacksmith
S02 E56
Falco Adjusts His Attitude
S02 E57
Inbred Yoshi
S02 E58
Koopa Troopa Does Stand-up Comedy
S02 E59
Mega Man Gets a Portal Gun
S02 E60
Samus Meets With Her Agent
S02 E61
Sonic Wasn't Fast Enough
S02 E62
Dr. Light's Gift to Mega Man X
S02 E63
Mortal Kombat Sitcom: Shao Kahn Comes to Dinner
S02 E64
Chill Penguin is Chill
S02 E65
Tails Can't Die
S02 E66
Tifa Embarrasses Barret
S02 E67
Smash Bros. Fatalities
S02 E68
Mega Man X Charged Too Much
S02 E69
Judgment Mortal Kombat
S02 E70
A Boy and his Blob Reunion
S02 E71
Luigi Wears Red
S02 E72
Captain Falcon Can't Get Insurance
S02 E73
Diddy Kong Country
S02 E74
NBA Lockout Jam
S02 E75
Bahamut Wants to Hang Out
S02 E76
Mistaken Hero Identities
S02 E77
Mario's Mushroom Mix-up
S02 E78
NES Ninja Turtles Theme Song
S02 E79
Robotnik Finally Wins
S02 E80
Mario is a Furry
S02 E81
Bastion Narrator Invades Other Games
S02 E82
The Frogger Menace
S02 E83
Vision Wants to be in the Avengers Movie
S02 E84
Double Dragon Dad
S02 E85
Batman is the 1%
S02 E86
Chrono Trigger Time Travel Mix-Up
S02 E87
Mario Responds to PETA
S02 E88
Link's Yard Sale
S02 E89
Gordon Freeman Meets With His Agent
S02 E90
Boos Man Up
S02 E91
Spy Hunter Pranksters
S02 E92
How Diablo Destroyed Tristram
S02 E93
Pac-Man Plays Skyrim
S02 E94
QWOP Guy Has Sex
S02 E95
It's a Wonderful Extra Life
Season 3
S03 E01
Zelda's Boyfriend
S03 E02
Ash Gets a Digimon
S03 E03
Final Fantasy Thief Steals Wallet
S03 E04
Link Finds Ganon's Weakness
S03 E05
Fi Annoys Link
S03 E06
Ski Free Yeti Gets Desperate
S03 E07
Mario is Too Mainstream
S03 E08
Ken Wants to be Ryu
S03 E09
Excitebike Maniac
S03 E10
Luigi Meets Waluigi
S03 E11
Bowser's Marital Problems
S03 E12
Bioshock Little Sister's Big Date
S03 E13
Puzzle Quest Ogre is a Nerd
S03 E14
Tiny Tower Residents Can't Leave
S03 E15
Red Wastes a Masterball
S03 E16
Videogame Dog Park
S03 E17
Limbo with a Flashlight
S03 E18
Angry Sun Hates Mario
S03 E19
Mortal Kombat Security Guard
S03 E20
Uncle Owen Ruins Star Wars
S03 E21
Zelda II Sex Scene
S03 E22
X-Men Disappoint Magneto
S03 E23
TMNT Child Protective Services
S03 E24
Final Fantasy VII Controversy
S03 E25
Fan Fiction Dragon Ball Z
S03 E26
BurgerTime Chef Gets a New Job
S03 E27
Mario Goes Berserk
S03 E28
Toad House Is Rigged
S03 E29
Mega Man Meets The Wire
S03 E30
Hypno's Having Trouble
S03 E31
Jurassic Yoshi
S03 E32
Mario Skips World 2
S03 E33
Sub-Zero Stays Dizzy
S03 E34
Videogame Realtor
S03 E35
Bug Catcher Waits
S03 E36
Sub-Zero's Glasses Are Broken
S03 E37
Disney Channel's Kingdom Hearts
S03 E38
Regular Guiseppe, The Third Mario Brother
S03 E39
Pac-Man's Pac-Wedding
S03 E40
River City Ransom Girlfriend
S03 E41
Dhalsim's Losing His Touch
S03 E42
'Legend of Zelda' Hermit Wants To Haggle
S03 E43
Babality Is a Big Responsibility
S03 E44
Roller Coaster Tycoon Disaster
S03 E45
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Elevator Troubles
S03 E46
Bowser's Weekend With The Kids
S03 E47
Donkey Kong Meets With His Agent
S03 E48
Sonic Gets Engaged
S03 E49
