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Screen Prism

Screen Prism

2016 - Now  •  YouTube
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The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
Orange is the New Black, Ending Explained - Red, Nicky, Suzanne, and Alex Aired on 05/02/2020
Orange is the New Black, Ending Explained - Red, Nicky, Suzanne, and Alex
Season 2020: Episode 44
Season 2017 2018 2019 2020
Season 1
S01 E01
Shaping Up - The Message Behind the Squares and Circles in Pixar's Up
S01 E02
Subjective Camera in Black Swan
S01 E03
Is Ferris Bueller Imaginary?
S01 E04
What Really Happened at the End of Black Swan?
S01 E05
Finding Nemo: Marlin's Character Arc
S01 E06
Lights Out: How Does it Compare to the Original Short Film?
S01 E07
Black Swan: The Club Scene Explained
S01 E08
Outlander Costume Design: The Message Behind The Time-Traveling Dresses
S01 E09
What Really Happened at the End of The Gift?
S01 E10
Suicide Squad: Origin Stories
S01 E11
Black & White in Black Swan
S01 E12
The Fight Club-Starbucks Connection
S01 E13
The Hidden Meaning of "X" in The Departed
S01 E14
Willy Wonka Does Shakespeare
S01 E15
Center Framing: Mad Max, Wes Anderson & Kubrick
S01 E16
Pixar Theory: Easter Eggs in Inside Out
S01 E17
12 Angry Men: How the Camera Pulls Us In
S01 E18
Hitchcock Presents: The MacGuffin
S01 E19
American Beauty: The Meaning of the Rose
S01 E20
The Godfather Explained: Cinematography of Shadows
S01 E21
Bird Symbolism in Psycho: Women as Prey
S01 E22
Game of Thrones Theory: The Secret Behind the Symbols
S01 E23
American Psycho Ending Explained: What Really Happened?
S01 E24
Horror Lighting: From Below
S01 E25
The Walking Dead: Genre-Blind is How We Live
S01 E26
Rosemary's Baby Explained: Realism & Control
S01 E27
Arrival Movie's Language: Talking in Circles
S01 E28
Arrival Movie's "Dirty Sci-Fi": Remixing the Genre
S01 E29
Halloween Tropes Explained: Final Girl & Death by Sex
S01 E30
Scott Pilgrim: Reinventing the Movie Musical
S01 E31
Gilmore Girls Hair: Unraveling Rory's Locks
S01 E32
Tarantino's Hidden Symbols: Pulp Fiction & Toilets
S01 E33
What "Loving" Looks Like: Visual Simplicity
S01 E34
Inception's Hidden Meaning: The Film is the Dream
S01 E35
The Incredibles Symbolism: The Power of Family
S01 E36
What's So Great About Casablanca? Ask a Film Professor
S01 E37
Unwrapping Elf: Cheering Our Inner Grinch
S01 E38
Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? We Settle the Debate
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Why Valley of the Dolls Became a Surprise Classic
S2017 E02
La La Land Easter Eggs, Inspirations & Homages Explained
S2017 E03
Rogue One Explained: The Force of Kurosawa in Star Wars
S2017 E04
Zootopia's Deep Meaning: How We Talk to Kids
S2017 E05
Arrival: Ending Explained
S2017 E06
Screenwriting Tips: Best of Sundance Screenwriters
S2017 E07
Manchester by the Sea Explained: The Art of Flashbacks
S2017 E08
Moonlight Explained: Symbols, Camera & More
S2017 E09
Directing Techniques & Tips: Best of Sundance Directors
S2017 E10
Fantastic Beasts Explained: J.K. Rowling's Magic of Analogy
S2017 E11
Fifty Shades of Grey: What's the Real Fantasy?
S2017 E12
Black Mirror Explained: A Shared Universe
S2017 E13
Beauty and the Beast Explained: Tale as Old as Time
S2017 E14
What's So Hot About Some Like It Hot
S2017 E15
Donnie Darko Explained: The Ending & What It Meant
S2017 E16
Burning Sands Ending Explained by the Director & Cast
S2017 E17
Lego Movie Explained: Symbols & Deeper Meaning
S2017 E18
How "Scorsese" is Silence?
