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Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

2018 - 2020  •  YouTube  •  2 seasons  •  66 episodes
3 votes
710 votes
# 14744
Action, Fantasy, Animation, Children, Science-Fiction, Mini-Series, Adventure, Family
Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animated shorts celebrating the characters and stories of a galaxy far, far away, featuring a bright and colorful art style, exciting action, and insight into the saga's greatest themes!
  Previously Aired Episode
Obi-Wan Kenobi Aired on 10/28/2020
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Season 2: Episode 18
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
55 episodes total
Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures | Official Trailer | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Luke Skywalker: The Journey Begins
S01 E02
Darth Vader: Power of the Dark Side
S01 E03
Luke vs. the Wampa: Cavern Escape
S01 E04
R2-D2: A Loyal Droid
S01 E05
Chewbacca: The Trusty Co-Pilot
S01 E06
Darth Vader: Might of the Empire
S01 E07
Princess Leia vs. Darth Vader: A Fearless Leader
S01 E08
Luke vs. the Death Star: X-wing Assault
S01 E09
Han Solo: Galaxy’s Best Smuggler
S01 E10
Chewie vs. Holochess: Let The Wookiee Win
S01 E11
Luke vs. Emperor Palpatine: Rise to Evil
S01 E12
Luke vs. Darth Vader: Join Me
S01 E13
Yoda vs. Count Dooku: Size Matters Not
S01 E14
Princess Leia: The Rescue
S01 E15
Stormtroopers vs. Rebels: Soldiers of the Galactic Empire
S01 E16
Luke Skywalker: Lightsaber Training
S01 E17
Han Solo: Captain of the Millennium Falcon
S01 E18
Han Solo: Taking Flight for his Friends
S01 E19
R2-D2 and C-3PO: Trash Compactor Rescue
S01 E20
Yoda: The Jedi Master
S01 E21
Luke vs. Imperial Walkers: Commander on Hoth
S01 E22
Darth Vader vs. the Rebel Fleet: Fearsome Fighter Pilot
S01 E23
Han Solo vs. the Space Slug: The Escape Artist
S01 E24
R2-D2: A Pilot's Best Friend
S01 E25
Princess Leia: An Unexpected Friend
S01 E26
Leia and Han: The Han Rescue
S01 E27
Jabba the Hutt: Galactic Gangster
S01 E28
Luke vs. Jabba the Hutt: Sail Barge Escape
S01 E29
Darth Vader vs. Hoth Rebels: Crushing the Rebellion
S01 E30
Chewbacca: Wookie Warrior
S01 E31
Luke vs. the Rancor: Wrath of the Rancor
S01 E32
Chewie and Ewoks: Hijacking a Walker
S01 E33
Han Solo: From Smuggler to General
S01 E34
Boba Fett: The Bounty Hunter
S01 E35
Jedi vs. Sith: The Skywalker Saga
S01 E36
Ewoks vs. The Empire - Small but Mighty
S01 E37
Han and Chewie - A Lifelong Partnership
Season 2
S02 E01
The Force Calls to Rey
S02 E02
Rey and Friends vs. The First Order
S02 E03
Kylo Ren and Darth Vader - A Legacy of Power
S02 E04
Leia Organa - A Princess, A General, A Mentor
S02 E05
BB-8 - A Hero Rolls Out
S02 E06
Rey and Finn vs. Kylo Ren
S02 E07
Star Wars Droids
S02 E08
Kylo Ren vs. Resistance Rebels
S02 E09
An Unlikely Friendship
S02 E10
The First Order vs. The Resistance
S02 E11
Battle on Hoth (1)
S02 E12
Journey to Dagobah (2)
S02 E13
Rendezvous at Bespin (3)
S02 E14
Clash on Cloud City (4)
S02 E15
Millennium Falcon - Smugglers Run
S02 E16
Black Spire Outpost
S02 E17
Rise of the Resistance
S02 E18
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Episode 1
Lightsabers | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts
Episode 2
Darth Vader | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts
Episode 3
Starfighters | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts
Episode 4
Luke Skywalker | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts
Episode 5
The Millennium Falcon | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts
Episode 6
Princess Leia | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts
Episode 7
Menacing Monsters
Episode 8
Fun Facts: Luke Skywalker
Episode 9
Fun Facts: Darth Vader
Episode 10
Fun Facts: Starfighters
Episode 11
Fun Facts: Princess Leia
Episode 12
Fun Facts: The Millennium Falcon
Episode 13
Fun Facts: Lightsabers
Episode 14
Fun Facts: Droids
Episode 15
Fun Facts: Chewbacca
Episode 16
Fun Facts: Jedi Master Yoda
Episode 17
Fun Facts: Yoda
Episode 18
Fun Facts: Han Solo
Episode 19
Fun Facts: Stormtroopers
Episode 20
Luke Skywalker: The Journey of a Jedi [COMPILATION EPISODE]
Episode 21
Fun Facts: The Force
Episode 22
Darth Vader: Path of the Dark Side [COMPILATION EPISODE]
Episode 23
Fun Facts: Aliens
Episode 24
Fun Facts: Jedi Knights
Episode 25
Fun Facts: Vehicles
Episode 26
Fun Facts: The Sith
Episode 27
Fun Facts: The Galaxy
Episode 28
Fun Facts: Planets
Episode 29
Fun Facts: Walkers
Episode 30
Han Solo: Captain of the Millennium Falcon [COMPILATION EPISODE]
Episode 31
Fun Facts: The Rebellion
Episode 32
Fun Facts: The Empire
Episode 33
Fun Facts: Scum & Villainy
Episode 34
Fun Facts: Technology
Episode 35
Fun Facts: Tech
Episode 36
Fun Facts: Capital Ships
Episode 37
Fun Facts: The Timeline
Episode 38
Fun Facts: The Star Wars Timeline
Episode 39
Fun Facts: Menacing Monsters
Episode 40
Fun Facts: The Death Star
Episode 41
Fun Facts: Great Rivalries
Episode 42
Fun Facts: The Clone Wars
Episode 43
Fun Facts: The Emperor
Episode 44
Fun Facts: Emperor Palpatine
Episode 45
Fun Facts: Cuddly Creatures
Episode 46
Fun Facts: The Resistance
Episode 47
Fun Facts: The First Order
Episode 48
Fun Facts: Resistance vs. First Order Battles
Episode 49
Fun Facts: Rey
Episode 50
Fun Facts: Kylo Ren
Episode 51
Fun Facts: Finn
Episode 52
Fun Facts: Poe Dameron
Episode 53
Fun Facts: Heroes of the Resistance
Episode 54
Fun Facts: Resistance and First Order Ships and Vehicles
Episode 55
Fun Facts: More Ships & Vehicles
Episode 56
Luke Skywalker: The Journey of a Jedi
Episode 57
Darth Vader: Path of the Dark Side
Episode 58
Han Solo: Captain of the Millennium Falcon
Episode 59
The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary
Episode 60
Adventure Awaits [CLIP PROMO/TRAILER]
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