Boos Meet a Real Ghost
S03 E50
Pokemon Rusty S01E01: The Journey Begins
S03 E51
Legend of Zelda's 'Goodnight, Moon'
S03 E52
Pokemon Rusty S01E02: Rusty's Rival
S03 E53
Jax's New Arms
S03 E54
Pokemon Rusty S01E03: Team Rocket
S03 E55
Batman Goes to the Movies
S03 E56
Peach's Revenge (Part 1)
S03 E57
Paralyzed Pokemon Returns
S03 E58
Resident Evil Political Ad
S03 E59
Iron Man's Drunk
S03 E60
Earthbound Photographer's Surprise
S03 E61
Chrono Trigger Doppel Doll's Other Use
S03 E62
Sonic Meets Original Fan Characters
S03 E63
Voltorb Doesn't Want To Die
S03 E64
Link's Wish
S03 E65
Paperboy Newsroom
S03 E66
Superman's Bad Day
S03 E67
Banjo's Big Mix-Up
S03 E68
Link's Fun Uncle Dies
S03 E69
Smoke's Not Doing Well
S03 E70
Emergency XCOM Meeting
S03 E71
Mario's Ex
S03 E72
Mortal Misunderstanding
S03 E73
Legend of Zelda: The Se7en Sages
S03 E74
Robotnik's New Nickname
S03 E75
Videogame Trick-or-Treating
S03 E76
Luke Skywalker's Adoption
S03 E77
Pokemon Rusty S02E01: Snorcrash
S03 E78
Mario Can't Play the Warp Whistle
S03 E79
Nobody Likes the Toasty Guy
S03 E80
Pokemon Rusty S02E02: Celadon Mall
S03 E81
Pokemon Daycare Reunion
S03 E82
Sonic, Lord of the Rats
S03 E83
Pokemon Rusty S02E03: HM Madness
S03 E84
Pokemon Rusty S02E04: EV Trainer
S03 E85
Pokemon Rusty S02E05: Gym Fight
S03 E86
Dad Piggies
S03 E87
A Mortal Kombat Khristmas
S03 E88
Pokemon Rusty S02E06: The Newest Member of Team Rocket
Season 4
S04 E01
Sonic Frees the Forest Animals
S04 E02
Bowser Wants Guns
S04 E03
Meet Metal Sonic
S04 E04
Ice World Problems
S04 E99
Episode 99
Season 5
S05 E01
Gun Home: The Ultimate Gone Home DLC
S05 E02
Why Yoshi Isn't Allowed in the Castle
S05 E03
Johnny Cage is Having Second Thoughts
S05 E04
Dark Souls 2 Is EVEN HARDER
S05 E05
Luke Won't Forgive Anakin
S05 E06
Less Tragic Superhero Origins
S05 E07
If The Legend of Zelda Had Cops
S05 E08
S05 E09
Pokemon Rusty S03E01: Team Rocket Ride Along
S05 E10
Pokemon Rusty S03E02: Battlehaus
S05 E11
Pokemon Rusty S03E03: How To Breed the Perfect Pokemon
S05 E12
Darth Vader Is Too Good At Force-Choking
S05 E13
Telltale Games' Super Mario Bros.
S05 E14
Power-Up Mix-Up
S05 E15
Han ALWAYS Shoots First
S05 E16
Pokemon Rusty S03E04: Ghost Tower
S05 E17
Pokemon Rusty S03E05: Pokemon Documentary
S05 E18
Pokemon Rusty S03E06: Viridian City Gym
S05 E19
Mating Habits in the Mushroom Kingdom
S05 E20
Breaking Mega
S05 E21
Peach's Revenge: Enter Luigi
S05 E22
Do You Want To Fight a Hellspawn?
S05 E23
Mortal Kombat Sex Scene
S05 E24
If Super Mario Bros. Had a Hostage Negotiator
S05 E25
Who's Faster: Superman or The Flash?
S05 E26
The Problem With Chain-Chomps
S05 E27
What Happens When You Battle the Pokemon God
S05 E28
Teenage Teenage Teenage Turtles
S05 E29
Sonic Goes Berserk
S05 E30
Who's (Emotionally) Stronger: Superman or Goku?
S05 E31
Star Wars: Grand Moff Mix-Up
S05 E32
If The Legend of Zelda Were Actually About Zelda
S05 E33
Power-Up Mix-Up (Part 2)
S05 E34
If Videogames Had Impossible Mode
S05 E35
The Problem With Smash Bros.