S2017 E19
Legion Explained: Symbolism & Visual Storytelling
S2017 E20
The Man in the High Castle: Interview with the Cinematographer
S2017 E21
What's So Great About Twin Peaks
S2017 E22
Rom Cons: Problematic Movie Romance Lessons
S2017 E23
Sunset Boulevard Explained: The Hollywood Nightmare
S2017 E24
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Art of the Creative Blockbuster
S2017 E25
Westworld's Deep Reading: How Stories Shape Us
S2017 E26
Who is Wonder Woman? Her Origins, History & Impact
S2017 E27
Get Out Explained: Symbols, Satire & Social Horror
S2017 E28
The Girls Were Doing Nothing: Cinema of Love in Crisis
S2017 E29
House of Cards Explained: Shakespeare, History & Guilty Pleasure
S2017 E30
David Lynch: Surrealist of Americana
S2017 E31
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Incompetent Adults
S2017 E32
The Lego Batman Movie: Dissecting the Superhero Psyche
S2017 E33
You know It's a Sofia Coppola Movie IF...
S2017 E34
Orange is the New Black Season 5 Analysis: Dread, Horror & the Real Monst...
S2017 E35
Game of Thrones Symbolism: Houses & the Starks
S2017 E36
Spider-Man Character Study: Adversity, the Everyman & Our Best Selves
S2017 E37
Game of Thrones: Rhaegar Targaryen Character Study
S2017 E38
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Lannisters
S2017 E39
Planet of the Apes: Science Fiction of Social Fears
S2017 E40
You Know It's a Christopher Nolan Movie IF...
S2017 E41
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Targaryens
S2017 E42
Christopher Nolan: The Road to Dunkirk
S2017 E43
Master of None: Arthouse TV and Italian Influences
S2017 E44
No Country For Old Men: Ending Explained
S2017 E45
Game of Thrones' White Walkers: Who They Are & What They Represent
S2017 E46
The Four Best Reasons to Use POV Shots
S2017 E47
Kathryn Bigelow 101: The Road to Detroit
S2017 E48
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Tyrells
S2017 E49
Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister Character Study
S2017 E50
Bonnie and Clyde: Sexy, Bloody, and Sticking It To The Man
S2017 E51
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Baratheons
S2017 E52
You Know It's Steven Soderbergh IF...
S2017 E53
Stephen King's IT: Why Clowns Are Scary
S2017 E54
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Boltons
S2017 E55
Dear White People: The Point of View Chapter Story
S2017 E56
Game of Thrones: Lessons From History
S2017 E57
Hidden Visual References in Taylor Swift's “Look What You Made Me Do”
S2017 E58
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Greyjoys
S2017 E59
What's So Great About Broad City | Video Essay
S2017 E60
The Wire: Jimmy McNulty - "Good Police"
S2017 E61
Bojack Horseman: Unlucky in Love
S2017 E62
You Know It's a Darren Aronofsky Movie IF...
S2017 E63
Rick and Morty: Why is Rick Such a Rick?
S2017 E64
Stranger Things References, Part 1: Spielberg and Oblivious Adults
S2017 E65
Rick and Morty: Has Rick Changed?
S2017 E66
The Handmaid's Tale: Framing Strong Women
S2017 E67
Mad Men: Joan Holloway, A Subversive Venus
S2017 E68
A Clockwork Orange: The Glamorous Psychopath
S2017 E69
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Mormonts
S2017 E70
Rushmore: Portrait of Wes Anderson as a Young Man
S2017 E71
Blade Runner Ending Explained: Is Deckard a Replicant?
S2017 E72
Rick and Morty: How to Think Like Rick
S2017 E73
Stranger Things References, Part 2: Teen Horror, Pop and Punk
S2017 E74
Big Little Lies: The Lessons We Learn
S2017 E75
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Martells
S2017 E76
Blade Runner 2049: You Know It's Denis Villeneuve IF...
S2017 E77
The Shining: Ending Explained
S2017 E78
The Walking Dead Characters: Rick Grimes and the Moral Future
S2017 E79
What's So Great About Close Encounters of the Third Kind
S2017 E80
Stranger Things References, Part 3: Stephen King and Childhood
S2017 E81
Mother! Ending Explained
S2017 E82
Rick and Morty: Why is Summer Also Such a Rick?
