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Why people like using Simkl
Carlos Ferreira
Member since 2018
Clean interface, accurate information. No clutter and excelent to browse and update. The api is really a work of art, giving all information that you will ever need. The core/development team are aproachable right from the start and it makes creating applications very easy, creating your own access for your own app. Excelent community that will back you up as you need help, fixes on the information and more.
Member since 2018
This is exactly what I have been looking out for the better part of the last 6 years. Keep it up, guys!
Randy Hoopes
Member since 2018
Absolutely my favorite new app. Been long time user of frustrating trakt and sick of their attitudes and constant bugs I’m all in with these guys.
Nate Ruback
Member since 2018
Good community, great service and expanding features based off the community to get what they want as well! 10/10 recommend!
Nina Martinsson
Member since 2016
I really love this site, it's so easy to keep track on all series. And also find new ones to watch :)
Member since 2018
Great Design, Intuitive usage, awesome features. I already recommended and after testing some more I think this will be one of my "daily to go" websites
Member since 2017
I really like the tracking ability and the separation between TV, Movies, and Anime. The UI is clean and intuitive. The statistics are detailed and easy to understand. I love that anime shows what services stream the dubbed and/or subtitled versions
Member since 2017
As a avid TV and film binger it's the best I've found for all my needs
Dylan Mellor
Member since 2017
This is hands down the best website I have ever used to keep track of the shows that I watch, and your calendar is second to none
Κυριακή Γιαρισκάνη
Member since 2017
Because Simkl is the best app for keeping track of what you have watched. It is easy to learn and has a large variety of genres in tv, anime and movies. I simply love it!!!
Member since 2018
Real cool app that can hold all three categories movies/anime/tv shows in the same place with useful features and nice UI.
Arpitt Patel
Member since 2018
A very Great way to track any TV Show or Anime. Can be connected through App, Website, etc. There are many show tracking apps and websites but we love SIMKL the best as it reminds the user by an email that a new episode will be aired in 12 hrs, etc. features.10/10
Savannah Sparks
Member since 2017
I chose this because this app is amazing I love keeping up with all my shows that I watch and it referring me back to sites so I can watch it
Member since 2017
There just so much I like about it. Airing next and that I can see important things on my profile. I love that I easily can see what my friends have rated something. Easily getting reminded what I want to watch, and what I'm watching. It's just great! Good job, IMO :)
Member since 2018
Bcuz it's really better than IMDb
Member since 2018
The website is pretty stable for a beta. Thank You very much for the great service. Loving it (Also is it maybe possible to make this one feature "Watch with friends" syncing the playstatus? e.g When I pause, the stream pauses for my friend watching the same stream. Would also love seeing that :))
Brad Tierney
Member since 2018
I enjoy what I've seen so far, Probably give a 10 when out of beta
Dani Daryaweesh
Member since 2018
Great application with modern design!
Oliver Lang
Member since 2018
Best Tracking-App (until now) I yet had
Member since 2018
Because it's free and still better than anything I've seen! (tried them all)
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2-way sync with
You can use Simkl as an interface to your MAL or use any MAL app as an interface to your Simkl anime lists. Learn more...
iCal Calendar sync
Export your show schedule to your iPhone, Mac, Android or Google Calendar. Learn more...
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Get RSS, JSON links to import to other apps or download your lists in CSV file. Learn more...
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Watch with friends
Watch a movie with your friends. Compare your Plan to Watch and Watched lists. Choose whom you’re watching with, and we’ll find what you and your friends wanted to watch. Learn more...
Manual CSV backup
Download a backup of your watch history in CSV format. Learn more...
Priority Assistance
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Search with Auto Paste
Automatically show search results as soon as you click search by looking into your clipboard. You can also copy the URL on most popular websites and TV\Movie database sites like IMDB, TheMovieDB, TheTVDB, Myanimelist then click search on Simkl and it will automatically find the show or movie you were interested in, no matter in which category you are currently in. Learn more...
Automatically track what you're watching
Scrobble automatically all of your Shows and Movies you're watching from all your devices, anytime, anywhere, with the same beautiful experience on all of them. Works with many services, media players and servers including Plex, Kodi, VLC, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, etc...
Import your watch history to Simkl from 14+ services.
Simkl supports importing from 14+ different services, including trakt, Letterboxd, TV Time, MAL, AL, IMDB, Netflix, option to import custom .csv data file or import using API. Learn more...
Apps for all platforms
Manually mark as watched from the website and mobile apps. Simkl has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and also has multiple Chrome extensions. Learn more...
Full history of everything you've watched
All your TV Shows, Anime and Movies tracked in one place.
Email, Browser, Mobile and Facebook Messenger notifications
Simkl is able to send notifications directly to your Email, Desktop (Chrome, Firefox Browser notifications), iOS, Android devices and even chat with you on Facebook Messenger. Learn more...
Central Dashboard
Recently Watched, What to watch next, What you missed, What's airing next, what's new on TV and Theaters. Everything you need on one page. 
What to watch next lists
Easy to find what you need to watch next, what episodes you missed.
Calendars for everything
Personalized TV and movie calendars. Always know when the next show, season or episode is out or when a new movie is released in theaters or on DVD. Browse your own calendar based on your watch history.
Auto-sharing to your social networks
Instantly share what you watched on Twitter. Learn more...
Lists that update themselves
Get access to your TV, Anime and Movie lists, grouped by Watching, Watched, Plan to watch and Not interesting lists.
Catalog of all shows and movies
See a full catalog of 40+ thousand shows and 150+ thousand movies sorted and filters that help you find recommendations what to watch.
Let the world see your reactions
Create beautiful full page reviews or short 140 character memos that your friends and followers can see. Create topics, text and video comments. Get notifications when someone replies.
Best shows and movies this year
Sorted list of best TV Shows, Anime and Movies this year, month or week. Sorted by how many people watched them, their rank on Simkl, Movie box office results and more.
Beautiful countdown timers to movie releases, next seasons and episodes. Learn more...
Follow friends and find new ones
Easily create social connections that engage your friends and followers and showcase your reviews and what you like to watch. Learn more...
Profile with many stats
Show off your profile with beautiful detailed stats of what you watched and like. Learn more...
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