S05 E36
Metal Gear Solid Drunk Dial
S05 E37
If Astronauts Landed on the Borderlands' Moon
S05 E38
Mortal Kombat Sitcom Spinoff
S05 E39
Why Pokemon Shouldn't Visit Their Hometown
S05 E40
The True Power of Green Lantern
S05 E41
Gex Meets With His Agent
S05 E42
If Videogame Characters Could Break All the Rules
S05 E43
Band of Brothers (Super Mario-Style)
S05 E44
6 Times You Were the REAL Villain in Videogames
S05 E45
If 'A Christmas Carol' Starred Mario and Luigi
S05 E99
Episode 99
Season 6
S06 E01
The Pokemon Most Disappointed With Their Evolutions
S06 E02
The Only Metroid Boss Worse Than Mother Brain
S06 E03
Power-Up Mix-Up (Part 3)
S06 E04
Social Justice RPG
S06 E05
Batman v. Superman v. Iron Man v. Captain America: Dawn of Civil War
S06 E06
What Obi-Wan's Ghost ACTUALLY Should Have Done
S06 E07
The Terrible Alternate Universe Where Sega Owned Mario
S06 E08
Mario Is the Number One Prankster In the Mushroom Kingdom
S06 E09
Rattata Reunion
S06 E10
If Batman Existed in the Pokemon Universe
S06 E11
What Happens To Abandoned Kickstarter Games
S06 E12
Everyone's Worthy of Thor's Hammer
S06 E13
Streets of Age
S06 E14
The Tragic Life of Every Bug Catcher Pokemon
S06 E15
Daredevil Should Be Named Batman
S06 E16
If Videogames Had Impossible Mode (Part 2)
S06 E17
Super Mario Pick-Up Artist
S06 E18
The Problem With Batman's Bats
S06 E19
Amiibo Story
S06 E20
If Pokemon Evolutions Were Realistic
S06 E21
How The Fantastic Four Would ACTUALLY React To Their Powers
S06 E22
Mario vs. Green Hill Zone
S06 E23
Pokemon Are More Dangerous Than Guns
S06 E24
Why a Smash Bros. / Street Fighter Crossover Would Never Work
S06 E25
The Death Star Architect Speaks Out
S06 E26
Why Batman Isn't Really Tragic At All
S06 E27
The Simple Guide To Pokémon (If You Haven't Played Since Gen 1)
S06 E28
The True Identity of Batman's Greatest Villain
S06 E29
What Human Fights Look Like in the Pokemon World
S06 E30
Mario vs. The Pokemon World
S06 E31
George RR Martin Sets the Record Straight
S06 E32
If 'The Avengers' Had a Sex Scene
S06 E33
Why Mario and Call of Duty Are Basically the Same
S06 E34
If Videogame Bosses Were Actually Smart
S06 E35
Mario vs. Minecraft
S06 E36
Why It's Crazy That Han Solo Doesn't Believe In The Force
S06 E37
The REAL Reason Luke Had To Go To Dagobah
Season 7
S07 E01
If Zelda Games Played Like Fallout
S07 E02
More Pokemon Disappointed With Their Evolution
S07 E03
6 Star Wars Characters Meet Their New Equivalents
S07 E04
If Videogame Weapons Actually Worked
S07 E05
If Mario and Yoshi Switched Places
S07 E06
The Most Horrifying Finishing Move In Mortal Kombat
S07 E07
The Legend of The Legend of Zelda
S07 E08
What It's Like Seeing Every Marvel Movie (For Fans and Non-Fans)
S07 E09
Why Kylo Ren ACTUALLY Turned to the Dark Side
S07 E10
Why Dragon Ball Z Characters Shouldn't Drink
S07 E11
Less Violent Ways Batman Could Have Battled Superman
S07 E12
The Problem With Being Batman's Butler
S07 E13
The True Horror of Pokemon Daycare
S07 E14
What Happens When Videogames Mix Up Their Power-Ups
S07 E15
Why Videogame Minions Switching Places Would Be Pure Chaos
S07 E16
If Mario Games Had Nature Documentaries
S07 E17
Sonic vs. The Pokemon World
S07 E18
If Sonic Took Over the Pokemon World
S07 E19
What Luke's Been Up To For the Past 20 Years
S07 E20
The Fantastic Four's Greatest Villain - REVEALED!