S2017 E83
Stranger Things: Think Like a Kid
S2017 E84
Friends: The Romance of Friendship
S2017 E85
It Follows: The Modern Horrors of Teen Sex
S2017 E86
Carrie: The Teenage Nightmare
S2017 E87
Shameless: Is Change Possible?
S2017 E88
Mulholland Drive: Ending Explained
S2017 E89
Lars von Trier: Making You Uncomfortable
S2017 E90
Cinderella: Stop Blaming the Victim
S2017 E91
Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters
S2017 E92
Mad Men: Who is Don Draper?
S2017 E93
The Wire: Stringer Bell - It's Business
S2017 E94
Why Nightmare Before Christmas is a Thanksgiving Movie
S2017 E95
Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, a Dragon and a Wolf
S2017 E96
Star Wars Symbolism: Lightsabers
S2017 E97
Twin Peaks: The Return - A Critique of Nostalgia
S2017 E98
Aladdin: How Can We Be Free?
S2017 E99
Game of Thrones: Ned v Jon v Sansa - Battle of Ideologies
S2017 E100
Rachel Green, the Real Protagonist of Friends
S2017 E101
Star Wars: How to Live Like a Jedi
S2017 E102
BoJack v. Don Draper - BoJack Horseman and Mad Men Matchup
S2017 E103
Rick and Morty: Learn Not to Hate Jerry
S2017 E104
You Know It's Paul Thomas Anderson IF...
S2017 E105
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Explained - The Title's Deeper Meaning
S2017 E106
The Last Jedi: Why Love Never Works in Star Wars
S2017 E107
Rick and Morty: Who's the Real Beth?
S2017 E108
Black Mirror Explained: How to Spot the Twists
S2017 E109
Frank v. Rick - Shameless and Rick and Morty Matchup
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Star Wars Quiz: Are You Light Side or Dark Side?
S2018 E02
Birdman: Ending Explained
S2018 E03
Three Billboards: The Problem with Anger
S2018 E04
Justin Timberlake's "Filthy" Video Explained: AI and Celebrity
S2018 E05
Black Mirror USS Callister: Goodbye, Toxic Fanboy
S2018 E06
The Shape of Water Explained: References & Homages
S2018 E07
Coco: How to Live Forever
S2018 E08
What's So Great About Lady Bird
S2018 E09
Breaking Bad: Walter White - How a Man Becomes Evil
S2018 E10
The Sopranos: Can Tony Soprano Be Cured?
S2018 E11
Chandler Bing, the Friend Who Opens Up
S2018 E12
Adventure Time: Lumpy Space Princess, the Id
S2018 E13
Snow White: What Makes a Disney Movie?
S2018 E14
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Tarlys
S2018 E15
Star Wars: Han Solo - Power of the Human
S2018 E16
This Is Us: Jack Pearson, the Dream Dad
S2018 E17
What Black Mirror's Hang the DJ Says About Love
S2018 E18
Voldemort v. Vader - Harry Potter and Star Wars Matchup
S2018 E19
Lady and the Tramp: Disney's Most Romantic Movie
S2018 E20
Black Mirror: Are Digital Copies People?
S2018 E21
You Know It's Stanley Kubrick IF...
S2018 E22
Monica Geller, the Best Friend
S2018 E23
Adventure Time: Jake, the Laid-Back Superego
S2018 E24
ScreenPrism Talks Oscars 2018! Also, Predictions.
S2018 E25
Ross Geller, the Friend Who Loves Too Much
S2018 E26
2018's Best Films: Lady Bird, The Post, Dunkirk, Darkest Hour and Phantom...
S2018 E27
2018's Best Films: Shape of Water, Three Billboards, Get Out and Call Me ...
S2018 E28
How The Big Lebowski Became a Lifestyle
S2018 E29
You Know It's Ava DuVernay IF...
S2018 E30
Sex and the City: Why We're Team Miranda in 2018
S2018 E31
Game of Thrones: Littlefinger v Varys - Battle of Ideologies
S2018 E32
Call Me By Your Name, Ending Explained: Don't Cut Away from the Feeling
S2018 E33
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Pure Fantasy or Feminist Trailblazer?
