No Regrets
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No Regrets - S01E01 - Episode One

No Regrets season 1 episode 1

Episode One

In 1984, a mass grave has been discovered in Canton, China. As the bodies are being recovered by workers, an elderly woman and her granddaughter arrives to the site. They are greeted by the officials and reporters, who know that the elderly woman had been present when the mass grave was first created by the Japanese during their occupation. The elderly woman has flashbacks of the time, when Chinese resisters to the occupation had been shot and buried, but she had gunned down one of them herself. Seemingly betrayed by the man she loved, she had told the Japanese that she would collaborate with them if they would let her kill the man. Later that day, the woman passes away. In a church where her funeral is held, people from all over the world returns to see her off. One of them begins to remember the past, what had happened in the country in the 1930s. In the 1930s, villager Tong Kat, nicknamed "Spareribs" (Pierre Ngo) arrives to the city after gaining a spot in Lau Sing's (Wayne Lai) criminal investigation team. His grandmother sold all her land to the police superintendent, the superior to Leung Fei-fan (Evergreen Mak), in order for him to gain entry and he promises to repay her and be a good policeman. However, Spareribs' weak and timid nature does not leave a good impression on Sing, the two of them are quickly at odds. Meanwhile, drug lord Cheng Long-kwan (Elliot Ngok) successfully secures a smoking license from the government and opens up a public opium den. Seeing that his all his businesses are booming, he expresses that he wants to become a large shareholder of the Wing Yip Bank. His eldest daughter Miss Kau (Sheren Tang) promises him that she will be able to persuade the bank's stubborn CEO. Fei-fan receives reports of a robbery cum murder case in Nanking and puts Sing in charge of the operation. After receiving news that the government intends to reward the team with a sum of money after the robbers are caught, he decides to capture the culprits himself, and forces Spareribs to sabotage Sing's well-planned operation.
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No Regrets / S01E01 : Episode One
Season 1, Episode 1 | Aired on October 18, 2010 | 40 min. | TVB
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