S07 E21
Why 'Dream Eater' Is the Worst Pokemon Move
S07 E22
Why Mortal Kombat Rounds Don't Make Sense
S07 E23
If Pokemon GO Existed In the Pokemon Games
S07 E24
If Videogames Were 10% More Realistic
S07 E25
Why Batman's Plan For The Justice League Makes No Sense
S07 E26
What Would Happen If Peach Got Regular-Kidnapped
S07 E27
What Happens When You Battle the Pokemon Devil
S07 E28
Why Ditto Is the Most Dangerous Pokemon
S07 E29
Super Mario Undertale
S07 E30
If Dr. Robotnik Had An Assistant
S07 E31
The Truth About Pokemon PCs
S07 E32
If Dr. Wily Had An Assistant
S07 E33
What Actually Goes On In the Team Rocket Hideout
S07 E34
If Pokemon Met Their Alola Forms
S07 E35
Why the Team Rocket Intro Doesn't Make Sense
S07 E36
If Pokemon Met Their Alola Forms (Part 2)
S07 E37
If Nintendo Owned Sonic
Season 8
S08 E01
Why Stealing Pokemon Doesn't Make Any Sense
S08 E02
What Team Rocket Should ACTUALLY Be Using Pokemon For
S08 E03
Why Team Rocket's Strategy Is The Stupidest Thing Ever
S08 E04
The Worst Real Life Jobs To Have in the Pokemon Universe
S08 E05
Super Mario Election: Bowser vs. Peach
S08 E06
Why Sonic the Hedgehog Should Be Careful Who He Attacks
S08 E07
Pokémon Rusty S04E01: Jailbreak
S08 E08
Pokemon Rusty S04E02: The Elite Four
S08 E09
Pokemon Rusty S04E03: Legendaries
S08 E10
Pokemon Rusty S04E04: Bidocalypse (Part 1)
S08 E11
Pokemon Rusty S04E05: Bidocalypse (Part 2) - The Final Episode
S08 E12
More Terrible Jobs To Have In the Pokemon Universe
S08 E13
The Best Part of Sonic Games is the Music
S08 E14
If Bowser Had An Assistant
S08 E15
Team Rocket Has a Rat!
S08 E16
Even More Pokemon Disappointed In Their Evolutions
S08 E17
Why Magneto Can Never Be In the MCU
S08 E18
The Problem With Humble Bundles
S08 E19
Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader Is the Lamest Fight Ever
S08 E20
Pokémon Ralphie: The Journey Begins
S08 E21
Pokémon Ralphie: Red Son
S08 E22
Pokémon Ralphie: FireGED Edition
S08 E23
More Pokémon Who Are Disappointed With Their Evolutions
S08 E24
If Ganon Had An Assistant
S08 E25
Dorkly Bits Holidays Compilation
Season 9
S09 E01
Episode 1
S09 E02
Still More Pokemon Disappointed With Their Evolutions
S09 E03
If Videogames Were 11% More Realistic
S09 E04
What Really Happens When Mario Destroys Castles
S09 E05
How Star Wars Could Have Ended In 60 Seconds
S09 E06
Failed Super Smash Bros. Auditions
S09 E07
Pokemon Ralphie: Detective Squirtle on the Case
S09 E08
Pokémon Ralphie: Bill's FU
S09 E09
Star Wars: The Extremely Special Edition
S09 E10
Pokémon Ralphie VS Detective Squirtle
S09 E11
Bowser's Blind Date - Sheeva
S09 E12
Power-Up Mix-Up 5
S09 E13
Why Pokémon SHOULDN'T Be Disappointed By Their Evolutions
S09 E14
If Mario Had a Battle Royale Mode
S09 E15
If Bowser Dated a Pokemon Trainer
S09 E16
The Dark Future of Sonic the Hedgehog (Old Man Sonic Part 1)
S09 E17
If PokeDex Entries Were Literal
S09 E18
What's Probably Happening At the PUBG Headquarters
S09 E19
If Videogames Were 13% More Realistic
S09 E20
If Bowser Dated Daisy
S09 E21
Why Pokemon Trainers SHOULDN'T Go to School
S09 E22
Tails Has a Horrible Secret (Old Man Sonic Part 2)
S09 E23
Why Sonic's Future Is So Grim (Old Man Sonic Part 3)
S09 E24
The Worst Jobs in the Zelda Universe
S09 E25
If Bowser Dated Robotnik
S09 E26
If Pokédex Entries were EVEN MORE Literal
S09 E27
Videogame Trick-or-Treating II: The Revenge
S09 E28
If Bowser Dated Mario AND Peach
S09 E29
Pokémon Ralphie Goes Alolan!
S09 E30
Pokemon Ralphie: The Most Monstrous Pokemon Evolution!
S09 E31
The Terrible Truth About Smash Bros.
S09 E32
If Pokedex Entries Were SUPER Literal
S09 E33
If Videogames Were 69% More Realistic
Season 10
S10 E01
If Pokédex Entries Were EXTREMELY Literal
S10 E02
If Giovanni from Pokemon Had an Assistant
S10 E03
If Videogame Henchmen Swapped Games
S10 E04
Mario Messed Up
S10 E05
If Ash Ketchum Trained Like a Competitive Player
S10 E06
Yoshi Gets a Divorce
S10 E07
Pokemon Ralphie - THE FINALE!