S2018 E34
Black Panther: Symbolism Explained
S2018 E35
The Sopranos: Ending Explained
S2018 E36
You Know It's Wes Anderson IF...
S2018 E37
You Know It's Steven Spielberg IF...
S2018 E38
Kiki's Delivery Service: The Millennial Starving Artist
S2018 E39
The Weird Wisdom of Beetlejuice, 30 Years Later
S2018 E40
2001: A Space Odyssey - Ending Explained
S2018 E41
Inception: Ending Explained
S2018 E42
Mindhunter: A Game Called Dialogue
S2018 E43
Do the Right Thing Ending Explained: Did Mookie Do the Right Thing?
S2018 E44
Breaking Bad: 4 Camera Trademarks and What They Mean
S2018 E45
Scandal: Why Olivia Pope Wears the White Hat
S2018 E46
Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman Lived for Your Sins
S2018 E47
Westworld: The Man in Black - The Gamification of Life
S2018 E48
Avengers: Infinity War - Infinity Stones Symbolism
S2018 E49
How Game of Thrones' Visual Effects Draw Us In
S2018 E50
Breaking Bad: Gus Fring - Man as Corporation
S2018 E51
Vertigo: Ending Explained
S2018 E52
Avengers: Infinity War - Ending & Themes Explained
S2018 E53
Iron Man: How It All Began
S2018 E54
The Handmaid's Tale is About the Present
S2018 E55
Atlanta: What TV Can Be
S2018 E56
Mad Men
S2018 E57
Deadpool: Finally! A Rom-Com for You Guys
S2018 E58
New Girl: Farewell to the Adorkable Era
S2018 E59
Heathers: High School is a Black Comedy
S2018 E60
Star Wars Symbolism: Hands Off!
S2018 E61
Deadpool 2 Explained: The Woman Problem, Family and the Tragic Backstory
S2018 E62
How Rick and Morty Caught the Zeitgeist
S2018 E63
Ocean's 8 Cast Breakdown: Starring Themselves
S2018 E64
My Neighbor Totoro: Why We Need Totoro
S2018 E65
The Two Types of Disney Villains
S2018 E66
Joey Tribbiani, the Heart of Friends
S2018 E67
Finding Nemo: Secrets to Being a Good Parent
S2018 E68
Sex and the City: Carrie, the Perfectly Imperfect Woman of Her Times
S2018 E69
Fight Club: Ending Explained
S2018 E70
Mad Men: Peggy Olson, the New Girl
S2018 E71
Harry Potter House Symbolism: Gryffindor
S2018 E72
Pulp Fiction: What's in the Briefcase?
S2018 E73
The Office: Why Michael Scott is Actually the World's Best Boss
S2018 E74
The Dark Knight: How Did the Joker Get His Scars?
S2018 E75
Incredibles 2 & Our Times: Do We Still Need Superheroes?
S2018 E76
Phoebe Buffay, the Mystery Ingredient of Friends
S2018 E77
We're All Four Characters in The Good Place
S2018 E78
How Planet Earth Tells a Story, Part 1
S2018 E79
Better Call Saul: The Fall of Chuck McGill
S2018 E80
How Planet Earth Tells a Story, Part 2
S2018 E81
The Dark Knight: The Only Post-9/11 Noir
S2018 E82
Harry Potter House Symbolism: Slytherin
S2018 E83
You Know It's Spike Lee IF...
S2018 E84
Breaking Bad: Hank Schrader - A Hero in an Antihero's World
S2018 E85
Mad Men: We Are All Pete Campbell
S2018 E86
You Know It's the Coen Brothers IF...
S2018 E87
Jeanie Bueller: The Surprise Heroine of Ferris Bueller's Day Off
S2018 E88
Titanic: Why Jack Had to Die
S2018 E89
The Office: Be Like Dwight and Go Your Own Way
S2018 E90
Breaking Bad: Marie Schrader - Walter White, Lite
S2018 E91
Bojack Horseman: The Root Cause of Your Unhappiness
S2018 E92
Harry Potter: A Defense of Slytherin
S2018 E93
How to Listen to Film Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto
S2018 E94
Mad Men: Roger Sterling, The Mad Man in Decline
S2018 E95
Grease: Performing Gender
S2018 E96
Hooked on the Pain: Why We Love The Handmaid's Tale
S2018 E97
Mulan: Not a Disney Princess
S2018 E98
Disney's Frozen: What Does It Mean to Be "Frozen?"