S10 E08
What REALLY Happens to Pokemon With XP Share
S10 E09
If Thanos Had an Assistant
S10 E10
Peach's Revenge: Finale
S10 E11
Pokemon Meet Their Shiny Forms
S10 E12
Lickitung Forgets Lick
S10 E13
Why Videogame Heroes Should NEVER Save The Princess (Pixel Pete)
S10 E14
More Pokemon Meet their Shiny Forms
S10 E15
If Pokédex Entries Were THE MOST LITERAL EVER
S10 E16
If Pokémon Took Place in the 1800s
S10 E17
If Paramount Made Detective Pikachu
S10 E18
Mario Meets His Biggest Fan
S10 E19
If Pokémon Evolved in the 1800s
S10 E20
Why Mario Maker is Actually Torture
S10 E21
If Videogames Were 35% More Realistic
S10 E22
How Pokemon Medicine Would Have Been HORRIFYING In the 1800s
S10 E23
If Pokemon Trainers Were Smart
S10 E24
If Team Rocket Stole Pokemon in the 1800s
S10 E25
If Pokemon Trainers Were Even Smarter
S10 E26
Mario is a MONSTER
S10 E27
If Pokemon Trainers Were SUPER Smart
S10 E28
Mega Man's Most Dangerous Enemy Yet
S10 E29
Mario Goes Berserk (With Kindness)
S10 E30
The Sad Life of a Thwomp
S10 E31
If Voldemort Had an Assistant
S10 E32
If Pokemon Trainers Were ACTUALLY Smart
S10 E33
If Mega Man's Rush Acted Like a Regular Dog
S10 E34
Even MORE Pokemon Meet their Shiny Forms
S10 E35
If Pokemon Trainers Were the Smartest Ever
S10 E36
Luigi Reacts to Mario Goes Berserk
S10 E37
If The Dark Knight Joker Had an Assistant
S10 E38
Luigi's Bad Day
S10 E39
Pokemon Horror Stories (Shuckle's Spooky Tales)
S10 E40
If Mario & Sonic Swapped Sidekicks
S10 E41
Why Speedrunning In Video Games Is Torture (Pixel Pete)
S10 E42
Ponyta Meets His Galarian Form
S10 E43
Why Sobble Is the Best Pokemon Starter
S10 E44
Pikachu Has Too Many Knockoffs
S10 E45
Raising Baby Yoda Would be Gross
S10 E46
If Videogames Were 22% More Realistic
Season 11
S11 E01
If Pokedex Entries Were Mega Literal
S11 E02
The End of Dorkly?
S11 E03
The Last Villains Who Need An Assistant
S11 E04
Red Goes Berserk
S11 E05
Mario Chose the Wrong Pipe
S11 E06
Pokemon Bug Trainer Intervention
S11 E07
The Problem With John Wick's Economy
S11 E08
If Pokedex Entries Were Supremely Literal
S11 E09
Thanos Stole His Plan From Dr. Robotnik
S11 E10
If Pokedex Entries Were Completely Literal
S11 E11
The Long-Lost Dorkly TV Pilot
S11 E12
If Pokedex Entries Were WAY More Literal
S11 E13
If Pokedex Entries Were 100% Literal
S11 E14
If Pokedex Entries Were 50% More Literal
S11 E15
If Pokedex Entries Were Just Way Too Literal
S11 E16
If Videogames Were 25% More Realistic
S11 E17
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Part 13)
S11 E18
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 14)
S11 E19
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 15)
S11 E20
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 16)
S11 E21
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 17)
S11 E22
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 18)
S11 E23
The Worst Jobs in the X-Men Universe
S11 E24
Why Dying In 'Among Us' Is the Worst
S11 E25
Ghost Rider Should Have The Punisher's Symbol
S11 E26
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 19)
S11 E27
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 20)
S11 E28
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 21)
S11 E29
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 22)
S11 E30
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 23)
Season 12
S12 E01
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 24)
S12 E02
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 25)
S12 E03
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 26)
S12 E04
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 27)
S12 E05
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 28)
S12 E06
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 29)
S12 E07
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 30)
S12 E08
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 31)
S12 E09
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 32)
S12 E10
The Problem With Among Us Impostors
S12 E11
Yoshi Chokes
S12 E12
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 33)
S12 E13
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 34)
S12 E14
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 35)
S12 E15
If Bowser and Robotnik Switched Places
S12 E16
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 36)
S12 E17
The Terrible Truth About Toad
S12 E18
Pokemon Dogs vs. Actual Dogs
S12 E19
If Mario Piranha Plants Got Smart
S12 E20
Mario Meets a Real Tanooki
S12 E21
If Bowser Was a Disney Fan
S12 E22
Mario & Bowser's Final Showdown
S12 E23
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 37)
S12 E24
The Problem With Blue Koopas
S12 E25
If Old Zelda Games Had Breakable Weapons
S12 E26
The Problem With Pokemon Starters
S12 E27
If Mario Lived In Stardew Valley
S12 E28
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 38)
S12 E29
Batman Ruins Mr. Freeze's Life
S12 E30
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 39)
S12 E31
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 40)
S12 E32
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 41)
S12 E33
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 42)
S12 E34
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 43)
S12 E35
Mario Party Squid Game
S12 E36
If The Night King Had an Assistant
S12 E37
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 44)
S12 E38
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 45)
S12 E39
If Spider-Man Had an OnlyFans
Season 13
S13 E01
Sonic Meets Original Design Movie Sonic
S13 E02
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 46)
S13 E03
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 47)
S13 E04
If Thanos Had An Assistant: Endgame
S13 E05
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 48)
S13 E06
If Mario and Peach Switched Places
S13 E07
Thanos Meets Darkseid
S13 E08
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 49)
S13 E09
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 50)
S13 E10
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 51)
S13 E11
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume ???)