S2018 E99
Harry Potter: The World Needs Hufflepuffs
S2018 E100
Why Hollywood Keeps Remaking A Star Is Born
S2018 E101
Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope, A Woman's Woman in Government
S2018 E102
The Wire: Omar Little - A Man Got to Have a Code
S2018 E103
The Five Types of Disney Magic Objects
S2018 E104
Mad Men: The False Promise of Megan Draper
S2018 E105
Halloween: You Know It's John Carpenter IF...
S2018 E106
Remaking Suspiria: An Homage to a Feeling
S2018 E107
Breaking Bad Characters: 7 Deadly Ways to Break Bad
S2018 E108
Anime's Next Big Thing: Mamoru Hosoda, Animator of the Human Soul
S2018 E109
Breaking Bad Characters: 7 DEADLIER Ways to Break Bad
S2018 E110
Wreck-It Ralph: Get with the Program
S2018 E111
Friends: Is Janice Chandler's Soulmate?
S2018 E112
Spider-Man: A Metaphor for Puberty
S2018 E113
The Birds: Why Do the Birds Attack?
S2018 E114
Harry Potter: Think Like a Ravenclaw
S2018 E115
Mad Men: Sally Draper - The Baby Boomers Are Alright
S2018 E116
Diane Nguyen, the Soul of BoJack Horseman
S2018 E117
Captain America: Reinventing the Patriot
S2018 E118
Nicole Kidman: Under the Surface
S2018 E119
Aquaman: The Reluctant Ruler (Spoiler-free)
S2018 E120
The Office: Jim and Pam - Reworking the Office Romance
S2018 E121
Jack Ryan: Action Hero for Our Times
S2018 E122
Mary Poppins: Wake from Your Sleepwalking
S2018 E123
Interstellar: Ending Explained
S2018 E124
Eternal Sunshine: The Secret Symbolism of Clementine's Hair
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Big News! Why We Changed Our Name
S2019 E02
Gunther: The Cautionary Tale of Friends
S2019 E03
Thor: Becoming Worthy
S2019 E04
What is the Pixar Moment?
S2019 E05
Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Walt Win or Lose?
S2019 E06
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Ending(s) Explained - Choose Your Own Misery
S2019 E07
Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 2: Saving Jesse
S2019 E08
Mad Men: Ending Explained
S2019 E09
Mad Men: Ending Explained
S2019 E10
Friends: Ross and Rachel - Love Worth Waiting For
S2019 E11
Bird Box & A Quiet Place: The Horrors of Modern Parenting
S2019 E12
Sherlock: The Loner Genius Myth
S2019 E13
A Star Is Born's Deeper Message: Don't Be "Shallow"
S2019 E14
BlacKkKlansman: Spike Lee Takes On Our Times
S2019 E15
Why Bohemian Rhapsody Changed the Facts
S2019 E16
Black Panther: Too "Popular" for the Oscars?
S2019 E17
Roma Explained: The Beauty We Overlook (Oscars 2019)
S2019 E18
The Favourite Explained: The Imbalance of Power
S2019 E19
Vice: The Essay Film and the Creativity of Adam McKay
S2019 E20
Captain Marvel: Who is Carol Danvers? (No Spoilers)
S2019 E21
Game of Thrones: Gendry, the Last Baratheon Standing
S2019 E22
Game of Thrones: The Mountain - Gregor Clegane Character Study
S2019 E23
Parks and Recreation: April & Andy - Millennials Growing (Up) Together
S2019 E24
The Office: Kelly and Andy - A Love Story Never Told
S2019 E25
Game of Thrones Symbolism: House Arryn
S2019 E26
Game of Thrones Symbolism: House Tully
S2019 E27
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Dothraki
S2019 E28
Us: Themes, Symbols & Ending Explained - Which Side Are You On?