S13 E12
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 53)
S13 E13
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 54)
S13 E14
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 55)
S13 E15
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 56)
S13 E16
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 57)
S13 E17
The Secret Reason Bowser Keeps Coming Back
S13 E18
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 58)
S13 E19
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 59)
S13 E20
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 60)
S13 E21
If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 61)
Episode 1
[coming soon]
Episode 2
Episode 0
Episode 3
Women React to Duke Nukem Forever
Episode 4
Wish I Had a Portal Gun (Aperture Science Rap)
Episode 5
Dorkly Responds to ScrewAttack's Challenge
Episode 6
5 Indie Games that Will Give You the Most Awkward Boner
Episode 7
The Dorkly Fan Art Expo: Name That Hero!
Episode 8
The Dorkly Fan Art Expo: We Am Batman
Episode 9
Brian Posehn Talks About 'Jaws'
Episode 10
Kyle Kinane Talks About BMX Bikes, Boobs, and Boners
Episode 11
The Comedy Mutant Guys Talk About Snakes and Diabetes
Episode 12
Cardboard Cosplay - The Dorkly Fan Art Expo at C2E2
Episode 13
What Happened To All the Dead Aliens At the End of The Avengers?
Episode 14
'Game of Thrones' Debunker: Are Syrio Forel and Jaqen H'ghar the Same Per...
Episode 15
The Inevitable Sequel to 'Indie Game: The Movie'
Episode 16
If 'The Leftovers' Was Literal
Episode 17
Can You Spot the Secret Stan Lee Cameo in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'?
Episode 18
Anime Things That Would Get You In Trouble In Real Life
Episode 19
The 5 Movies That DESERVE To Be Remade
Episode 20
If People Were Pokemon
Episode 21
Why Bat-Nipples Are Actually Awesome
Episode 22
Movies Made Nicer: Se7en
Episode 23
5 Lines that Would Have Ended Lord of the Rings Real Quick
Episode 24
The 9 Coolest Things about the Playstation
Episode 25
TINH: The Raddest Facts About Doom
Episode 26
Top 10 Fictional Times Hitler Got His Ass Kicked
Episode 27
Today in Nerd History - Animal Farm
Episode 28
Today In Nerd History - Cartoon Network is Founded
Episode 29
Today in Nerd History - Fallout's Great War!
Episode 30
Today In Nerd History - GoldenEye 64
Episode 31
Today in Nerd History - Harry Potter's First Wizarding War
Episode 32
Today in Nerd History - History of the Guy Fawkes Mask!
Episode 33
Today in Nerd History - Human Voice On Mars
Episode 34
Today in Nerd History - Judgment Day
Episode 35
Today in Nerd History - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Episode 36
Today in Nerd History - Super Mario Bros 2. is Released!
Episode 37
Today in Nerd History - The Star Wars Holiday Special
Episode 38
Today in Nerd History: The 10 Most F#@$d-Up Versions of Batman
Episode 39
Today in Nerd History: The Weirdest Facts about Resident Evil
Episode 40
Today in Nerd History: The Greatest (Stupidest) Hacking Scenes of All Tim...
Episode 41
The 10 Most Miserable Creatures in Pokemon
Episode 42
Today in Nerd History - Spiderman's Dumbest Forgotten Villains
Episode 43
Today in Nerd History - Top 10 Fictional Times Hitler Got His Ass Kicked
Episode 44
Today in Nerd History - Why Halo 2 Rules
Episode 45
Today in Nerd History - The Strangest Closed Disney Attractions
Episode 46
The Insane True Story Behind '50 Shades of Grey'
Episode 47
Episode 45
Episode 48
Episode 46
Episode 49
5 Times Anime Predicted the Future
Episode 50
One Million Subscribers!
Episode 51
The Weird Secret that Yoda, Britney Spears, and Bruce Willis Have in Comm...
Episode 52
5 Secrets in Games that Were Almost Never Found
Episode 53
Episode 54
5 American Actors Who STILL Are in Japanese Commercials
Episode 55
5 Unexplained Things We STILL Don't Have the Answers To
Episode 56
Today in Nerd History: 5 Most Embarrassing Video Game Rap Commercials
Episode 57
Today in Nerd History: 5 Movies they Made Because they HAD To
Episode 58
Today in Nerd History: The 5 Most Insane Things Nic Cage has Spent Money ...
Episode 59
Magical Fairy Cannon, a Dungeons & Drawgons Tale
Episode 60
Everything You Need to Know to Watch Furious 7
Episode 61
Why Video Game Sex Scenes are Always Gross
Episode 62
Today in Nerd HIstory: The 5 Most Uncomfortable Sex Scenes in Video Games
Episode 63
The 5 Most Horrific Deaths in Disney Movies
Episode 64
Today in Nerd History: The 5 Most Horrific Deaths in Disney Movies
Episode 65
Today in Nerd History: The 5 Best Parts in the 5 Worst Video Game Movies
Episode 66
Today in Nerd History: 5 Indie Games that Will Give You the Most Awkward ...
Episode 67
The Legend of Otaku Trucker
Episode 68
5 Acts of Pure Spite Going on Behind the Marvel Movies
Episode 69
5 Minor Actors From The Original Star Wars Trilogy You Didn't Realize Wer...
Episode 70
The Top 5 Most 'MURICA! Video Games
Episode 71
5 Disney Easter Eggs that You Probably Never Noticed
Episode 72
The 10 Worst Video Game Covers of All Time
Episode 73
The 5 Craziest True Life Comic Con Stories
Episode 74
5 Weird Ways Dragon Ball Was Censored
Episode 75
Today in Nerd History - 5 Weird Ways Dragon Ball Was Censored
Episode 76
Today in Nerd History - 5 Baffling Uses of CGI in Movies
Episode 77
5 Nerdy Ways the World Might Actually End
Episode 78
Today in Nerd History - The 6 Real Life Inspirations for Attack on Titan ...
Episode 79
5 Star Wars Fan Theories Too Good to Not be True
Episode 80
Today in Nerd History - 5 Star Wars Fan Theories Too Good to Not be True
Episode 81
5 Awesome Things in Video Games Created by a Single Person
Episode 82
5 WTF Anime Sex Scenes that You Can't Look Away From
Episode 83
5 Creepy Video Game Easter Eggs that Will Keep You Up At Night
Episode 84
13 Times Your Favorite Horror Movies Were Actually Cursed!
Episode 85
7 Dirty Jokes in Disney Movies You Probably Didn't Notice the First Time
Episode 86
5 Disastrous Attempts at Videogame Marketing
Episode 87
The 5 Most Batshit Fake Videogames in Movies and TV
Episode 88
9 Times Batman Broke His One Rule
Episode 89
10 Movies You Didn't Know Were Adaptations
Episode 90
Amazing Marvel Movie Easter Eggs You Never Saw Coming
Episode 91
10 Surprising Facts You Might Not Have Known About Dragon Ball Z
Episode 92
10 Movie Props You Didn't Realize Are in Everything
Episode 93
7 Absurd Uses of DLC that Will Make Your Blood Boil
Episode 94
8 Pokemon Based on Actual Mythological Terrors!
Episode 95
The 5 Creepiest Places in Fallout 4!
Episode 96
Dorkly Doesn't React Under Penalty of Law
Episode 97
10 Dirty Jokes Hidden in Your Favorite Kids Cartoons!
Episode 98
9 Things in Tarantino Movies That You Probably Missed!
Episode 99
6 Times Actors Were ACTUALLY Drunk On-Screen!
Episode 100
Episode 99
Episode 101
5 Times Batman Made Us Feel Too Much!
Episode 102
The 5 Most Kickass Deadpool Stories For Deadpool 2
Episode 103
23 Things You Didn't Know Weren't in Star Wars
Episode 104
The Weirdest Ways Pokemon Has Been Censored
Episode 105
The 10 Worst Movies that Made the Most Money
Episode 106
Announcing Dorkly's First Official Gaming Convention
Episode 107
6 Crazy Details in Lord of the Rings that You Probably Didn't Notice!
Episode 108
5 Women Who Changed Sci Fi Forever
Episode 109
The 7 Dumbest Batman Gadgets
Episode 110
5 Messed-Up Foreign Ripoffs of American Movies!
Episode 111
All the Deadpool Easter Eggs that You Probably Missed!
Episode 112
The 5 Most Awkward Sex Scenes in Video Games
Episode 113
10 Geeky Easter Eggs You Can Find in Real Life
Episode 114
The 5 Weirdest Things Movie Crews Had to Deal With on Set
Episode 115
14 Pokemon You Didn't Realize Were Based on Real Animals
Episode 116
5 Things The Force Awakens Didn't Tell You
Episode 117
The 5 Most Tragic Justice League Episodes
Episode 118
7 Inconsequential But Cool Things that Took FOREVER to Film
Episode 119
5 Tragic Overwatch Backstories that the Game Doesn't Tell You
Episode 120
5 Gamebreaking Bugs that Ruined Our Trust
Episode 121
5 Awesome Fan Theories that Were Endorsed by The Creators
Episode 122
Fan Fiction Theatre: CHAINSAW GARFIELD
Episode 123
Pokemon Move or Marijuana Strain?