S2019 E29
Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Night's Watch
S2019 E30
Game of Thrones Symbolism: Brotherhood Without Banners
S2019 E31
The Episodic Take | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Meaning
S2019 E32
Game of Thrones: The Free Folk/Wildlings and What They Represent
S2019 E33
One Marvelous Scene - Tony Stark Fights Thanos
S2019 E34
The Episodic Take | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Meaning
S2019 E35
Mean Girls: Regina George, The Psychology of a Dictator
S2019 E36
Game of Thrones: Why Tyrion Should Be King
S2019 E37
Game of Thrones: Brienne, The Real Thing
S2019 E38
Avengers: Endgame Themes Explained - Why It's About Time
S2019 E39
Game of Thrones: Melisandre - The Purpose of Prophecy
S2019 E40
Mothers of Game of Thrones: Dragon, Lion and Wolf Parenting
S2019 E41
Game of Thrones: Why Daenerys Was Cersei All Along - Two Sides of the Sam...
S2019 E42
The Best of Thrones - The Old World vs. the New (S04E10 "The Children")
S2019 E43
Game of Thrones: Why Arya Fights for Life
S2019 E44
Why Breaking Bad is Full of Swimming Pools
S2019 E45
Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 1: The Downfall of Daenerys Targar...
S2019 E46
Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 2: Why Bran Stark?
S2019 E47
Veep Ending Explained: Don’t Give Up Your Gary
S2019 E48
Veep Ending Explained: Satire in the Age of Trump
S2019 E49
Marvel's Endgame and Game of Thrones Are the Same Story
S2019 E50
Psychoanalyzing The Hangover: Repression and the Modern Man
S2019 E51
Breaking Bad: Mike Ehrmantraut - Turning Off the Tap (+ Better Call Saul)
S2019 E52
How "Black Mirror" is Black Mirror Season 5?
S2019 E53
Toy Story is About Our Fear of Abandonment
S2019 E54
John Wick: Ruled by Consequence
S2019 E55
Stranger Things: Eleven, The Bringer of Puberty
S2019 E56
Eyes Wide Shut: Ending, Themes and Symbols Explained
S2019 E57
Forrest Gump Explained: What the Feather Means
S2019 E58
The Lion King Explained: Let the Darkness In
S2019 E59
The Office: Pam Beesly - The Perils of Being Normal
S2019 E60
You Know It's a Quentin Tarantino Film IF...
S2019 E61
Clueless - Cher, Master of the Argument
S2019 E62
How The Blair Witch Project Predicted YouTube
S2019 E63
Forrest Gump: The Myth of America
S2019 E64
Mad Men: The Many Loves of Don Draper
S2019 E65
Sex and the City: The Puzzle of Mr. Big
S2019 E66
Legally Blonde: Elle Woods - The Philosophy of a Blonde
S2019 E67
Legally Blonde and the History of the “Dumb Blonde”
S2019 E68
The Sixth Sense: Ending Explained - We See What We Want to See
S2019 E69
The Devil Wears Prada: Miranda Priestly - A Defense of Perfectionism
S2019 E70
The Matrix Ending Explained: A Guide to Freeing Your Mind
S2019 E71
Friends: Ursula and the History of the “Evil Twin”
S2019 E72
The Matrix of Today: Influences and References Explained
S2019 E73
What Pretty Woman Says About Money
S2019 E74
Downton Abbey: The Dowager Countess, Explained
S2019 E75
Shawshank Redemption Explained: Andy's Inner Life
S2019 E76
Bridesmaids: Why Helen Has No Friends
S2019 E77
A History of the Joker
S2019 E78
The Office: Angela, A Guide to Cat People
S2019 E79
The Devil Wears Prada - Emily and a History of Workaholics
S2019 E80
The Little Mermaid and a History of Mermaids
S2019 E81
Phoebe & Joey: More Than Just Friends
S2019 E82
Breaking Bad's El Camino: Ending Explained - Jesse's Getaway
S2019 E83
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Captain Holt - Analytical Love
S2019 E84
Stephen King's Worst Fear
S2019 E85
Bridesmaids: Annie and Your Inner Addict
S2019 E86
You Know It's a Tim Burton Film IF...
S2019 E87
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Allegory of Growing Up
S2019 E88
Orange is the New Black Ending Explained: Piper, Taystee, Daya, Maritza a...