Episode 124
Three Artists Draw Anime Characters from Memory
Episode 125
13 Awesome Overwatch Secrets You Probably Missed
Episode 126
The 5 Most Ridiculous Comic Book Sex Scenes
Episode 127
5 Tragic Anime Deaths that We're Still Not Over
Episode 128
All the Secrets in the New Overwatch Map Eichenwalde
Episode 129
5 Surprising Overwatch Character Origins that the Game Doesn't Tell You
Episode 130
Knock-Off Spongebob Characters
Episode 131
10 Kids Cartoons Hiding Dirty, Filthy Jokes
Episode 132
5 Marvel Characters With Seriously Villainous Pasts
Episode 133
Artists Draw Embarrassing School Memories
Episode 134
We Draw Our Own Bad Anime
Episode 135
Otaku Trucker: Furry Road
Episode 136
The 5 Most Underappreciated Characters in Naruto
Episode 137
Dorkly Plays SUPERFIGHT!! Win or Die!
Episode 138
12 Video Game Characters Based on REAL People!
Episode 139
Leeloo Discovers Sonic Fan Art
Episode 140
7 New Pokemon With Incredibly Dark Backstories
Episode 141
We Play Fart Spray Russian Roulette
Episode 142
9 Anime Cliches that are Secretly Awesome
Episode 143
Play D&D with Us Right Now
Episode 144
Pokémon Rusty and Dorkly Video Q&A
Episode 145
Dorkly & Dragons Go To Hell, Play With Us
Episode 146
We Draw Knockoff Dragon Ball Characters
Episode 147
5 Times Steven Universe Faced Mature Themes Head On
Episode 148
20 Surprisingly Dark Pokédex Entries in Pokémon Sun & Moon
Episode 149
We're Playing Super Mario Run
Episode 150
Dorkly Video Q&A Behind the Scenes Tour
Episode 151
5 Times Anime Got Same Sex Relationships Right
Episode 152
We Open 101 Overwatch Holiday Loot Boxes
Episode 153
We Premiere a New Pokémon Script
Episode 154
15 Facts about Mario that You Didn't Know!
Episode 155
Random Anime Drawing Challenge
Episode 156
Question We Still Have About 'Rogue One'
Episode 157
5 Weird Ways Germany Has Censored Video Games
Episode 158
Reading New Team Rocket Script
Episode 159
Dorkly & Dragons: Johnny Foreskin vs Vegetta the Dragon
Episode 160
''Miller's Pillars'' and the Secrets of Game Design (Adam Conover / Rand ...
Episode 161
We Play Smash Bros on World's Largest Video Screen
Episode 162
7 Creepy Movie Sex Scenes that Will Scar You For Life
Episode 163
Secret Sonic Garbage Gift Exchange
Episode 164
7 Emotional Episodes of The Simpsons that Wrecked Us
Episode 165
Why John Wick is the Raddest Movie of All Time
Episode 166
Pokemon Rusty - The Complete Journey (EVERY EPISODE)
Episode 167
Why Sonic the Hedgehog Should Be Careful Who He Attacks
Episode 168
5 Disney Movies that Were Almost Completely Different
Episode 169
Pokemon Rusty - Season 4 Trailer
Episode 170
The Story Behind Pokemon Rusty (Documentary)
Episode 171
10 Inappropriate Scenes in Kids Cartoons
Episode 172
6 Amazing Games with One Terrible Part
Episode 173
We Throw a Cucco into Death Mountain (Zelda: BotW)
Episode 174
The Weird Reason Anime Can Look Totally Different on Blu-Ray
Episode 175
We Try Fast and the Furious Themed Dungeons & Dragons
Episode 176
We Trick Zelda’s Biggest Monsters into Fighting
Episode 177
We Try Not to Barf in GTA5 VR
Episode 178
6 Strange Ways Steven Universe has Been Censored
Episode 179
5 Movies That Were Originally Something Completely Different
Episode 180
28 Hidden Details In Zelda: BotW You Probably Missed
Episode 181
12 Amazing Movies That Lost Out to Total Garbage
Episode 182
The Complete Adventures of the Videogame Agent
Episode 183
Pokémon Yule Log
Episode 184
Pokemon Ralphie: The Complete Journey
Episode 185
The Best of Robotnik Dorkly Bits
Episode 186
Episode 185
Episode 187
Episode 186
Episode 188
Episode 187
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