S2019 E89
Margot Tenenbaum - Anatomy of a Style Icon
S2019 E90
Rick and Morty: The World Hates Smart People
S2019 E91
The End of the F***ing World: Ending Explained
S2019 E92
Why Rick and Morty is Secretly About Time Travel
S2019 E93
Why Rick and Morty is Secretly About Time Travel
S2019 E94
The Mean Girl Trope, Explained
S2019 E95
How Rick and Morty Killed the Simpsons
S2019 E96
Orange Is the New Black Ending Explained: Pennsatucky, Cindy, Lorna, Glor...
S2019 E97
Bridesmaids: Megan - Why It's Hard to Make Adult Friends
S2019 E98
The Cool Girl Trope, Explained
S2019 E99
You Know It's Scorsese IF...
S2019 E100
Star Wars Defined - Kylo Ren's Rage
S2019 E101
Tearing Rick Down - Rick and Morty S4 Explained (So Far)
S2019 E102
The Hallmark Christmas Movie Craze, Explained
S2019 E103
Little Women - Are you Jo, Amy, Beth or Meg?
Season 2020
S2020 E01
The Irishman: Pacino and De Niro Are Better Apart
S2020 E02
Luigi (Not Mario) Is the Man We Need Right Now
S2020 E03
How the Joker Became Political
S2020 E04
The Tough Girl Trope, Explained
S2020 E05
Parasite, Ending Explained - Stairway to Nowhere
S2020 E06
Captain Jack Sparrow, Radical Leading Man - Pirates of the Caribbean
S2020 E07
Marriage Story Explained: Themes, Meaning and True Story
S2020 E08
Riverdale’s Betty and the Death of the Nice Girl
S2020 E09
The Smart Girl Trope, Explained
S2020 E10
The Evolution of Harley Quinn - Birds of Prey
S2020 E11
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ending Explained
S2020 E12
1917 Explained: How and Why They Did One Shot
S2020 E13
The Good Place, Ending Explained - What Happens After?
S2020 E14
The Office's Ryan - A Millennial Tragedy
S2020 E15
BoJack Horseman Ending, Explained - Then You Keep Living
S2020 E16
The Nice Guy Trope, Explained
S2020 E17
Saul Goodman v. Walter White - Why They Break Bad (Better Call Saul and B...
S2020 E18
Mean Girls - Janis and the Unpopular Mean Girl
S2020 E19
Avatar: The Last Airbender - A Water Personality, Explained
S2020 E20
Home Alone's Secret Meaning: Adulting is Hard
S2020 E21
The Matrix Reloaded, Explained - What Would Neo Do?
S2020 E22
The Child Prodigy Trope, Explained
S2020 E23
The Quiet Politics of A Quiet Place, Explained
S2020 E24
Riverdale's Veronica and the Spoiled Rich Girl
S2020 E25
The Weird Girl Trope, Explained
S2020 E26
Outbreak Movies, Explained - Processing Our Fears
S2020 E27
The Best Friend Trope, Explained
S2020 E28
Billie Eilish - The Anatomy of 21st Century Angst
S2020 E29
The Bad Boy Trope, Explained
S2020 E30
How I Met Your Mother's Controversial Ending, Explained
S2020 E31
The Office: The Decline of Kevin Malone
S2020 E32
Jim Halpert, The Office's Consciousness
S2020 E33
The Femme Fatale Trope, Explained
S2020 E34
Friends' Richard - The One that Got Away
S2020 E35
Avatar: The Last Airbender - A Fire Personality, Explained
S2020 E36
Gilmore Girls - Lorelai, Growing Up as an Adult
S2020 E37
Mean Girls - Gretchen and the Follower Mentality
S2020 E38
The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope, Explained
S2020 E39
Bojack Horseman - Princess Carolyn, Working Woman
S2020 E40
The "Crazy" Woman Trope, Explained
S2020 E41
How I Met Your Mother - Robin's "Happy" Ending
S2020 E42
The Ladies' Man Trope, Explained
S2020 E43
The Simpsons' Homer and Marge - Why Women Settle
S2020 E44
Orange is the New Black, Ending Explained - Red, Nicky, Suzanne, and Alex
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